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General Oracle Soul Coaching 12.25~12.31


General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 12.25 thru 12.31

This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. The messages which flow through this Medium may be for you in full, partial or none.  Whatever the case please be open to Receive what is coming forth.  You never know what may come forth. If you desire a Personal Reading,  instructions on how to do so are at the end of this Coaching.  Thank you in advance.  Let’s In- Joy.


The number vibration for this week is 7. 11+5=16/1+6=7
Attributes of 7 which may be visited this week are: Hearing & Listening to your INNER WISDOM, Healing the INNER SELF & RENEWAL, DEEP CONTEMPLATION, INTROSPECTION UNDERSTANDING The Challenges of OTHERS, COMPASSIONATE HEALER & HEALING, PEACE, INNER STRENGTH, COMPLETION & RELEASING of Old Ways of Being to Allow Newness.

Play- 11-Healing thru Play…

Open your heart and mind to greater fun this week. What things do you enjoy doing which bring smiles, laughs and giggles into your life? Tap into your inner child in a deeper way. Your inner child is the master of Fun!!! In-joy the ideas and visions which spring forth from interacting with the child within who has the ability to stimulate your creativity in ways unimaginable. Remaining open to the ideas your inner child guide presents, will make it a fun adventure in exploring the creative nudges you receive in the midst of play.

For Adults who don’t possess many fond memories of Fun child Play it can be downright grueling to learn to Play as a grown up. This generally is due to having to take on large amounts of responsibility before the proper age due to unpleasant family dynamics.  If you didn’t have a lot of  playmates and tended to be solo more so than with a bunch of peers around, then play for you as an adult can be challenging. The best way to move beyond this stagnation is to go deeply within and reconnect in healing with your inner child, allowing yourself to be guided into reshaping play internally that you may learn to reconnect with play in your Adult hood. Reframe and Reshape. Find out what she/he liked to do for fun by being present and asking questions and listening for the answer. You might be surprised to hear what your inner playmate has to say.

Love & Respect the voice of this young one that it may guide you to higher realms of creative adventure. In there lies things which your adult self never envisioned, therefore sparking newness to assist you in co-creating something grand and spectacular in a much higher essence than before. Allow your inner playmate to become your best friend for this little one knows you far better than anyone outside of you for your inner child has always been with you from the beginning and will be present throughout Your existence and beyond.

So In Joy the delightful excitement of your inner companion who knows how to direct you into having the best and most excellent creative fun that you may be more relaxed and inspired in your creative endeavors. Namaste’. For play is what makes the heart warm and smilie Lol.

Playing and exploring in a child like manner -free and inquisitive- brings joy. Be filled with joy. Allowing your inner  child the space for exploring life is one of the most delightful free expressions of Love which anyone can experience.  For it shows that you are able to embrace and In Joy the very aspects of you which may have not been so exciting when you were living in the physical experience of your childhood. But through Divine healing connection with the being within,  You and she/he can heal together what might be blocking you from In Joying playfulness in your Adult hood. Allow the little one within to guide you to the places of pain, fear, and regretful situations which have turned play into a cumbersome action. Coming into agreement with your inner child in observation and deep conversations about those unhappy events enables you to return to Joy and Happiness once again therefore In Joying play in New ways. Namaste- Ase’

Ancestors (Generations)-They Are Calling You….Listen, Hear & Move to Action!

Beloved, we ALL have Ancestral spirits which desire the most awesome best for us. They are Always present with us, providing guidance and support on our Earth journey. They are able to see dimensions we do not readily see because we are flesh bond. However, it’s ok. They’ve had their time on this plane to do what they were chosen and called to do. Now it’s your time. So, What better and more excellent beings to offer assistance as you are willing to receive.

Ancestral guides will not force, push, coerce or forcefully suggest that you should receive their guidance for they are of Love and Joy. I’m sure we all had Ancestors that were perhaps off color and off beat in their earthly ways. I know I did. Primarily speaking of those I knew in their earth bound state. But it is my hope they have grown in healing and are yet growing in healing in their new state of abiding. In hopes that they be a more suited and equipped spiritual guide than earthly one. Lol.
Be open and receptive to the signs and messages your Ancestors send. They have their own unique ways of expressions which may be similar to their earth communication. But of course, they are of cosmic and universal frequencies Music, Nature & Dreams along with other people speaking random things so it seems. No coincidences. All with purpose. Remain open, alert and attentive for they often come when we are not expecting. Awesome are our Ancient Ancestors which have lived and gone before us to pave the way. To give us a foundation to build upon more greatly to continue the legacy of Love that they started.

Now this comes with a strong urging in the day and time we live upon Mother Earth the world is filled with chaos, violence and pain. Now, If you are of Ancestral lineage which has sown low vibrating, destructive seeds which have sprang up to cause ruin, desolation, wickedness and chaos for others. PLEASE be very clear you do NOT have permission to sit back and turn a blind eye to the hell they’ve created in greed and wickedness.  It IS Your responsibility in Modern day times to Right their Wrongs and Injustices against others. Because You are of YOUR Ancestral DNA. You can’t escape this. So wise up, wake up and do your part to correct their misaligned ways of existence. Only those who have done a certain amount of personal healing and rebirth will be able to hear this call of change and healing. For it is Divine in nature. Be the change and healing your Ancestors are calling for from beyond. Not doing your part doesn’t excuse you from doing what you were called to do. We All are responsible for what we do or do not do upon this earth for it will leave a living legacy of who and what you were and stood for while in this realm. It is my hope that it will be a dynamic one and not a terrible and painful one which others have to suffer through and clear your debts. Rise up! Take control of your destiny and rise up and shine brightly in your renewing and healing state to bring glory to your Ancestors and remove the stains of their legacy.

Remember, their Greatness is yours and their darkness is yours as well. Meaning the beauty they left is for your In-joyment and the debts they left are your Karmic debts to clear. We All are responsible. Simply stated. In All that you do Beloveds strive to have a beautiful meaningful life to bring Love, Honor and Respect to Your SELF and your Beautiful Ancient Ancestral lineage. Ase’

Sleep on It- 5- Be Still & You Shall Know the Way….

There are big decisions coming your way. Take your time before deciding. No rush. No haste. But with careful contemplation make the best decision at the time of requirement.

As the Angel is seen in this Oracle, allow your Angel & Ancestral Spirit guides and others to lead you in the way best. By dreams and quiet meditation your answers shall be revealed. Crystal clear to the point of no doubting. Do not be dismayed at how clear and deliberate your messages come through, for this is exactly what you need at this time. For these decisions you have been contemplating for sometime. All year for some of you. No worries. Your are becoming much more clear in this time. Just Remember to remain grounded in yourself that the answers may flow freely and unhindered.

There is no delaying the answers which you seek. They are timely and in line with what you need for this time in your life, ensuring you move forward smoothly. Hold fast and strong. Namaste’


Beloveds this completes your Love Soul Coaching Reading for this week. This is the last Love Soul Reading of 2016. It has been my pleasure sharing you the Intuitive Divine Messages of Spirit. I hope you have been blessed and guided by some of these messages. I look forward to serving you in 2017. 
Please if you desire a Personal Love/Soul Coaching Reading or to see the other services offered, Please visit me at www.oraclesofroyalty.com. You may also contact me by email: Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty@gmail.com
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Thank you for your support. May your 2017 New Year be Greater than your anticipation. Open your heart, soul, mind and spirit to the many, many, many beautiful possibilities. Ase’ 
Most Gracious Love-Royal Redd 

General Oracle Soul Coaching 12.4 thru 12.11


Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is your General Oracle Soul Coaching for 12/4 thru 12/10. Please Be open to the Messages that come forth through this Divine Medium Vessel. You most definitely will receive what you need if you are open to do so. Now, if you need a Personal Reading details are available at the end of this reading.  Thanks in advance.  In – Joy! 


This week we have : Suffering In Silence (9)/ Fire Elemental (14)/Patience & Planning (7)/ * Bonus -Throat Chakra (20)
Total Sum of All- Number Vibration of 5.

The vibration of 5 speaks that there is a heightened and more deeper since of needing Personal Freedom. Being liberated from those things, ideas and disillusioned perceptions which keep you perpetually in a timed stagnation .  You are perhaps Feeling at times as if you are making up great ground only to find your self at a halt at some point.  Old repetitive patterns are being exposed at a deeper level this week. There is grace. Receive. This exposing is making room for you to create the desires of your heart as you feel comfortable. Step out of complacency. Time to explore new sides of you when it comes to your hearts desires.  Try seeing your deepest desires manifest in a greater and more profound way.  Try it.  Think Big!


Suffering In Silence (9)

Beloved it seems that you are feeling a bit cut off and disconnected from the world. This energy has been lingering since the previous week.  You maybe feeling as if you have went so far within that you have disrupted the flow of things. Not the case. You can never go so deep within that you disrupt the flow of things. The fact of the matter is you’ve possibly stopped being present. You went a bit too far to left in the sense of detachment. You have to re-adjust and realign yourself Beloved.  Shake this funk which says you must silently sit within to the point of no time of connection with those whom you normally connect with.  Times of silence are needed even if for a couple of days then you pop back in for a few days and then briefly step away again.  This is so you can train yourself to find a normal balance to keep a consistent flow for you. Find the rhythm of your drum once again.  Your Unique Precious Vibe Frequency. It’s all good and joyful. Be mindful to  heed your body clock which will guide you into extended time away when needed. Just stay alert to ensure you do not sink into a hole never wanting to come out. 😉.

Now to address ‘Suffering in Silence’ directly. Suffering beloved is a form of agonizing abusive behavior. It’s an internal disruption of the peace you were created to live in. Suffering states that you are some how punishing yourself for things which occurred that you had no control over Beloved.

You must get a hold of your self and realize that this type of continued self abuse entails you must take a deeper look to find the root of the matter. Why do you have seasons of feeling isolated and wanting to go away from everyone and everything in a sense to be gone with no sense of time and space? Deep detachment.  Is this your ‘true’ way of being or something you’ve acquired over time or through Ancestral Karma?  Is it possible there are pains you may still be holding onto which do not actually belong to you? They belong to the oppressors of your past from which you are being liberated. The ones who inflicted harsh, unreasonable and awful pains upon your Ancestral lineage. See these are not your pains personally Beloved. You didn’t create the pains but the clutter of your Ancestors still lingers in your DNA. You make certain choices according to what’s in your blood. It’s as if you were programmed to do so in some aspects due to the smears of injustice pains weaved into your Ancestral DNA. Karmic debts of those before you are being paid through you. Once again Darling One you did NOT create these of your own regard. 

It’s time to allow this energy to return to its rightful owner.  Give them to the Universe asking for them to be purged and released from your soul template. In that you may create a new template or new blueprint.  One YOU actually create for yourself and your lineage. To leave behind a beautiful legacy.
So Now is time to reach out and call forth the Angelic, Ancestral and Spiritual Guide assistance that you may be ushered into your healing once and for all.  To continue subconsciously holding onto the need and desire to be punished by self or others due to Ancestral Karma is NOT a benefit to you nor those who you are connected.

It’s as if the rehearsing of the pain has become so much a part of your way of being & daily routine if not a seasonal ritual that you don’t notice the behavior to be hurtful unto yourself.
The only way to move is to shift your Consciousness Higher Loved One.  Meaning you must shift your mindset through acknowledging how far you have come.  How much you have evolved and been refined. You Are a New Being.   You Are A New Being who is In Joying experiencing the newness of your New view on life. Therefore ALL old, dead, depleted, out dated and post traumatic syndrome ideologies must be put to rest.  De-programming of the old self to realign with the New Self is crucial. On a daily basis begin to take a more attentive look at the mental aspects of your being.  Be more conscious of your mood and you will know when you are sinking into a pit of suffering. 

Suffering is not unto death. It’s unto life. Meaning if you are allowing your self to suffer in old patterns which don’t benefit you, at some point you must realize that your suffering is only carrying you deeper within to be confronted with that which you have been agonizing. And once you go deep enough into this miserable state you will reach a threshold where you know from deep within that you will have to make a Conscious shift to identify why you are comfortable and in agreement with suffering.  In that moment you decide to give earnest attention to ‘WHY’ suffering has  become normal and comfortable.

Then  Beloved you are on your way to discovering WHY things are as they are. YOU, Beloved have the power to end your suffering!  Acknowledge those dark, quarrelsome thoughts and decipher what they are saying. Acknowledge them, Hear them, Shift your Perception and Release them to be transmuted into Divine Love.  In suffering you always feel anxious and that something is wrong.  This should not be. Beloved Souls, You were created to be Free from ALL that binds & keeps you stagnant. LIBERATE yourself by giving yourself permission to be Free from all low vibrating things,  places,  people and thoughts which only take and leave things in disarray.  Release it All and let go! Transmuted into Divine Love and Order.Maat. Ase’


Fire Elemental- 14

The caption reads ‘I ignite the fire within me that connects me to the Divine’.
Sparks of fire have been flickering in your belly-(solar/sacral) for a while now. Beautiful creations are fluttering around waiting for their divine time of birthing and manifestation. These little sparks of Divine creation are awakening to their aspirations of being lit to shine radiantly for the world to witness.

Now in order to ignite that spark turn within to search out where the hesitation to be seen and shine is coming from.  Sometimes it’s hard to stand before people and allow your self to be seen for fear of so many things. Thats the humanity of us. All wonderful indeed. But remember Beloved the Divine essence of you NEVER flinches or shrinks for an opportunity to be seen. Your God/Goddess form desires to be seen. But in order for the Grand Divine source within you to reach its blazing shine. It must first go through different stages of purifying and cleansing. And since the Fire element is a purging purifier. It has a dual work in you Beloved.

First it comes to cleanse, clear and purge the space for the sacred illumination of You which is radiantly divine and one of a kind. Next the refining fire ushers in the sparks of fire which are utilized to build your energetic presence from within to shine without. These sparks will soon cause a blazing fire in your soul that insist on accomplishing the deep burning desires of ones heart.

So Beloved as you allow the refining fire to purge, cleanse, wash and burn away anything which no longer serves you. This refining fire will then be turned into that Phoenix rising from the ashes type of fire which has been building it’s strength while in the refining state. So then as the Phoenix rises more from the ruins of old Karmic DNA and false illusions of self, you then become this amazing illuminated fiery powerful entity whom is radiantly shining without apology for All to see. Wee! 

So allow the process of whatever ashes are being transformed into your reigning beauty and glory to flourish. Beauty for ashes.  As you are ushered into the deeper service of humanity, Remember you are One of a Kind so that means No Holding Back YOUR Shine. Allow the world to enjoy your shine as you share with them the beautiful workings of the Universal Creator -God/Goddess. Ase-Namaste’


Patience & Planning -7

2 vibrant pillars are presented to you this week. You are in the midst of actually bringing into fruition long time desires.  Business ventures, Romantic relationships, Building stronger family bonds. Awesome.
Now since these desires have been lingering for a long time.  You must move with care and make plans. Patience and Planning.

You have to reach down within to find your own personal resolve for patience in a new way than previously.  You have a lot more at stake, because these are aspects of your life you have long pondered changing. And with the ways in mind, Take your time and write the vision and make it simply clear and plain. In that each and every time you revisit your planning template you will perceive more direction and insight as to the best course of action.

All things will align them self as you are open to new ways of perception.  There is more than one way for things to be handled. Take time to carefully consider new avenues in each area of your life you desire to bring change forth.  It will pay off lovely Beloved. Still yourself and Patiently Plan. Allow your plans to unfold as they will. No censoring yourself when planning. Then go back and revamp your plans as many times as you feel necessary.  It will all fair well. Allow yourself the freedom to plan without concern of the final outcome.  Relax. Breathe and let it Be. Namaste’-Ase’

Throat Chakra- 20

It’s time to open up and allow the world to hear your beautiful song. Your song as in your unique voice,  tone and vibration.  It’s time to stop hiding and withholding your wisdom filled voice from the world. No more hiding your speak. 

During the last few weeks you’ve retreated within and in that time you went silent.  Speak boldly. It’s ok. There are pearls of insightful wisdom you have to share with others. They are waiting for you to speak. 
While you may be feeling a little stagnant in your voice speakings, Shake the dust from your voice. Relinquish timidity. It’s time to return to and listen to what the Oracle of your heart wants to say through your voice box. Your heart is calling your voice to express what it longs to say. No longer deny your heart the opportunity to speak.

Allow fear and timidity to fall from you as a layer of shedding skin.  No longer regard or give these energies permission to make you forsake your right to express your souls call.  Return to your authentic self in a new measure and share with the world your truth as only You can communicate. 

It may be a bit uncomfortable at first but press beyond the desire to retreat to silence. Press beyond the desire to crack under the pressure of what others may/will say. Will they receive my words?  Some will, Some may, Some will not. And you must become ok with this.  You are NOT meant for everyone! Seriously.  In saying that,  What about you actually hearing and witnessing your own unique soul voice for a change?  You are very willing to support others.  But it’s Now time you begin to return that energy of support back to the one who is always giving out FIRST. Y-O-U Beloved.

You are known for your Uplifting and Healing words given to others much more than you give to you. Put your words to use FIRST with you. Allow the edification which rise from your heart to be unto you first.  Allow your words to become to your story unto Deeper Greater and Fuller Divine Healing & Expression of Your Unique Soul. May These unique words be first unto the one who houses these beautiful treasures. First allow your words to become food, nourishment, health & life unto Your mind-body, soul & spirit Healer. Shift the focus long enough back to Your self from others. It will be the Healing & Strength you need to gain a New wind and come back into your own radiance in a more powerful way.
Allow your words to Heal thee. Take every word as Fresh New Morsels of healing. Know Thy Self. Heal Thy Self. Love Thy Self.  In returning to your voice you will surely assist others to return to their own unique way of expression.  Good Excellence to thee.  Namaste’- Ase’
It has been my pleasure to deliver these Messages to thee. It is my hope that you have received some words of exhortation and healing insight, to further assist you on your journey path. 
For a Personal reading please go to www.oraclesofroyalty.com to book your reading. I look forward to serving you. Namaste’

Ase’- Royal Redd

General LOVE/Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 11.7~11.13


General LOVE/Soul Oracle Coaching 11-7 thru 11-13
This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching. Some or All of the messages may resonate with you. Please be open to the Messages of the Divine. You never know what surprises you may receive. If you desire a personal reading, details are to follow at the end of this reading. Thank you for your support. Enjoy! Namaste’




This Week we have the Oracle/Tarot presenting Helpless & Hopeless (8) /Trust Your Vibes Psychic- WHAT DO YOU LOVE? (23)/Rebuild (16) Tower

The numerical vibrations total 8+(2+3)= 5+8=13, 1+3=4, 4+1+6= 4+7= Total 11 and to break down to signal 2. I will reflect from the Master Number 11 and break it down to the dualities seeing as 11 is truly 2 in its simplest form. 

11 is indicating its time to master the self in a greater way. In the way of self leadership and being more self-directed solely by your intuition, nature and signs all around. This week you must become more attuned to the fact that you are well able to lead yourself. This is not to say that you will not have teachers come along and impart wisdom. But more so Beloved it’s time for you to come into deeper awareness of the wisdom you possess to effectively guide your own life. No longer do you need to be dependent upon those who once guided you or called the shots to some degree. You are the shot caller of your life and you must resonate with this from the core of yourself. Trust yourself!

The light and shadow sides of you are both important. Do not place one higher than the other as the vibration of 2 speaks. It is easy to be more attuned to one and ignore the other. But not now darling, you must allow them both to integrate the aspects of strength and wisdom. Contrary to belief the lower ego can definitely serve as a teacher to assist in mastery of the Higher Self. The lower ego provides the resistance needed to rise to the challenges of life, therefore assisting you in moving forward without so much as missing a beat. It is key to become more acquainted with what your lower self has to offer in the sense of healing. Yes you may have felt in times past that your lower ego was always in the mix, always running its mouth, not knowing its place. Lol. But as you’ve ascended you see that you’ve gotten it under control to learn its place. Which is to submit unto the Higher. This is a NEVER ending work. But a fun yet sometimes tedious one. Lol! Hold fast beloved, the lower ego has things to teach you this week as well. Be open to hear what it has to say. Not only yours, but listen to the ego talk of those around you that you may learn more about those you are in connection as well as yourself. It’s a great exercise of discipline to resist the need to correct another that you may appear as right and them not so right. Try to exercise this discipline. You will see that it cuts down on unwanted stress. So Master, Master yourself from the Higher aspects and lower. The duality of you is unique and brightly lighting the path that you may see the way to travel. Go forth!  

Helpless & Hopeless (8) – Mental Aspect 

Mental fog. You may be feeling a little discombobulated this week. Mental fatigue perhaps may be seeking to creep in, giving you the illusion that you are without power to correct any problematic situations which arise. Not so! You have ALL power within to correct anything that may arise. You know this. Rest is indeed needed, as you are at a cross roads of decisions I hear. There are many different relationship opportunities being presented. (friendship, family, new love, business partnership). Be not weary in your choosing. You are not without power. Your power to choose with clarity is GREAT!! You are more than capable of making the best decision for you and all involved. You must have faith in yourself, knowing that the sun is not going down on opportunity. But instead rising, and rising strong. These opportunities will come in the least likely places you expect. They will not show up as you think. Meaning they will not show up from the places you think they shall. Lol! Be Open! Keen & Aware. They will be things that you have desired to give a try, but you felt you didn’t possess the needed confidence. Stand strong. Face the dilemma within, realizing that it is you which has created this obstacle. It doesn’t really exist. It’s all a figment of your own creation. False reality. Come into a Higher Consciousness Beloved dear.You will be presented with the opportunities for you to take careful review of which you may partake of their beautiful blessings. All is well! 

Allow the mental fog or clutter to be shaken loose by your willingness to see a new day is unfolding. 8 symbolizes new beginnings, self-confidence, inner-strength, manifesting wealth, self-reliance, repose. All of these attributes confirm the above statement of which you must dig your heels in deeper Royal one and see that you can achieve all you set your mind too. You’re at the home stretch. C’mon you can do it! Stay focused and make the best choice for you and all involved. What feels right? Do your research, Remain keenly aware & Go for it! 

What Do You Love? (23)

Have you been a little crabby over this last week. Possibly crabby about what you don’t like, what you don’t want, what you don’t want …. what you don’t want….? Beloved, snap out of it! Lol! It’s ok. But you must switch the statement of your heart to resonate with What you LOVE? What is Divine to your heart beloved? What makes your days go smooth and leaves a deep smile etched in your heart? Ask yourself these questions. It could be something so simple as taking several deep breaths which clear your mind to prepare for the next task ahead. Or what about a brisk walk in the chilling weather that is coming upon us, and as you walk you gaze at the changing leaves and their falling away? 

Beloved, I challenge you to re-frame your thoughts in the statement “What Do I Love? What Brings Me Joy? What Uplifts My Soul?” This is a programmed thinking one of which we have to continually stay on top. Especially if you grew up in an atmosphere of always feeling low and not having enough or not being enough. All of these are falsehoods. Because you Are Enough. Put these LOVE vibrations into the Universe beloved and such lovely things will come back to you. I promise. I’ve struggled with these funky thoughts of What I don’t like, What I don’t this or that. But over these past 7 years I’ve reprogrammed myself to a certain degree in which I catch these funky thoughts quicker, putting them to rest. It’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up. Just get a better hold on what’s going through your mind, that you may vibrate on a higher thought frequency. ASe’

Rebuild (16) – Tower

Beloved there’s something disrupting your space of mental peace, causing distress in your heart. It has been there for sometime. I Feel you may need to do some soul tie/cord cutting. There could be some lingering old funky energies from past relationships still hovering. I hear, contract breaking. In this you have to re-assimilate yourself to a new way of thinking and being. For you are no longer physically attached to these people, places or things. Therefore you must cut the energetic ties. Create an affirmation of releasing and letting these people, places things go in peace. Then re-affirm where you stand now and where you desire to rise in Higher Consciousness. You must achieve a certain level of balance in order to move forward and Higher. Release ALL which no longer benefits you unto growth. 

As you release and cut the ties, sudden insight and clarity will come to you about these past interactions and lesson learned. You can then began to integrate these lessons on your new journey. No matter how harsh the lessons may have been you can now turn them into smiles and shines. Take the opportunity to share your new emerging truth with those who can benefit. Do not be ashamed or fearful about where you come from. It’s all beautiful. It’s All Divine unto you and those who are open to hear. 7 indicates sudden enlightenment shifts which appear as you are willing to peer through the illusions which have led you to believe you are not capable of being free and functioning in relationships. You are ready to move forward into a deeper inner-knowledge of your Divine self. Do not be afraid what lies there, for All which lies within is for your good. It truly is, you have to deem it as such. Allow the completion of the constant war with past failed relationships to be stepping-stones into the New Healthy, Whole & Complete Divine unions which are presenting themselves. You are more than capable of being a Great Awesome Friend, Loyal & Supportive Divine Partner & Soul Mate, Comforting & Supportive Family Member, Along with forming Powerful Business Partnerships. Namaste- Ase’ 

This is your General LOVE/Soul Relationship Oracle Coaching Reading. I hope that you have received some beautiful messages to assist on your path to deeper self-knowledge. Please if you desire a Personal Love/Relationship Reading, go to: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com. I am happy to serve you. 

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Thank you for your support beloved. As this year comes to an end, please know that you are greater now than you were in the beginning of 2016. You healed much and accomplished more than you know. Hold fast to this moving into the new year to come. Love 2 thee. I look forward to serving you in the near future. 

Love 2 thee- Royal Redd

General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 10/31 thru 11/6


General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 10/31 thru 11/6
This is a General Reading, all or some of the Divine Messages may resonate. Please remain open to hear what the Divine speaks, you never know what you may receive. If you desire a Personal Reading, details are to follow at the end of this reading. Thank you for your support. Enjoy. Namaste’


3- Heartache & Loss (Mental Aspect) 

Currently you may be facing somethings that have been very heavy and piercing to your heart, as in the manner of the cross hanging between her bosom with a pointed end which is likened unto a sword. The piercing situation has been nagging at you for sometime. It’s now time to come face to face with these thoughts that keep replaying themselves, and showing up in different mannerisms that you possess. Such as your attitude toward different relationships that have played out well in the past. Old thoughts haunt you as to if these people return into my life or if new relationships show up as these will they replay themselves again? Perhaps there is a particular situation that continues to arise centering around how to be more open and freely loving to yourself that you may draw those loving, caring and heartfelt relationships you desire. In order to do this, you must dig deep into that uncomfortable space of feelings you do not want to confront. At first you may sense resistance and that’s just fine beloved. You must learn that resistance is a sign that you are making progress and headed in the correct direction. For if you are not met with some resistance you will not stick with it. There will be no strengthening of your love/heart/emotional muscles.  Resistance is there to strengthen you on all these levels. It’s there to show you just how strong you are. So instead of going against it, go with it. Honor the feelings that come up. Whether they ooze out or come up with a thundering and strong presence, as  a knee jerk reaction. Lol. Let them surface as they will. Always being mindful to be respectful and honoring to yourself and others as you may feel some deep stirring inner turmoil on the mental plane, which may seem unbearable. But you can bear all things. Go with it and experience what these feelings have to offer. No matter how dark they are. Go with it. They do lead to divine balance. The way to heal is to go through it and make good use of the lessons attained as you make your way through the darkness. The darkness indicates that light will break forth at sometime. You just don’t know when, and you know what? You don’t always have to know when it’s going to shift or transition. Just go with it. 

I sense some really ripe and tender feelings centered around a disappointment of a particular relationship which didn’t turn out as you would have hoped. Well it’s ok. Because as you glean the lessons from this experience, you will find that there is a more suited relationship coming if you are open to weather this storm. It’s not so bad. Just buckle down and allow yourself the space to be with your feelings at this time. Feelings are like waves. They roll in and out. They are sometimes rocky and heavy. Other times they lightly roll. Whatever the case beloved, you are more than able to experience them, sit with them, hear what they have to say and release them transmute into Divine Love. Heartache & Loss has not come to take anything from you that you need, but only that which no longer serves you to your highest good. So allow it to do its work. The mental conditioning around this matter does not align itself with the new version of you that is becoming. So unless you want to stay rooted in this old mindset and way of perception. I suggest you just allow the feelings to come up. No matter how agitating. Allow them, for I feel you are in transition into a new life space all together on all planes (mind-body, soul and spirit). This is great beloved. But be mindful to take time to unpack mental baggage so you don’t show up with old thoughts which no longer serve you. Instead you enter into your new dimensional space with new higher and more centered vibrating thoughts. These thoughts shall bring you all that your heart asks for. Namaste’ 

The number 3 is about 3 ways of perception I hear. There are 3 ways to see. Yours, theirs and the Universal truth. Let’s honor all 3. Especially the last. The Universal truth is unchanging and always aligns with your principle if it’s the right thing for you to do. So pay careful attention to the agreements of your mind. You can’t afford to become entangled and ensnared into matters which serve as distractions, only to harm and bring stagnation. Tighten up your mental space and be mindful, everyone is on their own unique vibration & frequency. It may resonate with you or it may not. Whichever the case, allow the perceptions around you to unfold in such a way where you find magic in every aspect of this heart healing. It will be amazing to see the new aspects of your Divine feminine self emerging along with the Divine masculine influences of you.

I am also sensing this divine aligning has something to do with healing in the area of the Divine feminine in her perception of self and seeing how the Divine masculine can serve her and not harm her. The thought patterns which you must release are centered around the ways the masculine has been harmful and hurtful towards you in times before. Perhaps a father figure, sibling or a male figure in a position of power who handled you roughly. This has caused you to be rough with the masculine energies who enter your life meaning well but somehow you perceive them as adversarial energies, instead of healing energies. Or it could be they hadn’t tapped into their own personal healing and they wounded you. You still hold onto these pains in your mind centering not being able to stand up for yourself, therefore feeling suppressed and smothered. Beloved in order for you to move forward you must realize that the divine masculine energy is one to protect, support you in your growth as well as guide you. You must shift your awareness to your divine feminine need to draw healing of the divine masculine energy. And as you do, you will begin to birth new abilities to shift cohesively between the feminine and masculine energies within you in a more fluid stance. Let the fear of the past encounters bring you to higher realization of who you are. You are dynamic. As you do you will embrace the relationship with the masculine that best suits your growth, healing, free expression of self and your beautiful essence as a feminine being. Be! Be with yourself and allow all that no longer benefits you mentally to transform itself into pure divine beauty. Namaste’

9-Spiritual Strength (Spiritual Aspect) 

An ascended master type of strength and new spiritual perspective is upon you. As you go through the necessary heart healing, there is a strong divine masculine energetic force of assistance present. The monk type of archetype seen in this oracle is reflecting a strong inner glowing power which you possess. You are coming to realization this inner glow this week along with learning how to tap into this new spiritual source of divine strength. This new-found spiritual force is your sustaining and grounding anchor. As you quiet your soul and emotional self and go within, you can then access this new style of spiritual strength which is uniquely your own. It may feel or even look peculiar to you. But I hear, Go with the flow of how the energy presents itself to you. Do not be fearful or alarmed, and please do not feel you have to assign a label. Allow it to be free and flow as it manifests in your soul. 

An ancient wisdom is possessed within your treasure of hidden jewels. In stillness the fire within shall be ignited allowing access to these precious jewels, which shall lead you to a greater awareness of your own personal style of spiritual strength. What I mean by your own personal style is, That ZING! That sizzle which only you possess. The way you ignite the energetic force within the universe is uniquely designed just as you are. Your zing gives off a certain vibration, frequency and tone. Of course all will not resonate with your particular zing, and it’s ok. It’s perfectly fine. In fact the more you attune to this beautiful expression of your new-found spiritual strength, the more comfortable you shall become. You shall know yourself in a way that you have never known. It’s as if you are coming to view a new reflection/image of you which has been hidden. A new image of you is emerging. Enjoy the unfolding.  

I hear this new spiritual strength shall be attained by sitting in silence and stilling your heart and mind. This posture allows connection with the inner space of where your personal power resides. Also, try some centering techniques before sitting in silence. Physical stretching and yoga poses are great for centering the mind and bringing the physical and mental planes in alignment with the spiritual body. Remember you must balance all areas mind-body, soul and spirit that you may attain supreme spiritual fitness. Your Spiritual body is unique Beloved. So, follow what you intuitively feel. It will always be what you need. 

The number 9 resonates the destined path of enlightenment which you are embarking. There’s a newness, freshness and crisp style about this new being emerging. A Phoenix rising from the ashes I hear. Likened unto hieroglyphics of Egypt. Ancient presence. Ancient wisdom. This divine ancient presence you are embodying will align you with more ancestral guides to assist you on your path of soul evolution. Be open to new guides of your ancestral lineage which may come to assist you at this time. Perhaps more so of Divine Masculine energy, but do not limit the way they could show up. You can’t exclude the Divine Feminine flow in soul transformation. Be open to all avenues. These ancient forces bring a strength for you to stand in the midst of the most heavy and difficult trials without breaking a sweat. This new spiritual strength is one of serious enduring power. I sense there are many new challenges to face going forward. Those of which will challenge you to extend your spiritual roots into the ground more deeply. In that your inner resolve shall become more full and balanced as you allow this new awakening of your spiritual dimensional self to be empowered in a deeper way. In a way that only you will be able to resonate with at times. I see you walking side by side with these guides and entities which come to serve you and you them at this new season. You will sometimes feel awkward and misunderstood even by those closest to you. Take this as a sign that you are growing in such a way that you will not always require or look to those close to you for support. But instead the empowering forces within you which cause your spiritual tree roots to extend deeper into womb of the Universal Cosmic Mother. Grow, Expand and Allow your life to be enriched. It is a delicious delight to see this new aspect of you emerging. Enjoy and allow your creative forces within to shape it as only as you can. Namaste’ 

4- Authority (Emperor) 

I am sensing a stronger and more determined you coming forth beloved. As you step into this new season in the month of November (11) 1+1=2. The Yin/Yang energies are becoming more pronounced, disciplined and in sync with one another. The strong presence of masculine energy here is bringing a reassurance of whatever you put your mind to, You SHALL accomplish. Not maybe. But its definite as you put in the work. I sense a stronger determination for you to see your life take on new form before the end of 2016. Until now, somethings have felt hopeless as if they wouldn’t be accomplished. But you are now feeling a new wave of energy that offers a greater hope to know that you will reap what you have sown. This year has been challenging with much deep healing in which you’ve allowed yourself to release so many things about yourself which once served you but no longer do. Those old things can not accompany you on this new path, so you have decided to let them go. Great for you.

Now expect and anticipate the things you’ve desired in your life to begin to present themselves. They will come in ways you hadn’t imagined. The energy of the Emperor states you will have it, if you remain diligent and focused on the goal, not the outcome. The Emperor is more focused on aligning himself with the desires of his heart and allowing the Universe to deliver them in the way it sees fit. However, the Emperor has a strength, power and fierceness that is relentless-unyielding. He will not give up until he has accomplished what he has set out to do. The folding of his arms signifies that it’s final and he shall have what he has envisioned, and nothing and no one can hold it back accept him. So be mindful of what’s going on in your mental space along with the words you speak. They both play an important part in your power manifesting, for the Emperor is about word, deed and action. Setting and Establishing his own laws.

Aligning with Universal laws and truths will bring forth what your soul desires. Keep focused and remain grounded in the purpose you’ve set out to do. It will all end well. I promise you this if you stay fixed on the goal, not the outcome. Do not allow any distractions which take your energy and focus away from what want to accomplish. Continue in good faith beloved. Your doors of opportunity are opening wide. Get ready to run through the open doors. Continue to stabilize and balance yourself. Remain confident.It is going to be a beautiful outpouring. You are well deserving.

The Divine Feminine is complementing with a peaceful, calm and nurturing presence she exudes. It seems that she is expressing more of her joyful nature which brightens up the dark spaces of her life and those around her. She brings a strong heart connection with her masculine counterpart which states there is a divine union of heart and mind. The soft and fluid essence of her feminine grounding and the logic and protective force of the masculine are connecting in are more unified template, bringing balance to a new height, which will carry them into 2017 with a firm assurance that the two together are better than one. Also, revealing a strong presence of we can accomplish anything we put our minds too. 

The number 4 speaks of a more grounded, centered an intuitive presence birthing from your new-found spiritual strength. You are becoming more open, free-flowing and disciplined for divine messages to pass through you. No matter your craft, we are all divine instruments. This year has been about clearing out, so that you could become more open and pliable to receive the messages of Divine Spirit.  So here you are with one month left of  2016 to allow the things you no longer need to fall away and transmute into Divine Love. Allowing you to be even more fluid in the unique expression of your Higher self, without fear that you are not doing, saying or being the right thing. All things in divine care and concern for yourself, and others as you continue to expand and unfold in divine righteousness. Be patient, gentle and loving with yourself beloved. You will come forth as pure gold as you continue to allow your own unique universal stamp of creativity to be exhibited. Do not shy away from the new unfolding of deeper intuitive insight being granted. It may feel a bit uncomfortable for you at times, because you are going through different atmospheric changes.  Expansion is taking place. Therefore you must shift and transition through new dimensions. Along with this comes new mindsets and perception. Embrace the more enlightened and heightened sense of intuition you possess. It’s like nothing you have ever witnessed. A attuned vibration you possess to the Divine Spirit. Embrace. Ase’ 

This has been your General Oracle Coaching Reading for the month of November. I hope that you have received some beautiful messages from Source. Allow them to permeate your heart, that they may take root and spring up in due time. If you desire a Personal Reading, please visit me at: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com for instructions on booking. 

Thank you for your support. Continue to allow yourself to be open to the messages of Spirit which manifest through so many different avenues. You are a uniquely crafted being, allow your light to radiant. Do not be afraid to share the beautiful unique gifts of your soul. Wisely. 

Love 2 thee, 

Royal Redd




General Love/Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 10.24 thru 10.30


General LOVE/Soul Oracle Coaching 10-24 thru 10-30
This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching. Some or All of the messages may resonate with you. Please be open to the Messages of the Divine. You never know what surprises you may receive. If you desire a personal reading, details are to follow at the end of this reading. Thank you for your support. Enjoy! Namaste’


RELEASE (13)- Tarot (Death)
I was delighted to see this card, for I feel that many of us having been dealing with some challenging and sometimes difficult relationships or situations over the last few weeks. Difficult in the sense of seeming like no change would come. Difficult in the sense of a lingering irritation within a present relationship. Almost to the point of toleration which has now become unbearable. Rest assured a new beginning is knocking at your door. A shifting of energy in the sense of ending the old patterns, old conversations that appear to solve the matters at hand, but only put a band-aid on a deeper wound. It’s time to move on. Moving on, in the sense of a complete letting go of the outcome. Moving on, in changing directions and discovering the best course of action to transmute all low vibration to Highness.  It’s time to release the irritation from your mind, soul, and spirit.

The Death card is not a literal death but a spiritual/soul and mind death. And ending of old thought patterns, ending of bickering thoughts that continue to nag at you about the relationship has manifested. It could be ONE repetitive thought that has been bugging you, but NOW is time to fall back and examine these thought patterns carefully. This is possibly a partnership that has gone sour and you’ve known for sometime but just didn’t have the heart to move in a new direction out of fear for hurting the others feelings. But now you are feeling more strength to say, “Ok, enough is enough. I deserve better and since you’re not able to shift your mindset to rise to higher ground. I must now take a stand for myself and gather myself to make an exit plan/strategy.One that will benefit both parties involved in the long run, if there is to be any possible salvaging of this relationship.”

So beloved with your mind firm and ready to allow Death to bring you a beautiful gift wrapped strangely, you find yourself being able to feel your own soul again, for you have become detached from your own unique rhythm and soul beat. You have become entangled and ensnared with someone who doesn’t exactly benefit you to your highest any longer. It’s time to make an exit plan and stick to it. Don’t allow your emotions to talk you out of what you know very well you must do. Although the individual that you must break ties with may not like the choice that you’ve made to preserve and protect your soul. It’s ok. You’re most definitely NOT going to please everyone with the decisions you make to keep your heart, soul and emotions from being entangled in situations which are abusive and hurtful in nature. You had been blind to the fact that this person indeed is not the one you thought they were. So now, you must gracefully confront the relationship with as much compassion, grace and love that is necessary for resolution. Speak to the situation at hand and don’t tip toe around it. Be direct, frank and firm about your truth and what your experience has been. And you may see an outcome that you did not expect. You may actually see this person agreeing or heeding the wise advice you have to offer at this time of departure and transition. But do not be snared into staying. You must go. You must change direction for there are new people who are desiring to come into your space bringing blessings. Clear the space. Make way for them.

Although it feels as if you’re severing your soul from this connection that once proved to support your growth. It is most necessary for you to return this person to the Universe with Divine Love and wish the best for him/her to go on and find their most deepest truth. That they may rise up in healing and find their true selves which has long been buried under so much misery and pain. So while it may not be comfortable for you to speak to what has been revealed to you in these last few weeks, you must boldly assert yourself and do so. It’s almost as if you have been this persons life line and they may feel you’re cutting their life support off. But, you can not let that stop you from moving forth into the unknown. They will continue to breathe and begin to thrive. You are not responsible for sustaining anyones life but YOURS! You may not receive the response that you are hoping for, but you can not afford to sit quietly and hold what you KNOW YOU MUST SAY. For ONLY YOU Can Say What NEEDS to be said at this moment. For you are a Divine and Most Tenderly Loving Catalyst for this persons healing. So be not afraid, but boldly declare what you know your heart and soul need to communicate. With love your words are administered as a healing salve to release them from mental anguish, soul wounds and longtime entrenched Ancestral Karmic traumas. Speak and release it ALL to the Universe and it will ALL turn out for the HIGHEST for ALL involved. Promise.

Remember tough circumstances come right before your day is breaking. Do not fall back into the old I feel sorry for this person or I’m sad that it didn’t go the way I thought. While these feelings are valid and true for you, you must allow them to be what they are and move on. Beloved, you have grown much through these last few weeks, moving through deeply entrenched pains which surfaced due to the dying of this relationship. Guess what? You have this person to thank for your swift healing and realization that the season is ending and shifting to a new. Allow It! Now while you may not walk away completely, you may choose to make an amendment to the relationship and arrange it suit you. Make sure to do this with compassion. You can do it. You’re stronger than you know. Go forward, keep your emotions in check, not being absent from them, but do not allow them to rule your decision. And sit back and watch what happens.

The number (13) 1+3 totals 4 which resonates inner wisdom and intuition. Listen to the still, small voice that is always leading you to Higher dimensions of enlightenment and realization. Do not allow your mind (ego) to get in the driver’s seat and take over. Stay grounded in yourself and allow the intuitive feelings, and deep knowings within lead you to higher ground. Your intuition will never steer you wrong. While the situation may look like on thing, and while the individual may be saying another thing. Do not get hung up on any of that. Go within. Listen within. It will be what is supposed to be. It will be well. IT IS WELL. Ase’

LISTEN (2) Tarot (High Priestess)
The mystery of the High Priestess the wisdom keeper who dwells in between the light and shadows speaks. She is saying that you must delve deeper within. Be still and heed the stillness. What do you hear? What does it say? Do not make any swift movement for NOW is not the time. But prepare instead to move forward into the new place which is upon you. For when you listen you will hear the inaudible sounds which lead you to the deeper essence of you. The essence of you which you’ve been blinded to due to distractions brought by certain people in your space. These energies have caused you to be off-balance and unsure of yourself in some ways. Time to return to her/his voice. Listen. Stillness. Re-balance and Realign to your divine purpose. Why did you get entangled and ensnared in this relationship to start? Where did you open the door to the pain and heart ache that you experienced? This is lesson time dear one. You can not afford to make the same decision again. Be mindful and hold fast to the lessons you have learned. They will be value to utilize in future relationships.  Time stands still for no one, do not wallow in sorrow. Move on.

The High Priestess is all about discerning those things which you do not perceive with your first initial glance. This mystic is all about perceiving what’s below the surface. What lurks in the shadows that you have yet to see about your potential to grow, expand, and evolve that you may move forward having gained all pertinent lessons? Do not give yourself a hard time about this for it is all apart of your souls evolution. The soul is yet growing and expanding. Do not view this as a mistake, but instead an epic and most grand decision which has broken the chains that bound you to the pain of your Ancestors Karmic trauma. We must learn to be a whole lot more discerning of those we welcome in our soul space, for if you do not learn this lesson it could be devastating if it should happen again. Pushing you back too many steps over, causing a stall and hindrance that you otherwise would’ve not encountered upon making a better decision. This time around this decision costed you some you energy leaks and some of your confidence. But it’s ok. Let’s get up and return to our inner silence to once again realize our greatest potential. That which is to be gained here is Wisdom Beloved. Wisdom, Wisdom, Wisdom. Enlightenment, Enlightenment and More Enlightenment. Shun not the appearance of this being a terrible mistake. For there are NO MISTAKES!!! All things happen according to the choices you make. From those choices you experience the lessons which assist your souls ascension, evolution and healing. Ase’. Celebrate and Rejoice. For the High Priestess brings wisdom and a new view of the shadows which are a part of your beauty. She illuminates the areas of weakness  in which you must exercise more patience within yourself and perhaps others at times. Most of all give yourself the tender loving care that you most earnestly need in this time. IT IS GREAT! IT IS WELL. ALL IS WELL. ASE’-NAMASTE’

The Number 2 speaks to duality, harmony and balance. Duality as for the coin having 2 sides which are opposites but not really. They need one another to achieve optimum balance. While your light and fluffy essence oozes happy, peaceful feelings. The dark may ooze heaviness, unknown, fear and uncomfortable feelings you do not look forward to experiencing. It’s all ok. The dark is as much your friend as the light. Maybe perhaps even more. For you can not shine radiantly and most brightly without uncovering your precious treasures carefully hidden and protected in the dark. So acknowledge and embrace them. The shadows are there to propel you into the brilliance and greatness of your light. Namaste’. Harmony and balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine energetic powers are greatly aligning within you. You are achieving a greater innerstanding of how to shift between the two polarities of you without getting stuck. Being mindful you are more dominant in one, but you must become more fluid to transition between the two as needed. Cool. Keep moving forward, for as you do supreme balance for your ideal make up and way of existence is being achieved. Hotep.

AWAITING RESULTS (7) Material World Manifestations

You are awaiting the unfolding of something you’ve been giving putting in lot of hard work and energy. Well it’s going to pay off real soon, in fact before you know it. In your waiting be quiet and still enough to notice to subtle shifts and changes in the atmosphere around you. Be open to seeing and hearing signs that may seem uncanny. The moon above her head is indicating that at the fullness of time you will have that which you desire.
In this time of waiting shift your prospective to view the desires of your heart for a particular relationship in a different way. Do not be so quick to end it and walk away. Especially if there is potential that could unfold as the necessary healing and mental adjustments are made in all involved. Remember a strong, sturdy, steady and fulfilling relationship takes time to build. Continue to grow in the knowledge of Self. Continue to be open to new approaches of communication. Continue to be open to new approaches of addressing the inner turmoil that you may feel surfacing. What is it saying? Are you anxious about the unfolding? Is it because you don’t know what the outcome shall be? Well relax, back off for a little while and see what it could be. Continue to work on yourself and create more self-love through adjusting your vision. Remember each relationship is unique and different to your needs and the others involved. Be realistic of how fast to expect things to shift and change. Each and every person grows at their own individual rate and speed of gaining their own lessons as they are open. Do your best to not become entangled and ensnared in the outcome having to appear in a certain time frame or in a certain way. It will only cause for you being upset and disappointed. Be open to the different emotional changes and mind shifts which occur during your waiting for the flowers of your hearts desire to fully bloom. You will be happily and most presently surprised. The waiting is a benefit for you not deficit. For many things are being added to you. Receive the lessons unfolding graciously, for the knowledge gained shall transform into wisdom as you continue to travel upon your beautiful but sometimes bumpy path. Namaste’

The number 7 vibrates completion, and higher insight and deeper intuitive knowings (psychic abilities). The completion of you being concerned or worried of how things will turn out in certain type of situations that once produced anxiety is ending. You are no longer attached to the outcome, so therefore you can move with more fluidity and maintain your momentum without being interrupted or hindered. Greater insight and intuitive nudges are being felt as you awaken more to the power that resonates within you. Power that you didn’t know you possessed. And perhaps power that you’ve been reluctant to step into. It’s ok to be a little uncertain but do not linger there too long. Allow yourself to move forward even when you aren’t sure how it will end. It is not necessary to know the outcome, but instead follow the path that you are being guided upon. Enjoy the journey beloved. It’s a spectacular one. As your intuitive knowing becomes more crisp, you may notice your psychic abilities are stronger and clearer. Therefore, the many cleansings and purgings of this year and most significantly these last few weeks have made you a more open and receptive channel to receive Divine messages. Continue to allow yourself to be cleared, cleansed and purged that you may speak the messages of the Divine Supreme Creator. You are becoming a more fit and disciplined vessel to carry the precious intuitive messages of the Divine Creator. Smile, Be Uplifted, Rejoice for being chosen to speak the wisdom of esoteric, cosmic and galactic beings. Namaste’

This is concludes your Love/Soul Oracle Coaching. I hope you have received some messages to direct you along your path. If you desire a Personal Love/Relationship reading please go to: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com for instructions on booking a reading. I look forward to serving you.
Beloved, there is much more greater to come that you see now. Look beyond, Go deeper and Rise Higher. You’re in the right space. Ascend.
Thank you for your support Love 2 thee- Royal Redd

General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 10.17 thru 10.23


General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 10.17 thru 10.23
This is a General Reading, all or some of the Divine Messages may resonate. Please remain open to hear what the Divine speaks, you never know what you may receive. If you desire a Personal Reading, details are to follow at the end of this reading. Thank you for your support. Enjoy. Namaste’

HEARTACHE & LOSS (3) Mental Aspects of You….
This week is bringing up old Karmic pains of the soul that lie even deeper than you realized. As we ascend we go deeper into ourselves to realize those things which still need to be healed. We are forever on a course of deeper and greater healing. So therefore, some of the manifestations may be surprising but go with it. All is well. You will get through it just fine.
I am sensing that some of you will deal with deep matters of the heart that have been troubling or lingering for sometime. Relationship as for with self. The parts of your self that you are reluctant to embrace because they are uncomfortable to look at and fathom that you still deal with the same issues time after time. Do not be discouraged beloved, as mentioned the higher you ascend the deeper you must go within to heal any Karmic Debt that calls for your attention. The only way to rise higher is go deeper within and allow the attitudes and feelings of your soul to speak. Your soul is all-knowing of what it needs to heal, so just listen and hear and you will know EXACLTY what steps you need to take to manuever through your healing.

Soul ties and heart connections from family inherited ways of thinking are coming up. Co-dependent, addictive type of personalities may be so deeply submerged that you didn’t realize they still were present. These ideologies have kept you from moving forward in having healthy, successful relationships. Instead you stumble unconsciously into relationships with men and women that do not support your highest growth. Entanglement. The heart is shown at the center of the women’s being. Her soul. These things have been long rooted in the core of your being. Time for them to come up. Time for you to deal with them. Acknowledge their presence and stories that you have been replaying in your heart. The soul desires to reflect more love to you, allow it to do so in the process of your healing. Nothing is so terrible that you can’t embrace it and take a bold and courageous leap of faith to embrace what is there and allow it to transform you into a greater being of Divine Love.

The number 3 vibrates a more stable and balancing energy in all 3 body planes. Mind-body, Soul (emotions) & Spirit. There is a connection of clarity coming for you. You will be more pliable and more flexible to align all planes, allowing them to connect on their frequency and integrate themselves into each part of your life. Do not force anything, but allow them to move as they will. You will be pleasantly surprised at what will manifest if you just ALLOW it to be. I feel a stronger and more determined attitude presenting itself. One that says I will allow myself to be more present, connected and balanced. I will be more open and willing to have new experiences which bring more awareness and enlightenment to me and those I am connected. Let it Be so. Namaste’

DESTINY (10)- Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel of Fortune appears for second week, also it is seen in our Love/Soul Coaching. Hmm…. could this be a turn for the better in the hand of luck for you beloved? (wink) I say it is. The unfolding of some the most precious and deepest desires you’ve held secretly within are showing themselves this week and going forward. More opportunities are aligning and presenting themselves in your space. They are yours for the taking. Opportunity for new friendships, business and closer bonds with family/friends. Allow this to be a time to be open to ALL possibilities. A change is coming in your material world as for current living space. You may be bringing some new things into your space (people or physical items, may  a new pet) or removing somethings. Whatever the case, the favor is upon you. Be mindful and careful with the placement of new items in your space. New or Used items should be cleansed to match your vibrational frequency. Cleansing can be saying a specific prayer, a short meditation focusing on the intention of how you’d like to use this new material object, or smudging with herbs (sage), essential oils on your hands and anointing the item and speaking your request, or playing music which aligns the frequency of the object with your heart intent. These are just some suggestions. Crystal meditation and protection of intent is excellent as well.

The number 10 is bringing you a beautiful balance of masculine/feminine energy with the acquiring of this new physical item. For whatever reason this item represents new beginnings and new doors being opened for a deeper and fuller aspect of love. It is rich and flowing. It requires nothing more from you than to be open and embrace it, just as it is. It doesn’t require any further help from you. Just embrace it. In the past it seems you may have a little trouble with welcoming or embracing new opportunities into your life. Well now is not the time to go limp. Stay connected and present. The number 10 brings new vibrations of wealth, happiness and joy for you beloved. The increase of abundance (mental, physical, soul, spirit and financial wealth) are present. New creative ideas are flowing and bringing beautiful results. Stay consistent and present. Namaste’

WISDOM (5) Hierophant
You are a being filled with wisdom, brimming to the top and overflowing. Sometimes you don’t allow yourself to fully tap into it. Now is the time to make a serious mental shift. You must come into a fuller awareness of what you have to offer to those around you. Those that seek you out for spiritual guidance or counsel/coaching are very much aware that they sit before a wise being. You must be able to see this within you as well to project the right guidance for those who seek you. Do not second guess yourself. Go with whatever you feel coming up. There is no right or wrong beloved, only what you feel. What you feel is not to be judged as good or bad. Judge it not and see what comes up for you. You will be pleasantly surprised that the intuitive guidance you give is just what your querent needs. This is not just applying to the spiritual world but the business world as well. Consultants, Therapists, etc. give valuable information to their clients, assisting them solving dilemmas.

Wisdom comes in many forms from spiritual guidance to professional teaching in a more structured setting. Whatever the case be open to receive it in any way it may show up. Leadership in a role of excellence is being shown to you, in the way of higher administration. You may be selected or called upon to give your insight on a matter that has stumped many. Do not go in fearful or worried of if the one’s hearing will receive your words. But instead emerge with confidence. It shall be beautiful. All is well.

The number 5 is vibrating quietness and secrecy at this moment. Meaning keeping your movement quiet and subtle. You have many watching you and they do not need to be privy to everything  you do. Do not be so quick to share the details of your strategy. Strategies are to be kept quiet and hushed. The wisdom you give is meant for the one that seeks you out. It is not to be given or shared with another because it may not be for them. Be mindful. Mindfulness is the attitude of the ethers for it represents your aura surrounding the nature of your being. Be mindful of who you allow to penetrate your personal space. Put up a very strong shield and you will be fine. Ase’

This is your General Oracle Soul Coaching. I hope you have received some intuitive messages that will benefit you in your growth and evolution. If you desire a personal reading please visit me at: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com All Oracle Coaching Readings & Soul Coaching are currently 1/2 off. Come experience the spiritual guidance of this Beautiful Soul Seer.
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Divine Love, Royal Redd

General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 10.17 thru 10.23


General LOVE/Soul Oracle Coaching 10-17 thru 10-23
This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching. Some or All of the messages may resonate with you. Please be open to the Messages of the Divine. You never know what surprises you may receive. If you desire a personal reading, details are to follow at the end of this reading. Thank you for your support. Enjoy! Namaste’


BALANCE (14) Temperance
Temperance this week is revealing that you are in a balancing act of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energies in your life. Whether within or in the various soul relationships that encompass about (family, friend, lover, business partner). There is a resonating energy which speaks to own your dominant-Masculine or Feminine way of being. Remember it’s all energetic. It could be the feminine that manifests the masculine energy and the Masculine representing the feminine. Whatever the case, Compromise is being called for not in the way of disowning your truth and coming under a spirit of manipulation or control. But from the aspect of patience with the side of you that is not the easiest or most comfortable to deal with. Shadow healing is manifesting for both to encompass the total part of your being. Meaning be open to the shifts between the polarities of both the masculine and feminine. Yin/Yang. Allowing yourself to be come more fluid and tempered in both. Temperance as for calming the forces of your emotions and bringing them into a more heart centered will and not selfishness. No room for the lower ego desiring to run, rule or dominate the situation. Stand very self-assured that you are capable of handling whatever comes your way, but even more so knowing that you don’t have to bow or step down from the person that you are becoming to suffice or make another comfortable. You must be mindful to hold fast to who you are because it’s the heart balance that needs to come forth of the two energies that you fluctuate between.

The masculine must learn to let go of his fear of appearing weak or passive because he’s learning to Be more present and be more still and fluid as the feminine energy is more about stillness and inner workings. He must be willing to look strange and funny to others to come into the liberation of his true self, without worry of others (male or female) resonating. This is Your truth, so you must embrace it fully without the need to feel emasculated. You are not any less masculine because you are learning the proper feminine balance of energy for you. So dismiss all the foolishness of those who seem to want to turn their nose up at you my loving masculine. Be present with yourself and enjoy embracing the gentle nature of the feminine without feeling slighted in your oh so very masculine presence.

The feminine must go into the resistance of feeling the more gentle tones of herself in a brand new way. From the masculine view of entering into the gentle unfolding lotus flower that has developed in the murkiness of the deep darkness. She is igniting and rising as a Phoenix from the ashes, honoring the masculine tones of strength, logical thinking and the focused desire to accomplish much in the way of grounding and setting a sturdy foundation in the business world. Be mindful feminine not to feel the need to compete with the other masculine energies around you but instead stand your ground and stay in your lane.  There is nothing wrong with a little competitive spirit, but you do not need to compete with others to show you are worthy of acknowledgement, because you no longer require outside validation to know that you too are IMPORTANT. You matter and have gained a high level of self-esteem and grown deeply and greatly in self-confidence. So, reward yourself with a gentle pat on the back and even a delightful embracing hug that says, “I am fully capable of standing my ground in the midst of competitive energies with other males and females without feeling the need to succumb to the pressures of being the winner always. Because ideally I win if I just remain focused on my goal and continue to move forward as I will and as my soul dictates. It’s all a win-win for me”

The energy of 14=(5). 5 being the number of grace and strength to push through any difficult circumstances that may arise from emotional trauma in your upbringing surface. Large measures of grace are there for you to move through in a most eloquent and audacious way, not missing a beat. You will see that the strength and mercy that you give yourself wgo along way with stroking the heart of those that are in need of this new-found level of grace and strength that you embody this week. There is a strong ability you exhibit to move through the most trying emotions that surface this week (anger, disappointment, feeling neglected or abandoned, and down right feeling taken advantage of, or not feeling appreciated). All of these emotions stem from the fact that the family dynamics you were connected to are surfacing to be cleared out, so that you don’t continue to repeat the patterns of those you were or are still in relationship. Healing Ancestral Karma. Allow it to rise up without going against but with it. It will all be well if you are willing to go within and truly acknowledge your true feelings around the things that have occurred to make you who you are now. Shedding this skin is necessary to move forward. No shame or guilting yourself. Just look with open, honest and truthful eyes. Lovingly admit to yourself how you feel and allow the energies to transmute into Divine Love and Healing. Ase’
As the 3 sides of the pyramid are assisting with bringing the masculine and feminine energies within you into balance. Allow this to be a new stone added to your foundation of knowing how to receive and give in difficult and trying situations. For it’s a key attribute to build that you may rise above anything that presents itself as challenging in your relationships. Centering around energetic balance of the two polarities. They are Not opposites remember but 2 different sides of the same coin that complement one another. Namaste’

LEAD (4) Emperor
The Emperor is saying LEAD and move forth into the sacred calling that you have been purposed. It’s time to take charge and lead with a more definite and assured attitude within your current relationships and those to manifest. Taking the Lead means expressing your most earnest truth without fear of rejection. A Leader can not be concerned or fearful of those who will or will not receive their truth. It is Your truth beloved and honestly no one has to resonate with it more than you. Not everyone is going to embrace your vibration or resonate with you on the same frequency. So as a leader it’s time to move forward without the fear of What if they don’t like what I say? What if they don’t respond how I think they should? It’s ok if they don’t. It doesn’t make your truth any less worthy of being heard or any less powerful. You may want to go within yourself and look deeper if you are not receiving the type of response you’d like, just to see if there is any type of internal adjustments you can make for yourself not anyone else. If you find that you are ok with where you are then keep trucking. Hold fast to who you are becoming and do not allow anyone to sway you.

But a word of caution. Do not be so quick to just blurt out your truth without careful consideration of the backlash you could receive. For as a leader you must be willing to take what comes with speaking your truth.  I am in no way saying to with hold your truth, but to be mindful of the of the way you speak and how you are projecting. There’s no getting around it. Some will like your words others will not. And might you consider if there are too many who do not then perhaps there is a tone or vibration adjustment that can be made in your voice. It’s always better to check yourself before someone else does. Others can be ruthless and unconcerned of how they articulate their feelings about your words. But do not allow this stop you from speaking because it is your duty and obligation to Universally show up in your truth, unaffected and unhindered by the opinions, glares, looks or stares you may receive.

Being mindful to be respectful to all that you are speaking too. It’s never good or ok to belittle someone because they don’t resonate with your truth. Harsh tones that some leaders are prone to, turn away those who are truly desirous of guidance. As a leader it’s time to step up your game in the character and integrity department in a major, large and big way. You no longer have the ability to be lax in your approach of how you handle others, and Then pointing the finger back at others saying “well they just don’t get what I’m saying and it’s them not me” . The victim mentality must end in the sense that even as a leader you are not always correct, no one is. Leader or not. But there is to be a certain level of humility, integrity and wisdom that you operate. Remembering from a place of empathy what it was like for you to be in a lowly space of not totally loving and liking yourself. Do not forget this beloved, for it is time for some of you to lead in a very major way. Therefore you are being given a platform with Divine Trust from the Universal Supreme to affect many, many, many lives many times over. To whom much is given, much is required. Do not be flippant with your words. Guard your mouth carefully and allow wisdom and prudence to guide you. Namaste’.

There are others who are still maturing and are not quite ready to take a strong front in the leadership department, but more so critiquing the type of leader you are with self. What is the level of integrity you show with the small crowd you do have around you (family, friends, lover, business partner, for some I hear school/teacher administration) ? You have to show yourself worthy of the High space of leadership beginning with the small space you’ve been given to govern over. It is important that you are aware as a leader that your words (verbal and non verbal), actions, thoughts and attitudes carry weight and vibration. Others receive audible and non audible energies from you whether you or they are aware. These vibrations implant in our souls and spirits. Leaders have great responsibility how they affect others. Strong accountability is a necessary character trait. You must be accountable to self first before you will be released to be a teacher or leader to others. Be mindful always of how you are showing up. Do not skim over attitudes and mindsets as if they don’t matter. They ALL matter. They ALL carry weight. Namaste’

The number 4 speaks to the (4) elements, inner wisdom and certainty of direction. Self confidence if you would. Earth, Air, Fire, Water are the elemental forces which encompass you. All 4 are operating in within you always but in a more exact balance at this time, in which you may partake of what they have to offer. Shape-shifting is what I hear. You have the ability to tap into all of these energies at any given time. Use them to your advantage to accomplish any tasks you need to complete. Use them to tap into the different relationships that are in your space that you may be more aligned and connected. I hear the word manipulation. From a point of light, manipulate is to shift and adjust as one sees fit for highest benefit of all. Manipulate the energies to suit you and those around from a more selfless point not a meek or lowly point. Do not be weak and unassuming but aware of the energies that influence your behavior. From a shadow standpoint, do not be overtaken, gullible or silly to the dark forces of some of those that desire to manipulate your emotions to get the upper hand. If there are any of these type of energies around you be mindful and seek to get them in order by addressing them. Please, do not act as if they do not exist. They will take a foothold if you don’t stand up. This will require a certain level of self-confidence from you because I feel a somewhat docile, passive and timid energy emanating. Do not be fretful of those who will not respond as you desire. This is a test to see if you will stand your ground without giving or taking offense to the response of the person on the hearing and receiving end. Always being mindful, be accountable for the words you release and the energies behind them. Namaste’ . Beloved, there’s no getting around the power of your words Use them wisely!

FLOW (10) Wheel of Fortune
The Lovely Wheel of Fortune is with us again this week. This week it’s stating pick the direction you want your current and new relationships to take. Be open and more pliable that they might look how you envisioned always, but they will work for both partners if you are open to being flexible. Laying all victimized mentalities aside you will be able to see your way clearly and manuever through obstacle course of emotions that are arising. Energies are shifting in your favor big time, but they can not manifest until you are more stable and steadfast in the presence of just being yourself without regret or concern of another’s response to you. Whether light or shadows. Happy or Sad. You can not continue to allow someone else’s reaction to dictate you speaking or not speaking your truth. You MUST gain a hold of these feelings beloved, or it will be very difficult for you to navigate the new road unfolding before you. A high level of self-confidence is needed. Do not cast it away for another’s opinion or your thought of them disliking what you have to say. So what! It’s their right to receive or not receive what you say. To like it or not. It’s your right to speak your truth firmly in love without projecting a victimized energy that says, “Oh they don’t like what I said. I feel bad”. Time out! Allow the wheel of fortune to spin and take you 360 degrees in the different emotions you may be feeling when speaking your truth. And allow these feelings to be a catalyst to you moving to a more self-assured you which says, ” I am ok if another does not like what I have to say. But I will speak with dignity, honor, love and respect from the heart of my truest, most pure and authentic self. And I am capable of giving someone else the right to respond as they will, as long as it’s not abusive in tone, action or manner. I love myself and have come along way and I do not need to feel bad, shameful or guilty about what is in my heart. I will speak freely and clearly, for it is necessary for me to liberate my soul from the need to be a people pleaser. Because I will please some and piss others off, or who knows I may piss most off and have the agreement of a small number at other times. Either way IT’S ALL GOOD! I am not any less lovable or beautiful in the eyes of Myself or the Divine. I AM LOVED!”

The number 10 resonates divine intervention and divine magnetic balance. There’s like a Universal interjection in a matter of the heart you’ve been pondering over. The Universe is bringing it to a screeching halt to switch directions. Sounds like the wheel of fortune is stopping at the mid-point, only to switch directions and head back the other way. Excellent. 180 degrees of shifting that will bring you to the divine stop of knowing you are more worthy of love than you have ever known. But it must begin from a Higher expression of Divine Love for yourself. I’m hearing, “stop being so hard on yourself. Give yourself a BREAK beloved. There is no one that expects you to be perfect and point but Y-O-U.” I hear “If you’d give yourself a break and be more gentle, tender and compassionate with yourself. You’d see the response of others around you will change and line up accordingly. There’s no need to badger or beat yourself up. You create resistance in your space, making it difficult and agitating for others to hear or receive you, nor are they able to or desire to be present with you. Allow the static to cease in your mind and your heart and just learn to be more still and present with yourself and focus not on what others may or may not be giving you. You must indeed take care of your needs. For your Higher Self/Soul KNOWS EXACTLY what you need and when you need it. Do not look outwardly for anyone to validate you or make you feel special or important. Because you are already Special and Important without the need for outside validation. It is NOW time to step up to a Higher more committed level of Self Love. Dig your heals deep into the womb of Mother Earth and become that disciplined being that you are. You can love yourself as no one else can. So how about giving it a greater and more committed try. Even on your worse day you are STILL DIVINELY BEAUTIFUL AND SHINING. You radiate a bright light from within but it’s been smothered beneath the anger and hostility you have against yourself. The war between the mind and soul has become down right unbearable. It’s time to let go and open your heart and mind to new experiences of the Loving, Beautiful, Divine, Sweet, Joyful and Powerful Soul that you are. Allow it Beloved. Enter into a new season of Self Worth and Divine Self Love”. Namaste’

This is your General LOVE/Soul Oracle Soul Coaching. I hope some of these Divine Messages resonated with you. To book a personal Coaching/Reading or 1 on 1 Soul Coaching with me, please visit: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com
Thank you for your support Beloved. There is so much beauty in store for you as you continue to go within and heal the spaces that call for your attention. Hear, Heed and Heal. Namaste’
Divine Love- Royal Redd