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4.3-4.9- Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading/Focus Your Vision/Cut The Ties/Hear What Your Ancestors Are saying…


Greetings & Namaste’ Beautiful Ones,  This weeks Love Soul Oracle finds us needing to give our attention to the vision we began reflecting on in the Winter season. It’s time to move into Action. More dedicated focus is required. Let’s Do It! Along with Focusing on the vision that means we must clear space to make room for Newness entering in, Releasing and Cutting Soul Ties which have served their purpose. And lastly, Our Ancestors are speaking some special hidden jewels to Our Soul this week. So let’s listen, listen, listen closely and see what they are saying to us. Let’s Begin….


Beloved, The Oracle is Calling us To FOCUS and FIX our vision firmly and securely on what it is we want to create in this New Season. That which we have been dreaming of and contemplating in the Winter time is now needing our attention. Meaning it’s time to cut out all distractions which may be keeping you from honing in and giving your full and undivided attention on the thing (s) your heart truly wants to manifest in this time. Have you written down the desires of your heart Beloved? Have you taken time to deeply contemplate what you would like to create in the next 3 months? This means by Summer time what Do you think you might like to see begin to manifest? 

Beloved, take some time to go within silently and contemplate what is the best direction you could take to achieve what your heart is speaking. This means you need to create a step by step action plan of the best route to take to your destination. Now before you began, please don’t worry yourself about it being perfect, because along the way you will make reassessment and move one thing from one space to another and possibly get rid of some things and replace them with new ideas. This is a Work In Progress. But NOW is the time to begin planting those seed ideas in the fertile ground of your psyche by listening to and hearing what your heart wants to accomplish. 

Beloved, What does your heart say? Don’t be afraid to hear what your heart says, because I guarantee whatever it is, You will be able to accomplish it if you truly put the right action into movement at the appropriate time. Anything is Possible if you have Confidence, Faith & Trust in Your Self. Trust Your Vision and Focus on it. Focus on it like the Bulls eye in the center of a Dart game board. Focus and lock your eyes in on this mark with the intention to do what your heart is desiring for you to do. You Can Do It. Believe In Yourself. Have Faith In the Divine Source which Lives Within You. You are More than Capable. Focus and Go forth! 

Now that you are Focusing more intently on your hearts desires to create a beautiful Summer manifestation. In the process of Focusing you will have to clear space by cutting yourself free from anything that no longer serves you to your highest Evolution. The Kirpan is a sword or knife that those of Sikh religion wore as one of their 5 articles of faith. The Kirpan is speaking that you must Now, allow anything which you have been holding onto which once had some sustaining power to be cut away. I hear this cutting away could involve a long time relationship with someone whom you have grown quite emotionally attached to who may no longer be good for your space. Someone who may not see things in an agreeable fashion. This could mean that you sever the ties all together or you may have to reshape the connection in a way which you both can co-exist peaceably with honor and respect in which no one truth over rides the others way of seeing. The word Kirpan has 2 root parts: And the first part (kirpa) is reflective of: mercy, grace, compassion or kindness.  The second part (aanaa) is rooted in: honor, grace and dignity. 

Darling Soul allow these parts of the Kirpan be reflective in how you deal and relate to this relationship. It could be a sensitive matter for you to address with the other party involved. Whatever the case,  know that it will be resolved in a loving and gentle manner on both ends. I sense that this relationship can continue on if both parties will take responsibility for what they have brought to the connection thus far, and seek to expand it in a New and Fresh way. All relationships do not simply have to be final or completely ended just because you are at crossroads. Instead you can figure out how to make it work for the best of all involved. I hear, “Give It Try! Don’t Give Up. It’s Worth Staying with the Love that you have created with this person, whether it’s friendship or a romantic connection. It’s worth giving a try. Don’t give up just yet!” 

Our Ancestral Spirits are always a very prevalent part in letting us know they are right there with us on this beautiful journey. This week they are telling us that there are secret hidden gems of Ancient scripture they want to reveal. Scripture in the sense that which of held together our individual families of many, many, many lineages ago. These are secrets that no one in your living family is privy to at this point. Therefore these messages will come directly from the Spirit realm in a way of being channeled through different aspects of nature, music, random people, perhaps movies or social media. The Ancestors are saying, “Keep your eyes open for us to show up anywhere. At the least expected time you will find the messages and secret traditions that we have been longing to share with you”.

I am excited to hear these messages coming through for us from our Ancestors for they seem to have some pretty urgent and interesting information to share with us. So, let’s be alert and paying attention to ALL which is going on around us. Let us ignore nor dismiss ANYTHING. For ALL things have meaning. The most simple little conversation with a stranger may be coded with the hidden secrets your Ancestors want to reveal. Listen, Hear and Be Open for these Messages. And once they speak Follow and heed their messages with all sincerity of heart and see what unfolds for you. I have a feeling it will be something which you have not expected. It’s like I feel they are taking us on a scavenger hunt and dropping this clue and yet another on the path as we move forward. What fun!!! Let’s In-Joy the road ahead. Blessings To thee Beautiful ones. Namaste’-ASe’ 

Beloveds, I hope that you have been blessed by these wonderful messages channeled through this Divine Oracle- Royal Redd. It is my pleasure to share these messages with you All. If you are still needing further clarity Please, Please schedule your Personal Love Soul Oracle Reading with me by visiting: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com. I look forward to serving you. Until then, May the Divine Universal Creator Bless and direct you on your path as you are Open to Receive and Allow that is for you to come into your life by trusting yourself in a way that you never knew you could. 

Love 2 thee- Royal Redd Peace



Soul Lesson 3.13-3.19- RAIN-Purification



Have you ever intentionally stood in the pouring rain and allowed yourself to be drenched? Without concerning yourself of how wet you’d get? 

Rain being of the water element must be seen as your saving grace this week. Your healing grace. Your exit way and gateway to a far deeper healing than before. Beloved, this week no matter what happens determine in your heart and mind that you will allow the purifying elements of the Rain to wash away, cleanse and heal you from ALL OLD STAGNANT and USELESS MINDSETS, ATTITUDES and BELIEF SYSTEMS which keep you locked in fear low self-esteem self degradation and low self-worth seeking outside yourself for validation and approval.

 Allow the reflection of the puddles of rain show you what’s there and what must heal for higher ascension. It’s time Beloved. Beloved, You MUST make a greater effort to allow &  receive the much-needed releases to come from the painful scenarios of “what if” or “when this happened” type of thinking to die. Allow the rain to symbolize a greater awakening. A rebirth and gateway to a new higher perception of You and the Life you so deeply desire to create. No longer allowing the false illusions of fear to grip your tender heart. 

I feel this purification will be one of the deepest and most meaningful cleanses you have yet to experience. For it’s a doorway, a gateway an entrance to deeper heart centered connection for the healer within you. The Shaman within you is crying out to be released to share the gift within. The Shaman healer has a heart to hear all that is unheard. Non-audible. Hear what the heart hears Shaman. Hear with your heart. The heart is the vessel of hearing for the soul. Allow its expression. It has some beautiful things to speak. Purification. Allow it to be. Ase’ – Namaste’ 

General Oracle Soul Coaching 12.4 thru 12.11


Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is your General Oracle Soul Coaching for 12/4 thru 12/10. Please Be open to the Messages that come forth through this Divine Medium Vessel. You most definitely will receive what you need if you are open to do so. Now, if you need a Personal Reading details are available at the end of this reading.  Thanks in advance.  In – Joy! 


This week we have : Suffering In Silence (9)/ Fire Elemental (14)/Patience & Planning (7)/ * Bonus -Throat Chakra (20)
Total Sum of All- Number Vibration of 5.

The vibration of 5 speaks that there is a heightened and more deeper since of needing Personal Freedom. Being liberated from those things, ideas and disillusioned perceptions which keep you perpetually in a timed stagnation .  You are perhaps Feeling at times as if you are making up great ground only to find your self at a halt at some point.  Old repetitive patterns are being exposed at a deeper level this week. There is grace. Receive. This exposing is making room for you to create the desires of your heart as you feel comfortable. Step out of complacency. Time to explore new sides of you when it comes to your hearts desires.  Try seeing your deepest desires manifest in a greater and more profound way.  Try it.  Think Big!


Suffering In Silence (9)

Beloved it seems that you are feeling a bit cut off and disconnected from the world. This energy has been lingering since the previous week.  You maybe feeling as if you have went so far within that you have disrupted the flow of things. Not the case. You can never go so deep within that you disrupt the flow of things. The fact of the matter is you’ve possibly stopped being present. You went a bit too far to left in the sense of detachment. You have to re-adjust and realign yourself Beloved.  Shake this funk which says you must silently sit within to the point of no time of connection with those whom you normally connect with.  Times of silence are needed even if for a couple of days then you pop back in for a few days and then briefly step away again.  This is so you can train yourself to find a normal balance to keep a consistent flow for you. Find the rhythm of your drum once again.  Your Unique Precious Vibe Frequency. It’s all good and joyful. Be mindful to  heed your body clock which will guide you into extended time away when needed. Just stay alert to ensure you do not sink into a hole never wanting to come out. 😉.

Now to address ‘Suffering in Silence’ directly. Suffering beloved is a form of agonizing abusive behavior. It’s an internal disruption of the peace you were created to live in. Suffering states that you are some how punishing yourself for things which occurred that you had no control over Beloved.

You must get a hold of your self and realize that this type of continued self abuse entails you must take a deeper look to find the root of the matter. Why do you have seasons of feeling isolated and wanting to go away from everyone and everything in a sense to be gone with no sense of time and space? Deep detachment.  Is this your ‘true’ way of being or something you’ve acquired over time or through Ancestral Karma?  Is it possible there are pains you may still be holding onto which do not actually belong to you? They belong to the oppressors of your past from which you are being liberated. The ones who inflicted harsh, unreasonable and awful pains upon your Ancestral lineage. See these are not your pains personally Beloved. You didn’t create the pains but the clutter of your Ancestors still lingers in your DNA. You make certain choices according to what’s in your blood. It’s as if you were programmed to do so in some aspects due to the smears of injustice pains weaved into your Ancestral DNA. Karmic debts of those before you are being paid through you. Once again Darling One you did NOT create these of your own regard. 

It’s time to allow this energy to return to its rightful owner.  Give them to the Universe asking for them to be purged and released from your soul template. In that you may create a new template or new blueprint.  One YOU actually create for yourself and your lineage. To leave behind a beautiful legacy.
So Now is time to reach out and call forth the Angelic, Ancestral and Spiritual Guide assistance that you may be ushered into your healing once and for all.  To continue subconsciously holding onto the need and desire to be punished by self or others due to Ancestral Karma is NOT a benefit to you nor those who you are connected.

It’s as if the rehearsing of the pain has become so much a part of your way of being & daily routine if not a seasonal ritual that you don’t notice the behavior to be hurtful unto yourself.
The only way to move is to shift your Consciousness Higher Loved One.  Meaning you must shift your mindset through acknowledging how far you have come.  How much you have evolved and been refined. You Are a New Being.   You Are A New Being who is In Joying experiencing the newness of your New view on life. Therefore ALL old, dead, depleted, out dated and post traumatic syndrome ideologies must be put to rest.  De-programming of the old self to realign with the New Self is crucial. On a daily basis begin to take a more attentive look at the mental aspects of your being.  Be more conscious of your mood and you will know when you are sinking into a pit of suffering. 

Suffering is not unto death. It’s unto life. Meaning if you are allowing your self to suffer in old patterns which don’t benefit you, at some point you must realize that your suffering is only carrying you deeper within to be confronted with that which you have been agonizing. And once you go deep enough into this miserable state you will reach a threshold where you know from deep within that you will have to make a Conscious shift to identify why you are comfortable and in agreement with suffering.  In that moment you decide to give earnest attention to ‘WHY’ suffering has  become normal and comfortable.

Then  Beloved you are on your way to discovering WHY things are as they are. YOU, Beloved have the power to end your suffering!  Acknowledge those dark, quarrelsome thoughts and decipher what they are saying. Acknowledge them, Hear them, Shift your Perception and Release them to be transmuted into Divine Love.  In suffering you always feel anxious and that something is wrong.  This should not be. Beloved Souls, You were created to be Free from ALL that binds & keeps you stagnant. LIBERATE yourself by giving yourself permission to be Free from all low vibrating things,  places,  people and thoughts which only take and leave things in disarray.  Release it All and let go! Transmuted into Divine Love and Order.Maat. Ase’


Fire Elemental- 14

The caption reads ‘I ignite the fire within me that connects me to the Divine’.
Sparks of fire have been flickering in your belly-(solar/sacral) for a while now. Beautiful creations are fluttering around waiting for their divine time of birthing and manifestation. These little sparks of Divine creation are awakening to their aspirations of being lit to shine radiantly for the world to witness.

Now in order to ignite that spark turn within to search out where the hesitation to be seen and shine is coming from.  Sometimes it’s hard to stand before people and allow your self to be seen for fear of so many things. Thats the humanity of us. All wonderful indeed. But remember Beloved the Divine essence of you NEVER flinches or shrinks for an opportunity to be seen. Your God/Goddess form desires to be seen. But in order for the Grand Divine source within you to reach its blazing shine. It must first go through different stages of purifying and cleansing. And since the Fire element is a purging purifier. It has a dual work in you Beloved.

First it comes to cleanse, clear and purge the space for the sacred illumination of You which is radiantly divine and one of a kind. Next the refining fire ushers in the sparks of fire which are utilized to build your energetic presence from within to shine without. These sparks will soon cause a blazing fire in your soul that insist on accomplishing the deep burning desires of ones heart.

So Beloved as you allow the refining fire to purge, cleanse, wash and burn away anything which no longer serves you. This refining fire will then be turned into that Phoenix rising from the ashes type of fire which has been building it’s strength while in the refining state. So then as the Phoenix rises more from the ruins of old Karmic DNA and false illusions of self, you then become this amazing illuminated fiery powerful entity whom is radiantly shining without apology for All to see. Wee! 

So allow the process of whatever ashes are being transformed into your reigning beauty and glory to flourish. Beauty for ashes.  As you are ushered into the deeper service of humanity, Remember you are One of a Kind so that means No Holding Back YOUR Shine. Allow the world to enjoy your shine as you share with them the beautiful workings of the Universal Creator -God/Goddess. Ase-Namaste’


Patience & Planning -7

2 vibrant pillars are presented to you this week. You are in the midst of actually bringing into fruition long time desires.  Business ventures, Romantic relationships, Building stronger family bonds. Awesome.
Now since these desires have been lingering for a long time.  You must move with care and make plans. Patience and Planning.

You have to reach down within to find your own personal resolve for patience in a new way than previously.  You have a lot more at stake, because these are aspects of your life you have long pondered changing. And with the ways in mind, Take your time and write the vision and make it simply clear and plain. In that each and every time you revisit your planning template you will perceive more direction and insight as to the best course of action.

All things will align them self as you are open to new ways of perception.  There is more than one way for things to be handled. Take time to carefully consider new avenues in each area of your life you desire to bring change forth.  It will pay off lovely Beloved. Still yourself and Patiently Plan. Allow your plans to unfold as they will. No censoring yourself when planning. Then go back and revamp your plans as many times as you feel necessary.  It will all fair well. Allow yourself the freedom to plan without concern of the final outcome.  Relax. Breathe and let it Be. Namaste’-Ase’

Throat Chakra- 20

It’s time to open up and allow the world to hear your beautiful song. Your song as in your unique voice,  tone and vibration.  It’s time to stop hiding and withholding your wisdom filled voice from the world. No more hiding your speak. 

During the last few weeks you’ve retreated within and in that time you went silent.  Speak boldly. It’s ok. There are pearls of insightful wisdom you have to share with others. They are waiting for you to speak. 
While you may be feeling a little stagnant in your voice speakings, Shake the dust from your voice. Relinquish timidity. It’s time to return to and listen to what the Oracle of your heart wants to say through your voice box. Your heart is calling your voice to express what it longs to say. No longer deny your heart the opportunity to speak.

Allow fear and timidity to fall from you as a layer of shedding skin.  No longer regard or give these energies permission to make you forsake your right to express your souls call.  Return to your authentic self in a new measure and share with the world your truth as only You can communicate. 

It may be a bit uncomfortable at first but press beyond the desire to retreat to silence. Press beyond the desire to crack under the pressure of what others may/will say. Will they receive my words?  Some will, Some may, Some will not. And you must become ok with this.  You are NOT meant for everyone! Seriously.  In saying that,  What about you actually hearing and witnessing your own unique soul voice for a change?  You are very willing to support others.  But it’s Now time you begin to return that energy of support back to the one who is always giving out FIRST. Y-O-U Beloved.

You are known for your Uplifting and Healing words given to others much more than you give to you. Put your words to use FIRST with you. Allow the edification which rise from your heart to be unto you first.  Allow your words to become to your story unto Deeper Greater and Fuller Divine Healing & Expression of Your Unique Soul. May These unique words be first unto the one who houses these beautiful treasures. First allow your words to become food, nourishment, health & life unto Your mind-body, soul & spirit Healer. Shift the focus long enough back to Your self from others. It will be the Healing & Strength you need to gain a New wind and come back into your own radiance in a more powerful way.
Allow your words to Heal thee. Take every word as Fresh New Morsels of healing. Know Thy Self. Heal Thy Self. Love Thy Self.  In returning to your voice you will surely assist others to return to their own unique way of expression.  Good Excellence to thee.  Namaste’- Ase’
It has been my pleasure to deliver these Messages to thee. It is my hope that you have received some words of exhortation and healing insight, to further assist you on your journey path. 
For a Personal reading please go to www.oraclesofroyalty.com to book your reading. I look forward to serving you. Namaste’

Ase’- Royal Redd

General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 10.17 thru 10.23


General LOVE/Soul Oracle Coaching 10-17 thru 10-23
This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching. Some or All of the messages may resonate with you. Please be open to the Messages of the Divine. You never know what surprises you may receive. If you desire a personal reading, details are to follow at the end of this reading. Thank you for your support. Enjoy! Namaste’


BALANCE (14) Temperance
Temperance this week is revealing that you are in a balancing act of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energies in your life. Whether within or in the various soul relationships that encompass about (family, friend, lover, business partner). There is a resonating energy which speaks to own your dominant-Masculine or Feminine way of being. Remember it’s all energetic. It could be the feminine that manifests the masculine energy and the Masculine representing the feminine. Whatever the case, Compromise is being called for not in the way of disowning your truth and coming under a spirit of manipulation or control. But from the aspect of patience with the side of you that is not the easiest or most comfortable to deal with. Shadow healing is manifesting for both to encompass the total part of your being. Meaning be open to the shifts between the polarities of both the masculine and feminine. Yin/Yang. Allowing yourself to be come more fluid and tempered in both. Temperance as for calming the forces of your emotions and bringing them into a more heart centered will and not selfishness. No room for the lower ego desiring to run, rule or dominate the situation. Stand very self-assured that you are capable of handling whatever comes your way, but even more so knowing that you don’t have to bow or step down from the person that you are becoming to suffice or make another comfortable. You must be mindful to hold fast to who you are because it’s the heart balance that needs to come forth of the two energies that you fluctuate between.

The masculine must learn to let go of his fear of appearing weak or passive because he’s learning to Be more present and be more still and fluid as the feminine energy is more about stillness and inner workings. He must be willing to look strange and funny to others to come into the liberation of his true self, without worry of others (male or female) resonating. This is Your truth, so you must embrace it fully without the need to feel emasculated. You are not any less masculine because you are learning the proper feminine balance of energy for you. So dismiss all the foolishness of those who seem to want to turn their nose up at you my loving masculine. Be present with yourself and enjoy embracing the gentle nature of the feminine without feeling slighted in your oh so very masculine presence.

The feminine must go into the resistance of feeling the more gentle tones of herself in a brand new way. From the masculine view of entering into the gentle unfolding lotus flower that has developed in the murkiness of the deep darkness. She is igniting and rising as a Phoenix from the ashes, honoring the masculine tones of strength, logical thinking and the focused desire to accomplish much in the way of grounding and setting a sturdy foundation in the business world. Be mindful feminine not to feel the need to compete with the other masculine energies around you but instead stand your ground and stay in your lane.  There is nothing wrong with a little competitive spirit, but you do not need to compete with others to show you are worthy of acknowledgement, because you no longer require outside validation to know that you too are IMPORTANT. You matter and have gained a high level of self-esteem and grown deeply and greatly in self-confidence. So, reward yourself with a gentle pat on the back and even a delightful embracing hug that says, “I am fully capable of standing my ground in the midst of competitive energies with other males and females without feeling the need to succumb to the pressures of being the winner always. Because ideally I win if I just remain focused on my goal and continue to move forward as I will and as my soul dictates. It’s all a win-win for me”

The energy of 14=(5). 5 being the number of grace and strength to push through any difficult circumstances that may arise from emotional trauma in your upbringing surface. Large measures of grace are there for you to move through in a most eloquent and audacious way, not missing a beat. You will see that the strength and mercy that you give yourself wgo along way with stroking the heart of those that are in need of this new-found level of grace and strength that you embody this week. There is a strong ability you exhibit to move through the most trying emotions that surface this week (anger, disappointment, feeling neglected or abandoned, and down right feeling taken advantage of, or not feeling appreciated). All of these emotions stem from the fact that the family dynamics you were connected to are surfacing to be cleared out, so that you don’t continue to repeat the patterns of those you were or are still in relationship. Healing Ancestral Karma. Allow it to rise up without going against but with it. It will all be well if you are willing to go within and truly acknowledge your true feelings around the things that have occurred to make you who you are now. Shedding this skin is necessary to move forward. No shame or guilting yourself. Just look with open, honest and truthful eyes. Lovingly admit to yourself how you feel and allow the energies to transmute into Divine Love and Healing. Ase’
As the 3 sides of the pyramid are assisting with bringing the masculine and feminine energies within you into balance. Allow this to be a new stone added to your foundation of knowing how to receive and give in difficult and trying situations. For it’s a key attribute to build that you may rise above anything that presents itself as challenging in your relationships. Centering around energetic balance of the two polarities. They are Not opposites remember but 2 different sides of the same coin that complement one another. Namaste’

LEAD (4) Emperor
The Emperor is saying LEAD and move forth into the sacred calling that you have been purposed. It’s time to take charge and lead with a more definite and assured attitude within your current relationships and those to manifest. Taking the Lead means expressing your most earnest truth without fear of rejection. A Leader can not be concerned or fearful of those who will or will not receive their truth. It is Your truth beloved and honestly no one has to resonate with it more than you. Not everyone is going to embrace your vibration or resonate with you on the same frequency. So as a leader it’s time to move forward without the fear of What if they don’t like what I say? What if they don’t respond how I think they should? It’s ok if they don’t. It doesn’t make your truth any less worthy of being heard or any less powerful. You may want to go within yourself and look deeper if you are not receiving the type of response you’d like, just to see if there is any type of internal adjustments you can make for yourself not anyone else. If you find that you are ok with where you are then keep trucking. Hold fast to who you are becoming and do not allow anyone to sway you.

But a word of caution. Do not be so quick to just blurt out your truth without careful consideration of the backlash you could receive. For as a leader you must be willing to take what comes with speaking your truth.  I am in no way saying to with hold your truth, but to be mindful of the of the way you speak and how you are projecting. There’s no getting around it. Some will like your words others will not. And might you consider if there are too many who do not then perhaps there is a tone or vibration adjustment that can be made in your voice. It’s always better to check yourself before someone else does. Others can be ruthless and unconcerned of how they articulate their feelings about your words. But do not allow this stop you from speaking because it is your duty and obligation to Universally show up in your truth, unaffected and unhindered by the opinions, glares, looks or stares you may receive.

Being mindful to be respectful to all that you are speaking too. It’s never good or ok to belittle someone because they don’t resonate with your truth. Harsh tones that some leaders are prone to, turn away those who are truly desirous of guidance. As a leader it’s time to step up your game in the character and integrity department in a major, large and big way. You no longer have the ability to be lax in your approach of how you handle others, and Then pointing the finger back at others saying “well they just don’t get what I’m saying and it’s them not me” . The victim mentality must end in the sense that even as a leader you are not always correct, no one is. Leader or not. But there is to be a certain level of humility, integrity and wisdom that you operate. Remembering from a place of empathy what it was like for you to be in a lowly space of not totally loving and liking yourself. Do not forget this beloved, for it is time for some of you to lead in a very major way. Therefore you are being given a platform with Divine Trust from the Universal Supreme to affect many, many, many lives many times over. To whom much is given, much is required. Do not be flippant with your words. Guard your mouth carefully and allow wisdom and prudence to guide you. Namaste’.

There are others who are still maturing and are not quite ready to take a strong front in the leadership department, but more so critiquing the type of leader you are with self. What is the level of integrity you show with the small crowd you do have around you (family, friends, lover, business partner, for some I hear school/teacher administration) ? You have to show yourself worthy of the High space of leadership beginning with the small space you’ve been given to govern over. It is important that you are aware as a leader that your words (verbal and non verbal), actions, thoughts and attitudes carry weight and vibration. Others receive audible and non audible energies from you whether you or they are aware. These vibrations implant in our souls and spirits. Leaders have great responsibility how they affect others. Strong accountability is a necessary character trait. You must be accountable to self first before you will be released to be a teacher or leader to others. Be mindful always of how you are showing up. Do not skim over attitudes and mindsets as if they don’t matter. They ALL matter. They ALL carry weight. Namaste’

The number 4 speaks to the (4) elements, inner wisdom and certainty of direction. Self confidence if you would. Earth, Air, Fire, Water are the elemental forces which encompass you. All 4 are operating in within you always but in a more exact balance at this time, in which you may partake of what they have to offer. Shape-shifting is what I hear. You have the ability to tap into all of these energies at any given time. Use them to your advantage to accomplish any tasks you need to complete. Use them to tap into the different relationships that are in your space that you may be more aligned and connected. I hear the word manipulation. From a point of light, manipulate is to shift and adjust as one sees fit for highest benefit of all. Manipulate the energies to suit you and those around from a more selfless point not a meek or lowly point. Do not be weak and unassuming but aware of the energies that influence your behavior. From a shadow standpoint, do not be overtaken, gullible or silly to the dark forces of some of those that desire to manipulate your emotions to get the upper hand. If there are any of these type of energies around you be mindful and seek to get them in order by addressing them. Please, do not act as if they do not exist. They will take a foothold if you don’t stand up. This will require a certain level of self-confidence from you because I feel a somewhat docile, passive and timid energy emanating. Do not be fretful of those who will not respond as you desire. This is a test to see if you will stand your ground without giving or taking offense to the response of the person on the hearing and receiving end. Always being mindful, be accountable for the words you release and the energies behind them. Namaste’ . Beloved, there’s no getting around the power of your words Use them wisely!

FLOW (10) Wheel of Fortune
The Lovely Wheel of Fortune is with us again this week. This week it’s stating pick the direction you want your current and new relationships to take. Be open and more pliable that they might look how you envisioned always, but they will work for both partners if you are open to being flexible. Laying all victimized mentalities aside you will be able to see your way clearly and manuever through obstacle course of emotions that are arising. Energies are shifting in your favor big time, but they can not manifest until you are more stable and steadfast in the presence of just being yourself without regret or concern of another’s response to you. Whether light or shadows. Happy or Sad. You can not continue to allow someone else’s reaction to dictate you speaking or not speaking your truth. You MUST gain a hold of these feelings beloved, or it will be very difficult for you to navigate the new road unfolding before you. A high level of self-confidence is needed. Do not cast it away for another’s opinion or your thought of them disliking what you have to say. So what! It’s their right to receive or not receive what you say. To like it or not. It’s your right to speak your truth firmly in love without projecting a victimized energy that says, “Oh they don’t like what I said. I feel bad”. Time out! Allow the wheel of fortune to spin and take you 360 degrees in the different emotions you may be feeling when speaking your truth. And allow these feelings to be a catalyst to you moving to a more self-assured you which says, ” I am ok if another does not like what I have to say. But I will speak with dignity, honor, love and respect from the heart of my truest, most pure and authentic self. And I am capable of giving someone else the right to respond as they will, as long as it’s not abusive in tone, action or manner. I love myself and have come along way and I do not need to feel bad, shameful or guilty about what is in my heart. I will speak freely and clearly, for it is necessary for me to liberate my soul from the need to be a people pleaser. Because I will please some and piss others off, or who knows I may piss most off and have the agreement of a small number at other times. Either way IT’S ALL GOOD! I am not any less lovable or beautiful in the eyes of Myself or the Divine. I AM LOVED!”

The number 10 resonates divine intervention and divine magnetic balance. There’s like a Universal interjection in a matter of the heart you’ve been pondering over. The Universe is bringing it to a screeching halt to switch directions. Sounds like the wheel of fortune is stopping at the mid-point, only to switch directions and head back the other way. Excellent. 180 degrees of shifting that will bring you to the divine stop of knowing you are more worthy of love than you have ever known. But it must begin from a Higher expression of Divine Love for yourself. I’m hearing, “stop being so hard on yourself. Give yourself a BREAK beloved. There is no one that expects you to be perfect and point but Y-O-U.” I hear “If you’d give yourself a break and be more gentle, tender and compassionate with yourself. You’d see the response of others around you will change and line up accordingly. There’s no need to badger or beat yourself up. You create resistance in your space, making it difficult and agitating for others to hear or receive you, nor are they able to or desire to be present with you. Allow the static to cease in your mind and your heart and just learn to be more still and present with yourself and focus not on what others may or may not be giving you. You must indeed take care of your needs. For your Higher Self/Soul KNOWS EXACTLY what you need and when you need it. Do not look outwardly for anyone to validate you or make you feel special or important. Because you are already Special and Important without the need for outside validation. It is NOW time to step up to a Higher more committed level of Self Love. Dig your heals deep into the womb of Mother Earth and become that disciplined being that you are. You can love yourself as no one else can. So how about giving it a greater and more committed try. Even on your worse day you are STILL DIVINELY BEAUTIFUL AND SHINING. You radiate a bright light from within but it’s been smothered beneath the anger and hostility you have against yourself. The war between the mind and soul has become down right unbearable. It’s time to let go and open your heart and mind to new experiences of the Loving, Beautiful, Divine, Sweet, Joyful and Powerful Soul that you are. Allow it Beloved. Enter into a new season of Self Worth and Divine Self Love”. Namaste’

This is your General LOVE/Soul Oracle Soul Coaching. I hope some of these Divine Messages resonated with you. To book a personal Coaching/Reading or 1 on 1 Soul Coaching with me, please visit: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com
Thank you for your support Beloved. There is so much beauty in store for you as you continue to go within and heal the spaces that call for your attention. Hear, Heed and Heal. Namaste’
Divine Love- Royal Redd

General Love Soul Coaching Reading 9.26 thru 10.2


This is a General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading. All Messages or Some May Resonate with your being. Be Open To Hear The Divine Messages. You never know what you may receive. Things Don’t always unfold as we think. So Remain Open. In that, If you desire a Personal Reading. Details Are At the End Of This Reading. Please Enjoy this weeks Love Soul Oracle Coaching. Love 2 Thee!

Win or Lose (5).. Conqueror of Mental Warfare….

The magic of who you are is exuding itself more this week. In the sense of healing the mental complex of what it means to Win or Lose. The saying rings “You win some, You Lose Some”. How about to win some is to lose some in the sense of releasing those things that no longer fit in your space comfortably? How about Winning comes in the form of losing in the sense of You gaining but as you gain you must release to make space for new things to take their seat? There are times that we want to linger and hold onto things that longer benefit, due to fearing that if we let go that something else better will not come to take its space. But instead, we feel the same thing which we hold onto will show up. And you know what with that mentality that will continue occur. You must now come from understanding (comprehend) having moved to inner standing (knowing thy self) and moving to over standing (mastery) that you will never be asked to release something without the notion of something greater coming to occupy its space.

There are many times where it requires GREAT faith to release something that has given us comfort and stability for so long. It’s time to release the dependence on other things and other people in the way of them being your anchor. As the sword is firmly implanted in the beautiful patch of green grass. You have come to a space of planting yourself more firmly in your power and your own special unique magic and you are growing in knowledge of how to wield your own power God/Goddess.
The heart symbolizes your desires which have been now realized that you can have them, if you wield your magic properly. You must declare that “Yes I can have what I desire because I have learned to a strong degree of how to see myself for the beautiful divine creator (Goddess/God) that I Am.” And you see your greatness shining as the crimson red heart in the center of the sword represents the passion igniting the magic of your soul.

The soul center/heart center is one that illuminates the new path allowing you to know It is GRAND Beloved. Because You have created it to be so. Continue to wield your magic and do not harm yourself or another with the Win/Lose mentality as a one thing or the other. It is both. You win some, You lose some. You do. And you know what? To Win is to Lose Something! To Lose is To Win Something Greater than what you Lost or allowed to Transmute into the Beautiful Prize or Reward that you are being handed, for all of your diligent hard inner work and healing. You deserve this beloved! ALL of it! Declare it so and No longer hold onto things that do not benefit the healing of your soul. Release them in the sense of confronting them with the magical essence of your being. Allowing your soul to be lead to a greater freedom and deeper realization of your Divine Soul Self, of your Higher Divine Self. Allow it To be! Love 2 thee.

The numeric of 5 speaks to Freedom and Transformation of your shadow self in realizing that the dark is not a place to be feared but instead embraced. To resist the dark is to remain stagnant and dragging. You must inner stand even deeper that you have conquered so many things as the sword represents warfare and conquering, along with wielding the energetic forces in your life to align themselves as you seek to create for the Higher good for you and those you’re connected to.

It is no longer an issue for you to be free-flowing and fluid in your current partnerships/relationships, as well as those to come. You are open and ready because you have transformed so many areas of your life that new relationships from love, to business opportunities that are clean and legit and honorable are going to literally fall in your lap for the choosing. You will have to do due diligence, but the butterfly has left the cocoon and transformed into this beautiful being of illumination of Divine Light and Divine Shadows. Uncertainty and Resistance of the Dark Side or down side of relationships is no longer going to be able to hamper you down and make you feel as if you are not worthy of being loved. By yourself or others.

I sense that if there is new love on the horizon it will be filled with divine passion in your love-making on all planes (Mental, Emotional, Physical Soul & Spirit) Get Ready to allow those relationships you’ve desired to come rushing in embodying truth and honesty from both perceptions. Remain discerning, It is Wisdom to do so. Allow your self to enjoy your transformation and freedom of expressing the fluidity of your sexual creative force in a way that says I Am Here. I Am Present. Your Etheric body (aura) is shining brighter and so many divinely delicious colors of delight beam brighter than before. Allow them to do so. Enjoy! You are well deserving of All that is in route to you. It’s close. Stay focused.

Change Focus (5). Paradigm Shift….

Now that the timing of your emergence from the past battles of karmic pains of failures and lost are manifesting. It’s time to shift your focus. Those things which have created a greater excellence in you bring expansion and it’s time to shift your focus to Higher Ground. Higher Dimensions are calling you and this requires a New Mind. New Paradigm. New Mind. You have developed this, so now it’s time to operate in it. Allow the very things that you once perceived as irritations or agitations be the catalyst to New Sight. It is crucial that you inner stand that you are not where you once were in your relationship/partnership mentality. Past love and business partnerships that left a sour taste in your soul are no more! Change Focus. Allow the transforming and liberating vibration of 5 showing up once again to give you the wind that you need to sail into a new perception. Your eyes perceive anything is possible, for the possibilities are countless. You now are ready to shift from the old paradigm, so allow yourself to do so in the deepest part of your soul. It’s already present so celebrate and rejoice for the newness of your relationships being manifested! Re-birthing.

As you see there are 7 trees. 2 of which are fading, leaving you with 5. Allow the 2 which represents balancing of your duality self to come forth with new perception of the light and dark as they are friends as well as opposing factors. But at the end of it all, they are balanced in their perception of what they individually bring to the table. The combination of your light and shadow and beautifully balanced. One nor other is better than the other, for they compliment each other. So allow this new attitude to be reflected in the way you approach and enter your new relationships. Allow the eyes of your heart to see brightness in a way you’ve never seen before. New Horizons. Allow the eyes of your heart to view everything as a NEW EXPERIENCE that will bring about such GRAND BEAUTY that it will be over whelming in the most beautiful and magical way. Beloved, it is so if you allow it to be. Allow it to be!

I Am cheering for you as myself. We are on to NEW, GREATER, MORE POWERFUL, MORE EXCELLENT AND MORE BEAUTIFUL THINGS. Embrace them. You’re taking flight as the 4 birds headed in a new direction of change. 4 speaks that these new partnerships bring dependability. These relationships will resonate a strong sense of being able to depend upon the other. Along with Sincerity and Honesty in how both or all show up in the space of communion with one another. You are the reflection of your new partnership. So therefore, EXPECT the best because You ARE the best version of yourself and continuing to reflect this in the Universe has aligned you with those partnerships that honor your core and heart principles. Allow this to be!

Be mindful of the sabotaging mindset which manifested in repression of your true self because you felt unworthy. This is no longer the case. You are a new being. You’ve shed old skin and put on a new skin, allow it to be seen. No longer agree with the agendas of the lower self that say you can’t have that awesome connection in a partnership (love or business). You KNOW this is NOT so. So Shift your Focus. Change your Focus. Flip the switch on your perception. This is a NEW DAY.

Find Balance (2) Find Your Unique Rhythm & Beat of Your Drum

The wheel of life is requiring you to balance different areas of your life that you may be more centered enabling you to receive and operate in the newness that you are coming into. All areas from Resting when you need. Studying when you are feeling the need to be doing so. Nurturing your body through proper diet and exercise. Grounding and being still in nature. Ordering your time in a manner that works for you. Maat. And lastly your love relationship with yourself and those whom you are intimately connected. Nurture yourself and then give liberally to those who require your assistance. All of these things must be balanced in a certain way. A little adjustment I hear is needed for some, and for others it will require a greater effort. But do not allow it to overwhelm you. Continue to move in the new direction that is being established, re-organizing different areas as they show up. Intuitively you will know what needs to be balanced and when. So let it flow.

The number 2 speaks to the duality or polarity of your self and how you show up in your relationships/partnerships. The balancing of these at times past have been difficult . But now it is becoming more fluid, because you will have help and assistance where you hadn’t before. Be open for it to come in the way it shows up. It will accommodate you Right where you are. You will of course have to adjust yourself where needed, but remain in your authentic self, sharing the responsibility with your new partnerships. You do not have to shoulder the load alone anymore. The birthing of new friendships will be guiding forces and even anchoring energies that hold you in Divine Balance and keep all parties accountable to the new connections that are being fostered between the all involved.
Also, remember in communication there are 2 sides. Yours and Your partners. Do not discount theirs to make yours right or priority. This will take some compromise and consideration on both parts. Consider the thoughts and opinions of your new partners just as important as yours. They are important because these new partnerships enter in bring with them a wealth of love, power & knowledge of things you will need to build a solid foundation for the future. Be open to it. Familiarity with some of what it takes will be present, deja vu at times if you will say. When you find yourself in those I’ve been here before moments, know that this a key indication that you are creating a new experience. Allow it to unfold as it will, without taking any of the pain from the past into the new adventure. Embrace the new adventure. It will be an awesome ride. Put your seat belt on securely and enjoy Ladies and Gentlemen. Remain connected to balancing the very essence of your self that your new partnerships will flow as smoothly as possible. There’s no perfect connection, but all connections of the Divine Most High will align themselves as each person finds their role and lives fully and authentically in it. Do this. Be authentic. Be balanced in your Gorgeous and Most Beautiful Divine Self. Love 2 Thee.
***This concludes the Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading. Thank you for your continued support. For a Personal Reading, please visit me @ http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com to book your appointment today.**** SPECIAL: 1/2 Off ALL Oracle Coaching Readings & Soul Coaching****

I Divinely Love You All,
Royal Redd.

General Love/Soul Oracle Coaching 8.22 thru 8.28


Greetings Loves, This is Your GENERAL ORACLE LOVE/SOUL COACHING For 8.22-8.28. This Coaching is centered around Romantic or Non Romantic Relationships (Business), Friends and Family. The Matters of the Heart. Since This is A General Reading All, Some or No Parts of the Messages may resonate with you. However, Be Open to Receive, Hear and Apply the Divine Messages which resonate. If you desire a Personal Oracle Coaching, details are at the end of this reading. Embrace, Heal and Rise to Higher Consciousness. Namaste’


Move- (7)

It is NOW time to put some motion and action to your desire of connecting with your Divine Soul Mate. The energies are aligning where you can now manifest and bring this connection into being. The 2 hands are encompassing the powers and vibration of moving and orchestrating the divine meetings and encounters of Soul Mates and New Romantic Relationships this Week. The hands are joined at the wrist by a ribbon connecting them. No more time to sit around but to be proactive with putting that Beautiful Frequency of Divine Love Energy out in the Universe.

Call forth the Love Desires of your heart. The flames or light are encompassing the heart. Therefore the 2 are aligned and are syncing to come into each others line of sight and view. This person or opportunity to may have been in front of you for sometime. And for whatever reason when you made attempts there was no connection. Do not fret your Divine Mate has not forgotten about you. The 2 energies that are coming together in a handfasting ceremony of sorts are coming into agreement to wield their desire for the other into fruition.
This also could be an inner battle of the heart around a certain interesting someone which is coming to an end and you are becoming a lot more clear and certain. More confident to be able to step out and take a chance. The completion of fearfulness and second guessing yourself when it comes to being loving and acceptable is done. You know that you are One with your Soul. Therefore that which is of your souls delight (soul mate, business partner, friend or family connection) is One with you as well. So step out of the shadows of hiding and make yourself known to this person. You may find yourself delightfully impressed by the response of this potential suitor.

Daydreams & Decisions (7)

You have been Daydreaming and Conjuring some new creative ideas in your mind for some time. It’s time to release them into the final stage of making a decision. What is it that you want to see come to fruition in your love, or business relationship, family or friend? What do you desire most for these relationships to be in harmony and of their highest balance.? Allow all that is blocking your ability to make a clear and final decision to come up and be cleared, that you may be able to see the best path to take. Make a decision. You have no longer to linger in the place of daydream. It’s time to Decide.
When bringing these deep seeded Daydreams to the forefront of your mind to make a final decision. Please keep in mind that it’s ok to not be 100% sure. It will become more crystal clear as you actually step into decision-making. Make the decision from the center of your heart and it will surely turn out beautiful. Allow your heart to guide your decision-making. Keep your mind at bay and allow your heart to be the guidance system. It will all be ok. I feel a deeper lesson of trusting your heart to guide you in the right and best direction in the matters of your heart. In love relationships it may not have always turned out as you wished, but now it’s time to trust your heart in a deeper way. In business the partnership may have not manifested as you desired previously. But now it’s time to put forth the effort again. Do not despair. It’s not over.

Allowing your heart to guide you has been a struggle in the past because you didn’t always feel the feelings were mutual from both parties. But not to fret, this new relationship will bring a peace that the feelings are mutual. And just as you’ve been daydreaming of if your mate will share mutual feelings. Both parties will be in sync in the feelings department and interestingly their heart ideas will sync and line up as well. So as you are making decisions this week around a partnership, romantic, business, friend or family be open to the many possibilities. Daydream with the intention of seeing that which you are dreaming about becoming a sure reality as you send your Love energy out to the Universe. Namaste’ 

Spread Your Wings (2)

Time to take off into new territory. It’s time to fly higher than you have ever gone before. Allow yourself space for expansion. Clear the space. Because for some I feel it will come as a complete surprise of its quick or more early entrance than you previously anticipated. Do not be caught flapping around the low spaces of your mind but rise up to Higher thinking, So that the wings of your mind and heart can give the vision in your heart flight. It’s time.
As you get ready to take off into Higher flight, Survey the new territory you are coming upon and see what it is that you have to offer to the new space, and possibly what the new space has to offer you. With Spreading the Wings you are open and vulnerable to the process of the heart to discover what it is that you desire in your new relationships on the horizon. New risings. Keep an open perspective so that you will continue to gain higher conscious ascension.
For as you remain open to your new relationships entering and taking form as they will. The space of expansion will bring more beauty in which you receive great strength, love and support in the new relationships forming.
As the sum of these 3 cards in single digit is 7, the completion of running away when it’s time to take action and taking risks to creating new relationships is waning. And you are waxing on to realize a more fuller potential of your ability to have successful and meaningful relationships. Daydreams are no longer dreams but you are moving into Action by deciding what your heart truly longs to express. You will no longer be afraid of making a wrong decision, because there are no wrong decisions. Therefore each decision is a tool for growth, healing and expansion. And as you spread your wings and take flight into the new territory you shall know that you are experiencing the fruits of the daydreams you put in motion a while back and this will give you the incentive to climb higher because you are seeing the fruition of your hearts dreams. Namaste’

Thank you for your support. Divine Peace & Power & Love 2 Thee- Royal Redd.
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The Veil of Haze Is Lifting…


Oracle Reflections- OR8.19FOG (Veiled)

The Fog for you is NOW Lifting and the Sun is once again shining through the thick clouds above which you’ve felt hover over your head for quite a bit now. It seems that you have been in a mental fog or cloudy disposition about something in particular which appears to never go the way you desire. Relationships is what I hear. Relationships with the opposite sex and the same-sex. No gender entailed. It’s all Energetic. Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine.
But more so from the depth of your soul you are fathomed by the fact that you just can’t seem to get over this hump. The hump that feels doom will always lurk around the corner upon your entering into the new and unknown. The “I’ve never done this before”. You have possibly had a haze about past romantic relationships that did not turn out right for you.
Therefore, you have been having these repeated mind farts about “What if my relationships don’t ever turn out as I’d like? Or Worse What if they Do? What Will I do then?” Well these are the self-limiting and self sabotaging thoughts that have been running around on your mental treadmill far too long. It’s Now time Beloved to allow the illusions of the doomed to fail relationships notion go. Let it go free. Do, this by saying to yourself for Once and for all,
“It Is NOW time to see things a NEW WAY. The OLD WAY IS NO MORE, NO LONGER. ITS CEASED TO EXIST. BUT YOU CHOOSE TO CONTINUE TO BRING IT UP. CEASE & Stop allowing yourself to block what your soul so Deeply & Richly desires, because of past karmic energies. Those energies have been clearing out of your space to lift you up to a Higher mind of consciousness that may Truly Manifest the Vision in you of Divine Love, Wholeness, Harmonious and Genuine Divine Connections of Unconditional Love In Your Space.
This mind cleansing and washing of the foggy, dim and bleak mindset of love never finding its way to you, is Over! You must move through this Now to end the cycle of self-defeating, low and I’ll never be joyous type mentality.” You know Good & Awesome things do come to those who pursue their dreams with diligence and faith knowing that they shall achieve their hearts desires as they do the Self Healing work required to enter into these beautiful blissful heart desires.
Beloved, they are waiting for you. You just have to “Get Out Of Your Own Damn Way!” It’s Time. Let’s Move on! Let’s Move To Higher Ground. Let’s Move Above the Cloudy, Fog, Dense and Heavy Low Fog Vibrations that speak against the Love That You Know IS Yours. To Have Sown The Seeds of Your Heart in Deep Fertile Ground of Knowing, Loving & Healing Thyself. So therefore, You Are Now Entering a Season of Reaping the Things Your Heart Has Sown. And the Things that Your Heart Has Healed to Prepare a Place for Wholeness, Abundance, Luxury, Fine Things of Your Heart & Soul & All the Loving Divine Connections You Have Space to Receive.

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Namaste’ – Royal Redd

The Unfolding of You….




Oracle Reflections- LOTUS FLOWER (Unfoldment)OR8.15medium

The Unfolding of You is so unique and special. It’s the shining and showcasing of the gifts that reside in your heart and soul. The Lotus Flower is a beautiful embodiment of rebirth and transformation. All things begin within and then to the exterior our changes appear. It is sometimes overwhelming to experience the unfolding of newness because it’s unfamiliar territory. But, in all that you do keep an open mind. The unfolding of you is sure to be a grand sight for all to see. Especially those who may have known you once upon a time. To see a new side of you may be welcomed or maybe not. But that’s ok, either way Do not be tempted to allow your unfolding to make you uneasy in the presence of those who may not understand. Allow your shine to continue beaming  and in time they will see, or leave. It doesn’t matter if the unfolding of you captures 5 people or a 1,000 people. Either way it is sure to be miraculous. It’s beautiful. Shine! 

The Lotus flower opens in stages. Its root system development takes place below the murky waters in the mud. The petals are above the water. They open one by one as the root system matures. The symbolism of the lotus  is many different things.  Some of the representations are wisdom, enlightenment, transformation and rebirth. Just as the most delicate parts of you first developed in the womb of your mother in darkness. So does the most important part of this flower. The roots are the grounding force of this precious expression of natures Love. The water represents the womb of creation, where all the nutrients are provided for this beautiful flower to emerge above the water strong and grounded.

Now that this stage in your growth is waning and you are coming into fullness. Continue allowing your petals to open and express their shine. Each petal holds its own unique energetic print. As the petal unfolds allow the Divine Loving Energy of you to express it self in only the way you do. Take your time and ease into the grandeur of you. It will surely be a new delight to all that meet you and take time to see the beauty of the lotus and receive what it has to offer. There’s so much beauty and humility in the presence of the lotus flowers unfolding. The grace and mercy filled passionate presence it releases is absolutely breath-taking. Continue your unfolding Lotus. Continue to allow the new phases of you to illuminate the spaces around you. As you break through the presence of anything that once held you captive and stagnant. Reach for higher consciousness and express all that is in you. Express it fully with no reserving or holding back. Share your Lotus Light unfolding with the world. Namaste’

Affirm: I Am the unfolding of constant Beauty, Humility and Shine. I Am forever awakening to new petals of expressions of my Lotus Souls Shine. Ase’

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General Love/Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 8.8 thru 8.14


General Weekly Love/Soul Oracle Coaching-Reading for the week of 8.8-8.14
This Oracle Coaching is centered around Personal, Romantic, Business Relationships, Family, Friends.
Since it is General, it may or may not resonate with you. If You would Like a Personal Love Oracle Coaching. Details are listed at the end of this Coaching. Thank you- Namaste’

Let’s take a look at the MENTORS & ROLE MODELS in our space this week. Mentors & Role Models can be anyone from a family member or teacher, spiritual leader, to world leaders, celebrities, athletes, etc. Anyone that you are attracted to for guidance when needed. Throughout each of our lives we connect with different ones (physical or spiritually) that plant seeds and give guidance for us on our journey. This is beautiful when we meet those special teachers in our lives that share with us their knowledge and wisdom from their collective life experiences. It’s great to have someone who’s gone before us to be able offer insight of what we may expect down the road.

However, I sense that some of the Mentors & Role Models are changing in our space. There are some who have had heavy influence in assisting us in making decisions in our life up to the present. But these people may be phasing out in a sense to take a more background presence or maybe they will move on altogether. However, Spirit chooses to reveal these relationship changes to you, Remain Open. Because that which we think we have to have in way of advice or guidance from another may no longer be beneficial for our space to grow. It may be time to adjust our view to the a new direction and be open to New perceptions of Mentorship & Role Models. Change is forever taking place and we must remain free and clear channels to move according to the flow of Divine Spirit. Be Gentle with yourself. I feel there may be some ripe or sensitive emotions that may come up when transitioning out of the old into the new. Or someone may be a little extra sensitive about relationship is changing. If this is a business relationship, make sure to direct with a firm and cool head as to not leave any unpleasant energies behind.
Be patient with yourself and the other, but be clear about how you would like to see the relationship change. Release this person (s) from your space with love, honor and gratitude if you’re moving on. All is well. Both have grown and expanded to the level you were supposed to and now it’s time for a change of the guards I hear. Namaste’. New People. New Relationships. New energy entering in that you’ve been calling in. Perhaps a New Love interest.

During this transition there could be someone who you were in relationship with trying to possibly CONTROL the outcome. I’m sensing a Masculine energy. This could be a male or female. Energy is not gender driven. This individual may be trying to control the outcome of the relationship. In the sense of selfishness of keeping it the way it’s been, due to one or both feeling like something is coming to an end or changing in a way that both or one of you may not be ready for. This energy is not going to work for either of you involved. It involves manipulation of another’s will. Let It Be. I’m sensing this energy could potentially cause you anxiety, anger, irritability and possibly down right being upset with the other involved. Please be mindful transition from a comforting relationship that once met all of your needs is not always easy to do. Give yourself the Green light (heart chakra) to feel what you feel. Be Gentle with yourself and the other party. But not to the point of walking on egg shells and leaving yourself uncomfortable. Do your Best to Be Lovingly honest and truthful about what you feel is the Highest best from your perspective and give the other the same right to make their decision. You will see that this situation will turn out just fine when both parties acknowledge how they’ve both brought beauty and love to the relationship and now it’s time to move. With love send them forth. Ase’ .
Lastly, In Order to Move on Into a New season of possibilities in your relationship you must be open to LISTEN to your heart and to the words of the other. Listen with an open heart as the pink crystal symbolizes the Heart Chakra. Listen with your Heart. Pick up the feelings and different vibes you sense. Evaluate all information through your Heart Chakra with the assistance of your Mind and Soul that you will take a balanced approach, so that you are not making a decision purely out of emotions. But using common sense, logic and analysis from how the relationship truly feels in your soul. How does it feel? Remember Beloved, it may have worked 3 months, 1 week or 3 days ago, but It does not mean it will work now. Listen to your heart and feel what resonates with you, so that the best decision can be reached for all involved. Listening requires patience and attentiveness. Bring these energies into your decision and it will be a success. Go forth with a brave heart. There is something beautiful waiting for you at the end of the transition Beloved One. As Always your gut (Solar Plexus Chakra) will direct you if you are open to its intuitive direction. I wish you beautiful abundance relationships. Healed, Healthy & Whole. Namaste’

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Royal Redd



oR715Oracle Reflections- Temptation

Temptation plays with the desires of the soul.  Those simple but vice like lusts that would overtake our world if we don’t keep them disciplined. Temptation I do not feel is terrible in of itself. It’s the full-blown greed that temptation creates for those undisciplined beings. Now we are to always be evolving.  Moving forward to receive a higher consciousness.  One that will assist incorporating our human or carnal pleasures  in right moderate balance. For example I love love love cake.  Namely a Delish Vegan Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Yummm….oh with some Vegan Butter Pecan Ice Cream. (Laughing) My mouth is watering just at the very description. I see visions of myself having some of this delightful Cake and yummy ice cream soon.  Lol. Now it’s quite obvious that I enjoy this immensely. But wisely know I should not eat this every day without paying for it in serious weight gain.  No thank you. My guilty Vegan temptation must be moderately balanced for my pleasured taste buds without going over board.  Once upon a time I was a super comfort eater normally during bouts of heavy depression and anxiety. Yet I ate healthy during my binges, But I would get a bit plump even still and there’s nothing wrong with a little extra weight here and there. But to overly indulge will only bring results not to my liking.  So I have learned to decline those lower nature desires in a more balanced way.  Now mind you I still have my times of comfort eating although the frequency is far less.  Beautiful Balance.

Indeed we should know our guilty pleasure (s) as not to allow them to rule over us.  Instead you are the Master of your Temptations and call them to serve you and not you serving them. Healthy balance in Temptation will harness your taste for something and keep in a right order for you.  Allowing you to enjoy the pleasure which your soul desires.  Harness these Temptations through first knowing what they are and next their triggers.  Lastly install a mode of plan when these trigger in order to enjoy but not go overboard.  Divine Balance is key. 

Affirm: I Am In Divine Balance with the Temptations & Pleasures of My Soul.  I Enjoy them with to the greatest but I do not go overboard.  Ase’