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4.3-4.9- Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading/Focus Your Vision/Cut The Ties/Hear What Your Ancestors Are saying…


Greetings & Namaste’ Beautiful Ones,  This weeks Love Soul Oracle finds us needing to give our attention to the vision we began reflecting on in the Winter season. It’s time to move into Action. More dedicated focus is required. Let’s Do It! Along with Focusing on the vision that means we must clear space to make room for Newness entering in, Releasing and Cutting Soul Ties which have served their purpose. And lastly, Our Ancestors are speaking some special hidden jewels to Our Soul this week. So let’s listen, listen, listen closely and see what they are saying to us. Let’s Begin….


Beloved, The Oracle is Calling us To FOCUS and FIX our vision firmly and securely on what it is we want to create in this New Season. That which we have been dreaming of and contemplating in the Winter time is now needing our attention. Meaning it’s time to cut out all distractions which may be keeping you from honing in and giving your full and undivided attention on the thing (s) your heart truly wants to manifest in this time. Have you written down the desires of your heart Beloved? Have you taken time to deeply contemplate what you would like to create in the next 3 months? This means by Summer time what Do you think you might like to see begin to manifest? 

Beloved, take some time to go within silently and contemplate what is the best direction you could take to achieve what your heart is speaking. This means you need to create a step by step action plan of the best route to take to your destination. Now before you began, please don’t worry yourself about it being perfect, because along the way you will make reassessment and move one thing from one space to another and possibly get rid of some things and replace them with new ideas. This is a Work In Progress. But NOW is the time to begin planting those seed ideas in the fertile ground of your psyche by listening to and hearing what your heart wants to accomplish. 

Beloved, What does your heart say? Don’t be afraid to hear what your heart says, because I guarantee whatever it is, You will be able to accomplish it if you truly put the right action into movement at the appropriate time. Anything is Possible if you have Confidence, Faith & Trust in Your Self. Trust Your Vision and Focus on it. Focus on it like the Bulls eye in the center of a Dart game board. Focus and lock your eyes in on this mark with the intention to do what your heart is desiring for you to do. You Can Do It. Believe In Yourself. Have Faith In the Divine Source which Lives Within You. You are More than Capable. Focus and Go forth! 

Now that you are Focusing more intently on your hearts desires to create a beautiful Summer manifestation. In the process of Focusing you will have to clear space by cutting yourself free from anything that no longer serves you to your highest Evolution. The Kirpan is a sword or knife that those of Sikh religion wore as one of their 5 articles of faith. The Kirpan is speaking that you must Now, allow anything which you have been holding onto which once had some sustaining power to be cut away. I hear this cutting away could involve a long time relationship with someone whom you have grown quite emotionally attached to who may no longer be good for your space. Someone who may not see things in an agreeable fashion. This could mean that you sever the ties all together or you may have to reshape the connection in a way which you both can co-exist peaceably with honor and respect in which no one truth over rides the others way of seeing. The word Kirpan has 2 root parts: And the first part (kirpa) is reflective of: mercy, grace, compassion or kindness.  The second part (aanaa) is rooted in: honor, grace and dignity. 

Darling Soul allow these parts of the Kirpan be reflective in how you deal and relate to this relationship. It could be a sensitive matter for you to address with the other party involved. Whatever the case,  know that it will be resolved in a loving and gentle manner on both ends. I sense that this relationship can continue on if both parties will take responsibility for what they have brought to the connection thus far, and seek to expand it in a New and Fresh way. All relationships do not simply have to be final or completely ended just because you are at crossroads. Instead you can figure out how to make it work for the best of all involved. I hear, “Give It Try! Don’t Give Up. It’s Worth Staying with the Love that you have created with this person, whether it’s friendship or a romantic connection. It’s worth giving a try. Don’t give up just yet!” 

Our Ancestral Spirits are always a very prevalent part in letting us know they are right there with us on this beautiful journey. This week they are telling us that there are secret hidden gems of Ancient scripture they want to reveal. Scripture in the sense that which of held together our individual families of many, many, many lineages ago. These are secrets that no one in your living family is privy to at this point. Therefore these messages will come directly from the Spirit realm in a way of being channeled through different aspects of nature, music, random people, perhaps movies or social media. The Ancestors are saying, “Keep your eyes open for us to show up anywhere. At the least expected time you will find the messages and secret traditions that we have been longing to share with you”.

I am excited to hear these messages coming through for us from our Ancestors for they seem to have some pretty urgent and interesting information to share with us. So, let’s be alert and paying attention to ALL which is going on around us. Let us ignore nor dismiss ANYTHING. For ALL things have meaning. The most simple little conversation with a stranger may be coded with the hidden secrets your Ancestors want to reveal. Listen, Hear and Be Open for these Messages. And once they speak Follow and heed their messages with all sincerity of heart and see what unfolds for you. I have a feeling it will be something which you have not expected. It’s like I feel they are taking us on a scavenger hunt and dropping this clue and yet another on the path as we move forward. What fun!!! Let’s In-Joy the road ahead. Blessings To thee Beautiful ones. Namaste’-ASe’ 

Beloveds, I hope that you have been blessed by these wonderful messages channeled through this Divine Oracle- Royal Redd. It is my pleasure to share these messages with you All. If you are still needing further clarity Please, Please schedule your Personal Love Soul Oracle Reading with me by visiting: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com. I look forward to serving you. Until then, May the Divine Universal Creator Bless and direct you on your path as you are Open to Receive and Allow that is for you to come into your life by trusting yourself in a way that you never knew you could. 

Love 2 thee- Royal Redd Peace


1.22-1.29/General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading-Truth Always First, Newness lies in the Dark within you,Open Wide for Expansion


Greetings Beloved, What an awesomely beautiful spread of abundant news we have this week. This is a General Reading therefore some or all of the messages may resonate or perhaps none. If you require a Personal Reading please see the end of this reading for instructions on how to do so. Now let’s In- Joy



Always start here!!

Truth speaks to us asking us to step into another Depth of Our Truth. What is Present Day Truth? Where Have You Grown in the Power & Presence of Who You are since 2016? What lessons have you gained in this previous year?  How will you integrate them into this New & Fresh Awareness of Universal Delight You are basking in?

However you answer these questions will give you clear insight as to where you’ve allowed yourself to be stretched and expanded that you would come into a Higher Consciousness Higher Of Your Divine Truth . You are Reflecting A More Refined Essence in this New Year & New Dimension.  You are gaining a firm hold on how you’d like your New Story to be told. You are the Producer, Director & Actor. Choose your Co-stars with wisdom. 

 The feathered pen  suggests you Write your truth. Write your thoughts and views in a special journal and then allow the knowledge of your written words to become spoken words of healing and transformation to ALL who listen and receive with openness. Share your words through different forums for others to receive. 

Become so excited about what you have to offer that your high energetic vibration draws to you those who need your guidance.  It will be so totally awesome to see such amazing things take place because you decided to radiate and shine brightly for the Universe to see.







New Opportunities,  New Relationship Sparks, New Expressions Of Self 

Beloved, there is a New Moon upon  us this week. Take advantage of the energetic promises which the Moon Goddess will reflect. Engage your heart and mind to receive deeper and higher frequency and vibration for your souls mission. Meaning Allowing and Giving way to the Darkness which is symbolic of the Unknown. Allow yourself to embrace the Dark aspects of your relationships (self and others). Embracing these dark parts will assist you in reuniting with the dark portions of yourself which you’ve pushed away.  And Or the dark portions of your partners which you have difficulty in honoring. I’m speaking of the Perfectly Imperfect parts of us and those we love and are connected to.

Allow yourself to love and respect these sometime despicable parts that you may be carried to a Higher Awareness of Self and those you connect with now and to come. The stronger your connection with the Dark the greater the potential for growth and expansion in your connections.  

The earth soil of your relationships is fertile and ripe for fresh and new seeds of implantation.  As you nurture your own inner state of darkness and tend to those areas of your being which have been pushed out of sight and out of mind. Bring them to the forefront so you learn how to utilize them as tools of manifestation.  

Also any areas of doubt or uncertainty must be digged up and purged so that the soil which receives your vision seeds is clean and untainted.  Allow the Darkness to direct you into greater fulfillment than you ever thought possible. Remain focused on what is good for the whole connection.  Not just your part.  See how your part will complement the other. Yin/Yang. Masculine & Feminine.  Light & Shadow. The Moon Goddess receives portions of her strength by the light of Sun God. Allow your relationships to receive the Dark insight of the Moon Goddess vibrations through the reflection of her loving counterpart the Sun God. Ase’


Wide expansion as you step out in faith with strong hearted intentions. They will manifest. Fast.

There is surely new and most aggressive growth and expansion coming to you this week in your Divine connections Present and the Newness of the ones entering. 

You will surely see a fuller and more beautiful strength of communication being established within yourself about what you desire and need in your connections. Whats important to you beloved? You must become clear in on this. No one can answer this for you. As you become clear on what is important for you, that which your  partners require from you to feel more deeply understood and connected to you will be clear. 

Growth and Expansion is all about more Secure, Stable and Sturdy foundations being created.  Ase’. 

Allow them to be created. As a deeper connected inner standing of Self develops so shall you inner stand your partners in a greater essence. Ase’- Namaste’ 

Thank you for your time. I hope you have received some messages to assist you on your path to Higher Consciousness and growth. May you be enlightened even more. If you desire a Personal Relationship Reading. Please Visit me at: www.oraclesofroyalty.com or email: Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com. I look forward to serving you. 

Love 2 thee- Royal Redd 

General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 10.10 thru 10.16


General Love Soul Oracle Coaching 10.10 thru 10.16
This is a General Love Relationship Reading. All or Some of the messages may resonate. Be open to the Messages of Spirit, you never know what you might receive. If you desire a personal reading, information will be listed at the end of the reading. Thank you for stopping by. Have fun enjoying the messages of the Divine. Namaste’

12-OBSERVE (Hanged Man)
You are being urged to take a deeper observation of your current relationships this week. Not being rash or quick to make swift change, but seeing how the relationships can be adjusted to fit both parties. This does not mean compromising your truth at all. Not one bit. But it does mean being open to hear why the other has shown up as such. Being open to hear can make all the difference in the new relationship that you could possibly create with current individuals in your life (family, friend, love or business). Be open to the possibilities. Do not allow offense stand in your way. It will only serve to harm your relationships in a way that may stunt the growth of what could be with proper nurturing.
Remember to take a careful view from all angles. Put aside your emotions in the sense of allowing them to lead you, but do acknowledge and sit with your gut feelings and emotions to see what they have to say. Do not be afraid to consider avenues that you might not necessarily consider. They may be foreign and not something you would normally consider, but you may have more to lose than you think if you act rashly and allow your emotions to gain a foot hold. Be still, watchful, not hasty to make a decision. Contemplate your next steps. Everything will turn out just fine if you trust your inner tuning fork. Allow it to guide you and measure the vibration of the situations that are unfolding so that you can make the best decision for yourself and all involved. Love 2 thee.
The number 12 is a combination of vibrations of singleness of mind and duality. In the sense of balance and harmony. Along with recognizing the light and shadows of your responses vs reactions. Allow these things to rise to the surface that you may know what is the best direction to take. Harmonious and unified balance are key in order for you to maintain a consistent balance within the environment of your relationships. When adding 1+2=3. The presence of Divine God/Goddess/Birthing are present. Divine manifestation aligning itself with your Divine truth are manifesting. Allow the Christ Consciousness to rise in you as the Ascended Masters are available to assist you in this transitional alignment. Ask for assistance and guidance in decision-making. You don’t have to do it alone. They are ready and willing. Just ask.

9- DARKEST FEARS (Mental Warfare)
There are some fears you’ve been wrestling with subconsciously around how to approach new relationships which are surfacing. The moons surrounding the head reflect that you’ve wrestled with these mental debates at different intervals of your life. Mainly at the transitional points, but you pushed them down and they were once again submerged, only to come up again. Now is the time to acknowledge these thought patterns for once and for all. Do not allow them to rise again and you don’t give them the attention they are requiring. Sit there, listen to the fears and hear what they need to be transmuted into Divine Love. This Divine Love of self-will assist you in witness of new beginnings which are on their way, presently, right now. Although, you may not see things changing too rapidly because of the mental clutter, they are. The moon cycles also represent the constant change of your mindset. The purging of the darkest fears you’ve held on to about relationships failing and not turning out as you would have desired. These thoughts and others have caused stagnation and blockages for you, causing you to not move forward in making decisions on certain type of relationships that could have brought about rapid change in your life. All due to your fear of “What might happen”.
Beloved, Suppose it turns out to be the most beautiful relationship that you’ve had. How would you feel? How would that truly make you feel? There’s nothing in this world that could possibly explain the feelings you might have if you allow yourself to confront your darkest fears and embrace them once and for all, and Go for it! This is your time to experience change and I mean dynamic change.
So as the moon cycles once again, we are entering a FULL MOON (Saturday 10/15) allow yourself to confront these dark, scary and often uncomfortable disturbing mentally distressing thoughts. Lay them to rest so you can see for the first time in your life that things may not be as bad as you think. Allow your eyes to partake of new possibilities as you know they exist for others. Why not you? Only you can answer that question. Ase’
The number 9 resonates the vibration of destiny and change. A finality and completion of old things that once plagued and kept you from moving forward. An enlightenment and deeper spiritual awakening of your Divine Higher Self. Allow the mystic in you to awaken and experience the higher realms of esoteric knowledge that want to be imparted to you from the Ascended Masters. They have many beautiful triumphant messages for you. They are to encourage, strengthen and lift you up. Expansion comes as you embrace the new territory you stand at the door of receiving. Expansion comes to illuminate unto you ALL that you have gone through and where you finally are. You are reaching your destination real shortly here. Continue in the path you are on. Do not go to the left or right of it, no hasty foot steps. Instead carefully ponder what it is that makes you afraid of this new dimension of your life. There are so many beautiful rewards awaiting you for your diligence, your hard and deep inner working healings you’ve done despite all you’ve faced this year. It’s not over just yet, it’s almost there. Just remain faithful and focused. It will come sooner than you believe. Truly you are right there. It’s staring you in the face. Your eyes are focusing on the promise even more clearly. Poise yourself in an effort to prepare for the receipt of your many divine blessings. Love 2 thee.

5- WIN OR LOSE (Mental Healing)
Once again the Win or Lose oracle speaks that you should have enough strength at this point to overcome anything that would come your way. The mentality of Win or Lose is shifting to a more positive perspective. In the sense of knowing that to Win is to gain, but also to Lose is to gain. You gain either way. They are one in the same nature. One is receiving rewards and accolades for a job well done as for growth and healing of a relationship or possibly the strong work ethic you display on your job. Losing is to let go of all that no longer serves you, which is making space for something new and more fuller, richer and plentiful to enter your space. That which you have always longed for is right at your door. However, you must release the need to feel like if it doesn’t turn out a certain way that it will be the end meaning loss in an unpleasant way. But instead knowing that to have it turn out exactly as you thought in a totally different expression is a win win when all parties involved are open to the art of surprising their space at the most unlikely time. An abundant amount of love and grace are upon you are this time. Receive the vibration of Love Acceptance. Meaning you love you as you are and you share with and embrace others as they are with no need to make them something else. Allowing ALL to Be. All Things are Sufficient.
The vibration of 5 is a grace and mercy filled energetic spirit that illuminates a deeper wisdom of the mind. A kindness, peaceable way and gentleness that you show yourself and others. A strength of independence that doesn’t dismiss the need for a balance of receiving and allowing others to assist you when needed. Proper delegation of your time and resources are a must as the vibration of 5 says there may be too many irons in the fire right now. So, step back and see how you can relate to each aspect of the process that you may maintain and resonate with the highest and best experience for ALL involved. Be open to sitting with the ideas you have and examining them carefully to assure stability of the foundation you are currently building. This is for long-term building, not so much short-term. So consider wisely and carefully. Past life choices will serve as guides that you may make the best intuitive movements in your new adventures of relationships which are unfolding as we speak. Accept and embrace all that resonates highly with you. You are well deserving of these things. Beautiful! Namaste’

This is your General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading. Thank you for your support always. To receive a personal reading please visit: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com. I look forward to serving you on a deeper level. Enjoy this transition into a deeper illumination of your inner awareness connecting with the deep desires of your heart. You deserve so much more than you’ve began to dream of. Open your heart to the deepest divine blessings for you beloved. They are in arm’s length reach. Reach out and touch them. Embrace. Namaste’
Divine Love,
Royal Redd Peace