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4.3-4.9- Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading/Focus Your Vision/Cut The Ties/Hear What Your Ancestors Are saying…


Greetings & Namaste’ Beautiful Ones,  This weeks Love Soul Oracle finds us needing to give our attention to the vision we began reflecting on in the Winter season. It’s time to move into Action. More dedicated focus is required. Let’s Do It! Along with Focusing on the vision that means we must clear space to make room for Newness entering in, Releasing and Cutting Soul Ties which have served their purpose. And lastly, Our Ancestors are speaking some special hidden jewels to Our Soul this week. So let’s listen, listen, listen closely and see what they are saying to us. Let’s Begin….


Beloved, The Oracle is Calling us To FOCUS and FIX our vision firmly and securely on what it is we want to create in this New Season. That which we have been dreaming of and contemplating in the Winter time is now needing our attention. Meaning it’s time to cut out all distractions which may be keeping you from honing in and giving your full and undivided attention on the thing (s) your heart truly wants to manifest in this time. Have you written down the desires of your heart Beloved? Have you taken time to deeply contemplate what you would like to create in the next 3 months? This means by Summer time what Do you think you might like to see begin to manifest? 

Beloved, take some time to go within silently and contemplate what is the best direction you could take to achieve what your heart is speaking. This means you need to create a step by step action plan of the best route to take to your destination. Now before you began, please don’t worry yourself about it being perfect, because along the way you will make reassessment and move one thing from one space to another and possibly get rid of some things and replace them with new ideas. This is a Work In Progress. But NOW is the time to begin planting those seed ideas in the fertile ground of your psyche by listening to and hearing what your heart wants to accomplish. 

Beloved, What does your heart say? Don’t be afraid to hear what your heart says, because I guarantee whatever it is, You will be able to accomplish it if you truly put the right action into movement at the appropriate time. Anything is Possible if you have Confidence, Faith & Trust in Your Self. Trust Your Vision and Focus on it. Focus on it like the Bulls eye in the center of a Dart game board. Focus and lock your eyes in on this mark with the intention to do what your heart is desiring for you to do. You Can Do It. Believe In Yourself. Have Faith In the Divine Source which Lives Within You. You are More than Capable. Focus and Go forth! 

Now that you are Focusing more intently on your hearts desires to create a beautiful Summer manifestation. In the process of Focusing you will have to clear space by cutting yourself free from anything that no longer serves you to your highest Evolution. The Kirpan is a sword or knife that those of Sikh religion wore as one of their 5 articles of faith. The Kirpan is speaking that you must Now, allow anything which you have been holding onto which once had some sustaining power to be cut away. I hear this cutting away could involve a long time relationship with someone whom you have grown quite emotionally attached to who may no longer be good for your space. Someone who may not see things in an agreeable fashion. This could mean that you sever the ties all together or you may have to reshape the connection in a way which you both can co-exist peaceably with honor and respect in which no one truth over rides the others way of seeing. The word Kirpan has 2 root parts: And the first part (kirpa) is reflective of: mercy, grace, compassion or kindness.  The second part (aanaa) is rooted in: honor, grace and dignity. 

Darling Soul allow these parts of the Kirpan be reflective in how you deal and relate to this relationship. It could be a sensitive matter for you to address with the other party involved. Whatever the case,  know that it will be resolved in a loving and gentle manner on both ends. I sense that this relationship can continue on if both parties will take responsibility for what they have brought to the connection thus far, and seek to expand it in a New and Fresh way. All relationships do not simply have to be final or completely ended just because you are at crossroads. Instead you can figure out how to make it work for the best of all involved. I hear, “Give It Try! Don’t Give Up. It’s Worth Staying with the Love that you have created with this person, whether it’s friendship or a romantic connection. It’s worth giving a try. Don’t give up just yet!” 

Our Ancestral Spirits are always a very prevalent part in letting us know they are right there with us on this beautiful journey. This week they are telling us that there are secret hidden gems of Ancient scripture they want to reveal. Scripture in the sense that which of held together our individual families of many, many, many lineages ago. These are secrets that no one in your living family is privy to at this point. Therefore these messages will come directly from the Spirit realm in a way of being channeled through different aspects of nature, music, random people, perhaps movies or social media. The Ancestors are saying, “Keep your eyes open for us to show up anywhere. At the least expected time you will find the messages and secret traditions that we have been longing to share with you”.

I am excited to hear these messages coming through for us from our Ancestors for they seem to have some pretty urgent and interesting information to share with us. So, let’s be alert and paying attention to ALL which is going on around us. Let us ignore nor dismiss ANYTHING. For ALL things have meaning. The most simple little conversation with a stranger may be coded with the hidden secrets your Ancestors want to reveal. Listen, Hear and Be Open for these Messages. And once they speak Follow and heed their messages with all sincerity of heart and see what unfolds for you. I have a feeling it will be something which you have not expected. It’s like I feel they are taking us on a scavenger hunt and dropping this clue and yet another on the path as we move forward. What fun!!! Let’s In-Joy the road ahead. Blessings To thee Beautiful ones. Namaste’-ASe’ 

Beloveds, I hope that you have been blessed by these wonderful messages channeled through this Divine Oracle- Royal Redd. It is my pleasure to share these messages with you All. If you are still needing further clarity Please, Please schedule your Personal Love Soul Oracle Reading with me by visiting: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com. I look forward to serving you. Until then, May the Divine Universal Creator Bless and direct you on your path as you are Open to Receive and Allow that is for you to come into your life by trusting yourself in a way that you never knew you could. 

Love 2 thee- Royal Redd Peace



General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading- 1.8 thru 1.15….Tell Your Joyful Story, Chill & Relax For a Moment, Nature Walk…


Greetings Beloved, This is your Weekly General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. Please Be Open to the messages for some or all messages may resonate with you. For those that do not receive any messages or want clarity on the ones you’ve received information on how to book a Personal Reading will be at the end of this reading.  In-Joy.


The Number vibration for this week is 2. [ 1+6= 7*, 3*, 2+8=10*]
{7+3= 10 (1)+ 10= 11} for a Total of 2.

2 represents Duality. Polarity-That which seems to have nothing to do with the other is actually connected just from a different aspect. Pay close attention to the things which occur that you may consciously dismiss as having one having nothing to do with the other. Harmony and Balance are 2 attributes which you will bring a stronger focus to this week. Harmony of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine aspects of your beautiful self. Along with aligning yourself to receive New Partnerships & Relationships. Go forth and In- Joy beloved. Namaste’

16- Call On Joy Your Guides

Tell Your Story of Joy  

Beloved, laughter is medicine to your heart. It brings healing and restores your joy to your presence. LATELY, It seems as if laughter has been somewhat missing in your life. Some things may have recently occurred, throwing you an unexpected blow. Knocking the breath out of you and now your joy is leaking or seeping out. Or u may feel your Joy Balloon was straight popped. That’s no fun. I know that feeling from past and recent experience. And you know what? It Shall be a Catalyst for New Beginnings to take place. As you continue to move forward it shall transmute itself into ALL Love. You must attune your eye sight to a new vision. Transform into Higher Sight. Higher Consciousness brings you into New Clean Perception.

Beloved Beauty, it’s time for you to revive yourself. Get your second wind. Find love again in the sense of those things which create happiness and joy within. Those things which give you the energy release you need to be motivated into moving forward and embracing the new phases of your life which are before you.

Call forth your Joy Spirit Guides that are there for you. They want to assist you in re-creating those fun things you like to do. Call them unto you. They are waiting for you to give them permission to assist. Another way to return unto Joy is Gratitude. Be full of Gratitude for All you have experienced for these things whether happy or sad moments. Show a Gracious Heart and your joy will begin to return. Ase’- Namaste’

3- Downtime

Relax & Rest For a Spell

Beloved you have been on the hamster wheel possibly since the ending of the old year. Constantly going and going without giving your self the required rest for the fullest and best operation ensuring your success. Now, You must indeed get somewhere and rest and take time for Self. You are being called to energetically replenish by taking time to slow down and relax. Don’t stop all together. Just slow down. Becoming more attuned to Your Higher Self once again. Constant movement drains your battery source making you unstable, unfocused and imbalanced.

To return to the balance of your power you must take time for yourself and chillax. Relax and chillax. So, Breathe and Exhale. Allow yourself the time to sit a bit and veg out. Do some fun brainstorming and sketching of things you’d like to create. Reconnect to your power source by feeding your soul with some of the lovely things it likes to partake. It will truly give you a fresher outlook on the next steps you are to take as you emerge refreshed. Ase’

28- Walk It Off

Shake It Off. Take Nothing Personal

Shake it off Beloved. You’ve hit a wall. You may have walked into a situation which threw your balance out of whack. Or maybe you’ve allowed someone in your space (past or present) whom did not deserve to be there. They left a funky residue and now you’re doing your best to shake free from their energetic/physical presence.
Get outside Beloved as much as you can this week. Nature is a quick rebalancing force. The elements of Nature will reset you to a calm space of mind bringing Peaceful energies back to your heart and soul.

Be mindful in this transition time to be very aware of those types of energetic presences you have around you. Not everyone is welcome or should be privy to what you are creating. Recalculate. Reorganize your space as you ground in the lovely presence of Mother Nature. She awaits your presence so that you may enrich yourself and watch your strength of focus return.

You must also learn to NOT take things Personal. When you allow yourself to take situations personal you become the victim. Weakening your eyesight to what is truly going on. We have no time for playing small in 2017. Let go of all victim and self sabotaging mindsets which would keep you stagnant. Let this be a red flag when you begin to feel patterns of mental and physical stagnation emerging, Check to see what is obstructing your view. Clear it. Walk it Off. Return to Your Own Unique Harmonious Balance with the Mother and all beings around you. Namaste’ Ase.

Beloved this has been your General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading for the week. It is my hope some of the messages have resonated with you. If you desire a more Personal Reading to see what energies surround you. Please visit me at: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com Or Email:Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com with any questions.

Love 2 thee & Thank you for your continued support.
Namaste- Ase’
Royal Redd

General Oracle Soul Coaching 12.25~12.31


General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 12.25 thru 12.31

This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. The messages which flow through this Medium may be for you in full, partial or none.  Whatever the case please be open to Receive what is coming forth.  You never know what may come forth. If you desire a Personal Reading,  instructions on how to do so are at the end of this Coaching.  Thank you in advance.  Let’s In- Joy.


The number vibration for this week is 7. 11+5=16/1+6=7
Attributes of 7 which may be visited this week are: Hearing & Listening to your INNER WISDOM, Healing the INNER SELF & RENEWAL, DEEP CONTEMPLATION, INTROSPECTION UNDERSTANDING The Challenges of OTHERS, COMPASSIONATE HEALER & HEALING, PEACE, INNER STRENGTH, COMPLETION & RELEASING of Old Ways of Being to Allow Newness.

Play- 11-Healing thru Play…

Open your heart and mind to greater fun this week. What things do you enjoy doing which bring smiles, laughs and giggles into your life? Tap into your inner child in a deeper way. Your inner child is the master of Fun!!! In-joy the ideas and visions which spring forth from interacting with the child within who has the ability to stimulate your creativity in ways unimaginable. Remaining open to the ideas your inner child guide presents, will make it a fun adventure in exploring the creative nudges you receive in the midst of play.

For Adults who don’t possess many fond memories of Fun child Play it can be downright grueling to learn to Play as a grown up. This generally is due to having to take on large amounts of responsibility before the proper age due to unpleasant family dynamics.  If you didn’t have a lot of  playmates and tended to be solo more so than with a bunch of peers around, then play for you as an adult can be challenging. The best way to move beyond this stagnation is to go deeply within and reconnect in healing with your inner child, allowing yourself to be guided into reshaping play internally that you may learn to reconnect with play in your Adult hood. Reframe and Reshape. Find out what she/he liked to do for fun by being present and asking questions and listening for the answer. You might be surprised to hear what your inner playmate has to say.

Love & Respect the voice of this young one that it may guide you to higher realms of creative adventure. In there lies things which your adult self never envisioned, therefore sparking newness to assist you in co-creating something grand and spectacular in a much higher essence than before. Allow your inner playmate to become your best friend for this little one knows you far better than anyone outside of you for your inner child has always been with you from the beginning and will be present throughout Your existence and beyond.

So In Joy the delightful excitement of your inner companion who knows how to direct you into having the best and most excellent creative fun that you may be more relaxed and inspired in your creative endeavors. Namaste’. For play is what makes the heart warm and smilie Lol.

Playing and exploring in a child like manner -free and inquisitive- brings joy. Be filled with joy. Allowing your inner  child the space for exploring life is one of the most delightful free expressions of Love which anyone can experience.  For it shows that you are able to embrace and In Joy the very aspects of you which may have not been so exciting when you were living in the physical experience of your childhood. But through Divine healing connection with the being within,  You and she/he can heal together what might be blocking you from In Joying playfulness in your Adult hood. Allow the little one within to guide you to the places of pain, fear, and regretful situations which have turned play into a cumbersome action. Coming into agreement with your inner child in observation and deep conversations about those unhappy events enables you to return to Joy and Happiness once again therefore In Joying play in New ways. Namaste- Ase’

Ancestors (Generations)-They Are Calling You….Listen, Hear & Move to Action!

Beloved, we ALL have Ancestral spirits which desire the most awesome best for us. They are Always present with us, providing guidance and support on our Earth journey. They are able to see dimensions we do not readily see because we are flesh bond. However, it’s ok. They’ve had their time on this plane to do what they were chosen and called to do. Now it’s your time. So, What better and more excellent beings to offer assistance as you are willing to receive.

Ancestral guides will not force, push, coerce or forcefully suggest that you should receive their guidance for they are of Love and Joy. I’m sure we all had Ancestors that were perhaps off color and off beat in their earthly ways. I know I did. Primarily speaking of those I knew in their earth bound state. But it is my hope they have grown in healing and are yet growing in healing in their new state of abiding. In hopes that they be a more suited and equipped spiritual guide than earthly one. Lol.
Be open and receptive to the signs and messages your Ancestors send. They have their own unique ways of expressions which may be similar to their earth communication. But of course, they are of cosmic and universal frequencies Music, Nature & Dreams along with other people speaking random things so it seems. No coincidences. All with purpose. Remain open, alert and attentive for they often come when we are not expecting. Awesome are our Ancient Ancestors which have lived and gone before us to pave the way. To give us a foundation to build upon more greatly to continue the legacy of Love that they started.

Now this comes with a strong urging in the day and time we live upon Mother Earth the world is filled with chaos, violence and pain. Now, If you are of Ancestral lineage which has sown low vibrating, destructive seeds which have sprang up to cause ruin, desolation, wickedness and chaos for others. PLEASE be very clear you do NOT have permission to sit back and turn a blind eye to the hell they’ve created in greed and wickedness.  It IS Your responsibility in Modern day times to Right their Wrongs and Injustices against others. Because You are of YOUR Ancestral DNA. You can’t escape this. So wise up, wake up and do your part to correct their misaligned ways of existence. Only those who have done a certain amount of personal healing and rebirth will be able to hear this call of change and healing. For it is Divine in nature. Be the change and healing your Ancestors are calling for from beyond. Not doing your part doesn’t excuse you from doing what you were called to do. We All are responsible for what we do or do not do upon this earth for it will leave a living legacy of who and what you were and stood for while in this realm. It is my hope that it will be a dynamic one and not a terrible and painful one which others have to suffer through and clear your debts. Rise up! Take control of your destiny and rise up and shine brightly in your renewing and healing state to bring glory to your Ancestors and remove the stains of their legacy.

Remember, their Greatness is yours and their darkness is yours as well. Meaning the beauty they left is for your In-joyment and the debts they left are your Karmic debts to clear. We All are responsible. Simply stated. In All that you do Beloveds strive to have a beautiful meaningful life to bring Love, Honor and Respect to Your SELF and your Beautiful Ancient Ancestral lineage. Ase’

Sleep on It- 5- Be Still & You Shall Know the Way….

There are big decisions coming your way. Take your time before deciding. No rush. No haste. But with careful contemplation make the best decision at the time of requirement.

As the Angel is seen in this Oracle, allow your Angel & Ancestral Spirit guides and others to lead you in the way best. By dreams and quiet meditation your answers shall be revealed. Crystal clear to the point of no doubting. Do not be dismayed at how clear and deliberate your messages come through, for this is exactly what you need at this time. For these decisions you have been contemplating for sometime. All year for some of you. No worries. Your are becoming much more clear in this time. Just Remember to remain grounded in yourself that the answers may flow freely and unhindered.

There is no delaying the answers which you seek. They are timely and in line with what you need for this time in your life, ensuring you move forward smoothly. Hold fast and strong. Namaste’


Beloveds this completes your Love Soul Coaching Reading for this week. This is the last Love Soul Reading of 2016. It has been my pleasure sharing you the Intuitive Divine Messages of Spirit. I hope you have been blessed and guided by some of these messages. I look forward to serving you in 2017. 
Please if you desire a Personal Love/Soul Coaching Reading or to see the other services offered, Please visit me at www.oraclesofroyalty.com. You may also contact me by email: Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty@gmail.com
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Thank you for your support. May your 2017 New Year be Greater than your anticipation. Open your heart, soul, mind and spirit to the many, many, many beautiful possibilities. Ase’ 
Most Gracious Love-Royal Redd 

General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading- 12.18-12.24

Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. The messages which flow through this Medium may be for you in full, partial or none.  Whatever the case please be open to Receive what is coming forth.  You never know what may come forth. If you desire a Personal Reading,  instructions on how to do so are at the end of this Coaching.  Thank you in advance.  Let’s In- Joy.
VOLCANO- (Volatility)- Freedom to Release 
This week Beloved you may be feeling volatile in a way of releasing things that you’ve felt would never leave. Attitudes, Ways of Speaking and Different Ways of Beings.  There may days you feel like spewing out things to release and give yourself some way to express what you are feeling.  Be mindful of who and what is around you. There’s nothing wrong with releasing, but those around you do not need to be affected by your Volcanic hot lava.  Things in your inner soul which are agitating you to the degree of you wanting to scream. Allow it to be.  What I am saying Beloved is find a way to channel and release your anger,sadness, anxiety or whatever high running emotions in the most gentle way for you without reducing the intensity.  Always think safe! In that Beloved allow your self the freedom to openly and freely express whatever emotions you may be facing this week. They only become more intense as you resist.
Cease to persecute or punish yourself about things which are of dark nature.
Dark feelings are not the enemy nor are they the vile low things we’ve learned them to be. They are the very parts of us which make us grow into being more courageous than we ever thought we could be.  Racy, Uncomfortable, Challenging and Most Agitating emotions cause us to see our selves through the eyes of compassion, grace & mercy in a more earnest way. We realize that those feelings we so despise are the very ones which lead us to Higher Plateaus of Healing.  These strong and most intense feelings lead us to break through in our lives of which we never thought we’d see.
So Beloved the boiling over of the Volcano is for a certain purpose. That which is for purging and refining the parts of you which you feel are too ugly or unpleasant to show to the world.  The Volcano teaches us to accept these eruptions which come forth.  For they are to purge us from energetic properties which serve us no longer.  Namaste’
Be Gentle with your healing.
CHILDHOOD – (Innocence) – Play to Embark On New Creative Journey
The little girl or little boy within Greatly needs your attention. She/He excitedly request this week that you turn within in a deeper manner.  They want to assist you to a deeper level of creativity.  And in order to partake of and embark on this new journey, you must have them as your guide. They are waiting to reignite or fan the flames of your passionate creative force through play or through beautiful childhood memories.
What beautiful childhood memories do you have that make you smile each time they surface?  What beautiful childhood memories make you want to just let loose with carefree pleasure and enjoy all things around you without restriction?
The Gift of ‘Being Present’ in the moment is what your inner child wants to share with you. The Gift of healing all spaces which were hurt and wounded by child hood events is here for you Now. I realize not everyone may be able to recall several happy moments during child hood depending on what you were exposed to. But guess what? You have the power within to reconnect with your inner child and ask them to guide you on the path to healing and reshaping those hurts into beautiful masterpieces of your soul.
So during this week take advantage of this healing power that is always present with you and for you. Allow it to envelop your heart, soul & spirit allowing all hurts to be healed, cleansed and washed with Compassion, True Unconditional Love for Self and Your Inner Child. Much Grace and Mercy are available for you. Be Gentle with both versions of yourself. (Little and Older). They are both Great and Beautiful.  Ase’
WHALE – (Breach)- Breaking Agreements or Old Contracts
Oh Beloved, this is an awesome time as we enter into the changing of seasons through the Winter Solstice. It’s a great time to Breach, Break Free From and Release old things which no longer serve you. Allowing them to transmute into Divine Love & Excellence & Divine Healing.
The Winter Solstice begins the start of Newness for many in the sense this is a time of quiet inner reflection of what’s taken place over this last year and what are your intentions of co-creation for 2017.
Take this time to reflect quietly & detox (mentally,  physically,  emotionally,  spiritually and soul). On all levels to discover what it is your heart truly needs to go forth into a greater healed expression of Self this New Year.  What does your soul need healing from in order to be liberated from any old chains of bondage, those which held you in fear with the mind that you can not do this or that? All of these thoughts are rooted in false identity.  False projections from another’s vision of and for you. Not your True Essence. What is your TRUE Essence?  It’s there waiting for you to discovered.
As the Whale is leaping out of the immersion of waters to embrace its freedom allow it to symbolize to you “Breaking and Ending old traditions,  Ending Old Ways of Being & Reestablishing Ways of being which encourage and provide insight into the depth of you.  Re-establish those things from your Childhood – Youth and Adulthood Experiences which brought you Joy,  Excitement and Pleasure. “
Allow this Breach of contractual agreement with old things to present a fresh new face and attitude toward the things waiting to emerge within you. You are here to change the face of this planet so allow yourself to release and let go Every thing which no long serves to your growth.  Allow your dreams to be unlocked with the breaking of agreements of old things. Step into the freedom of the New You who awaits to be seen and shine before ALL to see. Namaste-Ase’
This completes the General Oracle Coaching Reading for December 18 thru December 24. I appreciate your support.
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General Love/Soul Oracle Coaching 9.19 thru 9.25


This is a GENERAL Love/Soul Reading. Some, All or none of the messages may resonate with you. Whatever the case, keep an open mind while reading. You never know what little nuggets you may receive. Details for a Personal Reading are located at the end of this reading. Thank you. Namaste’

glsc9-19-9-25REST & RECONSIDER (9)

The past week has brought you some challenges relationship wise. Whether with yourself or others. It’s time to regroup and seize the moment to contemplate a new strategy to move forward. Love, Patience and kindness is required with yourself and others moving forward. Reconsider how you can express your needs without being over bearing or forceful. But very much indeed No non sense. Speak your words indeed without the need for repetition. Firm assertion.

Sit back and contemplate how you can make a stronger and clearer declaration with the current situations you face as for people not desiring to comply with request that you have given. What is the best approach for you to take to send a signal that you mean business and that you have every right to ask for what you are requesting. Do not for one minute think the parties involved will be so willing to comply. However, it is your faith and firm assertion that will get this parked or stalled train moving again. No one has the right to refuse what you are asking for at this point as long as you ask, speak, and declare with a strong urgency and power that you have been endowed with from the Most High-Supreme creator and being. You do not have to wait for someone to oblige and bow their hand to do as you wish. It will be done by the forces of the nature and the Universe this week if the person does not comply. Your resting and taking the time to reconsider your position will give you the needed ammunition to present your case before the elder,s those being the spirit guides that have been present with you thus far on your journey. Do not allow anything that you have experienced on this past week or past months or for the fullness of this year bother you in one way or another. Continue to rise in altitude. Come up higher as she has in the oracle to see things from a NEW, IMPROVED VIEW. Things are not as bad as you think. They are actually moving the way they should and need to in order for you to arrive at your appointed destination. Be at peace about the whole situation but please take time this week to recalculate and set a strong strategic plan for how you will move forward. You must learn to handle difficult and hard to deal with people in a different manner this week. Do not apply the same old strategy.

For, I sense Love is beckoning you to come and you won’t be able to answer it with your mind elsewhere on things and people who simply DO NOT matter at this time. Rest, Relax, Breathe and contemplate Royal Ones for your time is near to rise to higher intellect, spiritual wisdom and divine understanding of your purpose on this plane. Namaste’


A harmonious union of two long-awaited soul mates who are entertaining each others energetic presence in a different way this week. The tiresome and lonely vibe that had been lingering is no longer. There is more of an energetic pause as to contemplate with a more deep earnest this week that says I will one day soon very soon connect and meet with this divine soul mate that I have pictured in my mind’s eye (3rd eye) for so long. It will come to fruition as I begin to raise and elevate my vibration to a higher realm and frequency. New energetic love signs are being sent this week between twin flames, soul mates and lovers alike.

For those of you who have been contemplating moving to the next level with a new or current beloved continue to take a view of the relationship as it unfolds. Do not move in a rushed or hurried fashion. But one that is with as much contemplation as there is haste or quick movement. Balance. Be nimble and agile on your feet. Do not allow anyone or anything, nor yourself to bring self sabotage or low energetic thoughts, words, feelings or vibrations into this new budding love adventure. Stay up! Be sure to guard and protect the union with the less people you tell the better at this stage for its new and fragile whether physical or yet to manifest. Be mindful. Everyone does not fancy you meeting your twin mate. Unfortunately, but that’s how the cookie crumbles. It’s ALL GOOD!

At this time, you know in your heart that there is nothing better to focus on at this time. So enjoy the time of the approaching meeting. You do not know where it shall come from. But it can come from anywhere and anytime in this current moon cycle. A new moon is arising at the end of this month. Continue in faith without wavering. Things are not as they seem. But more so greater than you can see right now. Embrace all that there is to have and hold concerning your new love, your divine soul mate. Hold him/her close, not to smother but to draw closer energetically.

In the world of business, be most cautious with business deals of the nature of those who seem to be one thing and are something else. Basically take several steps back and recalculate what you thought about business and do no allow anyone to penetrate, shift or change your mind. Do NOT rush into anything. Be silent and take a new approach as the oracle stated to Rest and Reconsider. For there are some very vital and important risks you may take. But do not be worried, fearful or consumed with rushed or hurried feelings of I must make a decision now. Because when it comes time to make a decision beloved, you will know the best one for you. So take no rushed or hurried approach with business deals but slow, well calculated movement. Mull over them and if the other party becomes hurried and impatient. Quietly and kindly dismiss them for this is a sure sign you do NOT need to do business with this individual. Slow your pace, pay attention to small suggestive ways of beings (words (audible and non audible), attitudes, etc. Ask those around you who may have insight into the business world in a way you do not just yet. Be careful with taking risks and joining forces with those you know nothing about. The right opportunity will have you feeling completely comfortable as you mull over it, as it fits like a second skin or clothing. No pressure and coercion from those who are interested in joining business with you. For they will be compliant and still as you alow it to unfold for you. Be still, Be quiet. Chill. Plan, strategize. Careful movements will lead you to long-term deep success. Don’t be in a Hurry for anything! All things worth having take careful time to lay a foundation. Namaste’


As you made strategic plans regarding presented business deals. Do not make it necessary to focus on them so hard. Strategize. Attain Wise guidance and counsel with those who have been down the road or have some insight and expertise to offer and then go forth into what is calling your heart next. Patience.

This oracle shows new direction with changing your focus. Open yourself to new perception. It’s like take a moment to consider what’s before you. Leave it there and then move forward into the newness of the idea with a different insight. A larger view of what is and what could be. Do Not yet make any final decision for it’s not yet time. Long contemplating I hear and then you will see why you needed to take such gentle time planning. For there will be different things that arise during your time of business planning. For there is an explosion of fireworks coming to set your forward moving into the next year. So before you fold your hands and say that it’s over for me this year. Wait, contemplate and take survey of all you’ve accomplished both mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally in healing. This has been a much-needed foundation. Rejoice in how far you have come. You’ve made a lot of head way. So therefore, give yourself the love you need to move forward into deeper self realization and contemplation of self. There are new forms of yourself yet unfolding. Do not allow the year coming to a swift end stop you from continuing in progress. It may seem slow progress, but I tell you by the sound of the new trumpet blowing of 2017 you will see a new existence unfolding in its beauty to carry you into a new beat for the new year.
As the Autumn Equinox is showing face, things are changing. Hibernation is calling as the leaves began to shift and change so will your ideas, mindset and the perception you hold. Shed and let go old mind frames that may be keeping you hostage and not moving forward. New horizons. New Perspective. New Insight. Be open. Be Focus. Welcome new invention to give your attention to. Focus. New Focus. Change Your Focus. Namaste.

Thank you for your support. It is truly appreciated.
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Love 2 thee- Royal Redd