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2.13 -2.19 General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading/Seeing The Bigger Picture Once Again, Return 2 Simple Things, Shed Old Things, *Bonus-Instinctual Knowings


Greetings & Namaste’ 

This is your General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading for this week. I hope that the Messages of Divine Source shall resonate with you. Be Open. Remain Open. You never know what surprises you are may receive. The words you are needing to hear may just a couple of words away. (smiling). If you should need a Personal Reading, details are will be located at the end of this reading. Gracious Thanks! In-Joy! Let’s Go!!!! 


Forest – Breath

Seeing The Bigger Picture Once Again

Namaste’ Beloved, the Oracle is indicating that you may be heavily feeling the energetic atmospheric shifts lately. And they have been heavy and overwhelming to your mind and body lately. It could be due to your own personal shifts or of those in your space. It’s Understood Beloved that things can get thick and heavy at times especially when you are transforming into something more beautiful. And rising from one height or dimension to another. Whatever the case, you must shift your eyes to the Bigger Picture. 

Step back and take as many deep breaths needed to recenter yourself. Over this last week some things may have taken place which threw you off-center. It happens. In order to step back to regain  balance so that you realign all parts of you. Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Soul. 

Your Breath has become shallow and tight in your chest. Therefore it’s slow,short, tense, anxious and somewhat forced coming out. Signs of an acute anxiety episode. Pause and Stop.

 Perhaps you are needing sometime  to sit quiet and do nothing but several rounds of breathing.  These Body shifts could be due to recent changes of responsibility, meaning more has been added to your day-to-day routine.  If this so, you must learn to take slow steps,  breath slowly and place purposeful and mindful attention on each task. Everything must be done at a slower rate.  No hurrying Beloved. Slow your pace. Release the need to do several things at a time which lead to anxiety episodes. 

 When you can’t see the Forest which represents All that your beautiful changing life has to offer, the Greatness unfolding, the Bigger picture. Well ones Breath becomes restricted,  short and not full.  Indicating factors are shortness in response and possible moody attitudes.  When you sense your body tensing and tightening Beloved stop what’s going on and shift your awareness to your breathing and check in with your body because it’s letting you know something is out of tune. It’s almost as if I feel you may have been emotionally upset to a high level and you didn’t take time to recover correctly. Because your body has become accustomed to taking on high stressful and emotional impacts. Now your body is reflecting anxiety through short and tight breath. Stop at once. You must Stop and regain focus.

 Rebalance, Refresh and Restart.  Find your Balance Beloved. Return to your Breath.  Your Life Force needs to be shifted to see the newness unfolding. Allow it to be so. Fall back,Slow down and catch your Breath.  Breathe deeply and Mindfully do one thing at a time. New habits take time to create so in order to release your breath from being held hostage in the anxiety of what you experienced.  Stop and Give yourself the Personal time needed.  It will be of great benefit to you. 

Shift Consciousness.  Rise above all the Trees so you may see the Big Picture once again. Things are rapidly changing for you. You must regain balance by slowing down your physical responses and actions so you may keep up. Create a Breathing ritual so that you may return to relaxing and having fun. Have fun. Shift your mind to thoughts of Fun in what you are doing instead of I don’t have time and I gotta hurry up. Beloved there is more than enough time to do what is needed if you slow down your pace.  You will then see what you Must do and what can wait.  Ase’

Childhood – Innocence

Return to The Simple Sweet Things of Life…

Beloved, Laugh more.  Play more. Make your day-to-day duties fun. In- Joy.  Allow your heart and mind spaces to be filled with joy and laughter. Find the simplicity in the things you Must do and the things you choose to do. Even in the most mundane and repetitive actions there is something of joy to be found.  

Your inner child is calling you to reshape all things which have caused you to feel stressed out and imbalanced. These type of stressors may have begun in your childhood at a time when you were made to take responsibility for things that were not for you to do. This could be the cause of your lack luster feelings toward doing certain adult hood tasks. It’s totally understandable.  When we are made to take on adult responsibilities in our childhood, it makes us dread taking on those same responsibilities in our adulthood.  I am sensing this may be the case for you in some of your  day-to-day task.  Your attitude may be stale, dry and dull towards certain aspects of your adult hood responsibility.  This is understandable Beloved, but in order to develop a better attitude and outlook on your adult hood responsibilities you must allow your inner child to guide you in reframing and healing those experiences, that you may regain the joy and simplicity which your beautiful life has to offer. 

 I feel you may have a bit difficulty attending to certain tasks you must attend to. If this be the case give yourself permission to experience and feel this anger and resentment working to the root of the pain to release and find peace and joy in the tasks ahead.  For it is your birth right to have joyful and peaceful interactions with the people, places and things you are responsible for giving care. Take the time to go within and heal yourself, allowing your inner child to give you gifts of joy and laughter in the day-to-day Adult tasks you must perform. That you may return to relaxing and having fun. Ase’- Namaste’

DNA- Karma 

Releasing Old Habits to create more Healthy suited ones for Higher Ascension

Beloved you will always be releasing, transforming and reshaping who you are. This means that core and root perceptions which no longer serve you nor are prevalent shall be up rooted. This is part of your evolution process which you must allow your Mind Perception to be Debugged of any old baggage and luggage of your Ancestral roots. 

DNA is the cellular structure of your being which makes you uniquely you. In that DNA you know there are certain programming mindsets and perceptions which have trickled down from your Ancestry to become imbedded deeply in your present way of being.  These programmed attitudes come through in Karma or Consequences of actions. Or the reaping from sowing. Even though you were not the one taking the action you are the recipient of uncleared Karma – Generational Curses by cellular inception, which you are now responsible for clearing. Not fair. Yea I know.  But life is not about fairness.  It’s about gaining and exemplifying Justice, Healing, Order and Law in the your Life. Maat. Through the healing of yourself you can regain all that was taken or displaced by the Ancestral Karma you inherited. 

I currently feel some things may be surfacing which have been deeply imbedded regarding your way of viewing your role and responsibilities in this plane. As for your Calling, Mission and Space of Ruling Domain and Sphere of Influence. This is the place you are supposed to occupy and demonstrate dominion. These surfacing mindsets have made it hard and difficult for you to take responsibility for inhabiting and standing in your ordained and called sphere of Power and influence.I feel a previous Ancestors may have had difficulty in establishing a strong sphere of influence for change and betterment of themselves and the lives of others in their tribe and community. But guess what? You are the game changing piece. It’s NOW trickled down to you for you to heal it and take ownership of the Divine space you occupy for your self and Ancestor lineage to be free to exercise their dominion in this earth. 

Take this as a Great honor Beloved for it is.  You shall be and are already triumphant as you choose to move through and heal any mindsets of stagnation which cause you to not want to experience Higher realms of Responsible Conscious thinking that you may be the Bright Star who lights the path for All who are seeking Higher ground. Ase’-Namaste’ – Hotep (Divine Blessings)

Bonus: Wolf-Instincts

Follow your Ancient Knowing.  Follow Your Divine nature

As you behaved in the times past as an Ancient primordial force you must return to this essence of you Beloved.  You must learn to hear it and heed it.  

The Wolf is a pack animal which believes in being loyal to those they call family.  Since this is the case you are being called to a higher level of inner discipline that you may be a sound and balanced guiding light for those who will seek guidance.  You must become much more deeply involved and loyal to your own personal views and convictions. 

Be clear and grounded in who you are as the Divine  Feminine or Divine Masculine.  Do not give into the pressure of the opposite sex which may not perceive nor understand you where you are headed or even themselves for that matter. Do not allow another’s perception to become yours. You May integrate pieces of their knowledge in your frame of truths ,But Do not Give Anyone Permission To steal or hijack your Perception of truth. Do not give your power away. Do not give into this old way of being which made you submit to those who were not fit or worthy of your submission. Giving your powerful essence away,  giving away your right to see as you do will only cause you to be resentful, irritated and angry towards another who is not consciously aware of their power of influence.

 As a pack leader you must remember to Balance the receiving of suggestions and the integration of others thoughts and opinions. They are important but  not necessary always. Suggestions are fine.  But no one’s opinions, truth and perceptions are Absolute and Final in your space. Only yours!!!

You must make sure as rising Pack leader that you do not allow yourself to fall into this pit becoming a guide or leader who can not hear and possibly integrate an idea or thought of another’s truth which may help you guide better. But I caution you there will be many who come  consciously and unconsciously aware with intention to lead a stray. Remember the Wolf is a presence of Alpha leadership. In this powerful presence know you do not have the right to dominate anyone and force them to see what you see, nor do you have the obligatory to bow according to the way another sees. Stand your ground Alpha pack leader. Follow and Heed your Ancient Instincts.  Regain, Recover and Rebalance your nature essence of what it looks like for a Divine Alpha Goddess or Divine Alpha God to lead in the WAY YOU DO. Not the way someone else thinks or suggests you should.  Stand Your Ground Alpha leader and be seen for the power force you are.  Ase’ – Namaste’ 

Thank You for your support.  I hope that you have received some messages which you find helpful for your journey growth. For a Personal Reading please visit: www.oraclesofroyalty.com Or Email:Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com 

Gracious Thanks – Royal Redd


2.6-2.12 General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading…Crown Chakra, Sun Goddess & Balance


Greetings Beloveds, This week I am using the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck. I will be do the Numerology so that you may see the attributes behind the Total Sum are vibrating with the Divine Messages coming to you. Be mindful that All parts of the message may not resonate with thee. However, remain open to hear what small bit may come through. In that, if you require further insight, Please see the end of the reading for how you may contact me for your own Personal Reading. Well Darlings, Let’s get into it! Ciao! 


Let’s begin with the Vibrational Number for this week. 7. Yes! Remember this is the Total sum of ALL NUMBERS: 2+6=8/3+3=6/2+9=11, 1+1=2. : [8+6]+2=14+2=16 1+6=7. Now, Let’s see what’ 7 has to say to us this week. You are going through some rapid Spiritual development– in some areas you felt like you should be farther along in. Growth spurts. Have fun! You’ve been or are starting to get deeper nudges from your Intuition, that Inner Knowing. You are actually becoming more sensitive to your body feelings. Listen to them. They are directing you. Don’t dismiss them nonchalantly. Allow your body feelings bring you into a Higher Spiritual Enlightenment. Higher Spiritual Awakening & Spiritual Awareness. Ase’ (So Be It) There you have it. Let’s In-joy your weekly Reading. Ase’ (So Be IT) 


I know I am part of Source and my life is guided by Divine Wisdom

Beloveds,  we know that our Crown Chakra is at the top of our head. It is the portal door and gateway to the Universal Consciousness & Divine Intelligence that you embody more and more as you travel and venture upon the Earth plane. You reflect the Divine Source who is the magic within you which causes you to create greatness. Your Crown Chakra wants to remind you of these things this week. You must know even more deeply that you are a part of a Divine Universal Source which is never rendered depleted. This Divine Source is Limitless and you embody the essence of a limitless being. Remind yourself of this daily during the week. And continuing forward. You are Greatly Awakening to your gifts even more this week. As mentioned in our Number Vibration, 7 embodies accelerated Spiritual Awakening. You are going through a rapid acceleration in your Spiritual development this week. You are beginning to see things which you never saw before. Things which you never thought you’d uncover the mystery. You are starting to uncover long time hidden mysteries which had been in your focus once before but you dismissed them puzzling. For you hadn’t divinely aligned to the place of needing this information. But Now you have. So open yourself to even greater Spiritual Enlightenment which your crown chakra desires to release unto you. Ase’ 


I celebrate each sunrise and recognize the healing energies of the sun. 

Ancient Wisdom comes to you this week through the Sun Goddess. She depicts Aset or Isis with the 2 calf horns and sun disc upon your head. This is the very fire which she receives her vitality. According to Sun God-Ra. The warm fierceness of the sun purges and purifies any toxins which still linger and are keeping you from seeing the Sun within shining brightly and more radiantly as the time goes on. As you celebrate the beauty of your radiant life, you will know there are NO limits to how bright your Radiance shall reflect. You no longer live in a box. You are standing freely outside of restrictive forces in your mind which painted illusions to appear as if you were being held back. You are not being restrained any longer by the former programming. You have been given a new perception, along with boldness and courageous faith.

This is a great time Goddess to do healing of your Sacral  & Solar Plexus Chakras as the Oracle is orange and vibrant as your Sacral, along with the Sun Goddess representing your Solar Plexus which is receiving vitality and healing from Sun entity which causes All things upon Mother Earth to thrive and be made more healthy as they receive it. So, Beloved take the time to allow anything and everything which no longer benefits you to your highest in your Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras to be purged. As you do I sense that you will receive more independence and freedom to soar higher into the newness which is calling you forth.

As the Dragon takes flight it is a representation of the fire and power of your Kundalini rising in its vibration and frequency, aligning with a greater power and balance. It is said the Dragon is your rock when you feel vulnerable, shaken in your self or unclear on your next step. The dragon is known to be able to balance in all types of elemental atmospheres (Rain (water), Fire, Wind & Earth) Ase’. Along with the ability to be a grounding force for you in transition from one elemental force to the next. Dragon is also known for: Power, Mystery, Success, Prosperity, Abundance, Good Luck, Fortune. Allow these attributes to be ingrained into your being as your transition to Higher excellence. Ase’ (So be it) 


I understand and embrace the opposing forces in life that bring about balance.

Darlings, while you may be feeling some struggle to balance in certain areas of your life. As the message says to have Understanding and Embrace these opposing forces bring about balance in your life. It is key that you do not fight or find yourself in a resistant tug of war with your duality. You are light and shadows. You are 2 forces which complement each other. They are one force operating in 2 different dispensations. One will not be like the other and the other will not be like it’s counterpart. But it will. Lol! The 2 can not be separated Beloved. When we try to separate one as being greater than the other or possibly one being less than the other, we encounter resistance and friction.  It’s as if you are saying to a portion of you, “Hey you need to be more like this side” When this is not possible. Your light is light for a reason. It is as the Sun which radiates in your Darkness to show the way. As the Sun lights or warms the Moon with its hot surface. As the Yang is Hot. This is the purpose of the Light (sun). The Masculine. The Logic portion of you. The mind if you will come to assemble directions to guide you by its Light in the Dark spaces. Embrace. It’s the Illumination of you. The Divine Awareness which must come through the Shadows in order to be seen. Light is not seen or reflected in Light. It’s only reflected in Darkness. 

Just as the Light is beautiful, The Darkness is Beautiful as it Is. It doesn’t need to become Light, for it is the FEMIFESTATION- of All that Exists (intangible and tangible). All that you see in the material world once was hidden in the obscurity of Darkness. Darkness is your friend not your enemy. There is nothing against you unless you perceive it as such. Darkness is the cold of Yin which is the wet source water which provides inner nourishment to keep all of our organs operating properly. Yin is water which flushes our bodies of toxins and poisons. Yin is the water we bathe in to cleanse our bodies as the amniotic sac we were enclosed in within our mothers womb for safety and sterility from any foreign bodies which try to harm the precious cargo Mother had on board. Lovely.

So Beloved, work even deeper this week to embrace both sides of your beauty. For they are both needed to bring a most harmonious balance and grace in your life. You need this in order to thrive and ascend even higher in the clarity and Consciousness of you.

Our Zebra animal spirit brings the gifts of Clarity and Memory. You are becoming much more clear on situations that have presented themselves in a certain way. You are gaining insight into the why behind the situation. Along with clarity, your memory is being purged and cleansed as certain old programming resurfaces for you to a look at. This week, You may catch glimpses of your self behaving like someone who once held a heavy influence in your life (parent, grandparent old friend, or acquaintance, etc). This is ok. Allow yourself to play this role for your acting is bringing much-needed clarity as to why you experienced certain situations as you did in your up bringing.

The mystical magic presence of the Zebra is propelling you forward in finding a much-needed BALANCE between your Primal/Primordial Instinctual nature and Intuitive essence. Once again the Ancient existence of you is always thriving, alive and aware of all going on within and around you. You can  tap into this force within you through your Intuitive nature. Allow the Psychic nature to speak and show you what you need to see and have been in search of.  You’ve been in search of the Primordial existence which is already within you always connecting and returning you to your Ancient senses (Ancestral lineage). Intuition is the aspect of what you are feeling and sensing in connection with your nature. Allow the 2 forces to be integrated. Forming a more blended and balanced you. Beloved, this is an awesome journey you are on. Continue to allow the gifts of the Zebra offering Divine Balance (Maat) to come from femifestation to manifestation in your life as you connect more deeply with your Primordial self. Ase’-Namaste’ -Hotep (Blessings)

Gracious Thanks to you All. It is has been my pleasure to share these beautiful Messages of Source with you. It is my hope that you have received some relative information for your path this week and going forward. If you require a Personal Reading. Please reach out to me at http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com for a list of services and or Email me at: Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com for questions. Thanks once again. 

Peaceful Joy- Royal Redd

1.29-2.5 -General Love Soul Oracle Soul Coaching Reading-Cleanse Thy Self, Grounding, Transformation…


Greetings Loves, May this Love Soul Relationship Reading/Coaching be a blessing to thee this day. May you receive messages which speak to you. Remain Open! If you require a Personal Relationship Reading. Details are at the end of the reading on how to do so. In-Joy. Namaste’ 



Making Space for New Things, New Connections. Cleanse Away the Old

Beloved, you are being required to do some extra deep cleansing on your mental space and heart space. What things linger in your thinking which stem from feelings you hold in your heart around how past relationships have turned out fo you? Or centered around if you are fit for a relationship with someone you have been dreaming about for sometime? Beloved, if this person is showing up in your heart space perhaps it is a sign to say they are thinking of you as well. Why do you yet feel you are unworthy to receive love from this person or another? You must arrest and overthrow the thoughts which say, “You’re still not good enough to be in this persons presence” For there is a window of opportune time approaching that may allow the paths of the two to cross and you must be ready to receive this individual in the very best place of divine essence which you resonate.

Darling, it is key that you take some time to sit still in a cleansing spiritual bath or take a long peaceful walk in nature and listen to all that you hear which comes up. Listen to the birds and other nature beings to see what messages they are communicating to you about how you feel about you and your past disasterous relationships (personal, romantic, family and business alike). Acknowledge these messages for what they bring forth. Listen, Hear, Receive and Allow these messages to assist in reframing your mind frame. ASe’ .This Cleansing is pertinent to prepare your space for more fruitfulness which is coming your way. Do not hesitate to take time for yourself to deeply cleanse those spaces  within which you have pushed aside. This may even be physical cleaning as for rearranging and reordering your house.

Allow your soul to direct you into the areas of your being which have been covered up by old ways of thinking and being. Under those old out of date programs there are new perceptions of yourself that are waiting to be discovered. Cleanse away the debris from your eyes and heart that you may see more clearly beloved.

Deep breathing exercises such as a simple “Om” chant assist with opening the heart chakra. Along with saying “Ah” in a chant rhythm for a certain number of minutes. Repeat it several times. This tone and vibration are more felt in the throat and spread down the heart. This vibration has the ability to open up your space and repel and release those things which have attached themselves to your aura. Shake off all funkiness  which has attached itself to you. Shake free from them beloved so that you can welcome newness. Press through the stagnation. You can do it. You are empowered to do so. Ase’


Return to her, Listen to Her, Embody Her. She will guide you and plant you in Success.  

Mother Earth is calling you by the vibration of your heart to return to all things which provide grounding stability for you. From sounds, to food and laughter. Singing. Arts & Crafts. What are the things which make you feel more grounded and connected to yourself? Rediscover these things at this time for it is important that you do so to keep yourself focused, balanced and in order as you progress on your path. There are new things being birthed into your space and if you are not grounded and stable in the way you should handle these things,  you will be unnecessarily stressed and unable to make a proper and best decision. You are way more than capable to do so than you currently realize. Focus on your heart chakra so that you can clear the space within which brings stagnate and fearful thoughts your way. Along with heart focus remember to make sure you are grounded in your lower chakras to bring about a whole and centered state of being.  Mother Natures essence is about returning us to our sense of stability, order and self-love in a deeper way. 

Beloved, take this time to focus on those things which bring love into your heart center in a way  which you are not used to experiencing. Open yourself to the rich tones and hums of Mother Earths vibration that you may be filled with joyous love which will repel anything low and propel you into a deeper sense of self empowerment. She’s listening and waiting for your presence to return to her garden where beautiful vitality and strength are available to you. Take the time to stand still and ground yourself in the beautiful sensations and sounds you feel and hear in Mother Nature. Allow them to permeate the very core of your soul that they may be food and nourishment to thee. Namaste’ 


Transformation is giving you wings to soar and follow the dreams of your heart’s desire. Embrace this New beginning. Auset

Beloved, I am sensing new beginnings for you in which you are embracing more deeply the feelings of your heart space. More compassion and deeper sensitivity are being birthed. Feelings that give you strength to press forward when you’d rather sit down and do nothing. Allow the transformation and new birth of the Butterfly to usher you into a new-found sense of independence and self-worth. She symbolizes coming out of the darkness of your incubated state, to embrace the world around you. To show the world the beautiful colors of your wings which are still strengthening. The more you use your wings the  more they will take on strength and lift you higher. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed if you stumble and fall a bit. Lol! It’s all apart of getting used to the newness of your beautiful wings. You are finding your balance and becoming one with your new body. 

You may be seeing transforming of relationships in a way that you did not think would take place, for you’ve done a lot of work to keep certain relationships going and it just seemed like there was no change. And behold the Butterfly signifies newness and breaking through the cocoon stage which made you feel trapped and unproductive. Beloved, even in this stage of so called unproductiveness, much has been weaved together in the quietness and solitude of the cocoon. So do not frown upon the cocoon phase as something that was unproductive. For it has brought you to this place that says,”I’ve went through the tight and cramped space which made me feel pressured as heavy things were upon me as if they’d collapse upon me.”

But you made it. Continue to keep hope alive in your heart which speaks that you can soar high above any circumstances which arise in your personal relations with Self and others. The Butterfly is about the restoration of Beauty to even a more glorious state than before. Keep Hope close thine heart. There may be a part of your life which looks bleak or not promising in the sense of you not knowing if it shall yield any promising fruit. Stay with it. I have a feeling things are going to surprise you and shape up in a way that you were not anticipating. Be wise in all your affairs. Set and Keep Strong Personal  Boundaries. Feel no guilt in doing so. Do not give up hope. Stand strong in the faith you possess. It will carry you to a much higher ground of promise and power than you have ever dreamed if you just hold onto it. Hold Fast. Namaste’ Ase’ 

Thank you for your support. I hope you have received some messages from Spirit which will guide you along your path this week. If you require a Personal Love/Soul Reading. Please contact me at: Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com or visit: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com 

Love to thee, 

Royal Redd



General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 1.16-1.22 ~ Primordial Instinct/Special Ritual/Dream Like Never Before!!!


Greetings & Namaste’ Beloved Ones, Here’s your General Oracle Coaching/Reading for this week. It is my hope that some of if not all of the Divine Messages shall resonate with your heart. If you find they do not resonate. Please contact me for a Personal Reading to give you direction and insight to any questions you may have. Information on how to do so is located at the end of the reading. So…Keep an Open mind as you read you never know what Spirit may speak to you. Let’s Begin…In-Joy!


WOLF (Instinct) 

Beloved this week you must return to your primordial wisdom in a way that you’ve connected. Ancient Wisdom calls you from previous lives. It desires to be re-integrated into your being once again. That it may provide counsel and spiritual guidance to you as well as others who seek you out for spiritual insight & guidance. 

The lessons learned of past lives are here to accompany you and be of assistance to you at this very pivotal and transitioning time. There are many unfamiliar energies around you which are priming you for the Most Divinely aligned times of Rich Opportunity which will present itself in All areas of your life, shortly to come.  

The Wolf is here at this time of transition to be a protective force against any difficult or harsh energies which may desire to divert or detour your attention from more important matters.

As you set out on new adventures into the unknown and currently hidden parts of life you’ve never experienced. New parts of your intellect, spirituality and personality will take on new forms. New territory calls for thinking and see from many different angles. No thinking with the attitude of “there’s only one way to do this or there’s only one way to solve the situation”. At this time on your path and journey  IT IS very necessary to begin thinking way outside of the “old ways” of solution finding and completing tasks. Take small baby steps in this new area. Do not pressure yourself into jumping into this new and unknown territory without first doing some investigation of the energetic entities inhabiting these new terrain spaces. As you feel comfortable and confident in your ability to face whatever presents itself, Step Out and Don’t look back. Because YOU GOT THIS!

The Ancient Ones accompanying you on this portion of your journey are well equipped to give you the guidance needed when you request it. Trust Your Self And Know Deeply Within That You are Making the Right Decisions at the Time You need to make them. Always! Namaste’-Ase

CEREMONY (Invocation)  

It’s time to have a special quiet ritual for yourself to call on some assistance from the Spirit guides you are most deeply connected to. Some of us have 1 or a few we work with often. Others have an unlimited number they access depending on the necessity of what you are desiring to create. Whatever your needs may be on this portion of your journey, do not hesitate to call upon the help of those spirit guides which are able to navigate the new territory you enter. 

Make the ceremony or ritual of invocation special. Set out candles, Crystals, Possibly Special items of clothing or other objects the spiritual guides like. Their favorite food or beverage may be a nice offering. All of these energetic offerings are a nice way to show your guides you appreciate their assistance. These are also ways to more easily connect with them. Beautiful. Have Fun & In-Joy making your dreams a reality with the assistance of your spiritual guides. Divine Pleasure. In-Joy. 

DREAMTIME (Creation)

Dream, Dream, Dream like you’ve never dreamt Beloved. Allow your mind to begin to soar into new spaces and dimensions of creative energy. There are so many different ways you can bring your hearts presence and soul force to this earth. Explore new ideas you never thought you’d try. Come out of your comfort zone. No IDEA IS TOO BIG!  If you can think it, then there is a portal of creation waiting for you to access it to bring that dream forth. You just have to be bold enough to want to discover the path to creation. As this path unfolds and reveals itself to you, thank yourself for possessing the courage to move out into the unknown spaces. 

See New visions. Dream New Dreams. Arrange your dream in a way that is something that you’ve never considered. There are truly no limits, only the ones we self impose. So this will take some work on your part of releasing old thoughts patterns rooted in self inhibiting ways, making room for more Higher Conscious streams of thought. No more, “I can’t or I’m not sure” But INSTEAD: “I AM ABLE! I WILL! I AM DETERMINED TO NOT GIVE UP OR QUIT. I AM SUCCESSFUL”. Allow your mind to expand beyond its normal capacity and boundaries of creation. Stretch yourself. You can do it! Have fun as always, return to your childhood innocence to retrieve ideas to incorporate. Who knows what piece of your childhood may be relived through the creation of your dreams. Expansive wide and large things are coming to you in your Dreaming! Dream Big! Dream Huge! Dream Grand! Dream! Don’t stop dreaming. Ase’ -Namaste’ 

This completes your General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading for the week. I hope some of the messages resonated with you. If there were no messages for you, Please visit me at: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com for a list of services or email me @ Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com with questions on booking a session. I look forward to serving you. Ase’

Royal Redd Peace 

General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 1.16-1.22, Your Luck Is Blooming, Transformation thru Death, Soul Mate Connections


Greetings Beloved, This is a General Relationship Oracle Reading. Some or All messages may resonate with you. If desire a Personal Relationship Reading, directions on how to do so will be listed at the end of this reading. Thank you in advance for your continued support. In-Joy



This week Beloved,  you may be seeing or feeling a change of luck for you in your relationships. Perhaps new Business partnerships. are forming. Energetically or Physical manifestation.  

You may be feeling like everything around you is starting to show  signs of awakening and moving into pre-birth. You’re beginning to see the opening of the petals of your well planted intentions flourish. 

Allow yourself to receive and embrace the promises which are beginning to unfold. 

Allow yourself to remain focused and not distracted by any old programming which may surface. Give yourself the opportunity to experience the pre-cursor of possibly new relationships to come. Or perhaps current ones are taking on forms you never dreamed. Open to the newness unfolding and experience joy and love in a greater way.


Death is signaling you must allow some things to be released, come to an end and die off in this new season. Different ways of your thinking must change. There’s a rebirth coming. Transformation. Birthing of a new way of self-expression. 

The manner in which you communicate or share your gifts may have been limited or stifled. You may have felt unsure of how you would be received in some aspects of sharing your truth. 

The thinking behind how you will be received must switch.  You must transition to a more confident place which states that as you receive yourself in truth and in love. Those who will hear your truth shall receive you in truth and love as well. 

This is a new time of you beginning to see that you must continue to move forward no matter how uncomfortable it is. In the midst of your new birthing you shall draw the strength you need to confidently speak without fear or worry of if you shall be accepted or received. Accept your words as true expressions of your soul. They may be a bit misaligned. But it’s ok. Give yourself a break. Be gentle with your souls growth.  Allow your “new reality” to be birthed, by you releasing All that would cause you to feel less than. Release all forms of self-denial and self sabotage which cause you to shine less brighter than u should.  Cease the need to second guess yourself when you are not sure how to say something. Articulate your words as clear and confident as you can and understanding will come to them who need it as they are open. 

Please cease putting so much pressure on yourself to be understood.  It’s OK if some do not understand you.  This rebirth is more about you realizing your gifts in a deeper way along with accepting the presence, power and responsibility of your gifts. The Greatest is to accept yourself as perfectly Loved in the midst your imperfect Transformation taking place.

This Oracle signifies you must be open to experience things you have never witnessed. Death is all about the Unknown. It’s about you tackling it with courage and boldness.  It’s all about CROSSING OVER into Newness and moving into territory you have never walked. New places can be uncomfortable and scary but do not allow what beauty lies ahead to escape you due to False illusions.  Move forward no matter what and you’ll see what’s waiting there for you. Glorious workings of newness.  Namaste’ 


The Soul Mate card is back again for a second week stating new connections are being formed.  Partnership, Deeper connection with Self resonation, Deeper connection with current Soul mate connection. Possible business partnership blossoming.  

Take the new connections as bridges of connection to build upon. Be open to shifts and changes you didn’t expect.  

Whatever way the energies align will be comforting and lovingly in order for you. Focus on what makes your relationships thrive. Create together with your Partner and Family relationships sustainable ideas and mechanisms which are for the growth and fortification of your relationships.  Have fun in this process of creation.  Remember 2 minds are better than one.  Namaste. 

Thank u for your support.  This is your General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading. I hope you received some insightful and guiding wisdom.  If you require a Personal reading please go: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com or email: Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com 

General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading- 1.8 thru 1.15….Tell Your Joyful Story, Chill & Relax For a Moment, Nature Walk…


Greetings Beloved, This is your Weekly General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. Please Be Open to the messages for some or all messages may resonate with you. For those that do not receive any messages or want clarity on the ones you’ve received information on how to book a Personal Reading will be at the end of this reading.  In-Joy.


The Number vibration for this week is 2. [ 1+6= 7*, 3*, 2+8=10*]
{7+3= 10 (1)+ 10= 11} for a Total of 2.

2 represents Duality. Polarity-That which seems to have nothing to do with the other is actually connected just from a different aspect. Pay close attention to the things which occur that you may consciously dismiss as having one having nothing to do with the other. Harmony and Balance are 2 attributes which you will bring a stronger focus to this week. Harmony of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine aspects of your beautiful self. Along with aligning yourself to receive New Partnerships & Relationships. Go forth and In- Joy beloved. Namaste’

16- Call On Joy Your Guides

Tell Your Story of Joy  

Beloved, laughter is medicine to your heart. It brings healing and restores your joy to your presence. LATELY, It seems as if laughter has been somewhat missing in your life. Some things may have recently occurred, throwing you an unexpected blow. Knocking the breath out of you and now your joy is leaking or seeping out. Or u may feel your Joy Balloon was straight popped. That’s no fun. I know that feeling from past and recent experience. And you know what? It Shall be a Catalyst for New Beginnings to take place. As you continue to move forward it shall transmute itself into ALL Love. You must attune your eye sight to a new vision. Transform into Higher Sight. Higher Consciousness brings you into New Clean Perception.

Beloved Beauty, it’s time for you to revive yourself. Get your second wind. Find love again in the sense of those things which create happiness and joy within. Those things which give you the energy release you need to be motivated into moving forward and embracing the new phases of your life which are before you.

Call forth your Joy Spirit Guides that are there for you. They want to assist you in re-creating those fun things you like to do. Call them unto you. They are waiting for you to give them permission to assist. Another way to return unto Joy is Gratitude. Be full of Gratitude for All you have experienced for these things whether happy or sad moments. Show a Gracious Heart and your joy will begin to return. Ase’- Namaste’

3- Downtime

Relax & Rest For a Spell

Beloved you have been on the hamster wheel possibly since the ending of the old year. Constantly going and going without giving your self the required rest for the fullest and best operation ensuring your success. Now, You must indeed get somewhere and rest and take time for Self. You are being called to energetically replenish by taking time to slow down and relax. Don’t stop all together. Just slow down. Becoming more attuned to Your Higher Self once again. Constant movement drains your battery source making you unstable, unfocused and imbalanced.

To return to the balance of your power you must take time for yourself and chillax. Relax and chillax. So, Breathe and Exhale. Allow yourself the time to sit a bit and veg out. Do some fun brainstorming and sketching of things you’d like to create. Reconnect to your power source by feeding your soul with some of the lovely things it likes to partake. It will truly give you a fresher outlook on the next steps you are to take as you emerge refreshed. Ase’

28- Walk It Off

Shake It Off. Take Nothing Personal

Shake it off Beloved. You’ve hit a wall. You may have walked into a situation which threw your balance out of whack. Or maybe you’ve allowed someone in your space (past or present) whom did not deserve to be there. They left a funky residue and now you’re doing your best to shake free from their energetic/physical presence.
Get outside Beloved as much as you can this week. Nature is a quick rebalancing force. The elements of Nature will reset you to a calm space of mind bringing Peaceful energies back to your heart and soul.

Be mindful in this transition time to be very aware of those types of energetic presences you have around you. Not everyone is welcome or should be privy to what you are creating. Recalculate. Reorganize your space as you ground in the lovely presence of Mother Nature. She awaits your presence so that you may enrich yourself and watch your strength of focus return.

You must also learn to NOT take things Personal. When you allow yourself to take situations personal you become the victim. Weakening your eyesight to what is truly going on. We have no time for playing small in 2017. Let go of all victim and self sabotaging mindsets which would keep you stagnant. Let this be a red flag when you begin to feel patterns of mental and physical stagnation emerging, Check to see what is obstructing your view. Clear it. Walk it Off. Return to Your Own Unique Harmonious Balance with the Mother and all beings around you. Namaste’ Ase.

Beloved this has been your General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading for the week. It is my hope some of the messages have resonated with you. If you desire a more Personal Reading to see what energies surround you. Please visit me at: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com Or Email:Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com with any questions.

Love 2 thee & Thank you for your continued support.
Namaste- Ase’
Royal Redd

Love ~ Soul Oracle Coaching Reading… 1.8 ~ 1.15, New Divine Connections, U R Safe From Within, Abundantly Flowing R Thee…


Gracious Greetings Beloveds, This is your General Love/Relationship Coaching with an overview of the energies which may be present for you this week. All or Some of the messages may resonate with you. Please Be Open To the Messages of Spirit. You never know what you may receive. Now, If you desire deeper insight of the messages given, or perhaps there were no messages for you. Please Connect With Me For Your Own Unique Energy Specific Oracle Coaching Readings. Instructions on how to do so will be located at the end of this Reading. Thank You In Advance Beloveds. In-Joy! 



Stronger Bridges Being Build Through New & Old Soul Connections

New, Tighter & Stronger Soul Mate Connections are being formed for you this week. Whether these people are already present or to come, there is a strong essence of New Beginnings all around. You are becoming more Deeply Connected & Open in Your Heart Space. This week you are feeling more open about sharing your Heart Space with those who are already in your life. Those who’ve shown themselves in a short time that they are true and genuine. Through their words, deeds and actions. Through their consistent and interconnected way of being. Some over a long period of time have shown you these aspects of themselves. Now that you have gathered as much assurance as needed from these individuals you must now begin to make a more focused effort to create more balanced expectations of your (current) Soul Mate connections and those which are to come. Bring Maat into the space of your heart in a more deeper centered way and more employing a more rounded perspective which will bring you the tailor-made individuals your space requires in this New Season of life. These next steps which you take on this new unknown journey will require a certain type of Divinely inspired connection. Not just anyone can be in your space Beloved. Especially not now.

Sometimes in times past, you may have been one to allow certain types of undesirable low vibrating beings to linger in your personal heart space for too long. Meaning you’ve allowed anger and sometimes bitterness to fester in your emotions against someone in your past whom had caused you much pain due to you being way too open with those who didn’t truly have your best interest at heart. Not always intentional in their wrong doings. Unaware and Unconscious of these acts, these type of energetic presences are resurfacing. Some may be physically or simply an old energy pattern/program resurfacing that you may revisit it for a deeper and cleaner sweep of healing. Beloved, what ever the situation which may present itself as, Be firm in your approach of handling these matters. Be clear from within where you stand on these matters. Remember you have done a lot of deep inner healing on your heart and emotions. Do Not Be Afraid to Stand Up For Your Self. Do Not Allow Fear to make you close your mouth and not speak your truth. Do Not allow yourself to cower under the pressure of any old energetic mental patterns which may surface, making it appear as if you haven’t done sufficient work on your self. You have worked hard and long in stabilizing and bringing your emotional balance in Divine Alignment of how you see things for yourself in different Soul Mate connections- Love, Family-including our pets, Partnership, Companionship & Business. Stay Firm. Stand Your Ground and Do NOT BE MOVED By OLD Energies which come to test you to see if you have conquered the false illusions of things which once appeared to be the most vile,rough and harsh situations. Instead these things did not have the power to break you but instead you took that energy and reshaped it to build you up and strengthen you. Even upon these old energies re-surfacing you are learning to attune to the frequency of energy present to harness this energy and switch it into that which you need. Magical One, Do That Thang Like Only You Do! Ase’

Safe Travel 

You Are Safe Wherever You Go

Different Signs, Sounds & Presence of you traveling in new unknown direction and new uncharted dimensions are all around you. There is a certain tone in the atmosphere around you which indicates that you are about to head into something so unfamiliar to you in which it may make you uneasy in some ways. Uneasy with excitement, curiosity and slight jilted bit of fear.  But remember Sweet Darling the essence of fear is that it’s projecting/reflecting back to you the things in the dark you must discover about yourself. The New Self You Must Become On This New Path. 

You may feel a bit overwhelmed at times Beloved and this is quite alright. Just take a few steps back and breathe deeply as many times as you need to regain your posture. Stepping back helps to gain a different perspective of how you Be More (more empowered and efficient) & Do Less (exert less energy) You are calm, cool and collected. You are well in control of your space. Feelings are just that Feelings. Allow yourself to feel them and connect with them, flow through them and allow them to pass. Center yourself in nature whether by getting out into it if weather permits or by bringing nature (plants, pets, playing nature ambience) into your indoor space and meditating on them. Talk with them and receive their healing vibrations as you send forth Love. 

Entering into a New Space one of which you’ve never seen can be a bit uncomfortable. But Beloved, know that the uncomfortable space is something you will learn to manage with ease as long as you continue to turn within, connect with Self to maintain the strong focus of what it is you truly desire to create in your new travels into the unknown. Have HIGH & EXCITING Expectancy of what you would like to see come forth. Don’t short yourself Beloved with thoughts of “this won’t happen for me” or “this is requires so much energy, I don’t know if I am up to it” Beloved ALL things GREAT, BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL & ABUNDANTLY FLOWING can happen at any time as you give them permission to do so. By being more and more open in your heart space.

Be realistic about what you can accomplish in a specific space of time as to not overwhelm yourself by exerting large of amounts of unproductive energy, due to you taking on too many tasks. Give Your Self Enough Time to Finish the Big To DO’s. Don’t add too many BIG TO DO’S in one day. Give closer attention to how much time it takes you to accomplish certain tasks leading you to become more effective and efficient in your planning & organizing that you are sure to produce the desires of your heart. Time Management is very important, Slow your pace, gain a greater focus on what you’d like to manifest and KNOW within that “I Got It! I Can Do This By The Divine Empowering Source Within Me. I Am Excellent, Awesome and Well Able to Accomplish All Things.” Know This From Deeply Within Beloved Because you are created and fashioned after Excellence. Thrive, Live & Express. Excellence. Namaste’ 


Abundance Flows Freely From Within Thee

The Wealth which resides within you is flowing freely. Many blockages, plugs and stagnant behaviors which have held you in bondage for many, many, years and for some most of their life. They are being removed with a serious power and presence of Abundance unfolding and beginning to flow more freely in your life. 

You have long since been diligently preparing yourself for the new unknown sphere which is rapidly approaching you at High Frequency & Speed. It’s almost as if you are in a wind tunnel that is pulling you into it like a cyclone tornado. You are being caught up and magnetically pulled into the strong attraction of abundance with your name on it. In all areas of your relationships, expect change. If you have been longing for and preparing for a Love Soul Mate, you may be entering into the space of time shortly in that receiving your deepest wishes and desires concerning your heart. Stay focused, Do not waver in your heart desires of your Divine Soul Mate. I feel a strong Masculine energy around this reading in the sense that it is pulling the Divine Feminine forth into its presence at alarming rate in which any day you can meet face to face in the realm of physicality. Perhaps if you’ve been paying close attention you’ve received many synchronizing occurrences which show the promise of Loves New Awakening which is dawning upon you. Let it come forth in its own time. Remain Open, Remain Expecting Great Things To Come. Allow Your Self To Experience your New Life Unfolding in ways you’ve always imagined.

Beloved, To whom much is given, Much is required. If you have asked for Greatness, Bigness and Awesome Things to Come unto thee. Then you must dig deep into your heart and connect with courage to Open yourself to these things and Receive them. They will be Greater than you could have ever imagined or hoped for. Brace yourself. You are in for a glorious journey. Yes! Patience is required to see it through. Maintain attitudes of Patience & Gratitude. These 2 energies will draw to you rapidly what you seek in a Soul Mate. Ase’ (SO BE IT) 

In the World of Business, you are meeting new partners who you may feel your soul resonating with to connect and create on a Larger spectrum than previously. Teaming up with the correct partner for you is key. You will know who you can align yourself with and whom you can not. Whatever it may be, Be open to All possibilities. Do not judge a book by its cover. Carefully Read enough of the pages of this unique book (person, opportunity) before you, allowing your total being (mind-body, soul & spirit) to experience the fullness. Then decide what is best for you. You are seeking fullness and wholeness. This is newness Beloved. Give yourself permission to feel and embrace the fullness. 

And Last, Family connections are growing stronger and healing. For some of you it may be the energetic connection of a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. Do not allow this time to be soured by old occurrences. If you see any of these old things awakening acknowledge them with a heart of compassion for yourself and the other involved. Do not let them stop you from moving forward into gaining the heart understanding of your family member. Sibling, Mother, Aunt, Uncle, Grandmother, Children whomever it may be. Open your heart to a closer connection. 

Beloved, if this is a family member whom you have had a rough time with, ease into it. Clearly express where you are now, and allow the other to do so as well. Do not be alarmed by their expression but just let it be what it is, as long as you are not feeling abused, or energetically projected upon in an unkind manner. Do Not Take It Personal. This is a set up for falling back into old programming. Protect Your Energetic and Physical space. Set Loving, Gentle But Firm Boundaries. You are in transition. Allow all things to flow and unfold in the most gentle manner. No need to force or feel overwhelmed or burdened with anyones stuff. All are in different phases and spaces of growth. You have your own things to give attention to first. State this in a loving way and that’s that. Let it be clearly stated in love and go from there. Ase’-(SO BE IT) 

Beloved, this completes the Love Soul Coaching Reading for this week. I hope you have received some messages of resonating presence within your heart. If you desire a more Personal Reading please visit me at: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com Or Contact Me By Email with any questions: Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com

Thank you for your support. May you continue to advance joyously into your New Territory. Namaste- Ase- Royal Redd 

General Oracle Soul Coaching 1.2 thru 1.8…Living From A More Pure Heart on Purpose,Enter Silent Contemplation, Invoking New Spiritual Guides/Ancestral Spirits….


Greetings Loves,
This is a General Oracle Coaching & Reading.  Some or All of these Unique Messages May Resonate With u. Please be open to hear & receive what Spirit shall speak. If u would like a Personal Reading, information on how to do so will be at the end of this reading.  Thank you in advance.  Let’s get started.  In-Joy!!


CHILDHOOD ~ Innocence

Innocence is a state of purity. Naivety. Not as in dumb, but instead not aware or privy to certain things. Freedom. In the frame-work of  children they are so comfortable with being Free and without concern for so many things.  Why? Because they are pure,  and open to experience Newness & Freshness each and every day.  They do not place any bias attitudes on experiencing life. Why? Because they are alive fresh and awake to the many, many beauties which are available to them. They live each day as one they’ve Never witnessed. Because each day is a New  adventure waiting to happen.  Another day to experience more happiness than the day before.  Wow! Doesn’t that sound so rich, full and amazing?  It sure does to me.

As the Gregorian calendar or whichever calendar you follow has blossomed yet again in newness. Your awareness is being heightened to new experiences being made available for your partaking. New experiences coming alive for pleasurable interaction.  Children are all about Pleasurable interactions– good & sweet tasting things, laughter & giggles, joyous expression in everything they do,  fully engaging in all they set out to do, adventure.

Beloved,  your inner child- subconscious is calling you to be much more Open, Free and Expressive of Self and of your own Unique ideas in the newness of 2017.

Your inner child is seeking freedom in a way she/he has never known. One that is uncensored and free like a kite flys. One that is not tangled up in their own ways of being.  Meaning the Adult you who is so consumed with always being in correct and Perfect Order with this life’s responsibilities MUST, MUST, MUST learn to explore life in a Totally new way than before. The Adult you can not continue to go in the way of wanting to do Everything Right. You the Adult must put down the concept of Doing, Being and Behaving correctly always. It’s stressful, tiresome and not what you need to be. Instead You the Adult must learn to be Free like your inner child. Allow the inner child to be your guide into a New place of Freedom.

Guess what?  Your inner child gets it!  Messiness is the name of the game.  Painting, Coloring and Drawing outside of the lines is it. Lol. The inner child does NOT. I repeat DOES NOT care about being clean and orderly.  But messy fun is the name of the game. So it’s time we sat down and had a serious but fun and intuitive talk with our little inner one. What is s/he saying to you? What is s/he wanting to relive from the past that u so enjoyed? What new adventure is s/he wanting to experience?  Listen and you shall know. Listen and you shall find new forms of creative expression by connecting with the little you inside.  Namaste’ .

Release the need to know and control everything and you will know a new way. You begin to become more intimate with inner child and new adventures begin. Allow them to do so. Newness enter. Ase’ – Namaste’


Beloved,  it’s time for silent reflection. There are some things which are calling for your attention. You must go in and get silent to know what they are. They will not be made apparent or revealed until you are still. As you see the reflection of the trees in the ice of this the Oracle.  We are in the Winter season and it’s time to awaken in a different way by taking inventory.  Just because everything has returned to the ground and went silent.  This does Not mean there is not something going on under the surface of it all.  Go within the stillness and you will hear what needs to be addressed. It may not be what you are thinking. Allow any so-called negative, dark or harsh perceptions of self to rise and be seen.

In many places across the continent the winter seasons can be truly harsh and brutal weather. Snow storms-Blizzards. Excessive rain some of which is needed in places where there have been long periods of droughts. Now in other places the weather is moderate.  Not so much inclement weather.

Sitting In silence you may be feeling like your inner world is like massive  avalanches of snow falling or ice glaciers are beginning to form due to non attentiveness to certain areas.  Beloved whatever your inner state may be allow it to Be just as it is. Do not try to make your inner space be any thing that it is not. Just allow it to be as it is. Whatever the icy cold feelings of your inner winter may bring allow them to do so. Be still and Be OK with whatever you are currently experiencing inwardly because guess what? Even though this is a winter season in the natural sense you can change the season your inner climate by allowing it to shift on its own as you become more consciously aware of your Divine Beautiful Self.  Although the winter days are often times which are gloomy and dull in appearance.  Under the gloom and dullness of the sky there are many opportunities for shifting and making your inner sanctum Spring in the midst of coldness.  Relish in it and see what may arise. Allow the inner shifting take you to a Higher and more beautiful Consciousness of you. You are so beautiful Beloved even in your winter cold or more darker months you are still Radiantly beautiful.  Namaste’ – Ase’


Darling One,  it’s time to have a Special ceremony to call forth the spirit workers and guides you need to assist you in the new adventures of 2017. Yay. It’s always exciting when I see this Oracle because it speaks to me that there are new spirit guides wanting to come forth who want to joyfully assist you on your New journey.  They want to witness the new unfolding of you along with you.

See 2016 may have been a very emotionally trying and healing time for you. Indeed for me it was. In which you had to learn to embrace things as they were and not how you wanted them to be. Learning this, may have been painful at times. A lot of anger may have surfaced only to reveal more deep spaces of Ancestral Karma which needed to be healed. And……Guess what? You did what was needed.  You did what you had to do by allowing, being open and receptive to the sometimes swift environmental changes within.  And these spaces you allowed to be made open and clear are now spaces for planting the seeds of dreams you’ve always had. The dreams your soul has always wanted to create. Well it’s now time to begin construction of your plans to bring these dreams into fruition.

But you need assistance from the new spiritual guides which are coming to you or already present. Or there may be spiritual guides who’ve previously come to you which have not always been prevalent in assistance because they were not needed.  But NOW is their time to come forth and assist you. Open more to your magical, free- flowing and creative side. Yes. It’s beautiful Beloved. 

So take time to have the necessary quiet to find exactly what you need in order to create this Ceremonial Ritual to invite these new spiritual guides and Ancestors on your path. They will be grand aspects of the New unfolding of you. In-Joy. In-Joy. Explore and Have fun. It’s all Up from here. All Up. No more crazy downward spirals where you feel your life is out of control and NOT going the way you’ve envisioned for the seeds of desire planted in your heart are now ready to come forth to fruition with the assistance of the Spirit guides and Ancestors around you. Allow them to assist you.  Your w road will be much more pleasurable and enjoyable if you allow them entrance to assist. So Be It. Blessed Be. Ase’-Namaste’

Thank you Beloveds, This is your General Oracle Soul Coaching/Reading for the week. I hope some of the messages resonated with your heart, providing the strength you need to continue moving on your path to healing, pleasure and power. Ase’! (So Be It). If you desire a Personal Love Relationship reading please contact me at: Email: Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com or Visit my website: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com.


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Thank you for your support, 

Love 2 thee, Royal Redd



General Love-Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 1.2 thru 1.8. Divine Manifestor U R, Day Dreaming make Decisions, Radiantly Shine and Blossom


Greetings & Namaste, 

This is a General Love Soul Reading. Therefore, Some or All Messages from Spirit may resonate with you or they may not. Whatever the case may be, please remain open to hear what is being said. You never know what may be said that can assist you through your week and journey. If you desire a Personal Relationship Reading, information on how to do so  will be noted at the end of this reading. Thank you in advance. Please In-Joy the Messages of Spirit. Namaste’


The Number vibration for this week is 10. 1+7=8+20=2+8=10 

10 signifies the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine coming into a greater oneness. Coming into a greater inner standing (inner self knowing of one another). Not only you connecting more intimately with the opposite of your biology but with the energetic properties. For we know ALL is energy.  So, as it goes: The vibration 1 resonates with Oneness and Single mindedness. Not Single mindedness from a shadow aspect of selfishness. But to have single or primary focus on something you desire to accomplish. Oneness with the Consciousness of your Divine way of being. 1 also resonates Masculine attributes of strong logic and self leadership.  The God factor. The Sun-Ra. Meaning being aligned with the logical side of your being and finding the strength and tenacity within to continue to move forward with and not against the resistance that may be presented to you this week. Also, engaging the logical side of your being to solve any problems or situations that may arise. 

Zero-0 vibrates Universal Wholeness. The All. Meaning the All seeing, All Knowing., All Loving. The All Being. The total sum of All. The total sum of Nothingness which is full complete and wholeness. Zero- 0 also vibrates the void-darkness which represents the Divine Feminine. The Womb. The Goddess. Re- Moon Goddess. The one who shines not without the Sun-Ra. But she exemplifies power and might in the face of opposition with the intense force of his (masculine) light accompanying her. Providing strength to her very being and presence. Vitality. 1 & 0 complete each other therefore together they resonate. NEW BEGINNINGS. As 2017= 2+1+7=10. So this week let your focus be primarily on the deepest desires of your heart that you long to create and bring to fruition in this New year. For now is the time to begin to plan, focus and make a plan and course of action on how you may accomplish these desired dreams. Ase’ 

Manifest -1 (Magician ~ Tarot Card)

The All, The Universal Creator, The Universal Supreme Being/Entity is the Master Manifestor. You are a direct creation of this Master Being. Therefore, you possess this same power to create and manifest your deepest longings and heart desires. You must move into this week with the mindset that you will give earnest full focus on the things that your heart is speaking to you to bring into fruition. Although it may be the winter season and most of us like to be more still and quiet. We like to get some where and get warm and cozy. Lovely. I’m all for it. However, do not get too comfortable. Don’t get lazy darling. What’s the burning desire of your heart that you’ve been wanting to share with the world?  What is the one thing that you would do even if you didn’t receive financial compensation for it? Tap into that energy beloved and begin to work it. The Magician is showing you that you are the wielder of the wand. You are the magick resonation of the Divine Source. Therefore, you are obligated to produce, multiply and expand. You do not have permission to idly sit by and not create what you came here to create. We all came with purpose. Create & Manifest Your Purpose. 

So I ask you Beloved, What is it that you hope and desire for your Love relationships? Your relationship with Self first always. Then with your partner, significant others, friends, associates, family and business partners. What do you want to manifest in those relationships? Do you desire more intimacy in the sense of closeness in how you communicate to one another? Do you desire to share your heart and thoughts more with that person without feeling like you will offend that person with your truth? Do you desire to be bolder in your expression of Self? Do you hope to have a closer connection with a family member perhaps that you haven’t been so close with previously?

Whatever your heart desires, Now is the time to make a shift and begin to communicate these things in a fashion of where they can be received. Do not be hasty to think that the other person may not want something of the like. You may be surprised. Whatever you may desire in all of your relationships, Beloved Do not hesitate to ask for it. Make your needs known. Do not hesitate to make it known. Because if you just sit back and say nothing, it will not manifest.”A closed mouth does not get fed”. Be Clear, Open and Impeccable with your hearts desire for your relationships. If you the other does not resonate the only thing you can do is try another approach or choose to move on from this relationship all together. This year is about New Starts. Freshness. New Perceptions. New Visions. Give yourself and your loved ones the benefit of the doubt. Ask them what they would like to see come to fruition for your relationship. Because it takes 2.  1 person can not do the work alone, that’s not fair or balanced for that matter.

So Stand up, Speak up and know that you will be heard and  received in love. What you send out is what will return to you. Whether it’s in a current connection or something better to come. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want and need. Present your request and give the other reasonable time to implement and go from there. Light that fire Beloved and allow the other person to encourage the fire to grow by putting their energetic essence into the development of the relationship. Patience is required with self as well as your partners so show this forth as best as possible. Ase’ 

DayDreams & Decisions -7 (Heart Desires/Emotions)

Beloved, you’ve been Daydreaming about what you want to create for yourself and family this year. You have so many wonderful ideas springing up every moment of your waking hours and in your sub-conscious resting state through visions alike. Write them down so you can keep track.

Now, as these ideas are before you, consider more deeply and heavily from the lot of them the top 3 you wish to create in 2017. I say 3 because it’s the perfect balance of Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine = Completion and Wholeness. 3 is the sum total of the 2 wholes coming together to make ONE Perfected Whole. The Awesome Supreme Being manifested in your Divine counterpart. Whether you are the Masculine or Feminine energy is not the essence here. Remember we are both no matter the biology.

So darling, you must begin to move into a place of implementing the things you’ve been Daydreaming about for your relationships by making a firm Decision on the WHAT portion of the vision. Meaning “What do I want to create here”? Do not linger in the state of Daydreaming for too long. Sometimes we can become stagnant here and become stale. Get unstuck if you are and Decide what you want to create beloved. Allow no false illusions of fear to present themselves to keep you from moving forward into your hearts desires. You may be feeling a little hesitant due to the fact that your dreams are finally being realized and you could actually manifest what you desire from your heart space. Do not allow the feelings in your body to stop you. Embrace them, feel them and move through into making a decision.

Once you decide you are saying, “This is what I declare that I desire to create and I Shall do so as I step into a more clear consciousness of myself.” A more defined and balanced consciousness will ensure you move forward into the beautiful excellence with lies within you. Move forward beloved, It’s time. Daydream and then Decide. All will be fine. It is well. Namaste’

Blossom- 20 (Judgement Tarot Card)  

The Oracle is speaking it’s time to stand up and Speak your truth, facing the risk  of not being accepted by others. It’s ok. You know why because when you step out in Faith and speak your truth you are saying that I trust myself. I Love Myself and I Am in agreement with My Self. I Validate Myself so no one else has to co-sign or give me their permission to be seen or speak. It’s not required for me to speak my truth. The only requirement is SELF ACCEPTANCE.

 As the Tarot card Judgement states that there are 2 types of Judgement. Judgement which is critical from a place of shaming, guilt, punishment and condescending tactics. Then, Judgement wielded wisely and careful  with prudent discernment and analyzing of all facts presented. So Judgement in and of itself is not terrible. It depends on the side of the coin you utilize. Whichever side you utilize~ light or shadow. It’s still ALL GOOD. Because they both serve purpose.

When you finally grow to a certain level of being firm in who you are. Trusting your Unique Divine individual self. Standing in Boldness and Courage and speaking your truth will come with ease and become effortless. You of course may feel all those strange uncomfortable feelings in your body. And you know what don’t you give into them and allow them to keep you from feeling. Butterflies in your Solar Plexus. Heart beating fast and sweats. Woo! Keep it moving Sister/Brother. No longer give yourself permission to judge yourself harshly for feeling these things. No longer give yourself permission to cower to the glares and comments of others because they don’t like what you have to say. Guess what maybe they aren’t too fond of what you are saying because it’s not for them. Possibly, the vibration and frequency are not compatible or it could be that you are just in a space they are not interested being in. Whatever it may be, do not allow it to detour you. Judgement can be an ugly thing if you allow it to be.Sometimes it’s harsh and hurtful. But you can also to see the unkind words of others or even your own self critial ways as stepping stones you need to rise up and take control of your life for yourself. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH! SPEAK IT LOUD! SPEAK IT WITHOUT APOLOGY! You no longer have permission to sit back quietly and look for likes, hearts, smiles and encouraging comments on what you have to say. Speak and In-Joy the fact that you are alive and thriving in a new way. You are alive Beloved in a way you have NEVER been. Yes, its new territory. It’s unfamiliar. The Unknown.

Well guess what? This is NOW a time of NEW opportunity to surprise yourself and show up and share what you never thought you could. Look for NO ONE’s approval. But sit firmly, comfortably and sweetly with Your own Approval and that of your Ancestors and Spirit guides, and Divine Creator knowing these entities are the only ones you need to cheer you on. Others will come to encourage, edify and lift you up. But do not sit there holding your breath looking for it and depending on those on the side lines to cheer you on. Take bold & courageous steps in the face of Judgement and BLOSSOM. Radiantly shine with a purifying fire that each person who comes in your space that is hurting or in pain. They will feel this energetic radiance and receive the energy they need to rise up and continue to move forward in their healing. Be clear about who and what you are, and those who are supposed to witness you will do so from a more Excellent and Divine Space. Namaste.

Thank you Beloveds, This is your General Love Soul Oracle Coaching/Reading for the week. I hope some of the messages resonated with your heart, providing the strength you need to continue moving on your path to healing, pleasure and power. Ase’! (So Be It). If you desire a Personal Love Relationship reading please contact me at: Email: Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com or Visit my website: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com.


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General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 12.25-12.31

This is a General Oracle Love Soul Coaching Reading. The messages which flow through this Medium may be for you in full, partial or none.  Whatever the case please be open to Receive what is coming forth.  You never know what may come forth. If you desire a Personal Reading,  instructions on how to do so are at the end of this Coaching.  Thank you in advance.  Let’s In- Joy.
SOULMATE- Your Hearts Desire Fulfilled
Many of you have been desiring that Special SomeOne, Significant Other or Companion for some time now. Right now I Am feeling the time is so truly nigh to you that you may even be feeling him/her in a significant way. Possibly seeing signs of manifestation. This is great. Be mindful to keep your mind clear of any thoughts which may adversely affect the outcome, possibly causing delay. Be present with your loved one in the spiritual and soul connection of it all. Allow yourself in the final times before your meeting to remain focused on You and What You are building. Do not allow for distractions which could take you off focus. Allow this time to be a building session of divine focus and healing, for your heart space is finising up its cleaning and healing that You may receive the one who was made by the God/Goddess with You in mind. Be excited! Its your time for Divine SoulMate interactions in the realm of spirit. In- Joy. You may also be quite telepathic at this point in time, so You may receive messages from your loved one. Don’t dismiss them for they are Just as Important from the realm of spirit as if they had physically been spoken. No worries, if you aren’t connecting telepathically. Your loved one can send you love signs in other forms. Nature is the most beautiful space, however, through music, things you may see on T.V. or Social Media. Signs can emerge from anywhere. Be open! Pay Attention and You’ll BE So Very Delighted to What you Might Witness. Love 2 Thee. 
For those who are with their SoulMate allow this to be a time of drawing closer to one another. Use this time to take inventory of all the wonderful and beautiful things which you both have created together in 2016. Take this beauty along with you as you  give your attention to where you’d like to grow in deeper healing within your personal selves and with each other. Draw strength from these things that you may move forward into the New Year being presented to you. With Fresh Awareness move Forward and Welcome All that is for you now and that to come. Continue to strive for Personal excellence that you may be able to offer this Fortifying Strength to your Partner. 2017 is sure to be a most spectacular year for you both Beloved. Rejoice. Ase’-Namaste’ 
MORNING STAR- Brightly Shine ~ Your Dawning Cometh
This Oracle depicts a star and not just any star, but the Morning Star. This is said to be the brightest star shinning before dawn. Wow. That Must be a Beautiful Sight. Perhaps I will see it One Day. 
In that Beloved, I say to you How can you become more brightly shining in Your Own Unique Divine radiance? For your debut is starting to break forth for all to see you. 
You have been hidden on the back side of the mountain it feels like. Or as the Lotus Flower below the murky deep dark surface. Just before the dawning of a new day All is still and quiet. The birds are beginning to chirp and awaken themselves to newness. The rooster has crowed or is crowing. Lol. As creation awakes and signals a new day, go yet more deeply within and clear the way for a greater resilience and radiance to be seen by all who will see. 
The Morning Star brightly shining signals to rebirth and New beginnings for you. Embrace the bright possibilities. For there are many options to choose from. Be still and rest in them before choosing, ensuring you make the greatest choice for you and all involved. Ase’ 
BOUNDARIES-Adjust when needed. Remain firm
The Oracle is calling for you to set stronger Boundaries in all areas of life. Clearing away and clearing out all things which are causing you to not adhere to your values. I hear that going forth into this New Year you must be much more relaxed in some of the ways you’ve handled your Personal boundaries but not in the essence of allowing anyone to over ride any of areas of your core essence. Meaning do not allow anyone to walk over you demanding their way in your space. But instead be very frank and clear that your Personal boundaries will be respected. Be Impeccable, Clear, Clean and Concise with your Truth. Do Not Give Place to concerning yourself if their feelings may be hurt due to their infringing upon your space in an unfriendly manner. Be Polite, But No push-over! Being more relaxed does Not mean anything goes and there are no rules of conduct. It simply means be more warm and inviting, using wisdom with All of Course, so that you will receive and be open to the best opportunities that are calling u. 
Setting boundaries in business is key and important as well. Make sure you are surveying All options of possible business opportunity. Do not overlook Someone or quickly judge a persons appearance or the situation because they look differently than you anticipated, or their business deal is presented in a foreign matter. Take time to feel it out and Do Not Make any Rush decisions but look at it from all angles. But make a definite decision in a reasonable time. You will know when to do so. Remember, There are times the best gifts or opportunities are hidden in the most peculiar looking packages or vessels. Meaning they are totally not what you expected. Rare Gems you will find when you are Open to All Possibilities. Be Limitless in the Way you View things going forward from this day. Be Open. I feel this New Year of business opportunities will come wrapped in strange & peculiar ways. Lol. Remain flexible in all your business endeavors and partnerships. Namaste’ 
Also, Setting boundaries for yourself in a way of being more disciplined with the things you put in and on your body. Food, clothing and body products. If you happen to be a smoker of tobacco or medicinal herbs use no thing that is not necessary. These things could be harmful to your body at this time of transition into the new spaces of blessing and opportunity. Be mindful, Royal Redd is not one to instruct on these matters, so Spirit is being very clear there is a special reason for speaking this. You will be deeply rewarded for it.  Make sure the things you are using in and outside of your body compliment you as to where you are currently and where you’d like to grow. Leave yourself open and healthy for expansion. Be careful in allowing yourself to become rigid closing yourself off to all the possible options for yourself. Try new things. Read, Research & Explore all of areas of Body Healing which pertain to herbal care and wholistic matters. These are sure to be beautiful stepping stones into something greater and more powerful when it comes to your Vessel and Temple which carries such beautiful treasures of which you came  to share with the world. What a beautiful soul you are Beloved, So You Owe it to Yourself to Create the Most Sacred and Healthy Boundaries for your Life on this Plane and Beyond by taking the most Loving and Gentle Care of your Temple. Namaste’. It’s All Beautiful & Good Beloved. Ase’ 
Beloveds this beautiful card flew out of the deck as I was shuffling. Lol. So I decided to incorporate it as well. 
Cleansing away the things of the old. We just had a New Moon 12.28 and what a beautiful renewing energy of heart healing I felt especially, seeing as it was in my Moon sign-Capricorn. I am yet feeling the creative renewing taking place in my heart. You may be feeling some new spectacular energies in your space as well. Open yourself Fully To Receive them. 
New moons are always times of restructure and clearing spaces in your life which have become cluttered or stagnant over the last moon cycles. So as this card pictures a Sage smudge stick which is known for removing low and unpleasant energies from your body space and physical space. Take the time to do some spiritual smudging so that you may feel and embrace the lightness and freshness of the cleansing that is present for you. I promise you will feel refreshed. Your can cleanse your space in other ways as well. Sound Therapy (Bells and other instruments) Music-Ocean sounds, Rain sounds (especially Tropical Rain Forest Sounds, Shaman Sounds, African Drums, and Dolphin sounds seem to work best and most wonderfully for my space. Try different Soothing & Calming Music to see what resonates for you and those in your space Beloved. 
Now, Beloved we know in order to receive the best we must make space. So lets get to it. Spiritually cleanse and physically remove and rearrange all things in your physical space which have been holding space. Release ALL Things From your Space which NO LONGER SERVE YOU TO YOUR HIGHEST EXCELLENCE BELOVED! Time to Move On from old outdated programming. UPGRADE IS WHAT I HEAR!! YESSSS!!!! 2017 IS KNOCKING AT YOUR DOOR, Open yourself to the newness set aside just for you with beginning the necessary cleaning needed for you to inhabit 2017 with a new grace, ease and beauty. Ase’ – Namaste’ – So Be It. I Bow To The Divine In You.
Beloveds this completes your Love Soul Coaching Reading for the Last week of 2016. It has been my pleasure sharing with you the Intuitive Divine Messages of Spirit. I hope you have been blessed and guided by some of these messages. I look forward to serving you in 2017 in a Greater and Fuller way. 
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Most Gracious Love-Royal Redd