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General Love/Soul Oracle Coaching 9.19 thru 9.25


This is a GENERAL Love/Soul Reading. Some, All or none of the messages may resonate with you. Whatever the case, keep an open mind while reading. You never know what little nuggets you may receive. Details for a Personal Reading are located at the end of this reading. Thank you. Namaste’

glsc9-19-9-25REST & RECONSIDER (9)

The past week has brought you some challenges relationship wise. Whether with yourself or others. It’s time to regroup and seize the moment to contemplate a new strategy to move forward. Love, Patience and kindness is required with yourself and others moving forward. Reconsider how you can express your needs without being over bearing or forceful. But very much indeed No non sense. Speak your words indeed without the need for repetition. Firm assertion.

Sit back and contemplate how you can make a stronger and clearer declaration with the current situations you face as for people not desiring to comply with request that you have given. What is the best approach for you to take to send a signal that you mean business and that you have every right to ask for what you are requesting. Do not for one minute think the parties involved will be so willing to comply. However, it is your faith and firm assertion that will get this parked or stalled train moving again. No one has the right to refuse what you are asking for at this point as long as you ask, speak, and declare with a strong urgency and power that you have been endowed with from the Most High-Supreme creator and being. You do not have to wait for someone to oblige and bow their hand to do as you wish. It will be done by the forces of the nature and the Universe this week if the person does not comply. Your resting and taking the time to reconsider your position will give you the needed ammunition to present your case before the elder,s those being the spirit guides that have been present with you thus far on your journey. Do not allow anything that you have experienced on this past week or past months or for the fullness of this year bother you in one way or another. Continue to rise in altitude. Come up higher as she has in the oracle to see things from a NEW, IMPROVED VIEW. Things are not as bad as you think. They are actually moving the way they should and need to in order for you to arrive at your appointed destination. Be at peace about the whole situation but please take time this week to recalculate and set a strong strategic plan for how you will move forward. You must learn to handle difficult and hard to deal with people in a different manner this week. Do not apply the same old strategy.

For, I sense Love is beckoning you to come and you won’t be able to answer it with your mind elsewhere on things and people who simply DO NOT matter at this time. Rest, Relax, Breathe and contemplate Royal Ones for your time is near to rise to higher intellect, spiritual wisdom and divine understanding of your purpose on this plane. Namaste’


A harmonious union of two long-awaited soul mates who are entertaining each others energetic presence in a different way this week. The tiresome and lonely vibe that had been lingering is no longer. There is more of an energetic pause as to contemplate with a more deep earnest this week that says I will one day soon very soon connect and meet with this divine soul mate that I have pictured in my mind’s eye (3rd eye) for so long. It will come to fruition as I begin to raise and elevate my vibration to a higher realm and frequency. New energetic love signs are being sent this week between twin flames, soul mates and lovers alike.

For those of you who have been contemplating moving to the next level with a new or current beloved continue to take a view of the relationship as it unfolds. Do not move in a rushed or hurried fashion. But one that is with as much contemplation as there is haste or quick movement. Balance. Be nimble and agile on your feet. Do not allow anyone or anything, nor yourself to bring self sabotage or low energetic thoughts, words, feelings or vibrations into this new budding love adventure. Stay up! Be sure to guard and protect the union with the less people you tell the better at this stage for its new and fragile whether physical or yet to manifest. Be mindful. Everyone does not fancy you meeting your twin mate. Unfortunately, but that’s how the cookie crumbles. It’s ALL GOOD!

At this time, you know in your heart that there is nothing better to focus on at this time. So enjoy the time of the approaching meeting. You do not know where it shall come from. But it can come from anywhere and anytime in this current moon cycle. A new moon is arising at the end of this month. Continue in faith without wavering. Things are not as they seem. But more so greater than you can see right now. Embrace all that there is to have and hold concerning your new love, your divine soul mate. Hold him/her close, not to smother but to draw closer energetically.

In the world of business, be most cautious with business deals of the nature of those who seem to be one thing and are something else. Basically take several steps back and recalculate what you thought about business and do no allow anyone to penetrate, shift or change your mind. Do NOT rush into anything. Be silent and take a new approach as the oracle stated to Rest and Reconsider. For there are some very vital and important risks you may take. But do not be worried, fearful or consumed with rushed or hurried feelings of I must make a decision now. Because when it comes time to make a decision beloved, you will know the best one for you. So take no rushed or hurried approach with business deals but slow, well calculated movement. Mull over them and if the other party becomes hurried and impatient. Quietly and kindly dismiss them for this is a sure sign you do NOT need to do business with this individual. Slow your pace, pay attention to small suggestive ways of beings (words (audible and non audible), attitudes, etc. Ask those around you who may have insight into the business world in a way you do not just yet. Be careful with taking risks and joining forces with those you know nothing about. The right opportunity will have you feeling completely comfortable as you mull over it, as it fits like a second skin or clothing. No pressure and coercion from those who are interested in joining business with you. For they will be compliant and still as you alow it to unfold for you. Be still, Be quiet. Chill. Plan, strategize. Careful movements will lead you to long-term deep success. Don’t be in a Hurry for anything! All things worth having take careful time to lay a foundation. Namaste’


As you made strategic plans regarding presented business deals. Do not make it necessary to focus on them so hard. Strategize. Attain Wise guidance and counsel with those who have been down the road or have some insight and expertise to offer and then go forth into what is calling your heart next. Patience.

This oracle shows new direction with changing your focus. Open yourself to new perception. It’s like take a moment to consider what’s before you. Leave it there and then move forward into the newness of the idea with a different insight. A larger view of what is and what could be. Do Not yet make any final decision for it’s not yet time. Long contemplating I hear and then you will see why you needed to take such gentle time planning. For there will be different things that arise during your time of business planning. For there is an explosion of fireworks coming to set your forward moving into the next year. So before you fold your hands and say that it’s over for me this year. Wait, contemplate and take survey of all you’ve accomplished both mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally in healing. This has been a much-needed foundation. Rejoice in how far you have come. You’ve made a lot of head way. So therefore, give yourself the love you need to move forward into deeper self realization and contemplation of self. There are new forms of yourself yet unfolding. Do not allow the year coming to a swift end stop you from continuing in progress. It may seem slow progress, but I tell you by the sound of the new trumpet blowing of 2017 you will see a new existence unfolding in its beauty to carry you into a new beat for the new year.
As the Autumn Equinox is showing face, things are changing. Hibernation is calling as the leaves began to shift and change so will your ideas, mindset and the perception you hold. Shed and let go old mind frames that may be keeping you hostage and not moving forward. New horizons. New Perspective. New Insight. Be open. Be Focus. Welcome new invention to give your attention to. Focus. New Focus. Change Your Focus. Namaste.

Thank you for your support. It is truly appreciated.
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Love 2 thee- Royal Redd