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General Oracle Soul Coaching 8-1 thru 8-7


RAINBOW (Blessings) ICEBERG (Submerged) DREAMTIME (Creation)

***This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching. You may resonate with a portion of the Oracles revelations or none at all. It is General and does not apply to All.***

***RAINBOW (Blessings)***

The Oracle speaks that you have planted and sown many seeds for a long period time and now it’s time for them to come up. The many colors of the rainbow symbolize the variety of beautiful blessings that are on their way to you. They will come somewhat quickly and suddenly. These beautiful blessings can show up in many variations so be open to receive. Clear a space in your heart to receive the newness that awaits you. For some it could be a new business opportunity or movement to a new home. A home that you and your partner or significant other have desired for a long time. It’s time to make preparation in your heart to receive for it’s right at your door. It’s knocking and only needs your permission to enter. Clear away the clutter of old things in your mind and heart space that once clouded your perception of seeing the blessings that were being handed to you. For the time is ripe and ready, for your faith has been sown deeply. Remain steady to receive. Caution! Do Not Look At What it APPEARS to be. For Nothing is as it seems Beloved.  There is always something so much more glorious than you can see or have envisioned. Open your mind, heart, soul and spirit to the many, many, many possibilities as the many colors of the Rainbow and beyond. Be Present and Allow them to enter. There is no need to force or try to control anything. Just allow! Allow it All to flow and fall into place for you. You have sown the seeds of faith. Stand with Courage and Bravery and Receive. Dig your feet in a little deeper standing strong and confidently in the presence of your being and receive. Receive and Allow the new things, new relationships, new opportunities, new family creations (pregnancies, homes), new creative opportunity to share your many gifts with the world and anything else your heart desires. Now they come! 

***ICEBERG (Submerge)***

There is something hidden deep within that is submerged under fear. It is time to release it and let it go. There is a creative expression that ONLY you can impart to the world. You must first allow the very thing that you have fear around to come up. You’ve pushed it so far down that you’ve forgotten about it. But it still lurks in your subconscious even in your dreams. Do not dismiss the dreams you may be having (recent dreams) or past dreams of long ago. Allow them to emerge. Speak to and address the fear that it may reveal to you the new energy that you are being called to share at this time. You have long ago stopped thinking about this particular thing for you thought it was too strange to share that you may be possibly laughed at and ridiculed. Be mindful that these are all stories. Stories of which were made up by yourself or others who you may have shared your idea with and they said “No way, you can’t do that”, or “You’re crazy no one will be go for it”. Well it’s all rubbish and foolishness. You are a uniquely gifted being that has much to offer to this plane. So in allowing whatever it is that you have forbidden yourself to share with the world to rise up,it will bring immediate satisfaction and liberation.

For this desire has been like shackles to your heart. You’ve locked it away and your heart is starting to become heavy in some aspect. Just as Heavy and Cold as the Iceberg. It has laid dormant for too long. Allow it to come up. Allow it to emerge and be submerged no more. No matter what you feel or think. You must come to terms with the magic that you have ran from. You have magic to transform this fear into a beautiful energetic piece of Divine art, to bless, heal and alter the vibrations of this earth at this time. It’s something so powerful it’s deeply embedded into your subconscious but is coming up through your dreams. So it’s now time to move and bring those dreams into reality. Release the Fear and allow it to rise. You will be so happy you did. The Universe, Your Ancestors and other Spirit Guides are with you. Go within and hear and see what the beautiful treasure is that you’ve been too afraid to share. Release it. Give it wings. Let it be free. Liberty! Open Your Heart! 

DREAMTIME (Creation)

Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreamtime is confirming that you have hidden a gift (s) you’ve been too frightened to release. For when you choose too, It WILL cause an immediate shift and transfer of new consciousness in your awakening. New Creative forces are emerging for you especially now in this time of Leo. Leo is a fire element which is compelling you through your dreams to reach high, far and wide. The tenacity of the Leo the Lion/Lioness is calling you out of your fear. With fire and fierceness awaken to the dreams within. Expand your eyes. As you dream with your eyes, heart and soul, Allow those beautiful treasures to emerge.

New Creation. New Creation. New Creation. No more of the same old ideas. Something fresh and new is upon you. You may want to keep a journal with you to scribe that which you receive. In that meditating on the best course of action to take to implement these new visions of creations that are being given to you at this time. I feel they are specific to a new platform that you are coming into receiving. A platform that will place you before many, many, many, hundreds of thousands of people some day. These dreams in their state of creation and manifestation are setting the ground/foundation and tone for your new forward movement. As you see the didgeridoo with the many expressions of the Ancestors which were created before us. There is a newness of sound, tone and profound vibration being blown through this instrument. This Didgeridoo is a channel for your new dreams to come through. A door or portal of sound if you will. The Didgeridoo represents the instrument by which the new vibration of your dreams shall come forth. New Music of the soul is coming forth for you possibly. A door or portal of sound if you will.

Dream, Dream, Dream, but do not hold onto them. Release the confidence within to step out into this new territory that is calling you. Your dreams will take you where you want to go but you must allow them to do so, by taking action. Carefully and mindfully form the actions you feel are best to begin to bring your dreams to reality. They are spectacular dreams waiting to manifest to be shared with those around you. Regardless of what you may feel there are individuals waiting for your inspiration. Go forth. Inspire. Release your dreams from inside the chambers of your heart. Allow them to soar high. Enjoy the newness you’re entering into. Namaste’ 


Let Go! Boldly Step Forth into the Unknown!!

Let Go! Boldly Step Forth into the Unknown!!

Animal Spirit- ZEBRA says: Let Go of Your Fear and Know that You Are Safe And Protected At All Times!!

Zebra is speaking to the gifts Submerged in your subconscious. Zebra says it’s time to Let Go of these stories. The fear is only as real as you make it. The duality of the stripes of the Zebra indicate that there is a back and forth- tug of war going on within you that says I am not sure if I should do this. And for this very reason you owe it to yourself to explore the hidden treasures within. Stare this illusion in the face, Embrace what you are feeling and Allow it to be. Be Gentle with yourself. It’s ok. Release it & Let it Go. These stories no longer support you. They will not benefit you on the new road ahead. So let them go. As you allow these fears to go you will then usher in the newness of creation that your dreams have been speaking to you. Release the Fears. Let Go! Be open to the many, many, many possibilities that long to emerge for you. Love 2 thee. 


***This has been a GENERAL Oracle Soul Coaching. If you have resonated with this Soul Coaching and would like deeper insight with a more personalized Oracle Coaching Reading, Please visit me @ http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com. ALL Oracle Coaching Readings are Currently 1/2 Off! It would be a great pleasure to be of service to you. Thank you****

Royal Redd Peace




To Release, Let Go. Open To Newness. Sacrifice.

Oracle Reflections – Sacrifice

Sacrifice. To let go. To give up something. To clear space for something new. Clear space for something more useful. 

Sacrifice was a word that used to make me feel unsettled and a bit fearful. Because I had given so much of my time and gifts to things and people who didn’t value what I had to offer. It was often painful and unpleasant. I was left to feel like I was giving and receiving nothing in return.

But a shift in perspective has come and I see a new picture. I no longer view Sacrifice as an uncomfortable or unpleasant action. It is not losing anything, instead simply releasing one thing that has served it’s purpose and no longer benefits me. Sacrifice is clearing a new space for something more excellent to enter in.

I am happy to say that to give up something or to release perhaps a relationship that no has run its course in the present form. To make room for it to flourish in a new and exciting way is a beautiful gift to give to yourself and the other. For it ushers you both forward into the new space that awaits you to share with others the beautiful gift that is you.
So to view Sacrifice as a beautiful act is to give yourself a fresh start. A new beginning.  

Affirm: To Sacrifice is to give myself a gift of allowing something new to enter. To Sacrifice is to release all that is out of season to invite a new season.

Win or Lose

To Win is to Gain. To Lose is To Gain. You win either way.

To Win is to Gain. To Lose is To Gain. You win either way.

Win or Lose

In matters of the heart. Your heart or another’s. In relationships. Friendly or romantic. Winning and Losing is not necessarily good or not good thing. Perception is key.
Winning and Losing indicates there will be one that walks away with the prize per say, of being right in a situation and another will be wrong or looked down upon. Being right is NOT a token or prize. When you have the NEED to be right your Ego has taken the driver’s seat. You have lost sight of what’s good for the whole and are now pursuing your own selfish need to win a battle that is with yourself and not the other. As within, So without. To lose is to release or let go of something. It’s not necessarily stating that it’s a terrible thing. When you lose or let go of something you are saying that this thing no longer serves me to my highest. This thing no longer causes me to elevate in my awareness. So losing can be looked at as winning because essentially you’ve stated that I release, I let go of the matter of heart that once occupied this space, allowing room for newness to enter in. Now losing can also appear as an occurrence when something per say is forcibly taken due to a block in your awareness of self. However, this occurrence still ignites the opportunity for a lesson to be learned to see what the block is that caused the lost. Win-win.
Being mindful when you are in a “Win or Lose” situation where you feel the need to project your Ego into the situation. Remember the other person involved is YOU. The other person is not another soul separate of you. But a part of you. That other represents an aspect that must be Won (gain) or Lose (let go). So you determine if you will be egotistical and seek to be in the supposed right stance or if you will be the one to take the “lower” ground and lose.
Losing is not a sad thing when it elevates you to higher consciousness, higher awareness and higher honor and respect for yourself and the mirror reflection of yourself that you are engaging with. Be mindful To Win is to hear both sides of the vibration or tone. Hear what the vibration is stating coming from your soul and then hear the vibration of the other soul. Then you can evolve to balancing and transmuting the vibration and tone into the wave that is best for you both to interact peaceably.
The number 5 represents: Freedom, Transformation, Sensuality,Desire, Change, Resistance, Uncertainty, Inconsistency, Sadness.
Taking time to notice a few of the attributes: Freedom and transformation come when we can look at Win or Lose from the eye of letting go to transform. Sounds like a win-win to me. Releasing to gain. Polarities. Win and Lose work together just like all other laws of polarity. In the manner of Sensuality it’s enjoying all things from all aspects of your senses. Allowing all of our senses to be fully engaged enhances our sensuality to be able to receive Full healing that Winning and Losing is a blessing on both sides. Because when you act with all senses involved you partake of all that is present to uplift you (win). As well as revelation of the things that must go (lose). Winning and Losing may appear to be different. They are one in the same. Polarities.
Affirm: Righteousness stands with the need to express Love far beyond being right. Compassion is the door to a true Win. I invite more compassion into my soul this day, that I will be more heart centered and aware of my interactions with self that when I encounter another, I will deal with them as myself. For they are me. Compassion.


Ase’ – Namaste

The Art of Sacrifice



DF322SacrificeSacrifice to give up, release, let go possession, crucify, put to death. 

Intently I sense the season for many things which benefited are come to end. She calls. I answer. Sacrifice. 

I sacrifice the need for the presence of another to validate my beauty that I already know. I sacrifice the need for the testaments of praise from those outside. However, not saying they are not accepted and appreciated. They greatly are. I am no longer a slave to the praises that flow from without. I’ve lost interest. No longer interested.  Instead I am bond to the calls of My Ba (soul-Kemet) to rise higher. To move on to My Ba’s destined evolution. I sacrifice the need to see the like button pushed. Although excited when it is. I know it’s an outer stimuli of what my Ba has energetically released. A response that is sure to come. Because I know that my Ba is sure of it’s mission. Therefore I Am the vessel for execution. I sacrifice the bridle of a horses mouth, now allowing my Ba’s mysteries and secrets to pour forth freely. Sending Deep Sacred healing to those who hear her voice. An attuned ear is needed for she speaks enigma laced mysteries coded, calling for their antennas to switch the station. Rising up to higher dimensions to receive translation. With the calling of sacrifice I release the need to preoccupy myself with what the Ba speaks, instead allowing it be. Peace. Lastly, I sacrifice the wondering of if my beauty is seen, for I see. I see her inner delicate sweets. Therefore, I AM seen. By inner reflection I send forth Spirits frequency to feel the vibration of those that are on the plane of ascension. I sacrifice all that no longer serves me to my Highest glory and Divine Essence. For My Ba calls me to a new definition and dimension of her existence. I answer the call. I accept it’s outpouring of sacred messages. 

Embarking a new phase of my Ba’s evolution. I surrender and let go of the need for outside acceptance in a greater way. Instead intently focus on what the inner Ba speaks. To share the beauty of her with the world is what creates my joy. The imparting of energetic bonds formed with those whose inner song resonates with the beat of my words. I enjoy that warmth of The Art of Sacrifice. For it pushes me to move beyond the shallow side of my human self inquiring for others to co-sign with my Divinity. I am Divine because I derive from a Universal infallible source of wealth, mysteries and secrets of Esoteric shine. So I allow The Art of Sacrifice to paint its abstract scene through this vessel of peace, strength and love. I share All that I am. For I am a soul of mountainous worth. Value beyond that which I yet fully come to know.

The portal of Ba is open to share the messages of bountiful bliss. To increase thine own mindful awareness of why I exist. To Heal thyself, To Know thyself, To Love thyself with a deeper longing. So I thank Sacrifice, for there is no pain in giving up the desire for others to see my shine. Because really in all actuality. The Sacred habitat that I am can not be mistaken. For I dwell in the presence of Excellence. Therefore I exude its presence. Always in greater portion. It is excels all that I once was in past times. I am a newly awakening being in deeper and greater measures. I allow My Ba to speak to those that will hear. Hear the soul of the Royal Healer. As she heals, you will definitely see a larger and greater spark of hidden mysteries surface to the light to be felt, seen and heard by the masses. Ase’-Namaste’

Let Go.. Let Vulnerability Enter ….


Vulnerability means letting Go….
It means knowing that you have the right to feel the way you do and be your most authentic self in doing so.

Vulnerability also means knowing when to let the emotion go and release it to soar; bringing you freedom from anything the emotion brought that is no longer beneficial. 

Release it.  Let it be free.


Now speaking from a tender space, Royal Redd Peace is familiar with the workings of letting go of pain memories of the past.  I am clear it’s sometimes a difficult task to let go of the memory of pain because see you have gotten so used to the pain, that you sometimes find pleasure lingering there.

This pleasure no more than undermines your power to rise and stand in the strength of your Beautiful Divine Self.  Digression for Progression is necessary at times. In that digression remind yourself that you are not a victim but victorious when you arise to whatever is presented you. Boldness, Courage and Bravery are needed, and they all lie inside of you. Smile.

Be mindful lingering pains cause ones perception to be distorted and not clear. For pain blocks your vision to see what is the underlying cause of your unrest. Breathe. Exhale.

Now when the very thing that you thought was healed is somehow triggered by an encounter with a person (place, thing or situation) bringing the pain memory to surface; Well My Beloved it is safe to say that this is still an area yet healing.  This area is still being redeveloped. Your muscles are gaining strength. Keep exercising them by allowing the pain memories to rise to the top so that you can work through them and heal. 

So as I always say Allow those pain memories to rise up but not take a seat.  Allow these thoughts,  emotions and uncomfortable body sensations to manifest.  And as you work through them being honest with yourself about how you feel, well you will see that all is well and you’re growing more stronger in yourself.  In fact that your healing is miraculously happening before your eyes without you being fully conscious because you’re allowing the feeling of the pain to block the fact that you are actually moving through it and not sitting in it.

Instead of allowing the pain to block your progress by feeling so awful about it as if these emotions shouldn’t be arising, allow yourself to feel what you feel. Release the need to punish yourself for having these feelings. Release the need to suppress or stop them from coming up, for these pain memories are toxins working against your healing. Release them in Peace and Love and Let them Go. You are no longer the owner or victim of these pain memories. Let Go. All is beautifully well. Breathe. 

Release the right to remember the pain as a haunting experience. But instead one that is reflective of where you have grown too.  Insightful of where you have come from now reflecting boldness and beauty for how the wounds of the past have been washed, cleansed and healed. A scar of reminder is left pointing to the rites of passage that you have come through, overcome and now stand in beauty of the testament, “That which doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”. And I add, That which killed or crucified the pain memories of an enslaved mind which was once clothed in pain is now clothed in Divine Love. Divine Love reflecting and rejoicing in joy and peace.

I release Divine Love, Divine Joy and Divine Peace to all who have read this.
Ase’ – Namaste’. In my own words: You have the power within to create the vision you house. And I honor and bow to the Divine in you. In turn I honor and bow to the Divine in me. Ashe’

Love you All Divinely,
Royal Redd