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4.17-4.23/ Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading/Watch, Be Vigilant, Pay Attention/Ground/Breaking Free From Anything Limiting


Greetings Loves, This Weeks Love Relationship Oracle is stating to pay attention to those around who may “appear” to have your best interest at heart but really do not, They are jealous instead.  Be watchful of this type of energy, but nothing to Fear! Never. Make sure to keep yourself Grounded for I feel there are different shifts and transitions going on which may make you feel a little wobbly. Steady yourself. Ground. It’s all Well. You are breaking free from any old self-limiting thought forms-Childhood, disillusioned thoughts of what you believe you deserve in your relationships, Especially Romance. Keep High Thoughts.. You can have whatever your heart desires, you must clear your mind, heart, and spirit of any disillusions which keep you thinking you deserve less than what you now are receiving or have received in the past times. Let’s Go & See what energies are coming forth this week. Namaste’ 


That Old Stank EVIL Eye  is present this week, with someone around you energetically who just likes to cause problems because this is their nature & way of being. You must be aware & alert to know that the higher you vibrate the more light you give off. Meaning that there are individuals around you who are not gonna be happy. All will not be joyous in your spiritual growths or transformations. Let’s be realistic that’s not how things work. Some are going to be jealous and want to see you fall. But let’s not give too much attention the haters. Preserve your energy. 

In saying this, it’s very important that you shield yourself from any form of psychic attack on all levels. Mental, Emotional, Soul and Spirit. I hear Guard your Heart Space. Be mindful of casting your caution to the wind with New Connections which you are still learning about. Tighten up your reins a little bit. Excitement could cause you to leave yourself open. You can still In Joy the New Connections you are in but just be mindful to take your time and not rush into the unknown. There are still lingering energies around that are gonna be gone soon. It seems like individual you may be dealing with in a New Romance is dealing with certain energies around them which may not be fruitful to you. All these energies to dissipate. You will know when you can safely allow your guard down a bit more. Bit by bit. Remember this.  

The EVIL EYE It’s All About Being Aware not Afraid. There is no reason to be afraid. Just stand your ground and shield yourself and be connected to the fact that you are a powerful presence and apparently you have been picked up on someone’s radar who would much rather you not be there. I feel or sense that this energy is mostly harmless but yet this individual is not happy that you are present. She/he feels like making their presence known to let you know they are not happy with your presence. Guard yourself and Go forth into the world and Live your Life. Happily & Unafraid. No matter how others may respond to you, Be aware and unmoved. Do not be moved by someone looking or staring at you in a strange manner. But don’t take these energies lightly. Speak up when you need to, otherwise Return It To Sender! Malicious, Hateful and Unpleasant energy has no place and has no power or presence over you, UNLESS you give it energy. Ignore those energies who are just there to nagging or annoying. Dismiss them. But Be Wary and Focused. ASe’  Be mindful, vigilant and alert! These steps shall keep you safe. 

Be mindful our thoughts can draw certain things into our space as well. The Evil Eye is about being vengeful, attacking of another through ugly looks, unpleasant stares, unpleasant energy period. When you know the source of where this is coming from. You can deal with it effectively. Whichever way you choose to handle it you will be successful in doing so. 

During this time, you may be feeling a greater need to EARTH yourself. In the midst of so much change you want to make sure you stay grounded. I hear, “try some breathing exercises”. Breathing helps focus the breath and therefore bring you into balance. Try it along with some stretching exercises. Certain yoga poses those of which you are already using are sufficient. It seems that you are coming into some new spiritual strength. Therefore this means new energy, new power and new authority in different realms and dimensions. It is important that you stay connected to the Divine Earth Mother. Get out in nature and ground. Take walks, stand barefooted in the grass or sit in the grass, Hug trees.

Connect yourself even more deeply to the Earth through taking time to observe what’s going on around you. Do not overlook or dismiss anything as it being insignificant. For the signs in nature may be pointing you to a new ritual to keep yourself grounded. With the Spring season being All about Rebirth, New Birth & Transformation. Allow yourself to partake of and embrace this lovely energetic presence. It sounds like it will be refreshing, renewing, reclaiming and redefining. In-joy. Ground Yourself! 

In that you are experiencing a BREAKTHROUGH  in regards to some energies around you which have caused stagnation to linger around your finances. This stagnate energy has been a pattern for sometime and it seems to pop up every now and then when certain emotional matters arise. It seems like possibly when you feel like things are not headed in the direction you want, you begin to get a little anxious within. And this shows up in your finances as feeling like you don’t have enough, or things are taking too long and not moving in the way you want.

Beloved, you must be mindful of this energy. Remember “thoughts are things and they create.” (Afrodeity Stone)  They are energetic. “As a man/woman thinks so does he or she become”. You will know by the end of this week if not mid-week what energies are manifesting around you which may cause you emotional upheaval and make you feel that you aren’t gaining that which you desire in the area of your finances as you feel you deserve. You are truly deserving and you should be aware that with all of the different changes going on around you that you are susceptible to feeling certain ways. Your finances are finally at a stage where you can handle them with a firm hand without second guessing your ability to do so. You are more than capable so be open to the different notices you receive in the way of omen signs and nature signs. Omens as for, foreshadowing of some type of blessings of success coming your way. You will not recognize these shadow signs as foreshadows of blessings but instead they may look a little odd and peculiar to you. But take nothing as strange or uncanny. Those messages which seem to have little or no meaning may be the ones which need your greatest attention. Focus on what you want to manifest through your finances then I hear be still and Know that It is Well. Meaning give your diligent focus to it through prayer and meditation and let that be It. Do not fixate on what it looks like now. It doesn’t matter. That which matters is: What You DESIRE It to LOOK Like. It will resemble and mock which you send out to the Universe. Send out a clear message and wait for the answers to come by you being guided step by step on what you must do or not do to bring these finances in your space. 

Beloved, it feels to me that you must learn to Be Still and Continue in the way you have been going. No need to stress yourself out. It’s not needed. Don’t be so quick to give up on a plan of action when you don’t see immediate or quick change. It’s not about quick. It’s about endurance and maintaining discipline. Continue. You are doing great! Regardless of what you see with your physical eyes. Beloved, remember this is a NOT  Physical thing. These are Spiritual things. Money is energetic. Meaning Shift  the energetic state of your Mind. Once you shift you will see how show up for you. Positive confirming thoughts and Positive Affirmations. Positive Meditating on the desires of your heart. It will All Pay off in the time you not expect. Continue Forward. ASe’ 

As for your Romantic Connection you may have just manifested a Soul Mate or Twin Flame and this an exciting time for you. Beloved, I hear “Do not limit yourself “in this new connection by thinking about or allowing old relationship energies to creep back in and linger surrounding what didn’t turn out right in previous relationships, or what you didn’t do right or what you did wrong. You’ve done large amounts of deep healing to restore yourself to a Higher vibration to view Love from a New View. View Love as such. Beloved, this is a NEW CHANCE to do what you didn’t do then, to do it now. You are being given a New opportunity to embrace the New Energies of Love which are surrounding you. They are beautiful. This is a new chance to share your life with someone whom you’ve always dreamed of and they of you. Do not put pressure on yourself or them to have to be perfect or respond to you as you respond to them. Do not make comparisons from old relationships. This is All new a different person. New fresh energy. Although their energy my be familiar with someone you once dealt with.They are NOT that person. Remember this. Just in-joy this New love relationship in it’s New blossoming state.

You must remember all that you have learned from past relationships. Integrate All knowledge you’ve learned to enhance your experience within your new partnership.  No masks. Just be Who you are, No fear. Everything will be fine. I’m hearing, “Don’t give out so much and expect the same in return. If you are giving out a little more than the other right now, allow yourself to pace slowly and don’t overwhelm them with your energy but instead give in good measure. Take your time. But Enjoy and Have Fun. So this means follow the direction of your hearts desires. And remember that All that you give, Allow yourself to give with Unconditional Love with no expectations of receiving the same in return or as you have given it back at this moment. As you progress, it will come I hear. It will come back in a way that you don’t expect. Just as you need. So just allow it to be what it is. Guard your heart and affections as to not overload yourself or your new love interest with any unneeded energy. Let it Be. In-Joy! And Have Fun!!! 

LOVES, Thank you so much for your support. This is your Love Soul Relationship Oracle for the week. If you are in need of a Personal Love Soul Oracle Reading, Please contact me at: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com. I look forward to serving you. Focus on those things which are of High Excellence and Watch your life unfold in ways you never thought. 


Royal Redd 


2.20-2.26 General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Readings/Transmute All Things Petty, Evil Eye Alert, Talisman Protection


Greetings & Namaste’ Beloved Ones- This week we have some pretty strong and powerful Messages coming through the Oracle. Please Be open to hear what is coming forth. It is my hope these messages shall bless you and guide you on your journey and path. Ase’ If you would like a Private reading details will be listed at the end of this reading. Thank you kindly. Let’s Go Forth and See What Source and my Guides will speak. Ase’-Namaste’ 



ALL petty low vibrating things like a snake shedding its skin….

Mindsets and Attitudes of you being low and beneath another must go. Mindsets and old dead tainted programming suggesting you are underneath someone’s control and they are somehow Superior and far more Greater because they Know alot. These types must die. These type of smothering thoughts which suggest you’re not smart enough or wise enough to comprehend the things you see and feel.  Not so! There’s No such thing as you not knowing.  You know All which pertains to you my Beloved One and when you realize this you will Unapologetically rise above all mindsets, mind frames and false-illusioned and disillusioned ideas which suggest anything not in alignment with you Gaining,  Maintaining, Dwelling and Inhabiting Your Greatness. 

Beloved these things come for you to acknowledge them, dissect them, and allow them to become Divine Transmutation. To take on a new form. Transmutation.  From lower to Higher form. Rise Up as a Phoenix rising from the ashes, smoke and through the fires Transmutation takes place.  As I speak It takes place before my very own eyes in my own life. And to take notice and witness this shape shifting of my glorious Self. Well it’s just wonderful.  

Transmutation.  Transmutation is the Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakra energies assisting in your divine deep healing. Sacral healing comes forth through the Creative; Sacred, Purging Confidence that you are the Magical Chemist. Alchemy. Yes. You are the creative force in Divine Femi9 and Divine Masculine forms which say that you can create, shape and fashion your Divine Soul essence as you see, as you dream. Beauty Divine.  You are simply a Divine magickal presence with the Kundalini snake energy rising as you are purging all low matters. Enchanting. Ase’ 

Transmuting Alchemy is the Solar Plexus- Fire of the Sun- God (Ra)which causes you to receive nourishing vital nutrients for your well-being, your Whole being. Through allowing the Suns radiance to feed you, you become more attuned to your Higher Self and connected to more of your Self Confidence. You become more connected to your Higher Consciousness and to your Will power to succeed.  The Healthy part of your Ego begins to shine and announce its extreme awareness of Self Love,  Self Pride and Self Excellence in All you do. Ase’  


Turn Up Your Discernment, Heighten Your Senses

Beloved, I began with Words of Caution as to not take the presence of the Evil Eye as a light thing . Do not be afraid in ANYWAY, for fear only increases the projections effects. But  Be Greatly aware and  Do not ignore and dismiss anyone or anything who could “possibly” be the culprit of ill intentions or wicked and unkind acts against you.  Remember All things are Energetically Spiritual.  So it may not be a physical person around you sending the Evil Eye intention but instead by the Spiritual Realm It could come. Where All things come. Someone who could be harboring jealousy ,  or having manipulative or deceitful intentions toward you. Do not overlook or dismiss this person saying “Oh they couldn’t, Or they wouldn’t”. We are ALL have our human component and many around us are not as spiritual as they may seem but all can fall prey to becoming jealous even in the smallest matters.ALL are capable of becoming jealous and directing hateful energy consciously or unconsciously. There are different extremes, some more harmful than others. Some wish to bring defamation to your character while others want to bring you physical or emotional pain, and ruin. Some are petty haters who have nothing to do with their time, or those who simply do not want to see you rise, but that can not be stopped if you are aware and taking care of your internal space to make sure you are clear of anything that could give this energy leverage.  The Evil Eye is not just someone giving you a dirty or unpleasant look but someone who is projecting foul energies towards you. Some may wish to see you mentally and emotionally broke because they are. It’s all about a projection from their inner self  of the one who means you harm. Beloved, the higher you resonate and vibrate the more opportunity there is for these type of things to occur, but you Do not have to worry and Do not Fear, just be mindful and be aware. These are My words to you. Fear exasperates matters, and you must remain calm grounded and focused.Be wise as the Bible says: Do not be ignorant of the tools or devices of the adversary or enemy which may come against you (paraphrased) Beef up your Discernment! Pay Closer attention to who and what’s around you. Do not be so silly to think as it couldn’t happen to you. Pay closer to attention to different body sensations you get when around certain people or places. Pay attention to the visions or other spiritual nuances.There are cultures which hold beliefs that the Evil Eye has the ability to make one ill, mentally, physically or break up relationships which you hold dear. These are extreme cases, but aren’t likely to happen if you guard yourself properly on all planes, (mental, physical, soul and spirit.) Keep your emotions in check when you suspect someone is giving you the Stank Eye. If you are not a being who is protected and watching your spaces carefully then you can open yourself up to these situations. Simple cases of the Evil Eye projection may be someone just giving you a dirty look or saying something in a side ways type of way where it just doesn’t feel right. It’s also not a good thing to allow someone to sit and stare at you for a long period of time or if at all. It’s a personal invasion of your space and a disrespect to someone to just stare at them without at least saying something to the person. Be mindful of the words you hear, and  Be mindful of how you respond or do not respond. Silence is golden! But sometimes you MUST speak. Don’t be afraid. When someone sits and stares, It sends messages that they possibly have ill will towards this individual. Some just stare out of curiousity and this will be felt as well. But to feel energies which are not friendly or welcoming watch this and Beware. Also Be Mindful once again the person does not have to be in your physical space. These are energies being projected. Side note: They could actually be someone very close to you sitting pretty as if nothing is wrong and they have your best interest at heart. Watch this! Leave No Stone Unturned. ASe’ Also, Beware that you have no ill will in your heart to harm another because the Evil Eye which you receive could be something being returned to you from something you sent out. It could be a manifestation of the unpleasant, and unhealed areas of your heart. It could be for many reasons why another would project this type of energy towards you. Whatever the case, do not take it lightly. Protect yourself with different crystals, amulets or jewelrys you hold important or sacred. Cover them and clothe them in your energy to allow your essence to seep into these agents that they may protect you and shield you from any foul energies. Protect those in your space as well, for they could be an unintended target. I do sense at this time there is someone in your space who doesn’t possibly need to be there who may not have your best interest at heart. I sense it’s due to immaturity of not Knowing self. People can harbor jealousy or ill will in their heart towards you due to the way they feel about themselves. This is my own personal observation, it may or may not resonate with you. It may be because they are seeing you growing in ways spiritually that you hadn’t before and it makes them uncomfortable. Intimidating is what I hear. You are intimidating to some that inhabit your space. Watch this behavior that it doesn’t get out of control. The most well-intentioned people can have spite or dislike deep seated in their hearts to where they are unaware of their ill intentions to harm. Be mindful. ASe’  


Guard and Protect your Self and Personal Space 

Beloved, the word Talisman has Arabic origins. Etymology :tilsam. Closing meaning: “talisman, religious rite, payment,” earlier “consecration, ceremony, Greek meanings show: completion, perform religious rites. 

Talismans have been seen to be interchangable with the symbol of  Amulet. A Protective piece of jewelry or sacred object imbibed with ones personal energy to keep them safe and protective and to bring luck. Seeing as the Evil Eye Oracle is being shown, Beloved I would say you may need some type of Talisman or Amulet to wear on your person. Only you will know the significant healing and protection powers this object possess. They will be attuned to your body essence. Keep it close to you and do not allow anyone touch or wear it. Talisman are seen to be magical objects which can be used in spiritual or religious rites and ceremonies to empower the ritual for greater effect and success. Be mindful of the intentions you have behind using a Talisman. Always be mindful of what’s in your heart because those things which you unaware will also attach themselves to the Talisman and possibly effect the outcomes of certain ritual or rites you may perform. 

A Talisman should be special and specific to you beloved. It should have special meaning to you. To see the power of the Talisman and infuse it with your Life Force, Chi or Ki, Prana energy it’s good to wear it on your person, put it in your pocket, sleep with it under your pillow. Keep it with you. The more you connect with this Talisman, the more powerful it shall become in its protective and luck properties for you. Speak Divine Loving and Consciously Mindful words, intentions and affirming thoughts over this object. It will pay off for you. Use it wisely and In-Joy the fruits which come forth from the protection, luck and safeguarding of your Talisman. Ase’-Namaste’ 

Beloved, this is your Love/Soul Relationship Reading for this week. I hope you have been blessed to receive some messages which have resonated with you. To Book a Private Reading with Royal Redd, please visit: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com or Email: Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com. I look forward to being a Spiritual guide on your journey to Deeper Awareness and Deeper Self Healing. Ase-Namaste’ 

Love, Excellence & Prosperity to Thee- Royal Redd


Intuition shall lead as you trust.

Intuition shall lead as you trust.

Oracle Reflections- Intuition

Intuition is the nudge of the soul. Intuition is like a GPS directing by means of a knowing or feeling per say. It’s possible you have said or heard another say, “Something in the pit of my stomach is making me feel as if I should or should not do…” Or my all famous “I am not feeling it.”

Intuition manifests differently for each person. My Intuitive nudges come in various ways, most as feelings in different parts of my being. Gut feelings. The gut is the core of our being. Soul. Solar Plexus. You can hear the sound of the word Soul as Sol which is Sun in Spanish. The Solar or Sun gives us strength and vitality.

I acknowledge Intuition as a GPS that directs and guides me to my True self. 😊 Intuition is and has been a guide that leads me to dis-cover values, stories and beliefs which are outdated and no longer work for me. Intuition assists me in making the best decision on how to embrace & heal the surfacing areas that require attention. I am grateful for Intuition.

The beauty of Intuition is that it is not One Size Fits All. Meaning it operates differently for Each Person. Some have Stronger Intuition because they exercise it. Others have Weaker Intuition because they disregard it. I used to have frail and weak intuition. Never sure of my next step. I didn’t believe I could trust myself. Core values. But one of the Biggest parts of my healing has been learning to embrace the inner nudgings of my Intuition. Allowing myself to know that I could trust myself and I don’t have to look outside of me for answers but knowing instead that My Intuition will lead me to the answers. It has been the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. I Now Truly Am Certain that My Intuition can be counted on and it will not steer me wrong. ☺

Affirm: My Intuition leads me in the way that is Best. I am able to trust my Intuition. My Intuition knows the Best path for me to learn, heal and expand. Ase’-Namaste’



Oracle Reflections- Intuition

Hear it, Feel it, Lean unto it, Embrace it,  Trust it,  Follow it, TRUST IT.  GO DEEPER INTO IT. #INTUITION

Go Deeper Into Her. She will answer every question you've ever had. Intuition.

Go Deeper Into Her. She will answer every question you’ve ever had. Intuition.

Go in to it. Intuition means to go within. Go within the space of your self that is quiet, dark and still.  This is the place that ALL insight and revelation lie.

I call her the Secret, Sacred garden. Because within is the only place that you can access those Highest most beautiful parts of yourself. As well as the lower realms of self.

To learn to lean unto Your own innerstanding is a beautiful thing indeed.  Leaning unto the inner standing of your Higher Self/Higher Soul that is. I began to come into this inner knowing 7 years ago after much disappointment of looking outwardly to find answers. Religion. I never found them.  My search always left me empty and hopeless.

During the early stages of my awakening I felt literally forced to try another way.  Trust My Self. Trust My gut. Trust My first mind is what I’d hear the older ones in my family say. But I had blocked this and only sometimes listened because Religion steered away from My Self. Instead to always have me to look outwardly at fake images that could do nothing Lasting,  Profitable, Beneficial or Healing for me. Nothing my Soul could hold on to.

Finally I decided to give My Self a try. I decided to give Trusting My Self a try. And 7 years later its proved to be the Most Awesome decision I’ve ever made in my life. Over the last 6 years I’ve experienced steady growth and expansion that has led me along the path of Know Thyself, Embrace Thyself & Love, Love, Love Thyself.

To began to connect with this inner knowing. To began to become One with  her-Intuition. Yes!!!!! Happiness began to spring deeply from my soul like wells of water. Lakes, reservoirs and oceans were and are mine to drink from. Deep sea exploration began.  Stronger and Stronger I become as I continue the path of the inner journey. Wow.

To Know Thyself is to become meshed with Intuition. She is my best friend on my spiritual journey. For she’s not just a feeling,  she’s the knowing of my soul that is confirmed by the output of experiences we have on this plane.  Our intuition is confirmed through others,  nature, music, movies,  etc. Her subtle hints of confirmation are ALL around us.

So I urge you to connect,  connect,  connect with her. She is the Wisdom of you. Go within. Quietly be present.  Be still and know that I am God. Translation: Be still (Meditate- not pray) & Know, Hear, Feel, Sense the God Sound of your Soul.

Affirm: I Am the answers I seek.  For everything I could ever need to know is within me, waiting to be uncovered.  So I move forth into the Dark, Still and Quiet place of my Soul. I lavish this Sacred, Still & Soulful Garden with My presence. Stillness I Am. Stillness I Become.  I Am….Ase’


Heart Center Intuition Births Desires not Ego Living…

Open Your Heart to Unlimited Possibilities. They exist. Indeed!

Open Your Heart to Unlimited Possibilities. They exist. Indeed!

Heart Centered Intuition is something that I have been magnetically drawn to more and more as I travel along this beautiful, yet often challenging path. Heart Centered Intuition is exactly what it says. Living from the HEART CENTER.

Your Heart Chakra must connect with your Minds Eye (3rd eye-Pineal Gland) in order for your heart to be illuminated and manifest your desires. Connection meaning to be in agreement with that which you perceive in the realm of the Minds Eye. The desires of your heart are perceived and realized through the 3rd eye. Your hearts desires are made manifest in the celestial realms first, Then they are made tangible in the earth. ‘As above, So below. As within, So without, As The Universe, So the Soul.’ 

This means as you go deeper within and become more connected to your Heart Center, connecting to your 3rd eye you will definitely see the manifestations. The key is to be consistent in speaking your intentions, allowing your heart to remain open and vibrating with your 3rd eye. Keeping your heart and mind free and clear of doubt, fear and indecision is key. Keeping your heart clear and remaining open allows heart petitions to reach the Universal Beings who’s desires are to assist you in manifesting the beautiful desires of your dear heart.

Please Beloveds, be patient with yourselves in manifestation. It can often be challenging at times with so many intentions of so many beings releasing in the atmosphere simultaneously. However, Perseverance, Diligence, Strong Focus, Meditation and Positive Love and Light will bring your dreams into fruition. Keep moving. Don’t give into the warfare of the dark and unseen world that desires to hinder and block your heart petitions. (smile) 

Now, that you are clear on Heart Centered Intuition. Let’s discuss Ego Living.

The Ego is composed of Your Mind, Your Thoughts and Your Will. Now, there are lights and shadows to your ego.  Meaning there is a part of the ego that is for protective measures. This is the light and the one that warns. However, in your Soul Shadows/Ego Mind lurks lower frequency mental illusions. The Ego is a master at casting illusions until you learn to dismantle them by remaining connected to Divine Heart Centered Intuition.  Stay Connected Beloveds.

The Ego Soul shadows like to remind you of a dim past, or a possible dim future. Evil Forebodings the Holy Bible calls them.  Now, Let’s look at the vision blocker. The Saboteur.  The Saboteur vibrates on a frequency of doubt, fear, illusions and half truths. Sabotage masks itself as low self esteem or a lack of confidence. Anger, Anxiety, Irritability and so many other masks the Saboteur wears. Past fears of similar situations that went array are also a trick of the shadowy Ego. It lurks saying,  Remember What happened last time? And the most famous, What if it doesn’t work? What if it doesn’t go like I think? What if…..What if…..? The shadow ego or shadows of your soul is the place that seeks CONTROL and DOMINANCE. It throws doubt and casts guilt and shame to keep you from the TRUE DIVINE HAPPINESS THE BEAUTIFUL AWESOME DIVINE CREATOR DESIRES SO MUCH FOR YOU TO LAY HOLD OF.


youcan achieveallthings

Beloved, Let’s raise our Vibration to a Higher Love Conscious. Let’s raise our Vibration to say, YES I SHALL HAVE THE DESIRES OF THINE HEART as the Bible states. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and it’s righteous and all these things shall be added unto you. Matt 6:33. ‘All these things’ are the DIVINE desires of thine heart that you released into the atmosphere. The Divine desires that MUST come to pass in order for you to cross over the threshold from the in between to manifestation.  Divine Beauty.

I choose to believe that the Most High Divine Goddess and Divine God want the HIGHEST good for us Beloved. Divine Blessings, Divine Healing. Divine Truth and Divine Wisdom be Made Manifest in all that you set out to do. May you lay hold of those things you desire and May they manifest that which you say, think and speak. You shall Manifest the intentions of your heart through diligence, patience, truth and hope. 

I send High Vibrations of Love, High Vibrations of Peace and High Vibrations of Exquisite Beautiful Rewards and Blessings to you. 

I love you. Peace and Joy to thee. Smile for your blessings are nigh to your heart and are manifesting as we continue therein. BE. Be in the place of continually moving forward and constant meditation. Manifestation is sure to come. It is sure Indeed to come. As the cycles of the moon assist thee. It is sure to come. Ase’ 

Her Highness The Royal ReddPeace

Divinely Different Steps




Greetings my Lovely Ones,

As I move on the path set before me I am reminded of this. Each and everyone’s steps are divinely different. This is what makes us so unique, to be compared with no one. We all must travel our own uniquely designed path to get to the beautiful destination we have desired in our heart. Your path is your path and my path is my path. There are no two paths alike.  Similar. Not the same.You are unique! You are an individual. Allow your path to be carved according to your hearts desire and not according to another’s.

Step by Step. Day by Day. Hour by Hour. Minute by Minute. Second by Second. Everyone’s steps are different.  What looks one way or like something to one, will look like another way and a totally different thing to another. What you think will look like one thing or work out one way will work out a total opposite way. You may think a thing is ‘supposed to be’ a particular way or ‘should’ manifest or reveal itself a certain way.  But it will manifest a totally different way. Keep your heart and mind open to receive what is specifically for you loved one. Divinely for you! 

In this new dimension there is no space or allowance for ‘should be’ thoughts or ‘supposed to be’ thoughts. These are of the Old DNA. The old body. Body meaning as in sphere or  the DNA realm you once resided. See the New DNA is a sphere/place that you must live outside of time and space. You must live purely through your heart and intuition. HEART-INTUITION CENTERED LIVING.

Heart- Intuition Centered Living is the platform you must live from in the new dimensional realm.  See the ways of  going into survival mode to live are done and over with. Fear can not be in the drivers seat. A Heart of love, compassion and trust for oneself must be present. You must be able to trust your inner knowing/higher self enough to know that what you feel, sense and hear are real. These things will lead you to the desires of your heart. Trust, hear, and know that you are headed in the right direction. 

In this new dimension we must breathe, live, eat, sleep, move according to the Spirit of Intuition and Heart within. We must feel our way through this new unknown dimension and it’s realms with a heart and intuition based focus. We can’t go into alarm mode when things don’t turn out as we ‘thought they should’ or ‘wanted’ them to.

When we release this Old DNA thinking and learn to develop New DNA heart/intuition movement. Our lives will begin to manifest what our heart and spirit desires. I feel this with every inch of my being and the very essence of me.

So the insightful lesson I present to you is learning is to take your thinking of should be or supposed to be thoughts out of it. It makes for better peace and rest.  Therefore your mind is not focused on the way the outcome should or might appear. Instead be at peace and rest.

Namaste & Love 2 Thee,

Royal ReddPeace