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3.27-4.2~ Soul Lesson/Winter Solstice-Reflection- Silence The Noise- Go Within….



Beautiful & Most Joyous Greetings to You All!!!

This Week’s Soul Lesson is about Silence, Reflection, and Stilling the Inner space. I feel and I hear that although it’s Spring time and things are unfolding from the Winter stillness. It is yet time for you to pull away once again this week in silence. To sit still more often and possibly even ground yourself in nature. In silence. Sit still long enough to hear the deepest parts of your soul speak. The parts of you that you don’t readily hear or connect to in all of the noise, busyness and sometimes chaotic and stressful situations that may arise during the day. Sigh…

Take a deep breath and relax yourself into the depth of silence which is calling you to come even deeper. Deeper than you may have in the dark times of winter. This is not to suggest to return completely to a state of Winter for it is necessary that you remain present and flow with the current physical season (spring). But being aware Beloved, you can have a Winter in the midst of your Spring. Meaning a time of stilling. A time of stepping back to really reflect from a different aspect what you want to create and pursue in this beautiful unfolding of Spring.

Spring brings such excitement and we are ready to get outside into the sun for it remains light longer and embrace the chirping sounds of nature. Do this with a mind of silence. I’m hearing that you may even want to silence yourself and fall back on any unecessary social media engagement. This silencing may be presenting itself to you in a time where you may be feeling a little extra anxious and stressie about the things to come in this new Season of Spring. Well this is perfect timing. Take time to sit still and stay still. Meditate and go within. 

During your meditation you may find somethings coming up that you didn’t know were there. I hear- Check your reflection. What are you projecting to the world.? What’s going on in your space (internal and physical)? That which is taking place in your space (inner-mental, heart) will give you a clear indication of what you are reflecting in the world.

Beloved, Pay attention to the ques and responses of your body as you still yourself. Are you feeling fearful and anxious about things? Are you unsure of yourself in any way regarding moving forward into pursuing the dreams of your heart? Are you feeling like things are coming too fast and you are having a hard time keeping up? Stop and check your self-reflection.

How Do You See Yourself in these situations and others that may be arising? Are you comparing yourself to those around you, that may be doing what you desire to do as well? Are you looking through eyes of old outdated perceptions? Are you looking through the glasses of how another perceives you? How Are You Looking At You Beloved?

Hmm… Food for thought. The way we see ourselves is the reflection we vibrate in the world. And if the world sees us as we see ourselves, How about giving yourself an upgrade of how you see yourself? See although people see you through their own lenses. You still have the ability to project what you want them to see. What do you want others to see about you? Check your reflection in the mirror. Are you viewing yourself from the rear view mirror? Meaning are you looking at what’s behind you instead of what’s in front of you? 

Check your mirrors. Adjust your reflection. See A NEW VISION. You are birthing a New You each and every day you rise. Each and everyday you arise a new being, more beautiful than the previous day. Come into a new image of yourself with Each Waking Moment of the New Day. Namaste-Ase. So Be It! 

Love 2 thee,

Royal Redd 


Break Into Something New…


Oracle Reflections

WHALE (Breach)


It’s time to shift your awareness to a Higher Consciousness.  That you may obtain a new and greater perception of yourself and those around you.
A Breach indicates a change of pattern. A Breaking. There needs to be a breaking of old thoughts, ideas, &  ways of doing.
Time to breach, break or discontinue doing as you once did. Step out of the old. Make an effort to incorporate new adventures in your life. Try new things that you’ve always wanted to. Things which inspire you to grow deeper roots. Expansion of your tree branches decorated with lush abundant leaves of transformation. Which bring new experiences, new people & new opportunities. Time to Breach, Break Contracts and Unions with Old Mental Constructs which limit your self-expression.  No more doing as we once did. Let’s learn to have fun a new and different way. Yaaaay! Yes! !!

Love forward-  Royal Redd 👑

Thank you for your support.
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Confrontation Releases The Hidden Gem You ARE….


Confronting can be unnerving and scary. But acceleration of my heart presses me forward to the finish line. I run toward the shadowy space within that holds my greatest joy

Confronting can be unnerving and scary. But acceleration of my heart presses me forward to the finish line. I run toward the shadowy space within that holds my greatest joy

Being candid and most transparent. When I first pulled this card my initial thoughts were, “Once again we meet, what have you come to teach me this time?” As I peered at the card my eyes began to well with tears and I decided to let them flow.

See Beloved Ones, I come to share my journey with you to be more transparent than I have ever been. With this transparency comes great fear uncertainty and a high-price to pay for myself, more than anyone. Exposing my hidden self the one only I know.  My friends I stand here vulnerable exposed and naked not afraid to share my deepest emotions surrounding this Oracle Reflection- Confront. See because I know I’m not the only one who is called to confront hidden things in their shadows. We All Are. It’s something we can’t escape. Entering into the hidden self takes boldness and courage. So I am present, freely willing to honestly and truthfully share what I feel this card is speaking to Royal Redd Peace at this time.

Confrontation has never really been an issue for me when it comes to seeing things as they are. Now I didn’t say I liked it and I didn’t say it was comfortable or pleasurable but I’ve always been a person who desires Truth. So as I sit here and stare at this card, the word Confront rings true to me and many questions fill my head. But let me focus on this one to start. What has the little girl inside come to speak to the one who still hides in the dark? The little girls voice I silence at times because I do not want to hear her tell me the things that she still wrestles with surrounding her upbringing. So once again she shows her face in this Oracle reflection and I am now prepared to listen to what she has to say. Within my vision I see a little girl that looks at me with big eyes of promise. Her eyes speak and encourage me,”It’s alright to confront that which you’ve pushed down and what you’ve ignored for so long. It will all be fine. Just take a deep breath, exhale and take a deeper look. For it is now time to see what it is that has been holding you back from fully realizing your own Divine radiance. What culprit has been keeping you from believing and knowing the Divine power within you? From accepting and acknowledging that the words you speak have power to transform the lives of those that hear you. No more believing the lie that your words must be complex deep and so elaborate for the people who hear to be changed. But instead Royal Redd, speak with simplicity  the beautiful and Wise knowledge which holds esoteric mysteries. Speak clearly and freely that the ears that hear would receive these truths in their souls most inner part. The parts of them that leave nothing to be said”.

As these words flowed through the healing channel of my heart, for the first time I began to feel a lifting of my soul, speaking to her holy worth. I hear, “You are of rare value. Not a jewel to be easily accessed.” Not only believing for the first time the words her soul spoke, but truly being able to say and know that My words are valuable. My words hold power and that the words that go forth from this mouth shall not return void but they shall accomplish that which they have been sent to do. They Shall Manifest.

Once upon a time I felt as if my words were of no consequence, no concern, no power, nothing. On a regular basis being told, “Shut up no one’s gonna hear you. No one wants to hear what you have to say”. I silenced myself to uncomfortably and most blindly fit in, to become a part of a clan of people that I secretly couldn’t stand. Forbidden to speak, yet the most deepest part of me was crying out to speak her truth that was not of herself but of Divine messages from higher dimensions. Who am I? Who are they? To deny the voice of this divine messenger to speak freely and clearly? As I emerge forth into the open, transparent and ready to share the graceful inner workings of the sacred soul of this Royal being – Her Royal Highness Royal Redd Peace. I am reminded by the little girl within “You have been through so much you can’t turn around now. You must continue to keep moving forward and yes Confront the things, people, places and situations with unconditional love that you may overcome. That you may move beyond the false illusions which told you that you don’t matter. For now is the time for your voice to be heard for your words to be shared.”

As I speak I hear the word “Liberator” strongly like a trumpet call. “Might I be a liberator? Here for those souls that hunger for Authentic Divine Insight, Divine Revelation and Wisdom filled words?” I feel in my soul that I am and I feel the words that are deposited in this vessel are unique,simple and  richly full of Wisdom and Divine expressions of The Creators love. I shall carry these messages of Spirit to the hearts and souls of those that would welcome this messenger, this Holy vessel and being Royal Redd Peace.

While this has been one of my most vulnerable pieces of writing I am happy that I have been able to share with those who have been present in my space for sometime now. You have supported me and have seen my transformation over these last few years. Some of you have been with me much longer so you know different parts of my journey have not been easy but I stand here committed and ready to finally accept the assignment, the call and the mantle that has been placed upon my life by the Most Excellent Creator of the Most High of Highest. I no longer will deny myself that I Am a being full of Sacred Knowledge, Holy Insight, Divine Revelation and Expansive Wisdom. I will receive the Beautiful Consecrated messages from my higher soul first for myself and then lovingly share them with those that are willing to hear and willing to receive. I Am a servant of the Supreme Universal Creator and it is my Most Excellent and Royal Honorable pleasure to share with humility the Divine speakings that are released to me.

May you receive encouragement, power and extra ordinary strength to go within the place of your Shadows. Allowing the moon to shine upon those beautiful gifts and exquisite treasures that are buried beneath illusions, false perceptions and created ways of being. As you allow yourself to go deeper within the dark spaces you shall uncover everything that you’ve always been and didn’t know you were. Being able to free yourself Mind-Body, Soul & Spirit that you may share your beauty with those who hunger to be made whole and transformed by the wonderful messages and creativity that only you can share. Share freely without fear of how others will hear or receive you. Be bold! Be courageous! Shine brightly! Shine as only you can shine! Let it be clear that you are of Divine Beauty, Divine Elegance and Divine Love. Peace to thee all. I love thee. Royal Redd Peace.

Choose Wisely

Resonation with the Higher Soul Indicates Wisdom

Resonation with the Higher Soul Indicates Wisdom

Wise choices. Choose Wisdom. Hmmm….First let’s be clear on What it means to be WISE.  Definition: Wise- having the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right; possessing discernment, judgment or discretion. 

Ok that’s a modern dictionary definition. Now from the spiritual aspect. Wisdom is the ability to rightly judge or discern, tell the difference, by the Divine knowledge and Divine understanding you possess to make the most honorable or excellent decision in any given situation. It is keen insight into a matter. Whereas, someone who does not actively in possess wisdom would use knowledge only to make a decision without employing Divine insight. This is my definition. Some are born with a large measure of wisdom in a sense of being able to discern beyond the physical elements (5 senses). I have noticed these people are naturally intuitive and wise in their perceptions and speakings. In other aspects you may have some that call it Common Sense. And I say, it is NOT common sense at all. If it were common Would not ALL possess it Beloved?  Hmmm… In another fashion wisdom is said to be gained through life experience. I find this to be a difficult yet beneficial way to gain wisdom, due to it being experiential. We all gain measures of experience through life experience. Now whether we employ it to work for us is another subject in its entirety. Lol! (smile) 

Now to make wise or insightfully discerning decisions one must be connected to the core of their being. I call it my Higher Self, Higher Soul. It is the space where all Divine insight exists. Meaning whatever I need to know and when I need to access it, Divine guidance is present. The way to tap into this Divine knowing or Wise speaker is to go within yourself and learn to trust that knowing. I hear the word “gut”. The gut will never steer you wrong. I know from much experience of listening to and following the feelings in my gut. (smile) When you are first learning to connect to your Higher Self or Higher Soul it may seem as if you are missing the mark. That’s perfectly fine. It’s truly about clearing the clutter from your mind space and teaching it to be subject to your Higher Soul and not the other way around. Your Higher Self is the entity that should be in the driver’s seat. Not the mind-ego. So when you find your mind-ego nature butting in and trying to take control. Silence it through prayer or meditation or whatever tool you use to center yourself. For the still quiet voice that you hear is your Higher Self or Higher Soul. Christians will say The Holy Spirit. Another will say their Inner Knowing. However, you label it, it is that nudge or quiet voice that speaks to help guide you to Choosing Wisely. As we are consistent in leaning to the nudges and small still voice, we grow in wisdom. We began to make better choices over time. Consistency is KEY. So continue to move forward and know that you are well able to Choose Wisely. (smile)

In the Oracle card you see 5 hands pointing in different directions, with each hand reflecting a different hand sign. These signs can be interpreted in any way that resonates with you. Different signs mean different things to us all. I interpret this card as there are different signals that are being given and you can read them however you choose but Choose Wisely listening to the still small voice, acknowledging the gut feelings. Employ understanding and knowledge that you possess coupling it with discernment and insight to bring you to the best solution.

The person sitting on the dock is immersed in the selection of the wisest choice for her or him at this moment. The 2 birds represent travel in this instance. So I simply ask Beloved, In which direction will you travel? It will all depend on the hand signs you choose to heed. Be at peace! 

Please be gentle with yourself knowing that no decision that you make is wrong or incorrect. I don’t agree with there being any such thing. But more so, this is the decision or choice that you made to learn the lesson that you must learn to elevate in Higher knowledge and wisdom of your Divine Self. Beloved, remember All decisions are based on the reflection of your inner self at the present moment. Factoring in experience and acquired knowledge and Divine guidance from the Higher Soul and you will indeed make the wisest and most excellent decision for yourself and those in your space. Breathe, No pressure. Be open to making decisions that may not be of the norm. What is norm? Wisdom does not follow the road of norms, but instead travels outside of the roads of familiarity. Instilling new Divine insight through your growth and encounters with opportunities to employ Wisdom guidance. (smile) 

Choose Wisely Beloved the way you shall go, being mindful that you shall take responsibility for whatever action you release. Be at peace in your action and do not be harsh with yourself. Remember the developing of wisdom is through living and exploring life. Allowing yourself to be present and one with all that you experience. This is how Wisdom is acquired. Ase’- Namaste’

Your Essence is Golden! Royal Redd


Your Heart Speaketh….





Heart Nudges. What are Heart Nudges?

Faint sensations that rush through the physical body, mind, soul, heart and spirit. Body Sensations to be more exact. See although they are called Heart Nudges. The Heart is an entity that rules all by itself with the ability to influence all parts of the body sphere. Now focusing specifically on Heart Nudges, these sensations excrete the deepest longings of the soul. Sweet Nectar. Those longings that you feel insignificant that have been buried deep within your psyche. Buried so deep you’ve long forgotten about them. Until, one day, one moment, one second that buried desire surfaces.

What triggers these heart nudges? Anything. A voice on the television, radio, etc. A picture. A smell. A vibration. A frequency signal sent to the very ventricles of your souls treasure. Universal frequencies and Universal vibrations. Your heart. Lingering there inside the treasure box are all those things that you somehow put down along the way. Discarded along the path of life. Never to be remembered again. Ha, but no! They are to be remembered. Body Sensations point to the things that you once found pleasure in and no longer dare to dream of. My Dear Souls. Might I take you deeper to understand how you may allow these deep buried, hidden treasures to resurrect themselves? I promise you won’t be disappointed. Shall we?

It was not so long ago that I used to wonder if anything I desired would manifest. If anything that I had always envisioned would be birthed into the natural. This changed for me when I began to pay attention to my feelings which manifest in body sensations. That ache of tension in the neck. That gut feeling. These type of things. We often ignore the aches, tense feelings or nudges within our physical body, mind-body, soul, spirit and heart. It’s so easy to do in day-to-day life. Rush here. Rush there. Rush! Wait, Stop, Pause, Cease from movement. Breathe! Exhale! Inhale. Exhale! *Repeat*.

Heart Nudges are felt in the state of just BEING. Meaning Stillness. Not always absent of physical movement. But inner movement. Inner turmoil. Inner commotion. Inner clamoring. Stillness. In the stillness of your inner soul, you feel the nudges of the heart. They may come in the form of a thought, a single word, a song, an idea, a smell, a taste, a symbol, etc. We are all divinely wired different but the same in so many ways. Sensations are indicators giving direction to where you might find your next step. Turn here. Left Here. Right Here. Stop. Proceed with caution. These are some of the messages of Heart Nudges. 

So you say, you have no Heart Nudges? Hmm.. I beg to differ my sweet dear. If you would only come to a place of sweet rest where you can hear your internal peace. Not with your physical ear. But hear with your inner soul. What does it say through its’ feelings/body sensations?  In that place where there are no distractions from the hurried thoughts of the day. But only a restful, sweet silence. In this space. Sacred it is. You will sense, feel, hear the voice of your heart speak. Heart Nudges.

Open your soul to the desires of long ago now buried deep within. Find that physical sacred place that is quiet and still from the external noise and go within. Let no fearful thoughts or actions of the body stop you from going within. For fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s all about your PERCEPTION!  Go within, for it is where you shall once again connect to your passion for life. It shall awaken first slowly but as you continue to go within the shadowy spaces, you shall find that which you thought was no more. The shadows are beautiful darling, let not your heart tremble. Peacefully enter in.


It is my deepest hope that these words have sparked a flame in your soul that will burn stronger and deeper as you go within. Go within to see what you left behind a long time ago. I am most assured you will uncover the most beautiful things you’d ever thought you’d see. (SMILE) Heart Nudges are GATEWAYS OR PORTALS that will take you to the true inner essence of yourself. You will be so happy you entered in. Only you can unlock these gates/portals. Go and be at peace! Release all that holds you captive in your mind. Release the need to please and be what you think you should be or what others say you should be. Just BE! BE! BE! Release and you’ll see. I PROMISE! More to come….

Love 2 thee Queens & Kings! 

Your Highness Royal ReddPeace



Divinely Different Steps




Greetings my Lovely Ones,

As I move on the path set before me I am reminded of this. Each and everyone’s steps are divinely different. This is what makes us so unique, to be compared with no one. We all must travel our own uniquely designed path to get to the beautiful destination we have desired in our heart. Your path is your path and my path is my path. There are no two paths alike.  Similar. Not the same.You are unique! You are an individual. Allow your path to be carved according to your hearts desire and not according to another’s.

Step by Step. Day by Day. Hour by Hour. Minute by Minute. Second by Second. Everyone’s steps are different.  What looks one way or like something to one, will look like another way and a totally different thing to another. What you think will look like one thing or work out one way will work out a total opposite way. You may think a thing is ‘supposed to be’ a particular way or ‘should’ manifest or reveal itself a certain way.  But it will manifest a totally different way. Keep your heart and mind open to receive what is specifically for you loved one. Divinely for you! 

In this new dimension there is no space or allowance for ‘should be’ thoughts or ‘supposed to be’ thoughts. These are of the Old DNA. The old body. Body meaning as in sphere or  the DNA realm you once resided. See the New DNA is a sphere/place that you must live outside of time and space. You must live purely through your heart and intuition. HEART-INTUITION CENTERED LIVING.

Heart- Intuition Centered Living is the platform you must live from in the new dimensional realm.  See the ways of  going into survival mode to live are done and over with. Fear can not be in the drivers seat. A Heart of love, compassion and trust for oneself must be present. You must be able to trust your inner knowing/higher self enough to know that what you feel, sense and hear are real. These things will lead you to the desires of your heart. Trust, hear, and know that you are headed in the right direction. 

In this new dimension we must breathe, live, eat, sleep, move according to the Spirit of Intuition and Heart within. We must feel our way through this new unknown dimension and it’s realms with a heart and intuition based focus. We can’t go into alarm mode when things don’t turn out as we ‘thought they should’ or ‘wanted’ them to.

When we release this Old DNA thinking and learn to develop New DNA heart/intuition movement. Our lives will begin to manifest what our heart and spirit desires. I feel this with every inch of my being and the very essence of me.

So the insightful lesson I present to you is learning is to take your thinking of should be or supposed to be thoughts out of it. It makes for better peace and rest.  Therefore your mind is not focused on the way the outcome should or might appear. Instead be at peace and rest.

Namaste & Love 2 Thee,

Royal ReddPeace

Check…Check…Are You TRULY Open?

Check…Check…Are You TRULY Open?

Greetings, The Royal ReddPeace speaks from a deep heart center this day. Please if you would be so open as to hear with your heart and not your head intellect. I know you’ll be blessed. Moving forward.

The word OPEN has different meanings. The meaning I will use is in correlation to being clear of obstructions, blockages, limitations.

I wanted to share a thought with you. I’m aware as many of you might be that this is a new wave of energy and new dimension being released, which is changing the face of beautiful Mother earth. I am very excited about it and so are those who are awake or awakening.

However, this brings me to the NEW mindset that must accompany this shift. It is one of total openness. Vulnerability without the need to constantly disagree often with the information being given. This does not mean you don’t have boundaries or check points in your sphere that say I will not allow degrading or self devaluing entities in. This means that when your Intuition or your Spirit guides speak something that sounds remote, foreign or off to you, you remain open with the mind, ‘Well it’s worth a look at instead of a complete dismissal’.

When you are so quick to dismiss the light of your Intuition and Spiritual guides, you are stating that there is no validity in their words. Therefore blocking them and you are left to seek the way of finding your truth with the limited information you hold onto that could be outdated.

Being open to your Intuition or Spirit guide is saying I give you the permission to speak even when the light doesn’t sit well with my shadows. I will not dismiss the light but instead I will travel within the shadows which block me from reception.

This wisdom comes to you from lessons I’ve learned in the art of TRUE OPENNESS.
Now sometime down this road you will hear your Intuition/Spirit and your Spirit guides say something completely foreign because these entities 1.Have traveled outside of your sphere of understanding. And the area they deliver light from is unfamiliar to you. But the Spirit guide knows it’s the path to your healing. For they are guiding you into deeper enlightenment. Therefore beginning to usher your thoughts in a new fashion.
2. Spirit/Intuition and your Spirit guides do not live in the space of time but outside of it and therefore they experience, live, enlighten and guide from a dimension outside of time.

Also be mindful if you have a teacher/guide who is of human ness. We all have these guides and are these guides ourselves. They r still a SPIRIT and as they travel and evolve. They the human (thoughts, egos) become less in control and has less desire to dominate the light that comes to show the way to healing. Therefore, the messages they receive from Spirit may have a tendency to sound crazy, insane or to the left. Lol. Stop, Listen, and Speak with your Spirit for validation. Spirit will validate all things of it’s nature according to how OPEN you are. (Smiling)

So as we evolve your Spirit is in the driver’s seat. Meaning the higher you evolve through descending into ones shadows where transformation begins. You become more acquainted with your shadow dwelling. Its a beautiful place. You are then not so quick to be dismissive of the strange messages of Spirit/Intuition, and your Spirit guides because in the shadow’s the information will not sound or look strange. You will embrace it as information that is new. It’s hidden from the light self until the light self travels inward uncovering the hidden mystery or messages to bring into your now enlightened consciousness. (Smiling)

This is a truly beautiful place. So may I say The Shadows of your deep, hidden, mysterious and magical self are just marvelous. The Shadows deserve the same level of honor that Light is given.
Might I say it’s ok to feel unsure, uncomfortable and weirded out by the unknown? Those are typical responses to that which we can’t see.
But let me caution you, those feelings are just that. FEELINGS and EMOTIONS that can either serve you to move into the healing mysteries of thine self. Or they can be your master and bind you keeping you in fear because you were so quick to dismiss and devalue the words of your guides. Listen. Be open. Be vulnerable. Be adaptable. Be bold!
The new dimension takes all of these and more. However, let’s start here. Step into the shadows and bring forth the mysteries of your hidden self. Reflect your light inward and find that which your heart desires.

All your answers are from within that you are guided to by your Spirit or your Teacher who is of Spirit. Please don’t be so quick to dismiss the True Teachers of Spirit. Being dismissive can suspend you in a space of time limiting information you are unable to perceive at the moment. In turn blocking you to the information that your soul seeks.

There are Spirits awakening that are clothed in fleshly robes. These Spiritual beings are forces that have been awakened to guide those who walk around with their eyes appearing to be wide open but are closed shut. Those that are willing to be open to a deeper level than the one of their intellect, comfort zone and the norm.

Be not afraid of what you can’t see with your natural eye. Be not afraid of that which you understand not with your Ego/Intellect. Instead, embrace in your heart that which is strange and foreign and ride the wave of the unknown into a deeper healed and enlightened state. Higher Vibrations to you all. Love to you all. Peace to thee all.

I love you truly from the deepest part of my soul/heart. It is only my desire to be the Lightworker that I am. Leading those who are truly open into their shadows to illuminate the hidden mysteries of one’s self. Bringing forth total and complete healing. Transformation!

African Proverb




Africa in art

Bad friends will prevent you from having good friends. ~ Gabon


This African Proverbs brings these words of insight. The definition of bad here is someone who lacks insight, direction, clear sight, desire, wisdom, sound character or ambition. Someone who is not interested in being a person of virtue and love.  Someone who is easily deceived and is a deceiver.  Someone who primarily operates on all sides of their shadow. Someone who is very low vibration in the sense of how they live and behave in everyday life. They see themselves as the victimized person in all situations. They never try to get to the root of why life seems to be so unpleasant or unfortunate for them.

*Be mindful we all have vibrated at this level of  low character at sometime along our path. But the insight is not to remain there. We must move forward. We all have shadows and we must learn to balance them. They are nothing more than character flaws or weaknesses some may say. We are to progressively move in a direction of growth and healing so that we can attain a more balanced light and shadow being. 

The definition of good here is someone who is of love, kindness, peace, joy and strength. Someone who is seeking to grow daily. Willing to and does admit when they have erred in their way. They apologize and work on setting the record straight. A person of integrity. A person of their word. Meaning their word is their bond. They keep your secrets and does not maliciously talk behind your back. This is a good friend. Someone who will always challenge you to do your best. Someone who wants the best for you always. Someone who will be a light in your life. Continually growing brighter as you travel along the path with them. 

*Be mindful that if you possess a great deal of light character or good attributes but in no way does this mean you are better or have arrived. We are still moving progressively to a brighter light. Never allow the light you gain to down play another or diminish the fact that you still have shadows that sometimes rear their head bringing you back to that place to say ‘I still must heal these flaws to achieve a harmonious union’ 

Peace to thee. Choose wisely whom you call friend. All are not friends. Some are just acquaintances who seek to know you for their own purpose. These are those that  appear friendly but come with hidden agendas. Be watchful.

Native American Ancestoral Wisdom



Native American Ancestoral Wisdom

Native American Ancestoral Wisdom


What do you see when you look at this beautiful piece of art? I see my beautiful Native American Ancestors speaking to my soul. Showing me the way to take in the midst of the transitions of life. I see that if I focus not on what’s here on this temporal earth. But look above. Lift my Spiritual eyes upward. I will then find the answers that I seek. They are within the very essence of Spirit. Spirit I am. They are Spirit. I am Spirit. We are one. Thank you honorable Native American Ancestors.

Love 2 thee. 

Mental Love & Mental Peace

Mental Love & Mental Peace

Greetings Lovely Hearts

There is something most beautiful, lovely and liberating that I want to share with you. Entailing how I got to where I am presently as for self-image. It would be most kind if you’d take a moment to walk with me. 

Dear Hearts I presently sit and relish in the beauty I find in having Mental Love and Mental Peace. See it was not but 5 years ago that I entered into this place of serenity. You see as I briefly touched on the Insightful Nugget for October 13 I talked about my awakening to conscious light that began with a short period in a psychiatric hospital for a short period. It was short but long enough for me to come to realization that I didn’t belong there. And that there was nothing so terribly and dreadfully wrong with me that I couldn’t work on with support from the right entities.

First, I will say I am happy to share this with you. I am former sufferer of heavily traumatic depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies.  I am at last free to share this once hidden and most shameful secret  because I know there are many who are sufferers of depression, anxiety, contemplation or attempts of suicide, bi-polar, schizo- phrenia, multiple personality disorder, and cutters and others that I haven’t encountered.  Many that have been labeled with or actually deal with symptoms of the listed are just plain outright frightened to speak of it. They feel that they’ll be judged, ridiculed, misunderstood, rebuked, mocked, laughed at and sneered at. Or will receive unkind remarks from those meaning well but just don’t know. Or even those who are so cruel as to not care and just blurt out the first thing that comes to their mind, “Such as,’What did you do to yourself?” Never once stopping to think it’s not so much as to what they did themselves but what they’ve allowed and what’s been projected upon them by DNA and life circumstances. Not my all time favorite that I’d often get asked if it appeared I was having a hard time coping.  ”Do you need to go to the doctor?” Classic. A person with mental traumas and pains does not want to whooshed off to a doctor who is going to overanalyze them and prescribe some medicines without any deep care or concern for the person. I knew this. I had experienced that often when attending therapy especially with a psychiatrist. Not so much with a psychologist or psycho-therapist who actually LISTENED to hear what the deeper issue was. See I didn’t want to be handled as if I was mentally unstable. But I was often handled like this with those who I was supposed to be able to confide in with my most sensitive issues. 

See, let me share some insight with you. If you haven’t dealt with mental instability, mental illness or whatever label you choose. Well you must first off know you must be gentle with these type of mindsets. It is not a good idea to make them feel like they are a basket case that can not function and need to go to a doctor. Or that they somehow caused this to themselves. Especially if they are talking to you about it. They are talking to you because they need someone to help them figure their way to a more peaceful mind so they can think clearly to see their way out. That’s all. You are a mental light to illuminate the answer that is hidden in the shadows. I experienced much mental healing through one on one therapy with some of the most kind hearted therapist. They just listened and shared enlightening thoughts and insights and that’s what I needed. Instead of someone who couldn’t emotionally connect and hear what I was saying instead making me feel as if I had lost it.

So a word of caution if you just happen to have someone in your life who is mentally sensitive. If you are a person who is unable to emotionally connect to those suffering with any type of emotional instability, well, I would say that you would not be the best person to handle a person of such fragile nature. This is not a slap on the hand so please don’t take it as such. It is merely a caution and wisdom to not aggravate the person who is seeking help nor yourself. It will make for a uncomfortable and even more frightening situation for both if they are handled with unkind hearted well meant intentions.  

I share from a heart of experience. I grew up in a house where individuals were just not good with being emotionally connected. Not to one another nor themselves. So they had a tendency to detach and seclude themselves in their own physical space and mental haven. It was for safety measures.From my perspective it’s not that I didn’t want to be emotionally connected with my OLD DNA family. I just knew deep inside it wasn’t the safest thing to do because everyone was in so much internal turmoil. The safest way was to communicate least as possible. This was about surviving and self perservation. It may sound selfish but I lived in a very volatile atmosphere, in which anyone could just snap and say something crazy and far out of the way if they were triggered. Triggers anywhere from a hello at the wrong time or maybe it was the tone. Also, a brief glance that was interpreted as a stare down could cause alarm and send me into my retreat space. Now, these actions and attitudes weren’t always involving me but it was just being around this constant tense way of . Well it just made me want to crawl out of my skin.  Now mind you, I am one of peacemaking spirit. I didn’t and still don’t like a lot of drama, mess and conflict. I could deal with minimal, but not on a day to day basis. I figured conflict is part of life, but not all the damn time.  I’m one that will deal with it when needed. But when it’s needed all the time. Well it just becomes taxing, draining, toxic and damaging to the soul. This is what happened to me. I am a sensitive/empathic natured person. I have always been a LOVING hearted person even if my soul had been trampled on. But this meant, I didn’t like to always hear someone belittling or degrading me or others around me. It did and still does something to my soul in the way of making me feel low and sad. However, this day I have a much better way of coping. It doesn’t effect me the same way. But I do not stand for it long. I will silence it quickly. I do not allow anything assaulting and low vibrational to dwell in my sphere for long. You and It must exit stage left. And quickly. Lol. But in previous times, I would quickly disconnect emotionally, mentally and then physically retreat. Arming myself with this defensive system proved to be the very dismantling of a breakdown that came in 2009 of October that I truly needed to save my life. I’m glad it happened. 

See, when you are constantly day in and day out around individuals who suffer from identity loss, anger and rage due to how they were raised by their parents. Well it becomes down right daunting and intolerable after a while. And once you physically leave the atmosphere and relocate yourself and begin to gain momentum. Well these ugly and vile things begin to expose their faces once again. You think ‘Oh I thought I left that back in such and such?” And when you really began to analyze your path and how it lead you to your current space, you began to slowly see.  Please understand, you can physically separate yourself from a trauma but the bruises, holes and wounds still remain imprinted and seared into your psyche, emotions and spirit. It’s still present. Words, attitudes, actions, and thoughts are Spirit. They carry a vibration. Spirit does not disappear or dissipate but transforms. These vibrations are like vapors that have attached themselves to your breath or DNA and they linger. They are present, until you have a strong shaking and rattling of your conscious world. And this is what happened to me. 

Prior to then, I experienced many rejections, misunderstandings and unkind treatment from many but more-so those who were once close to me namely the OLD DNA family. I call them the OLD DNA family because when you elevate yourself in mind and spirit you can’t remain emotionally connected to those who haven’t awakened and decided to do the necessary deep work required to heal and be in healthy relationship with you. It would be detrimental to you. So there comes a time when you must make that sometimes difficult decision to separate your emotions from the OLD DNA and live peaceably with them in the way that best suits both parties. Namely yourself. See, because when you truly understand where you were and what you’ve come through. Embracing this knowledge, it becomes your utmost desire to protect your healing by any means necessary. You may feel like you’re leaving those behind that haven’t awakened to a certain degree. But may I say to you, You are responsible for loving yourself FIRST AND FOREMOST.  If there are individuals who present themselves as unworthy of being in your presence than lovingly disassociate yourselves with them. Wisely decide how to do so. Sometimes, you don’t even have to necessarily say anything. It’s all about how you treat them. Sometimes if you’re able SPACE and TIME are the best antidotes for both parties. I know it has been for me. So I can’t say in the least do I regret making the decision to sever emotional ties with the OLD DNA. Not one bit.

Today, I have MENTAL PEACE. Today, I have MENTAL LOVE. I gave both of these wonderful and beautiful gifts to myself when I decided to put me first. When I decided to stop agreeing with the broken hearted, wounded and victimized personality of my OLD DNA. I live in a NEW WORLD. I have NEW DNA. My NEW DNA will not allow me to dwell on the past happenings of pain, trauma or who did me wrong or who didn’t do this. I forgive, I let go. I love them. I am FREE! 

My NEW DNA is just beginning and unfolding a new and fresh each and every day. I desire to enjoy this journey along the way. More and More deeply everyday and I can not do this with my mind in the OLD DNA frame. I must REFRAME, RESHAPE AND SHIFT MY NEW DNA MIND. I must frame it, shape it after the fashionings of my new self. It’s a most beautiful delight and peaceful self. That which I’ve encountered thus far. I imagine this NEW DNA SELF will only become more and more lovely as I continue. I am excited to have Mental Love meaning I love the sanity, serenity and stability of my mental functions more than I love connecting, thinking or embracing debilitating, unkind, unpleasant, self degrading, self dishonoring thoughts and words spoken and uttered in my mind space. Mental Peace is the essence of having thoughts that flow much more easily without constant chops and breaks in thought. With little to no congestion in thoughts that feel like they are racing always. Peace. Stillness. Calmness. That’s ME! 

Well I thank you so much for taking a walk with me on my path to where I currently stand. I hope these words have helped someone. I hope they have given someone more understanding of dealing with a mentally sensitive person who is trying to heal or who needs assistance in moving into a place of healing. I hope these words have been a blessing as they were intended. Thank you allowing me to share a portion of my story with you. I truly appreciate your time. 

Peace and Love, Your Highness- Royal ReddPeace.