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Soul Lesson 3.13-3.19- RAIN-Purification



Have you ever intentionally stood in the pouring rain and allowed yourself to be drenched? Without concerning yourself of how wet you’d get? 

Rain being of the water element must be seen as your saving grace this week. Your healing grace. Your exit way and gateway to a far deeper healing than before. Beloved, this week no matter what happens determine in your heart and mind that you will allow the purifying elements of the Rain to wash away, cleanse and heal you from ALL OLD STAGNANT and USELESS MINDSETS, ATTITUDES and BELIEF SYSTEMS which keep you locked in fear low self-esteem self degradation and low self-worth seeking outside yourself for validation and approval.

 Allow the reflection of the puddles of rain show you what’s there and what must heal for higher ascension. It’s time Beloved. Beloved, You MUST make a greater effort to allow &  receive the much-needed releases to come from the painful scenarios of “what if” or “when this happened” type of thinking to die. Allow the rain to symbolize a greater awakening. A rebirth and gateway to a new higher perception of You and the Life you so deeply desire to create. No longer allowing the false illusions of fear to grip your tender heart. 

I feel this purification will be one of the deepest and most meaningful cleanses you have yet to experience. For it’s a doorway, a gateway an entrance to deeper heart centered connection for the healer within you. The Shaman within you is crying out to be released to share the gift within. The Shaman healer has a heart to hear all that is unheard. Non-audible. Hear what the heart hears Shaman. Hear with your heart. The heart is the vessel of hearing for the soul. Allow its expression. It has some beautiful things to speak. Purification. Allow it to be. Ase’ – Namaste’ 


General Oracle Soul Coaching 12.25~12.31


General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 12.25 thru 12.31

This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. The messages which flow through this Medium may be for you in full, partial or none.  Whatever the case please be open to Receive what is coming forth.  You never know what may come forth. If you desire a Personal Reading,  instructions on how to do so are at the end of this Coaching.  Thank you in advance.  Let’s In- Joy.


The number vibration for this week is 7. 11+5=16/1+6=7
Attributes of 7 which may be visited this week are: Hearing & Listening to your INNER WISDOM, Healing the INNER SELF & RENEWAL, DEEP CONTEMPLATION, INTROSPECTION UNDERSTANDING The Challenges of OTHERS, COMPASSIONATE HEALER & HEALING, PEACE, INNER STRENGTH, COMPLETION & RELEASING of Old Ways of Being to Allow Newness.

Play- 11-Healing thru Play…

Open your heart and mind to greater fun this week. What things do you enjoy doing which bring smiles, laughs and giggles into your life? Tap into your inner child in a deeper way. Your inner child is the master of Fun!!! In-joy the ideas and visions which spring forth from interacting with the child within who has the ability to stimulate your creativity in ways unimaginable. Remaining open to the ideas your inner child guide presents, will make it a fun adventure in exploring the creative nudges you receive in the midst of play.

For Adults who don’t possess many fond memories of Fun child Play it can be downright grueling to learn to Play as a grown up. This generally is due to having to take on large amounts of responsibility before the proper age due to unpleasant family dynamics.  If you didn’t have a lot of  playmates and tended to be solo more so than with a bunch of peers around, then play for you as an adult can be challenging. The best way to move beyond this stagnation is to go deeply within and reconnect in healing with your inner child, allowing yourself to be guided into reshaping play internally that you may learn to reconnect with play in your Adult hood. Reframe and Reshape. Find out what she/he liked to do for fun by being present and asking questions and listening for the answer. You might be surprised to hear what your inner playmate has to say.

Love & Respect the voice of this young one that it may guide you to higher realms of creative adventure. In there lies things which your adult self never envisioned, therefore sparking newness to assist you in co-creating something grand and spectacular in a much higher essence than before. Allow your inner playmate to become your best friend for this little one knows you far better than anyone outside of you for your inner child has always been with you from the beginning and will be present throughout Your existence and beyond.

So In Joy the delightful excitement of your inner companion who knows how to direct you into having the best and most excellent creative fun that you may be more relaxed and inspired in your creative endeavors. Namaste’. For play is what makes the heart warm and smilie Lol.

Playing and exploring in a child like manner -free and inquisitive- brings joy. Be filled with joy. Allowing your inner  child the space for exploring life is one of the most delightful free expressions of Love which anyone can experience.  For it shows that you are able to embrace and In Joy the very aspects of you which may have not been so exciting when you were living in the physical experience of your childhood. But through Divine healing connection with the being within,  You and she/he can heal together what might be blocking you from In Joying playfulness in your Adult hood. Allow the little one within to guide you to the places of pain, fear, and regretful situations which have turned play into a cumbersome action. Coming into agreement with your inner child in observation and deep conversations about those unhappy events enables you to return to Joy and Happiness once again therefore In Joying play in New ways. Namaste- Ase’

Ancestors (Generations)-They Are Calling You….Listen, Hear & Move to Action!

Beloved, we ALL have Ancestral spirits which desire the most awesome best for us. They are Always present with us, providing guidance and support on our Earth journey. They are able to see dimensions we do not readily see because we are flesh bond. However, it’s ok. They’ve had their time on this plane to do what they were chosen and called to do. Now it’s your time. So, What better and more excellent beings to offer assistance as you are willing to receive.

Ancestral guides will not force, push, coerce or forcefully suggest that you should receive their guidance for they are of Love and Joy. I’m sure we all had Ancestors that were perhaps off color and off beat in their earthly ways. I know I did. Primarily speaking of those I knew in their earth bound state. But it is my hope they have grown in healing and are yet growing in healing in their new state of abiding. In hopes that they be a more suited and equipped spiritual guide than earthly one. Lol.
Be open and receptive to the signs and messages your Ancestors send. They have their own unique ways of expressions which may be similar to their earth communication. But of course, they are of cosmic and universal frequencies Music, Nature & Dreams along with other people speaking random things so it seems. No coincidences. All with purpose. Remain open, alert and attentive for they often come when we are not expecting. Awesome are our Ancient Ancestors which have lived and gone before us to pave the way. To give us a foundation to build upon more greatly to continue the legacy of Love that they started.

Now this comes with a strong urging in the day and time we live upon Mother Earth the world is filled with chaos, violence and pain. Now, If you are of Ancestral lineage which has sown low vibrating, destructive seeds which have sprang up to cause ruin, desolation, wickedness and chaos for others. PLEASE be very clear you do NOT have permission to sit back and turn a blind eye to the hell they’ve created in greed and wickedness.  It IS Your responsibility in Modern day times to Right their Wrongs and Injustices against others. Because You are of YOUR Ancestral DNA. You can’t escape this. So wise up, wake up and do your part to correct their misaligned ways of existence. Only those who have done a certain amount of personal healing and rebirth will be able to hear this call of change and healing. For it is Divine in nature. Be the change and healing your Ancestors are calling for from beyond. Not doing your part doesn’t excuse you from doing what you were called to do. We All are responsible for what we do or do not do upon this earth for it will leave a living legacy of who and what you were and stood for while in this realm. It is my hope that it will be a dynamic one and not a terrible and painful one which others have to suffer through and clear your debts. Rise up! Take control of your destiny and rise up and shine brightly in your renewing and healing state to bring glory to your Ancestors and remove the stains of their legacy.

Remember, their Greatness is yours and their darkness is yours as well. Meaning the beauty they left is for your In-joyment and the debts they left are your Karmic debts to clear. We All are responsible. Simply stated. In All that you do Beloveds strive to have a beautiful meaningful life to bring Love, Honor and Respect to Your SELF and your Beautiful Ancient Ancestral lineage. Ase’

Sleep on It- 5- Be Still & You Shall Know the Way….

There are big decisions coming your way. Take your time before deciding. No rush. No haste. But with careful contemplation make the best decision at the time of requirement.

As the Angel is seen in this Oracle, allow your Angel & Ancestral Spirit guides and others to lead you in the way best. By dreams and quiet meditation your answers shall be revealed. Crystal clear to the point of no doubting. Do not be dismayed at how clear and deliberate your messages come through, for this is exactly what you need at this time. For these decisions you have been contemplating for sometime. All year for some of you. No worries. Your are becoming much more clear in this time. Just Remember to remain grounded in yourself that the answers may flow freely and unhindered.

There is no delaying the answers which you seek. They are timely and in line with what you need for this time in your life, ensuring you move forward smoothly. Hold fast and strong. Namaste’


Beloveds this completes your Love Soul Coaching Reading for this week. This is the last Love Soul Reading of 2016. It has been my pleasure sharing you the Intuitive Divine Messages of Spirit. I hope you have been blessed and guided by some of these messages. I look forward to serving you in 2017. 
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Thank you for your support. May your 2017 New Year be Greater than your anticipation. Open your heart, soul, mind and spirit to the many, many, many beautiful possibilities. Ase’ 
Most Gracious Love-Royal Redd 

General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 10.17 thru 10.23


General LOVE/Soul Oracle Coaching 10-17 thru 10-23
This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching. Some or All of the messages may resonate with you. Please be open to the Messages of the Divine. You never know what surprises you may receive. If you desire a personal reading, details are to follow at the end of this reading. Thank you for your support. Enjoy! Namaste’


BALANCE (14) Temperance
Temperance this week is revealing that you are in a balancing act of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energies in your life. Whether within or in the various soul relationships that encompass about (family, friend, lover, business partner). There is a resonating energy which speaks to own your dominant-Masculine or Feminine way of being. Remember it’s all energetic. It could be the feminine that manifests the masculine energy and the Masculine representing the feminine. Whatever the case, Compromise is being called for not in the way of disowning your truth and coming under a spirit of manipulation or control. But from the aspect of patience with the side of you that is not the easiest or most comfortable to deal with. Shadow healing is manifesting for both to encompass the total part of your being. Meaning be open to the shifts between the polarities of both the masculine and feminine. Yin/Yang. Allowing yourself to be come more fluid and tempered in both. Temperance as for calming the forces of your emotions and bringing them into a more heart centered will and not selfishness. No room for the lower ego desiring to run, rule or dominate the situation. Stand very self-assured that you are capable of handling whatever comes your way, but even more so knowing that you don’t have to bow or step down from the person that you are becoming to suffice or make another comfortable. You must be mindful to hold fast to who you are because it’s the heart balance that needs to come forth of the two energies that you fluctuate between.

The masculine must learn to let go of his fear of appearing weak or passive because he’s learning to Be more present and be more still and fluid as the feminine energy is more about stillness and inner workings. He must be willing to look strange and funny to others to come into the liberation of his true self, without worry of others (male or female) resonating. This is Your truth, so you must embrace it fully without the need to feel emasculated. You are not any less masculine because you are learning the proper feminine balance of energy for you. So dismiss all the foolishness of those who seem to want to turn their nose up at you my loving masculine. Be present with yourself and enjoy embracing the gentle nature of the feminine without feeling slighted in your oh so very masculine presence.

The feminine must go into the resistance of feeling the more gentle tones of herself in a brand new way. From the masculine view of entering into the gentle unfolding lotus flower that has developed in the murkiness of the deep darkness. She is igniting and rising as a Phoenix from the ashes, honoring the masculine tones of strength, logical thinking and the focused desire to accomplish much in the way of grounding and setting a sturdy foundation in the business world. Be mindful feminine not to feel the need to compete with the other masculine energies around you but instead stand your ground and stay in your lane.  There is nothing wrong with a little competitive spirit, but you do not need to compete with others to show you are worthy of acknowledgement, because you no longer require outside validation to know that you too are IMPORTANT. You matter and have gained a high level of self-esteem and grown deeply and greatly in self-confidence. So, reward yourself with a gentle pat on the back and even a delightful embracing hug that says, “I am fully capable of standing my ground in the midst of competitive energies with other males and females without feeling the need to succumb to the pressures of being the winner always. Because ideally I win if I just remain focused on my goal and continue to move forward as I will and as my soul dictates. It’s all a win-win for me”

The energy of 14=(5). 5 being the number of grace and strength to push through any difficult circumstances that may arise from emotional trauma in your upbringing surface. Large measures of grace are there for you to move through in a most eloquent and audacious way, not missing a beat. You will see that the strength and mercy that you give yourself wgo along way with stroking the heart of those that are in need of this new-found level of grace and strength that you embody this week. There is a strong ability you exhibit to move through the most trying emotions that surface this week (anger, disappointment, feeling neglected or abandoned, and down right feeling taken advantage of, or not feeling appreciated). All of these emotions stem from the fact that the family dynamics you were connected to are surfacing to be cleared out, so that you don’t continue to repeat the patterns of those you were or are still in relationship. Healing Ancestral Karma. Allow it to rise up without going against but with it. It will all be well if you are willing to go within and truly acknowledge your true feelings around the things that have occurred to make you who you are now. Shedding this skin is necessary to move forward. No shame or guilting yourself. Just look with open, honest and truthful eyes. Lovingly admit to yourself how you feel and allow the energies to transmute into Divine Love and Healing. Ase’
As the 3 sides of the pyramid are assisting with bringing the masculine and feminine energies within you into balance. Allow this to be a new stone added to your foundation of knowing how to receive and give in difficult and trying situations. For it’s a key attribute to build that you may rise above anything that presents itself as challenging in your relationships. Centering around energetic balance of the two polarities. They are Not opposites remember but 2 different sides of the same coin that complement one another. Namaste’

LEAD (4) Emperor
The Emperor is saying LEAD and move forth into the sacred calling that you have been purposed. It’s time to take charge and lead with a more definite and assured attitude within your current relationships and those to manifest. Taking the Lead means expressing your most earnest truth without fear of rejection. A Leader can not be concerned or fearful of those who will or will not receive their truth. It is Your truth beloved and honestly no one has to resonate with it more than you. Not everyone is going to embrace your vibration or resonate with you on the same frequency. So as a leader it’s time to move forward without the fear of What if they don’t like what I say? What if they don’t respond how I think they should? It’s ok if they don’t. It doesn’t make your truth any less worthy of being heard or any less powerful. You may want to go within yourself and look deeper if you are not receiving the type of response you’d like, just to see if there is any type of internal adjustments you can make for yourself not anyone else. If you find that you are ok with where you are then keep trucking. Hold fast to who you are becoming and do not allow anyone to sway you.

But a word of caution. Do not be so quick to just blurt out your truth without careful consideration of the backlash you could receive. For as a leader you must be willing to take what comes with speaking your truth.  I am in no way saying to with hold your truth, but to be mindful of the of the way you speak and how you are projecting. There’s no getting around it. Some will like your words others will not. And might you consider if there are too many who do not then perhaps there is a tone or vibration adjustment that can be made in your voice. It’s always better to check yourself before someone else does. Others can be ruthless and unconcerned of how they articulate their feelings about your words. But do not allow this stop you from speaking because it is your duty and obligation to Universally show up in your truth, unaffected and unhindered by the opinions, glares, looks or stares you may receive.

Being mindful to be respectful to all that you are speaking too. It’s never good or ok to belittle someone because they don’t resonate with your truth. Harsh tones that some leaders are prone to, turn away those who are truly desirous of guidance. As a leader it’s time to step up your game in the character and integrity department in a major, large and big way. You no longer have the ability to be lax in your approach of how you handle others, and Then pointing the finger back at others saying “well they just don’t get what I’m saying and it’s them not me” . The victim mentality must end in the sense that even as a leader you are not always correct, no one is. Leader or not. But there is to be a certain level of humility, integrity and wisdom that you operate. Remembering from a place of empathy what it was like for you to be in a lowly space of not totally loving and liking yourself. Do not forget this beloved, for it is time for some of you to lead in a very major way. Therefore you are being given a platform with Divine Trust from the Universal Supreme to affect many, many, many lives many times over. To whom much is given, much is required. Do not be flippant with your words. Guard your mouth carefully and allow wisdom and prudence to guide you. Namaste’.

There are others who are still maturing and are not quite ready to take a strong front in the leadership department, but more so critiquing the type of leader you are with self. What is the level of integrity you show with the small crowd you do have around you (family, friends, lover, business partner, for some I hear school/teacher administration) ? You have to show yourself worthy of the High space of leadership beginning with the small space you’ve been given to govern over. It is important that you are aware as a leader that your words (verbal and non verbal), actions, thoughts and attitudes carry weight and vibration. Others receive audible and non audible energies from you whether you or they are aware. These vibrations implant in our souls and spirits. Leaders have great responsibility how they affect others. Strong accountability is a necessary character trait. You must be accountable to self first before you will be released to be a teacher or leader to others. Be mindful always of how you are showing up. Do not skim over attitudes and mindsets as if they don’t matter. They ALL matter. They ALL carry weight. Namaste’

The number 4 speaks to the (4) elements, inner wisdom and certainty of direction. Self confidence if you would. Earth, Air, Fire, Water are the elemental forces which encompass you. All 4 are operating in within you always but in a more exact balance at this time, in which you may partake of what they have to offer. Shape-shifting is what I hear. You have the ability to tap into all of these energies at any given time. Use them to your advantage to accomplish any tasks you need to complete. Use them to tap into the different relationships that are in your space that you may be more aligned and connected. I hear the word manipulation. From a point of light, manipulate is to shift and adjust as one sees fit for highest benefit of all. Manipulate the energies to suit you and those around from a more selfless point not a meek or lowly point. Do not be weak and unassuming but aware of the energies that influence your behavior. From a shadow standpoint, do not be overtaken, gullible or silly to the dark forces of some of those that desire to manipulate your emotions to get the upper hand. If there are any of these type of energies around you be mindful and seek to get them in order by addressing them. Please, do not act as if they do not exist. They will take a foothold if you don’t stand up. This will require a certain level of self-confidence from you because I feel a somewhat docile, passive and timid energy emanating. Do not be fretful of those who will not respond as you desire. This is a test to see if you will stand your ground without giving or taking offense to the response of the person on the hearing and receiving end. Always being mindful, be accountable for the words you release and the energies behind them. Namaste’ . Beloved, there’s no getting around the power of your words Use them wisely!

FLOW (10) Wheel of Fortune
The Lovely Wheel of Fortune is with us again this week. This week it’s stating pick the direction you want your current and new relationships to take. Be open and more pliable that they might look how you envisioned always, but they will work for both partners if you are open to being flexible. Laying all victimized mentalities aside you will be able to see your way clearly and manuever through obstacle course of emotions that are arising. Energies are shifting in your favor big time, but they can not manifest until you are more stable and steadfast in the presence of just being yourself without regret or concern of another’s response to you. Whether light or shadows. Happy or Sad. You can not continue to allow someone else’s reaction to dictate you speaking or not speaking your truth. You MUST gain a hold of these feelings beloved, or it will be very difficult for you to navigate the new road unfolding before you. A high level of self-confidence is needed. Do not cast it away for another’s opinion or your thought of them disliking what you have to say. So what! It’s their right to receive or not receive what you say. To like it or not. It’s your right to speak your truth firmly in love without projecting a victimized energy that says, “Oh they don’t like what I said. I feel bad”. Time out! Allow the wheel of fortune to spin and take you 360 degrees in the different emotions you may be feeling when speaking your truth. And allow these feelings to be a catalyst to you moving to a more self-assured you which says, ” I am ok if another does not like what I have to say. But I will speak with dignity, honor, love and respect from the heart of my truest, most pure and authentic self. And I am capable of giving someone else the right to respond as they will, as long as it’s not abusive in tone, action or manner. I love myself and have come along way and I do not need to feel bad, shameful or guilty about what is in my heart. I will speak freely and clearly, for it is necessary for me to liberate my soul from the need to be a people pleaser. Because I will please some and piss others off, or who knows I may piss most off and have the agreement of a small number at other times. Either way IT’S ALL GOOD! I am not any less lovable or beautiful in the eyes of Myself or the Divine. I AM LOVED!”

The number 10 resonates divine intervention and divine magnetic balance. There’s like a Universal interjection in a matter of the heart you’ve been pondering over. The Universe is bringing it to a screeching halt to switch directions. Sounds like the wheel of fortune is stopping at the mid-point, only to switch directions and head back the other way. Excellent. 180 degrees of shifting that will bring you to the divine stop of knowing you are more worthy of love than you have ever known. But it must begin from a Higher expression of Divine Love for yourself. I’m hearing, “stop being so hard on yourself. Give yourself a BREAK beloved. There is no one that expects you to be perfect and point but Y-O-U.” I hear “If you’d give yourself a break and be more gentle, tender and compassionate with yourself. You’d see the response of others around you will change and line up accordingly. There’s no need to badger or beat yourself up. You create resistance in your space, making it difficult and agitating for others to hear or receive you, nor are they able to or desire to be present with you. Allow the static to cease in your mind and your heart and just learn to be more still and present with yourself and focus not on what others may or may not be giving you. You must indeed take care of your needs. For your Higher Self/Soul KNOWS EXACTLY what you need and when you need it. Do not look outwardly for anyone to validate you or make you feel special or important. Because you are already Special and Important without the need for outside validation. It is NOW time to step up to a Higher more committed level of Self Love. Dig your heals deep into the womb of Mother Earth and become that disciplined being that you are. You can love yourself as no one else can. So how about giving it a greater and more committed try. Even on your worse day you are STILL DIVINELY BEAUTIFUL AND SHINING. You radiate a bright light from within but it’s been smothered beneath the anger and hostility you have against yourself. The war between the mind and soul has become down right unbearable. It’s time to let go and open your heart and mind to new experiences of the Loving, Beautiful, Divine, Sweet, Joyful and Powerful Soul that you are. Allow it Beloved. Enter into a new season of Self Worth and Divine Self Love”. Namaste’

This is your General LOVE/Soul Oracle Soul Coaching. I hope some of these Divine Messages resonated with you. To book a personal Coaching/Reading or 1 on 1 Soul Coaching with me, please visit: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com
Thank you for your support Beloved. There is so much beauty in store for you as you continue to go within and heal the spaces that call for your attention. Hear, Heed and Heal. Namaste’
Divine Love- Royal Redd

General Oracle Soul Coaching 9.12 thru 9.18


This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching. Some or All of the Messages may resonate with you. However, remain open, You never know what could come out of this General Reading if you remain open to hear. If you desire a Personal Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. Instructions on how to do so are noted at the end of this reading. Love 2 thee.


Trapped in Fear – 8

Beloved, in your mind somewhere you are mulling over something turning out a certain way. Not in your favor. A Project or something it seems. Possibly a relationship you’ve been hoping to have turn out in a certain manner. It’s got you nervous and uncomfortable.  The what ifs are knocking. What if it doesn’t turn out like I see it? The illusions and stories you’ve heard or told your self for so long are seeping out and rising to the surface.  Allow them to do so. So that you may acknowledge them as they are. Remember these thoughts are indicating something you must acknowledge and deal with before you can move forward to what’s coming. Do not allow the mental warfare to hold you hostage and make it seem as if things are worse than they actually are. These are stories that no longer serve your growth and healing and you must let them come up so you can confront them once and for all.

Victory & Success – 6

After you’ve squelched the noise of your mind and dealt with what ever has surfaced, then will you have clear sight, being able to take hold of the  victory that is coming your way. Your hands are now ready to touch and embrace the success that you’ve long worked for. This victory and success to come I feel is centered around a large amount of self-healing you’ve been doing. You feel like you’ve made some serious head way on clearing out, healing and transforming energies which once were suffocating. Now a much more grandeur life and love are springing forth than you ever envisioned.  Your self-love has increased in such a way that you don’t hardly recognize yourself. Neither do others who knew the old person.  Be mindful of reconnections with those from your past.  Some may reappear just as you are in the midst of celebrating your life being transformed. I see a gathering of people, with some old once upon a time individuals showing up. Uninvited perhaps. 😑  Stand your ground. Remember you are not the person you once were. And you DON’T Have To Prove It To The Lookie Lews, Haters and Naysayers. Shine! The core/foundation of you has been cleansed,  healed and washed. It’s a New Day For you Queen & King. Rejoice! As the trumpet is blown to signify your Divine success & transformation. Do Not Allow Anyone To Spoil It. Here’s to your hard-earned Victory & Success. Ase’

Recognition & Reward -3

As Victory & Success are being declared and manifested in your world. Celebration ensues.
A well deserved Recognition & Reward is coming forth as well. In your material world you are being acknowledged for your diligence in clearing a matter and reshaping it in newness and healing.
A harmony and balance are coming forth in the community or office where you give service. One which is newspaper note worthy.  So be not surprised if you are recognized and given honor online (blog, newspaper) or a shout out on Social media. I feel like you’ve assisted many, many on their life path to transformation and Now you’re being called out front for your just due Reward.  Don’t be shy. Stand up and allow yourself to be acknowledged. Even in the humility of you receiving your Recognition & Reward you will be viewed as somewhat of a saving grace. Beautiful.  Be mindful to keep your ego in tact that it doesn’t over toot its own horn too loudly. However, tootin’ of the horn is welcome. Pat yourself on the back you deserve it. Well done. Big Love, Great Celebration
& Congrats To You!!!!


Thank you so much for your support. Royal Redd

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Brilliantly Shining


Oracle Reflections- Lotus Flower – Unfoldment


Oh the beauty, elegance and grace of the Lotus.  She sets upon the lily pad after her sleep and rest underneath the murky, dark, deep and muddy waters. All of which during her submersion great transformations were taking place that no one could see. Not even her. In the dark places of our life are where we uncover the beauty of our most quiet and intimate parts of our being that we do not always make privy to others.
In this darkness we discover things about ourselves that we have never realized.  New jeweled treasures emerge with shine that have been refined and cleansed in the murkiness beneath.
As she makes her way above the water for her debut, there is an assured confidence. Knowing that the deep, cleansing and healing that has taken place in her state of submersion were her door and catalyst to the new shine she presents.
So Now, Beloved as you are emerging from beneath the surface of dark waters which covered and cleansed you. Presenting you as a new, shining and most sparkly illustrious body of light. Allow the beauty of you through your gifts and talents to be seen.
It’s time to embrace the new unfolding of you and share with others who are in search of a bright light to guide them into their own self-healing.  So now is the time let go of any inhibitions that may linger.
Lotus, You are ready to shine in all your beauty. Shine in the rebirth of your Divine purity.  Brightly shine. Illuminate the world with your heavenly beauty. Rise & Shine.  Namaste’- Ase’

🌷 Thank you for your support. Royal Redd
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General Oracle Soul Coaching 8.22 thru 8.28


Greetings Loves, This is a GENERAL ORACLE SOUL COACHING READING For The Week of 8.22 thru 8.28. All, Some or None of the messages may resonate with you. Details for a Personal Oracle Soul Coaching are noted at the end of the Reading. Embrace All Parts of the Messages that Resonate with you, that you may Rise to Higher Consciousness and Deeper Healing. Namaste’


Be Vigilant. Be Sober. This is a very pivotal time we are entering and coming into. Some of us are beginning to experience the Dawning of the New Day, after a very, very, long season of not seeing too much of anything. Now the Harvest is ripe and ready. The Harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Meaning if you have not really put in due diligence do not look for too big of a yield. But unto those who have been diligent, unyielding and unwavering expect the greatest and best things you’d ever did fathom. They are here Beloved. And since they are, Presenting themselves are haters and shade throwers which were not visible previously. But remember This is SPIRITUAL WARFARE. This is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE. For the Mind and Soul.
For We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood, But Against Principalities, Against Powers, Against the Rulers of The Darkness of this world, Against Spiritual Wickedness in High Places. So this Means:SHIELD UP WARRIOR. Your Shield Should Always Be up. Tighten up your space. Check out your armor make sure your armor is tight. Put on The Whole Armour of God That You May Be Able to Stand Against The Wiles/Tricks of the Devil. So Beloveds, Vigilance is to be Wary, Aware, Awake and Keen of what’s going on within you and with out you. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. As the Soul, So The Universe. So Beloved, Please do not forget that there are those energies who seek to devour/drain your energy by the means of Distraction, Being Drawn Away By the Lust Of Your Lower Self Through (Over indulgence, Undisciplined ways of being, Slipping back into old ways.) Basically you are falling back to sleep.


So with Vigilance and Sober Mindfulness comes Grounding. Meaning grow deeper. Stretch your roots deeper into the earth. Go deeper within to the darkness of the womb of the earth. Unearth every mystery you have yet to partake of. Unearth the parts of you that you are yet discovering through creative ways of grounding. Dancing, Meditation, Singing, Coloring, Humming, Breathing. There are many ways to ground.
In grounding you are returning more deeply back to your origin. To your ROOTS. So as your root system digs more deeply into the earth of your being. Stand Tall Stretch out and Expand your Limbs into new areas of interest you never thought you’d be interested in. All of your limbs are taking new directions. But not too many different irons in the fire at once. Explore 1 or 2 things that peak your interest. That you may stay grounded, focused and yet deeply rooted from within the earths core as the Old, Old Ancestral Red Woods in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Stay focused and connected to the dirt and soil you were formed from. The dirt matter is you and you are it. You need nutrients to sustain, nourish and rejuvenate yourself. Please be mindful to take time to nurture yourself during these swift moving transitions. For the Grounding you do now will become your Anchoring hold in the midst of the fast pace moving ascension into your Divine Blessed Space. Namaste’

The gems of Mother Nature. Crystals. Crystals are made out of many Elemental particles of substances from quartz, obsidian, jasper, fluorite, hematite, pyrite, just to name some. With them we attune to different parts of our being, cleansing and healing the parts of us which need it. Aligning them with their most celestial highest form of Divine Self. I remember when I first started utilizing Crystals for self-healing. What a beautiful joy to find a beautiful stone from the earth that has healing vibrations to attune me to a more balanced, peaceful, enlightened and connected way of being. Awesome.
In that we are now to attune to a more elegant and higher frequency. It’s time to boost your psychic mind higher. Focus on a Higher essence MORE than before. Be not distracted by the things which once worked but have seemed to lost their charm. It’s time to focus on a more Direct and Deliberate creative work.
The amethyst is a stone of clarity for the easing and realigning of emotional energies. It also is excellent for cleansing and purifying the Auric field of harmful or low-frequency energies which may be sticking to your aura body. It gives your light body a strong burst of cleansing. A pick me up. Purple Amethyst to be specific is a great stone of meditation as well.
Beloved, be so much more mindful of what you are focusing your thoughts and energy on this week. Be so much more mindful that what you focus on WILL most definitely manifest. Please keep this in mind, so that you are manifesting within in line of the desires of your deepest heart. The desires you have been creating for a while. Increased psychic abilities for some around this time as you more deeply align your focus with the psychic eye of you. The 3rd eye. Your mind’s eye focus. Yes. At the Crown top of the head energetic powerful information with large and mountainous ideas are being downloaded and given to you to form and create. To inspire and share with others.
So since such awesome information is coming down as you are open to it. Make a sacred space for the information to flow through. Meaning clean and clear out the clutter of your mind that would keep you spinning around in circles therefore keeping you from being in a clear state mind focus.
Those which are diligent shall receive the creative information they’ve been calling forth. These individuals will be able to create beyond their wildest dreams. Stay Awake. Stay Alert, Ground Yourself and Cleanse Your Aura Space. Focus and Clarity come in large amounts as you do this. Namaste’ You are ushering in New Beginnings therefore, Clear, Clean Focus is needed. Make Space. Ase’ (So Be It)
Divine Love & Joy- Royal Redd
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The Waiting Game


The Waiting Game. How are you playing it?

Oracle Reflections- The Waiting Game 

The Waiting Game. Yes. It can be a very intense period, for many new developments are taking place behind the scene’s. It truly may appear – on the surface that nothing is changing. But, contrary to belief deep under the surface many acts of beauty are taking place. Acts of beauty to bring to fruition the desires of your heart. 

Acts of Beauty surrounding healing old ways of being and doing which are causing stagnation. It is key to allow all things which no longer serve you to surface.  That they may be dealt with once and for all. 

The Waiting Game is a time of completion and New beginnings. Anything that is not of benefit to you must be released or you will be held up until it is. So be very mindful of the heart attitude(s) you carry in this time. Making sure to allow the heart to show you what needs to be released in order to create space for the Beautiful Newness entering in.

So My Lovely Ones, If You Are In The Waiting Game, Ask yourself, How Am I playing? What is my attitude toward waiting? What do I feel needs to be released in order for me gain more Divine Alignment?  These questions and others which come to your soul will be beautiful tools to help assist in your healing and growth.  Allow your heart to be Open To Receive.

Affirm: I will do my best to keep an open heart during the process of waiting. For in the waiting I am being transformed to a more Beautiful soul.


Emotional Loss

To Let Go. Release Emotions that no longer benefit

To Let Go. Release Emotions that no longer benefit

Oracle Reflections –Emotional Loss
Summer Solstice

To lose something means that a person or thing is no longer present with you. The energy of the person or thing has changed to a new form and frequency. The idea of losing is an uncomfortable and sometimes most painful occurrence.  I know I have had my share of loss.

Most recent Emotional Loss acted as a tool to assist me in removing and releasing unrealistic notions and ideas. Painful and sad none the less. But a beautiful awakening to realize that someone is not fit to partake of my life in an intimate manner is heart breaking yet beautiful at the same time. Transformative Perception.  I feel like I saved myself a whole lot of heartache that could’ve occurred. That’s the beauty. The  realization is the hurtful part, but to release the emotion of the situation has been the most freeing thing I could do for myself. I carry a smile on my face and in my heart.

Emotional Loss does not have to be a terrible thing.  It can be a great thing.  It’s stating that something has run its course and it is no longer of profitable need in my space.  Its stating that i release the need or desire to give emotions to something which can not reciprocate or desires not too. Therefore to release it and let go is to open space for something new. That’s great. Breakthrough.

Emotional Attachment to energies which do not bring us Divine Love and Divine Healing are unhealthy connections. One must cut the chord. Cutting the chord gives Emotional Loss the power to take New form. A form of Beautiful Healing and Loving energy. Newness. 😊

Affirm: I allow Emotional Loss to be a tool of assistance, guiding me into freedom and healing. Bringing me to a place of Energetic and Emotional Victory.  I am Free. I am One with my Souls purpose.  Ase’



See Disruption comes to Reveal and Clear any Blocks which are keeping you from Success.

Oracle Reflections – Disruption

To Disrupt something, is to break the flow of….

Now before we begin. Remember it’s all about Perception. How you see what’s taking place is important. It will either free you or retain you in captivity. Release the urge to place labels on the experience by deeming it Positive or Negative.

Instead, Remember All things are of Polarity.  There are 2 sides. Light and Shadow. Polars. Opposites per say, But truly One. Parts of each other. One does not exist without the other. So instead give yourself the best outcome and embrace what’s taking place. It’s soothing to your soul as you move forward.  Breathe.  😊

Now, when Disruption enters my life I see it as a gift.  Especially at this very moment, since there is a disruption taking place as we speak.  A breaking of flow concerning old programming. Yes! Thank you disruption. Lol. To have old programming disrupted means that it’s out of date. I need an upgrade. The old way of thinking or being is no longer serving me. So it’s time to allow this Divinely inspired Disruption to become a catalyst to my healing, growth and expansion.

I am willing to allow this Disruption to do its work. This is key or I will remain in the cycle of old programming. This thinking serves to keep me stagnant and not revolving (returning to my Origin) as I should. No time for this. Especially Not Now! Too many beautiful things are taking place.  So I am grateful for the presence of Disruption in my life. Indeed.

Present day, False Concepts centering around abundance and wealth that were taught early childhood are making a reappearance.  Disruption took a deep travel into my subconscious to illuminate why success has only trickled into my life. Instead of overflowing. 
Disruption revealed the culprit mindsets assisting in my self sabotage. Mindsets of a little here, a little there. Along with “just enough to get by”… until it runs out. Tagging along with those are values of I have just what I need and that’s just fine. False pride. And Maybe now I can access some of my hearts desire instead of Forever remaining in a state of day-dream. Maybe one day I’ll have some of my hearts desires. Hopeful. The contradictions between Old Programming and The True Desires of My Heart have been a long plague of irritation. But I have grown tired of them. No longer. They can no longer remain. 

Now my parents always told me that they wanted me to be happy. I would smile. But in the pit of my stomach. I felt like something was missing. Something I had yet to receive. Sometimes felt like I would never attain what I wanted. The something missing was a like a tease at times. I could see it but was unable to bring it forth. Bringing forth the Desires of My Soul would make me happy. But Hope has been deferred. Proverbs 13:12 states: “Hope deferred makes the heart-sick, But when desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life”.To hope for something for a long time and never lay hold of it makes the heart-sick. But when the desire comes it gives life continually as a tree. I feel as if my heart has been ill in some aspect unbeknownst to me. For so long My Heart hoped for the things it desired to manifest, And it yet awaits the promise. My Soul feels as if it has grown tired of not manifesting its truth.  To the point of disrupting the old programming to say, “It’s time for your Hearts Desires to be so. It’s time for it to move from inner feeling to outward manifestation. It’s time to transition from dream to reality.” 

Disruption has become a tool of escape I shall use  for confronting this thinking once and for all. In turn, aborting the old programming of Always In Want. Always in Lack. Always Feeling Like I Don’t Have What I Desire. This feeling sucks. Lack says that I don’t have enough. But the truth is I AM ENOUGH AND I HAVE ALL I NEED BECAUSE IT’S ALL IN ME. SO, That means its time to go within yet deeper as Disruption is guiding me to do, and dig deep to see what lies under the rug. If I truly possess all I need than that means my hearts desires are attainable as well. Having ALL I NEED INCLUDES MY HEARTS DESIRES. They are necessities of My Heart. They are Desires of my Soul.

These words have echoed for too long.”Your needs are more important than your wants.”   It’s time to silence them once and for all. These words mean “don’t focus or think about your heart desires”. 😯 I feel my Needs and Heart Desires are Equally Important. They Both Matter.
Heart desires are why I came to this plane. To fulfill the desires of my Divine Heart which were given to me before my incarnation on this plane.  My Souls Mission. My Soul Desires are the space I create from. So as Disruption has beckoned for me to go yet deeper within to realize the depth of corrupt mind programming that has held me captive. I began to blossom and emerge with Divine Healing, Deeper Conscious Awareness that being in energetic lack or poverty shall not bring me anything different from the energy of poverty and lack. In  fact a lacking or impoverished mind-set repels abundance and wealth causing my hearts desires not to come to fruition. It’s saying that the Supreme being that lives within me is insufficient, lacks and does not possess enough for All that desire to fulfill their earth mission. What a lie! Not so. That which is contained in this vessel is Divine. Incorruptible. And It Is So Much More Precious than Any earthly good that I might gain. It is Needed that My Soul prospers. My Soul must prosper in order for me to be in Divine Wealth. 3 John 1:12 “Beloved, I pray that in every way you may succeed and prosper and be in good health [physically], just as [I know] your soul prospers [spiritually].” So, as I allow all blockages of my Souls path to be cleared. I will be in Good health-Good Vibration, Good and Right Balanced Energy for manifestation. I shall have Success-Wealth and Riches.   So, The only way my Soul- Heart can prosper is that it be unchained from these blockages to set It Free To Manifest Divine Glory on the Earth. Ase’ 
So I say…

Affirm: I Shall Have Whatever My Soul Desires.  I Shall Have Whatever My Soul Desires.  For the Divine Desires of my Soul shall create opportunities which will carry me to a place of Wealth, Abundance and Success. I am most grateful Disruption came to clear a space for My newness.  My Hearts desires are realized, Therefore moving me into action to manifest.  I Shall! So Be It!

Mental Asylum- I’m Coming to Get You Out!!!

Freedom Fighta. Rough Rida. Gun Toting. Gat Blasting. Kill you dead if you think about turning back. Freedom Rings!!!

Freedom Fighta. Rough Rida. Gun Toting. Gat Blasting. Kill you dead if you think about turning back. Freedom Rings!!!



Breaking free! Out the Mental Asylum. No longer will I hold my speech. Please believe me I will speak with decency, dignity and honor I will speak. Not raping anyone with my words, but to silence and kill the voices from within that have held me for so long with a strong reign. But THIS DAY, at this time, I’m arresting and exposing every lie that has been blown up in ridiculous proportion. The lies told to me and the ones I’ve told myself about me. No more. I’m letting go. Breaking out the Mental Asylum. 

Growing up I was called crazy a lot, by so-called family members. I say ‘so called’ because real fam, true fam will NOT call you crazy in a way to demean you and tear you down. Crazy like for believing something that’s far-fetched to them, yes. But not to be degrading. So what if you can’t believe it, feel it, know it, or dream it for that matter. I can and I will not be labeled crazy for knowing something bigger in me is destined to live a life greater and free from a slave mentality.  Slaves in barrels that jump up to pull you down when you are coming out. With their words. Mean hateful stares. I care not! It matters not. This is my soul that I am responsible for delivering, not Jesus or any other religious institution can do that. I myself-The Goddess who has the Divine Power of the Divine Universal Creator within will set me free. That which is within! Not without!

Crazy is as crazy does. Crazy people do crazy things. Crazy people don’t live in boxes they live outside of them. They go to places where most people would not go. They are insane with a sanity that tells them from within, you are greater than this bullshit. You are greater than the things you see happening outside of you. Your brothers and sisters being murdered by the thousands and millions without any regard. As if that shit is normal. It’s only normal because we’ve allowed that shit to become normal. But crazy mental asylum people get tired of being doped up, chained up and told to shut up. They rise up and desire to take over and bust out the straight jacket. So I’m coming out of it. I’m busting out and whatever comes up. It will come out! No apologies I make. I Am Me, Divinely. Royally and I will be free.   

See My Ancestors were beat. Yea beat. Told you better not speak. Hold it. Keep your speech. Don’t feel it. Don’t say it. Don’t think it. Don’t utter a word. Lynched, Burnt, Castration, Sold off and not a muthafucken word. Really. Hell no. No more. For them I speak. I cry loud and spare not. I hold my tongue no longer. Names changed and told you will not call your self by your Mothers name from the space which you came, but of the enslaved and old masta owner name. Shackles,Marked by the whipping of the old slave master. Weps no more will my Ancestors have in vain. I speak for them. I cry for them. My soul anguished for them.

Remaining silent for fear of what others would think of me. Silenced my words. Gag order. Made them orderly and pretty. Denying the power within to heal myself. To heal those that come from the same soul as me. My family. Black, Afrakan, Melinated Goddess/God I am. We are. I will no more hold my peace, filter and sensor my words. For it is more than me that suffers when I don’t speak. My Ancestors cry. They weep for me and weep because I don’t speak. Disappointments from them I feel. But what it really is, It’s me disappointed with me. Upset with me. Enraged, Angry and Irritated because I don’t speak. Well no more peace. Righteous and orderly with Divine Love is my speech. Has always been and remain in that vain, but I will allow what comes up to come out.

Learning to speak my true feelings and not be fake in ANY way is an escape from the Mental Asylum. See it’s all Mental. Because the psyche of my soul had been burnt, seared from who I was. But no more. I know who I am. I know who I am. I know who I am. Goddess and Divinely Royal is she! Yes, Me. Royalty. No longer slave mentality do I carry. I free myself completely from that shit. Mental slavery is for those who don’t want to be free. Mental slavery is for those who don’t have the strength to rise up and stand up for themselves. Ain’t no body gonna stand up for you. Ain’t no body gonna set you free. Someone might come to lead you out because they know the route to freedom, ask Mother Harriet Tubman, she said ” I freed a thousand slaves, I would have freed more if they only knew they were slaves”.

So I say proudly and loudly, I know what I’ve been put here on this earth for. To speak peace, to speak healing, to speak liberation and most of all speak Divine Love. But not passively and not harshly, but the right eruption of temperature will come forth. The right eruption of temperature will manifest and I will speak words of healing and liberation. No one will silence me.

And no, hell no. I will not speak softly. I will speak loudly and strong. Not loud in volume. But loud in the sense of trembling your soul! Your soul will be disturbed and moved to action when you hear my voice. Don’t count these words as shallow for they come to pierce and tear away the mental scales that cover the minds of my people. I come, Rowdy Rida. Crazy Asylum. Ready to free my people. I’m not turning back. Come and come now or stay away! I take no squatters who want a free ride. You will do the work or get left behind. No one rises to the top by sitting pretty with their hand out and asking for shit. Get up. Do it. Do the damn work and see your life change. I speak from Divine experience. My life has been flipped upside down and I can not go back even if I wanted too. So I sit here and say to you. Rise up Queen! Rise up King! Get the gat out. Get yo’ strap out. I’m a Rough Rida. Warrior. I come to split the mental wigs of the post slavery spell that still lingers in your soul. Wake the fuck up! Wake up! Your soul is calling you to order. Answer the call! Wake up!!!!!