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2.27-3.5 Soul Lesson/Knowing ThySelf Is the Strongest Weapon of Defense/You are Full, Abundant& Forever Flowing Exists ALL!!!


Greetings & Namaste Loves, I Am  A Bit Late Getting the Reading Out this Week.  It has been a Quite Challenging One. Buuuuuutttt, I Have Pressed My Way Speak The Messages of Divine Source. It is my Deepest Hope that Something Said will Resonate With Thee. If You Find that You  Would Like a Personal Relationship Oracle Coaching Reading, Please, Please, Please, see the directions at the end of this reading on how to do so. Until Then, let’s Go Forward and See What Delightful, And Loving Words Source has to Say This Week. Ase’- Namaste’ 


Knowledge of Self Is Your Strongest Defense Against Anything That Life Could Bring..


You are an awesome book of Divine Knowledge. You have All that you need within. Nothing you need will ever come without. Although we are vessels of healing unto one another. That which we receive from another person per say is truly already within us. It just has to be activated and awakened. To truly know that you DO in fact possess Knowledge it must be activated. It must be awakened.

When you are reading books written by others you are really reading to connect with the reflection of another’s words which highly resonate with your soul. You are coming into alignment with soul connection. This is why some knowledge resonates and other knowledge in books does not. We are all walking Knowledge. Now what makes Knowledge Powerful is not knowledge in and of it self. It’s the Activation. You must Activate it by First Realizing it and then Exercising it. This is how you become Activated and Aware that you Possess Power. Possessing Power or Having Control of Ones Power is made known through the Activation of Knowledge.

So when you see that someone has a lot of head knowledge but very little if no power to execute that which is in their head. It’s because they have yet to realize the depth of knowledge they actually possess. Meaning they have yet to live out  and exercise the  knowledge within them. That which you have lived by and according to become governing tools and guidelines unto you. These are the things which empower you to be more powerful than you have yet to realize.

So Beloved, it is of the Most Highest Importance that you Recognize through Knowing Thyself what Powerful and Awesome Being You Are. Realization comes in different and various degrees. As you evolve you will surely begin to see your own radiance. YOU WILL SEE IT! I guarantee it! It may take a long while for you to get a little glimpse. But if you have begun to awaken to the idea that there is something far greater than what you had been doing. Well you are coming to the conclusion that there is a GREATER you that you have yet to engage with, and tap into.  As you evolve and unfold You will be able to see your Divine Radiance in a way which you have never seen and therefore you will learn how to make yourself increase your shine more brightly. So brightly that your radiance is so captivating to others that they wish to know who you are. The radiance of your shine will be so breath-taking that you will draw opportunities to yourself which you never dreamed possible. Yes Beloved!

So continue to shine Bright and Do not allow anyone to tell you that Your Shine Is Not Bright or Beneficially Needed In This Universe. It is So Very Much Needed. Know that you are a Powerfully Resonating Being with All Divine Knowledge Embedded in Your DNA. That of Your Ancient Ancestors,  And Those Ancestors you knew, Universal Cosmic Intelligence and That of the ALL. You are of Omnipotent Essence. You are Divinely and Uniquely Connected to Divine Source and Each and Everytime you Need to Know Something. Go within for YOU ARE A DIVINE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE. ASe-Namaste’ – Hotep 


1.29 – 2.5- General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading…The Ancient Healer In U Calls,Release All No Longer Needed,U Require Stillness & Quiet


Greetings Loves, We have lovely strength coming through the Oracle this week to empower you into returning to Your Ancient Self, Along with Releasing anything that no longer benefits thee, ending with the need for Solace. It is my hope you shall find messages in this Reading which will benefit you. If you require a Personal Readings, instructions on how to do so will be at the end of this reading. In-Joy


SHAMAN – Ancient Healing Wisdom

This week beloved, The inner Shaman is calling you forth into a deeper practice of Self Healing. Healing practices which your Ancestors used which you have no idea of may emerge in a way unexpected. Remain open for the things which will come forth to aid and assist you in your own inner personal healing. Healing that goes way beyond repetitive surface issues which continue to spring up. With Direction and Guidance from your Inner Shaman old issues shall be put to rest once and for all if you allow.

Allow your Heart to embrace the essence of your Ancient Self which has always been there and will always be present. The Shaman the Healer which is Divine Source beckons the attention of your inner most desires. The Shaman is the doorway to death-putting the old to rest and rebirth-awakening and resurrecting the New Gems of you. The Shaman is the energetic being within thee which will assist and guide you into a deeper transparency of thine self. Meaning you will be able to see through the hidden deceptions of your self which try to block you from moving forward into your heart desires. Yes, the Self Sabotage that we do to ourselves at times when we are coming upon a great and powerful breakthrough. The False illusions of fear and what might happen spring up in full force to keep us stagnant and bound to old patterns. This is NOT the time for that beloved.

The Healer who is Ancient within you calls you to a Higher Excellence and Recognition of Self. Meaning Acknowledge the Healer within that longs to be seen. The Healer which longs to be utilized to guide you into deeper recognition of your Ancestral Healing Powers. You may even hesitate for a moment and think that you do not have any healing powers. Well I beg to differ beloved. The Oracle is clearly stating that there are many healing powers of your Divine Essence that you have yet to tap into. So give yourself the permission to succeed. No longer hold yourself back by saying “I can not do, I’m not prepared to do”. If this card is coming to you at this time, then it is clearly saying You-Beloved are INDEED ready for this passageway that the Inner Shaman within you wants to lead you upon. Forsake not your own desires to offer comfort and peace to the souls of those who seek you out and those to come. You are more important in your current space than you perceive. All is well. Go forth in True Faith and in the Power of you who is Excellent, Peaceful and FULL of Wisdom. You are. Ase’ 


There are things yet that you must release according to childhood wounds which seem to keep you from totally embracing the love of your Divine Self. Wounds which speak that you are still not good enough to receive what is being presented to you in the way of the promise of love and loyalty from someone who you have been hoping would acknowledge your presence. You must go within and heal these things which continue to bombard you with the plaguing lies of “you’re not good enough” Beloved, to let go of the old to embrace the new takes courage and bravery. You have exactly what you need within to do so. Do not feel the need to look outwardly for everything you need is within thee already. It is sitting quietly waiting for you to access the power of its essence being offered unto thee. Do not be afraid and sit back allowing the things you’ve desired for so long to stare you in the face and pass you by, because of being unsure of yourself. 

It is NOW time to move beyond the false illusions that you must always be in Perfect Pretty order before you can accept yourself or before others will. Beloved, those who will truly love you, honor you and respect you and be present for you and with you will do so without requiring Perfection. You should and must release the need to be Perfect in all you do. This is way too much pressure you place upon yourself and those around you to “be” a certain level of perfection. Just allow yourself to Be and you will find so much more rest and peace within thee. Flowing freely.

 Instead, choose to be Righteous and in Order. Meaning make sure the heart of you is with good intention unto Divine Love and Healing. Order in the sense of Balance for you and the ones you are pouring your love into. Do not feel obligated to go over and beyond to satisfy another because they may show displeasure or dislike towards something that you have said or created. You must come into a place of becoming much more comfortable with the very unique essence and beauty of you. The unique essence of you which says, “Yes I Am One of a Kind and Beautiful. There is no other like me. Therefore I Am obligated to Shine and Share my Uniqueness with the Universe so that those in the World will know what My Beauty has to offer.Therefore I will shine forth bright, unafraid, and unmoved by others opinions, stares and glares. Ase’ 

ISLAND – Solitude

You are requiring more quiet and peace this week. It is time to separate yourself from those who seem to just drain and take, take and take without ever giving back. It’s time for you to quietly sit somewhere, go more deeply into nature (physically or energetically) or do something which is highly creative and will assist you in releasing any stressful energies which are trying to linger, blocking and causing stagnation. 

It is pertinent that you step back and reassess the people, places and things in which you are connected to presently. Please take time for yourself Beloved to see if there are any serious adjustments needing to be made that you may return to a more balanced energetic flow. To allow someone to zap all of your energy leaving very little for yourself is not giving yourself the proper Self-Love which you so tenderly need to function at your highest. Be focused solely on what you need and require to be whole at this time. 

Silence electronics, social media, television and any other things which are pulling from and not adding life and energetic strength to you. Go within your quiet creative space which offers replenishment. I have a feeling there are some quite humbling and grounding messaging waiting for you in the silence of your solitude. Humbling in the sense of bringing you back to yourself and revealing those things you’ve been missing which are required to usher you into your next space of healing. Healing solutions are found in the quietness, stillness and loving peace of your soul. S/he longs to utter those words of confidence and peace which will assist you in growing into the deeper, wiser and more knowledgeable being that you are. You must recognize your own beauty for what it is. Excellent. And the only way to do so is to step back, fall back and be quiet. Chill & relax. If Solitude for you means turning on some of your favorite calm and relaxing musical tones then do so. Whatever it is you do to chill and zone out. Do so in this time. Namaste’ Ase. 

Thank you. This completes the General Oracle Soul Coaching for this week. I hope you have received some insightful messages. If you require a Personal Reading. Please reach out to me at: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com or email: RoyalReddPeace@oraclesofroyalty.com. I look forward to serving you. Love 2 thee- Royal Redd 

General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 1.16-1.22 ~ Primordial Instinct/Special Ritual/Dream Like Never Before!!!


Greetings & Namaste’ Beloved Ones, Here’s your General Oracle Coaching/Reading for this week. It is my hope that some of if not all of the Divine Messages shall resonate with your heart. If you find they do not resonate. Please contact me for a Personal Reading to give you direction and insight to any questions you may have. Information on how to do so is located at the end of the reading. So…Keep an Open mind as you read you never know what Spirit may speak to you. Let’s Begin…In-Joy!


WOLF (Instinct) 

Beloved this week you must return to your primordial wisdom in a way that you’ve connected. Ancient Wisdom calls you from previous lives. It desires to be re-integrated into your being once again. That it may provide counsel and spiritual guidance to you as well as others who seek you out for spiritual insight & guidance. 

The lessons learned of past lives are here to accompany you and be of assistance to you at this very pivotal and transitioning time. There are many unfamiliar energies around you which are priming you for the Most Divinely aligned times of Rich Opportunity which will present itself in All areas of your life, shortly to come.  

The Wolf is here at this time of transition to be a protective force against any difficult or harsh energies which may desire to divert or detour your attention from more important matters.

As you set out on new adventures into the unknown and currently hidden parts of life you’ve never experienced. New parts of your intellect, spirituality and personality will take on new forms. New territory calls for thinking and see from many different angles. No thinking with the attitude of “there’s only one way to do this or there’s only one way to solve the situation”. At this time on your path and journey  IT IS very necessary to begin thinking way outside of the “old ways” of solution finding and completing tasks. Take small baby steps in this new area. Do not pressure yourself into jumping into this new and unknown territory without first doing some investigation of the energetic entities inhabiting these new terrain spaces. As you feel comfortable and confident in your ability to face whatever presents itself, Step Out and Don’t look back. Because YOU GOT THIS!

The Ancient Ones accompanying you on this portion of your journey are well equipped to give you the guidance needed when you request it. Trust Your Self And Know Deeply Within That You are Making the Right Decisions at the Time You need to make them. Always! Namaste’-Ase

CEREMONY (Invocation)  

It’s time to have a special quiet ritual for yourself to call on some assistance from the Spirit guides you are most deeply connected to. Some of us have 1 or a few we work with often. Others have an unlimited number they access depending on the necessity of what you are desiring to create. Whatever your needs may be on this portion of your journey, do not hesitate to call upon the help of those spirit guides which are able to navigate the new territory you enter. 

Make the ceremony or ritual of invocation special. Set out candles, Crystals, Possibly Special items of clothing or other objects the spiritual guides like. Their favorite food or beverage may be a nice offering. All of these energetic offerings are a nice way to show your guides you appreciate their assistance. These are also ways to more easily connect with them. Beautiful. Have Fun & In-Joy making your dreams a reality with the assistance of your spiritual guides. Divine Pleasure. In-Joy. 

DREAMTIME (Creation)

Dream, Dream, Dream like you’ve never dreamt Beloved. Allow your mind to begin to soar into new spaces and dimensions of creative energy. There are so many different ways you can bring your hearts presence and soul force to this earth. Explore new ideas you never thought you’d try. Come out of your comfort zone. No IDEA IS TOO BIG!  If you can think it, then there is a portal of creation waiting for you to access it to bring that dream forth. You just have to be bold enough to want to discover the path to creation. As this path unfolds and reveals itself to you, thank yourself for possessing the courage to move out into the unknown spaces. 

See New visions. Dream New Dreams. Arrange your dream in a way that is something that you’ve never considered. There are truly no limits, only the ones we self impose. So this will take some work on your part of releasing old thoughts patterns rooted in self inhibiting ways, making room for more Higher Conscious streams of thought. No more, “I can’t or I’m not sure” But INSTEAD: “I AM ABLE! I WILL! I AM DETERMINED TO NOT GIVE UP OR QUIT. I AM SUCCESSFUL”. Allow your mind to expand beyond its normal capacity and boundaries of creation. Stretch yourself. You can do it! Have fun as always, return to your childhood innocence to retrieve ideas to incorporate. Who knows what piece of your childhood may be relived through the creation of your dreams. Expansive wide and large things are coming to you in your Dreaming! Dream Big! Dream Huge! Dream Grand! Dream! Don’t stop dreaming. Ase’ -Namaste’ 

This completes your General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading for the week. I hope some of the messages resonated with you. If there were no messages for you, Please visit me at: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com for a list of services or email me @ Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com with questions on booking a session. I look forward to serving you. Ase’

Royal Redd Peace 

Love ~ Soul Oracle Coaching Reading… 1.8 ~ 1.15, New Divine Connections, U R Safe From Within, Abundantly Flowing R Thee…


Gracious Greetings Beloveds, This is your General Love/Relationship Coaching with an overview of the energies which may be present for you this week. All or Some of the messages may resonate with you. Please Be Open To the Messages of Spirit. You never know what you may receive. Now, If you desire deeper insight of the messages given, or perhaps there were no messages for you. Please Connect With Me For Your Own Unique Energy Specific Oracle Coaching Readings. Instructions on how to do so will be located at the end of this Reading. Thank You In Advance Beloveds. In-Joy! 



Stronger Bridges Being Build Through New & Old Soul Connections

New, Tighter & Stronger Soul Mate Connections are being formed for you this week. Whether these people are already present or to come, there is a strong essence of New Beginnings all around. You are becoming more Deeply Connected & Open in Your Heart Space. This week you are feeling more open about sharing your Heart Space with those who are already in your life. Those who’ve shown themselves in a short time that they are true and genuine. Through their words, deeds and actions. Through their consistent and interconnected way of being. Some over a long period of time have shown you these aspects of themselves. Now that you have gathered as much assurance as needed from these individuals you must now begin to make a more focused effort to create more balanced expectations of your (current) Soul Mate connections and those which are to come. Bring Maat into the space of your heart in a more deeper centered way and more employing a more rounded perspective which will bring you the tailor-made individuals your space requires in this New Season of life. These next steps which you take on this new unknown journey will require a certain type of Divinely inspired connection. Not just anyone can be in your space Beloved. Especially not now.

Sometimes in times past, you may have been one to allow certain types of undesirable low vibrating beings to linger in your personal heart space for too long. Meaning you’ve allowed anger and sometimes bitterness to fester in your emotions against someone in your past whom had caused you much pain due to you being way too open with those who didn’t truly have your best interest at heart. Not always intentional in their wrong doings. Unaware and Unconscious of these acts, these type of energetic presences are resurfacing. Some may be physically or simply an old energy pattern/program resurfacing that you may revisit it for a deeper and cleaner sweep of healing. Beloved, what ever the situation which may present itself as, Be firm in your approach of handling these matters. Be clear from within where you stand on these matters. Remember you have done a lot of deep inner healing on your heart and emotions. Do Not Be Afraid to Stand Up For Your Self. Do Not Allow Fear to make you close your mouth and not speak your truth. Do Not allow yourself to cower under the pressure of any old energetic mental patterns which may surface, making it appear as if you haven’t done sufficient work on your self. You have worked hard and long in stabilizing and bringing your emotional balance in Divine Alignment of how you see things for yourself in different Soul Mate connections- Love, Family-including our pets, Partnership, Companionship & Business. Stay Firm. Stand Your Ground and Do NOT BE MOVED By OLD Energies which come to test you to see if you have conquered the false illusions of things which once appeared to be the most vile,rough and harsh situations. Instead these things did not have the power to break you but instead you took that energy and reshaped it to build you up and strengthen you. Even upon these old energies re-surfacing you are learning to attune to the frequency of energy present to harness this energy and switch it into that which you need. Magical One, Do That Thang Like Only You Do! Ase’

Safe Travel 

You Are Safe Wherever You Go

Different Signs, Sounds & Presence of you traveling in new unknown direction and new uncharted dimensions are all around you. There is a certain tone in the atmosphere around you which indicates that you are about to head into something so unfamiliar to you in which it may make you uneasy in some ways. Uneasy with excitement, curiosity and slight jilted bit of fear.  But remember Sweet Darling the essence of fear is that it’s projecting/reflecting back to you the things in the dark you must discover about yourself. The New Self You Must Become On This New Path. 

You may feel a bit overwhelmed at times Beloved and this is quite alright. Just take a few steps back and breathe deeply as many times as you need to regain your posture. Stepping back helps to gain a different perspective of how you Be More (more empowered and efficient) & Do Less (exert less energy) You are calm, cool and collected. You are well in control of your space. Feelings are just that Feelings. Allow yourself to feel them and connect with them, flow through them and allow them to pass. Center yourself in nature whether by getting out into it if weather permits or by bringing nature (plants, pets, playing nature ambience) into your indoor space and meditating on them. Talk with them and receive their healing vibrations as you send forth Love. 

Entering into a New Space one of which you’ve never seen can be a bit uncomfortable. But Beloved, know that the uncomfortable space is something you will learn to manage with ease as long as you continue to turn within, connect with Self to maintain the strong focus of what it is you truly desire to create in your new travels into the unknown. Have HIGH & EXCITING Expectancy of what you would like to see come forth. Don’t short yourself Beloved with thoughts of “this won’t happen for me” or “this is requires so much energy, I don’t know if I am up to it” Beloved ALL things GREAT, BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL & ABUNDANTLY FLOWING can happen at any time as you give them permission to do so. By being more and more open in your heart space.

Be realistic about what you can accomplish in a specific space of time as to not overwhelm yourself by exerting large of amounts of unproductive energy, due to you taking on too many tasks. Give Your Self Enough Time to Finish the Big To DO’s. Don’t add too many BIG TO DO’S in one day. Give closer attention to how much time it takes you to accomplish certain tasks leading you to become more effective and efficient in your planning & organizing that you are sure to produce the desires of your heart. Time Management is very important, Slow your pace, gain a greater focus on what you’d like to manifest and KNOW within that “I Got It! I Can Do This By The Divine Empowering Source Within Me. I Am Excellent, Awesome and Well Able to Accomplish All Things.” Know This From Deeply Within Beloved Because you are created and fashioned after Excellence. Thrive, Live & Express. Excellence. Namaste’ 


Abundance Flows Freely From Within Thee

The Wealth which resides within you is flowing freely. Many blockages, plugs and stagnant behaviors which have held you in bondage for many, many, years and for some most of their life. They are being removed with a serious power and presence of Abundance unfolding and beginning to flow more freely in your life. 

You have long since been diligently preparing yourself for the new unknown sphere which is rapidly approaching you at High Frequency & Speed. It’s almost as if you are in a wind tunnel that is pulling you into it like a cyclone tornado. You are being caught up and magnetically pulled into the strong attraction of abundance with your name on it. In all areas of your relationships, expect change. If you have been longing for and preparing for a Love Soul Mate, you may be entering into the space of time shortly in that receiving your deepest wishes and desires concerning your heart. Stay focused, Do not waver in your heart desires of your Divine Soul Mate. I feel a strong Masculine energy around this reading in the sense that it is pulling the Divine Feminine forth into its presence at alarming rate in which any day you can meet face to face in the realm of physicality. Perhaps if you’ve been paying close attention you’ve received many synchronizing occurrences which show the promise of Loves New Awakening which is dawning upon you. Let it come forth in its own time. Remain Open, Remain Expecting Great Things To Come. Allow Your Self To Experience your New Life Unfolding in ways you’ve always imagined.

Beloved, To whom much is given, Much is required. If you have asked for Greatness, Bigness and Awesome Things to Come unto thee. Then you must dig deep into your heart and connect with courage to Open yourself to these things and Receive them. They will be Greater than you could have ever imagined or hoped for. Brace yourself. You are in for a glorious journey. Yes! Patience is required to see it through. Maintain attitudes of Patience & Gratitude. These 2 energies will draw to you rapidly what you seek in a Soul Mate. Ase’ (SO BE IT) 

In the World of Business, you are meeting new partners who you may feel your soul resonating with to connect and create on a Larger spectrum than previously. Teaming up with the correct partner for you is key. You will know who you can align yourself with and whom you can not. Whatever it may be, Be open to All possibilities. Do not judge a book by its cover. Carefully Read enough of the pages of this unique book (person, opportunity) before you, allowing your total being (mind-body, soul & spirit) to experience the fullness. Then decide what is best for you. You are seeking fullness and wholeness. This is newness Beloved. Give yourself permission to feel and embrace the fullness. 

And Last, Family connections are growing stronger and healing. For some of you it may be the energetic connection of a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. Do not allow this time to be soured by old occurrences. If you see any of these old things awakening acknowledge them with a heart of compassion for yourself and the other involved. Do not let them stop you from moving forward into gaining the heart understanding of your family member. Sibling, Mother, Aunt, Uncle, Grandmother, Children whomever it may be. Open your heart to a closer connection. 

Beloved, if this is a family member whom you have had a rough time with, ease into it. Clearly express where you are now, and allow the other to do so as well. Do not be alarmed by their expression but just let it be what it is, as long as you are not feeling abused, or energetically projected upon in an unkind manner. Do Not Take It Personal. This is a set up for falling back into old programming. Protect Your Energetic and Physical space. Set Loving, Gentle But Firm Boundaries. You are in transition. Allow all things to flow and unfold in the most gentle manner. No need to force or feel overwhelmed or burdened with anyones stuff. All are in different phases and spaces of growth. You have your own things to give attention to first. State this in a loving way and that’s that. Let it be clearly stated in love and go from there. Ase’-(SO BE IT) 

Beloved, this completes the Love Soul Coaching Reading for this week. I hope you have received some messages of resonating presence within your heart. If you desire a more Personal Reading please visit me at: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com Or Contact Me By Email with any questions: Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com

Thank you for your support. May you continue to advance joyously into your New Territory. Namaste- Ase- Royal Redd 

General Oracle Soul Coaching 1.2 thru 1.8…Living From A More Pure Heart on Purpose,Enter Silent Contemplation, Invoking New Spiritual Guides/Ancestral Spirits….


Greetings Loves,
This is a General Oracle Coaching & Reading.  Some or All of these Unique Messages May Resonate With u. Please be open to hear & receive what Spirit shall speak. If u would like a Personal Reading, information on how to do so will be at the end of this reading.  Thank you in advance.  Let’s get started.  In-Joy!!


CHILDHOOD ~ Innocence

Innocence is a state of purity. Naivety. Not as in dumb, but instead not aware or privy to certain things. Freedom. In the frame-work of  children they are so comfortable with being Free and without concern for so many things.  Why? Because they are pure,  and open to experience Newness & Freshness each and every day.  They do not place any bias attitudes on experiencing life. Why? Because they are alive fresh and awake to the many, many beauties which are available to them. They live each day as one they’ve Never witnessed. Because each day is a New  adventure waiting to happen.  Another day to experience more happiness than the day before.  Wow! Doesn’t that sound so rich, full and amazing?  It sure does to me.

As the Gregorian calendar or whichever calendar you follow has blossomed yet again in newness. Your awareness is being heightened to new experiences being made available for your partaking. New experiences coming alive for pleasurable interaction.  Children are all about Pleasurable interactions– good & sweet tasting things, laughter & giggles, joyous expression in everything they do,  fully engaging in all they set out to do, adventure.

Beloved,  your inner child- subconscious is calling you to be much more Open, Free and Expressive of Self and of your own Unique ideas in the newness of 2017.

Your inner child is seeking freedom in a way she/he has never known. One that is uncensored and free like a kite flys. One that is not tangled up in their own ways of being.  Meaning the Adult you who is so consumed with always being in correct and Perfect Order with this life’s responsibilities MUST, MUST, MUST learn to explore life in a Totally new way than before. The Adult you can not continue to go in the way of wanting to do Everything Right. You the Adult must put down the concept of Doing, Being and Behaving correctly always. It’s stressful, tiresome and not what you need to be. Instead You the Adult must learn to be Free like your inner child. Allow the inner child to be your guide into a New place of Freedom.

Guess what?  Your inner child gets it!  Messiness is the name of the game.  Painting, Coloring and Drawing outside of the lines is it. Lol. The inner child does NOT. I repeat DOES NOT care about being clean and orderly.  But messy fun is the name of the game. So it’s time we sat down and had a serious but fun and intuitive talk with our little inner one. What is s/he saying to you? What is s/he wanting to relive from the past that u so enjoyed? What new adventure is s/he wanting to experience?  Listen and you shall know. Listen and you shall find new forms of creative expression by connecting with the little you inside.  Namaste’ .

Release the need to know and control everything and you will know a new way. You begin to become more intimate with inner child and new adventures begin. Allow them to do so. Newness enter. Ase’ – Namaste’


Beloved,  it’s time for silent reflection. There are some things which are calling for your attention. You must go in and get silent to know what they are. They will not be made apparent or revealed until you are still. As you see the reflection of the trees in the ice of this the Oracle.  We are in the Winter season and it’s time to awaken in a different way by taking inventory.  Just because everything has returned to the ground and went silent.  This does Not mean there is not something going on under the surface of it all.  Go within the stillness and you will hear what needs to be addressed. It may not be what you are thinking. Allow any so-called negative, dark or harsh perceptions of self to rise and be seen.

In many places across the continent the winter seasons can be truly harsh and brutal weather. Snow storms-Blizzards. Excessive rain some of which is needed in places where there have been long periods of droughts. Now in other places the weather is moderate.  Not so much inclement weather.

Sitting In silence you may be feeling like your inner world is like massive  avalanches of snow falling or ice glaciers are beginning to form due to non attentiveness to certain areas.  Beloved whatever your inner state may be allow it to Be just as it is. Do not try to make your inner space be any thing that it is not. Just allow it to be as it is. Whatever the icy cold feelings of your inner winter may bring allow them to do so. Be still and Be OK with whatever you are currently experiencing inwardly because guess what? Even though this is a winter season in the natural sense you can change the season your inner climate by allowing it to shift on its own as you become more consciously aware of your Divine Beautiful Self.  Although the winter days are often times which are gloomy and dull in appearance.  Under the gloom and dullness of the sky there are many opportunities for shifting and making your inner sanctum Spring in the midst of coldness.  Relish in it and see what may arise. Allow the inner shifting take you to a Higher and more beautiful Consciousness of you. You are so beautiful Beloved even in your winter cold or more darker months you are still Radiantly beautiful.  Namaste’ – Ase’


Darling One,  it’s time to have a Special ceremony to call forth the spirit workers and guides you need to assist you in the new adventures of 2017. Yay. It’s always exciting when I see this Oracle because it speaks to me that there are new spirit guides wanting to come forth who want to joyfully assist you on your New journey.  They want to witness the new unfolding of you along with you.

See 2016 may have been a very emotionally trying and healing time for you. Indeed for me it was. In which you had to learn to embrace things as they were and not how you wanted them to be. Learning this, may have been painful at times. A lot of anger may have surfaced only to reveal more deep spaces of Ancestral Karma which needed to be healed. And……Guess what? You did what was needed.  You did what you had to do by allowing, being open and receptive to the sometimes swift environmental changes within.  And these spaces you allowed to be made open and clear are now spaces for planting the seeds of dreams you’ve always had. The dreams your soul has always wanted to create. Well it’s now time to begin construction of your plans to bring these dreams into fruition.

But you need assistance from the new spiritual guides which are coming to you or already present. Or there may be spiritual guides who’ve previously come to you which have not always been prevalent in assistance because they were not needed.  But NOW is their time to come forth and assist you. Open more to your magical, free- flowing and creative side. Yes. It’s beautiful Beloved. 

So take time to have the necessary quiet to find exactly what you need in order to create this Ceremonial Ritual to invite these new spiritual guides and Ancestors on your path. They will be grand aspects of the New unfolding of you. In-Joy. In-Joy. Explore and Have fun. It’s all Up from here. All Up. No more crazy downward spirals where you feel your life is out of control and NOT going the way you’ve envisioned for the seeds of desire planted in your heart are now ready to come forth to fruition with the assistance of the Spirit guides and Ancestors around you. Allow them to assist you.  Your w road will be much more pleasurable and enjoyable if you allow them entrance to assist. So Be It. Blessed Be. Ase’-Namaste’

Thank you Beloveds, This is your General Oracle Soul Coaching/Reading for the week. I hope some of the messages resonated with your heart, providing the strength you need to continue moving on your path to healing, pleasure and power. Ase’! (So Be It). If you desire a Personal Love Relationship reading please contact me at: Email: Royalreddpeace@oraclesofroyalty.com or Visit my website: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com.


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General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading- 12.18-12.24

Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. The messages which flow through this Medium may be for you in full, partial or none.  Whatever the case please be open to Receive what is coming forth.  You never know what may come forth. If you desire a Personal Reading,  instructions on how to do so are at the end of this Coaching.  Thank you in advance.  Let’s In- Joy.
VOLCANO- (Volatility)- Freedom to Release 
This week Beloved you may be feeling volatile in a way of releasing things that you’ve felt would never leave. Attitudes, Ways of Speaking and Different Ways of Beings.  There may days you feel like spewing out things to release and give yourself some way to express what you are feeling.  Be mindful of who and what is around you. There’s nothing wrong with releasing, but those around you do not need to be affected by your Volcanic hot lava.  Things in your inner soul which are agitating you to the degree of you wanting to scream. Allow it to be.  What I am saying Beloved is find a way to channel and release your anger,sadness, anxiety or whatever high running emotions in the most gentle way for you without reducing the intensity.  Always think safe! In that Beloved allow your self the freedom to openly and freely express whatever emotions you may be facing this week. They only become more intense as you resist.
Cease to persecute or punish yourself about things which are of dark nature.
Dark feelings are not the enemy nor are they the vile low things we’ve learned them to be. They are the very parts of us which make us grow into being more courageous than we ever thought we could be.  Racy, Uncomfortable, Challenging and Most Agitating emotions cause us to see our selves through the eyes of compassion, grace & mercy in a more earnest way. We realize that those feelings we so despise are the very ones which lead us to Higher Plateaus of Healing.  These strong and most intense feelings lead us to break through in our lives of which we never thought we’d see.
So Beloved the boiling over of the Volcano is for a certain purpose. That which is for purging and refining the parts of you which you feel are too ugly or unpleasant to show to the world.  The Volcano teaches us to accept these eruptions which come forth.  For they are to purge us from energetic properties which serve us no longer.  Namaste’
Be Gentle with your healing.
CHILDHOOD – (Innocence) – Play to Embark On New Creative Journey
The little girl or little boy within Greatly needs your attention. She/He excitedly request this week that you turn within in a deeper manner.  They want to assist you to a deeper level of creativity.  And in order to partake of and embark on this new journey, you must have them as your guide. They are waiting to reignite or fan the flames of your passionate creative force through play or through beautiful childhood memories.
What beautiful childhood memories do you have that make you smile each time they surface?  What beautiful childhood memories make you want to just let loose with carefree pleasure and enjoy all things around you without restriction?
The Gift of ‘Being Present’ in the moment is what your inner child wants to share with you. The Gift of healing all spaces which were hurt and wounded by child hood events is here for you Now. I realize not everyone may be able to recall several happy moments during child hood depending on what you were exposed to. But guess what? You have the power within to reconnect with your inner child and ask them to guide you on the path to healing and reshaping those hurts into beautiful masterpieces of your soul.
So during this week take advantage of this healing power that is always present with you and for you. Allow it to envelop your heart, soul & spirit allowing all hurts to be healed, cleansed and washed with Compassion, True Unconditional Love for Self and Your Inner Child. Much Grace and Mercy are available for you. Be Gentle with both versions of yourself. (Little and Older). They are both Great and Beautiful.  Ase’
WHALE – (Breach)- Breaking Agreements or Old Contracts
Oh Beloved, this is an awesome time as we enter into the changing of seasons through the Winter Solstice. It’s a great time to Breach, Break Free From and Release old things which no longer serve you. Allowing them to transmute into Divine Love & Excellence & Divine Healing.
The Winter Solstice begins the start of Newness for many in the sense this is a time of quiet inner reflection of what’s taken place over this last year and what are your intentions of co-creation for 2017.
Take this time to reflect quietly & detox (mentally,  physically,  emotionally,  spiritually and soul). On all levels to discover what it is your heart truly needs to go forth into a greater healed expression of Self this New Year.  What does your soul need healing from in order to be liberated from any old chains of bondage, those which held you in fear with the mind that you can not do this or that? All of these thoughts are rooted in false identity.  False projections from another’s vision of and for you. Not your True Essence. What is your TRUE Essence?  It’s there waiting for you to discovered.
As the Whale is leaping out of the immersion of waters to embrace its freedom allow it to symbolize to you “Breaking and Ending old traditions,  Ending Old Ways of Being & Reestablishing Ways of being which encourage and provide insight into the depth of you.  Re-establish those things from your Childhood – Youth and Adulthood Experiences which brought you Joy,  Excitement and Pleasure. “
Allow this Breach of contractual agreement with old things to present a fresh new face and attitude toward the things waiting to emerge within you. You are here to change the face of this planet so allow yourself to release and let go Every thing which no long serves to your growth.  Allow your dreams to be unlocked with the breaking of agreements of old things. Step into the freedom of the New You who awaits to be seen and shine before ALL to see. Namaste-Ase’
This completes the General Oracle Coaching Reading for December 18 thru December 24. I appreciate your support.
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Confrontation Releases The Hidden Gem You ARE….


Confronting can be unnerving and scary. But acceleration of my heart presses me forward to the finish line. I run toward the shadowy space within that holds my greatest joy

Confronting can be unnerving and scary. But acceleration of my heart presses me forward to the finish line. I run toward the shadowy space within that holds my greatest joy

Being candid and most transparent. When I first pulled this card my initial thoughts were, “Once again we meet, what have you come to teach me this time?” As I peered at the card my eyes began to well with tears and I decided to let them flow.

See Beloved Ones, I come to share my journey with you to be more transparent than I have ever been. With this transparency comes great fear uncertainty and a high-price to pay for myself, more than anyone. Exposing my hidden self the one only I know.  My friends I stand here vulnerable exposed and naked not afraid to share my deepest emotions surrounding this Oracle Reflection- Confront. See because I know I’m not the only one who is called to confront hidden things in their shadows. We All Are. It’s something we can’t escape. Entering into the hidden self takes boldness and courage. So I am present, freely willing to honestly and truthfully share what I feel this card is speaking to Royal Redd Peace at this time.

Confrontation has never really been an issue for me when it comes to seeing things as they are. Now I didn’t say I liked it and I didn’t say it was comfortable or pleasurable but I’ve always been a person who desires Truth. So as I sit here and stare at this card, the word Confront rings true to me and many questions fill my head. But let me focus on this one to start. What has the little girl inside come to speak to the one who still hides in the dark? The little girls voice I silence at times because I do not want to hear her tell me the things that she still wrestles with surrounding her upbringing. So once again she shows her face in this Oracle reflection and I am now prepared to listen to what she has to say. Within my vision I see a little girl that looks at me with big eyes of promise. Her eyes speak and encourage me,”It’s alright to confront that which you’ve pushed down and what you’ve ignored for so long. It will all be fine. Just take a deep breath, exhale and take a deeper look. For it is now time to see what it is that has been holding you back from fully realizing your own Divine radiance. What culprit has been keeping you from believing and knowing the Divine power within you? From accepting and acknowledging that the words you speak have power to transform the lives of those that hear you. No more believing the lie that your words must be complex deep and so elaborate for the people who hear to be changed. But instead Royal Redd, speak with simplicity  the beautiful and Wise knowledge which holds esoteric mysteries. Speak clearly and freely that the ears that hear would receive these truths in their souls most inner part. The parts of them that leave nothing to be said”.

As these words flowed through the healing channel of my heart, for the first time I began to feel a lifting of my soul, speaking to her holy worth. I hear, “You are of rare value. Not a jewel to be easily accessed.” Not only believing for the first time the words her soul spoke, but truly being able to say and know that My words are valuable. My words hold power and that the words that go forth from this mouth shall not return void but they shall accomplish that which they have been sent to do. They Shall Manifest.

Once upon a time I felt as if my words were of no consequence, no concern, no power, nothing. On a regular basis being told, “Shut up no one’s gonna hear you. No one wants to hear what you have to say”. I silenced myself to uncomfortably and most blindly fit in, to become a part of a clan of people that I secretly couldn’t stand. Forbidden to speak, yet the most deepest part of me was crying out to speak her truth that was not of herself but of Divine messages from higher dimensions. Who am I? Who are they? To deny the voice of this divine messenger to speak freely and clearly? As I emerge forth into the open, transparent and ready to share the graceful inner workings of the sacred soul of this Royal being – Her Royal Highness Royal Redd Peace. I am reminded by the little girl within “You have been through so much you can’t turn around now. You must continue to keep moving forward and yes Confront the things, people, places and situations with unconditional love that you may overcome. That you may move beyond the false illusions which told you that you don’t matter. For now is the time for your voice to be heard for your words to be shared.”

As I speak I hear the word “Liberator” strongly like a trumpet call. “Might I be a liberator? Here for those souls that hunger for Authentic Divine Insight, Divine Revelation and Wisdom filled words?” I feel in my soul that I am and I feel the words that are deposited in this vessel are unique,simple and  richly full of Wisdom and Divine expressions of The Creators love. I shall carry these messages of Spirit to the hearts and souls of those that would welcome this messenger, this Holy vessel and being Royal Redd Peace.

While this has been one of my most vulnerable pieces of writing I am happy that I have been able to share with those who have been present in my space for sometime now. You have supported me and have seen my transformation over these last few years. Some of you have been with me much longer so you know different parts of my journey have not been easy but I stand here committed and ready to finally accept the assignment, the call and the mantle that has been placed upon my life by the Most Excellent Creator of the Most High of Highest. I no longer will deny myself that I Am a being full of Sacred Knowledge, Holy Insight, Divine Revelation and Expansive Wisdom. I will receive the Beautiful Consecrated messages from my higher soul first for myself and then lovingly share them with those that are willing to hear and willing to receive. I Am a servant of the Supreme Universal Creator and it is my Most Excellent and Royal Honorable pleasure to share with humility the Divine speakings that are released to me.

May you receive encouragement, power and extra ordinary strength to go within the place of your Shadows. Allowing the moon to shine upon those beautiful gifts and exquisite treasures that are buried beneath illusions, false perceptions and created ways of being. As you allow yourself to go deeper within the dark spaces you shall uncover everything that you’ve always been and didn’t know you were. Being able to free yourself Mind-Body, Soul & Spirit that you may share your beauty with those who hunger to be made whole and transformed by the wonderful messages and creativity that only you can share. Share freely without fear of how others will hear or receive you. Be bold! Be courageous! Shine brightly! Shine as only you can shine! Let it be clear that you are of Divine Beauty, Divine Elegance and Divine Love. Peace to thee all. I love thee. Royal Redd Peace.