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4.3-4.9- Soul Lesson- Embrace Change-Open Your Heart To Something New….


Greetings Beloved, 

This weeks Soul Lesson is calling us to Embrace Change in a greater and deeper way. In a way that may be scary and unfamiliar. For to Embrace Change is to say,”I no longer care to remain where I Am I want to go forward into something new. But…. What’s on the other side of door?” Well let’s find out….




Beloved, to Embrace something is to accept or allow it into your space or your atmosphere. To Embrace something means to invite something new into your heart space or sacred space. For many this may be scary, frightening and uncomfortable. The unknown is always something that makes us wonder what’s on the other side of the door?

As you see the feminine in the Oracle walking forward, her arms are Out Stretched, Open, Welcoming & Inviting and there is a beaming light which welcomes her to come find out what special gift on the other side of the door is calling her name. Beloved, this is Spring time and there are many new exciting and beautiful things which are calling your name. Will you answer Or Will you sit back in your comfortable winter fluffy blanket and not budge? Will you escape the comfortable place you sit in and push forward to a place that you’ve never see or been to Embrace the newness Spring brings? 

Beloved, I think you will surprise yourself to see what you can do as the Affirmation says, “I move easily and confidently through the changes in my life”. Beloved, you have the ability to move through any change which presents itself. For change is an opportunity to partake of something you’ve always wanted to try. Beloved, you must shake yourself free from any self-doubt, false illusions of fear and any voices which say that you can not move forward.

And most of all the gripping and sometimes chilling, “What if…What if…What if…?” Well, What if it turns out better than you expect? What if it turns out wild and crazy and makes you scratch your head and question if you missed the mark? Beloved, You must face what ever thoughts you are dealing with by examining where they come from. If you decide to ignore them and move forward into the new you may find yourself missing things along the way due to these unresolved thoughts which could produce blind spots which may cause you to miss vital information needed for your path. Stop and take a deep breath Beloved. Embrace the fact that change can be scary. It just is sometimes. But once you embrace that part and work through the things that are giving you 1,001 reasons as to why you should not move forward. Put a smile on your face and Embrace the other side of the coin. What if it works out great Beloved? What if these next steps that you are taking will lead you to writing a portion of the most beautiful story ever written. YOUR STORY! YOUR TRUTH! 

Beloved, you have EVERYTHING to gain and Nothing to lose by stepping out and trying something new. Something unknown and uncertain could turn out to be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever accepted into your heart space. Open your heart Beloved. Allow something new to enter into your space. You won’t regret your choice, but instead you will rejoice. Go forward! Namaste’



In Silence Teach

In Silence Teach

Oracle Reflections-Teach

Silent teaching. A Silent Teacher is the best teacher at times.  The Silent Teacher does not speak during the students test. The teacher watches quietly and with stillness as the student progresses along the testing ground. Sometimes nudging silently in the other direction. But for the most part saying nothing.

In order to be an Excellent Teacher in all ways the Teacher must be Teachable as well. For in silent observation the Teacher is learning as well, as how best to guide the student.

Teachers are students as the Student is a Teacher.  Polarity. This must be an Awareness always.

So in Silence the Teacher guides  Confidently knowing their best has been done, in leading the student to a place of standing In their own power and presence. In that the Student accomplishes their desires with Joyfully with Confidence and Zeal.

Affirm: As I the Teacher silently observes the Test of the Student. I, The Teacher glean lessons as well. As these lessons are presented I embrace them and expand in my awareness of becoming a better Teacher and Student. Ase’


Move On Trusting Your Soul, For It Knows the Way

Move On

Go Forth. Embrace The New Space of Blessing and Honor.


On the night of the New Moon 4/6. I silently sat and shuffled my beautiful Oracle cards to see what charms might it speak. Move On is what came forth. I am in complete sync with the message as I know and have been feeling this past week that it is time now for a Strong new beginning. I release myself into this new space. I allow myself to receive ALL that this New Moon cycle will bring me.

Looking at this Oracle more deeply I ponder the man walking up the shore. Footprints shaped into the sand as he moves forward, signify leaving behind to move forward into new adventures. The Divine Masculine energy presents that it is now time for me to release any striving or doing of mindset and fully connect to the Divine Feminine energy that flows (water). That which washes away any doubt, fear and uncertainty and instead embrace the melodic sound of Wisdom which the Divine Feminine energy calls forth. I hear her speak even now, “You will always know what steps to take at each turn of the road. Trust your Soul for the answers are never wrong. Every lesson needed to learn will manifest through the voice of your Soul. No outcome of a lesson is wrong. Only Righteous in the sense that you needed to make the particular choice to encounter the loving lessons, to propel you forward on your journey. Souls are calling for your assistance. As you grow they evolve as well. Grow, Nurture yourself and Expect Manifested change, increase and abundance to flow. It IS SO! Ase’ “

I have called forth many desires of my heart over the last few months and have created the space for them to manifest. The womb of my desires have been implanted deeply and now need to be nurtured more by standing in confidence to know that the vision of my Higher Soul/Higher Self is within graceful alignment and is manifesting and unfolding each & every step I take. So just as the man moves forward he is leaving behind work and striving. He is leaving behind the need to DO IT instead transitioning and embracing and holding fast to the Eloquent Whisper of the Wisdom flowing in the ocean waters. I hear Wisdom and receive her intuitive nudging. It is NOW time to move on no longer taking the approach that I MUST DO. But instead that I MUST BE. I MUST BE Confident, Assured, Honest and True with the vision that has been implanted within my womb. Knowing that is has been created and nurtured with faith, truth and joy. It SHALL come forth. Not Maybe. IT SHALL! No doubting or fear can enter into this space, but only that which is of high vibration. That resonating with the knowing that it is already Complete. I am not waiting for anything but that this IS the time for it to come forth. As I’ve sowed the seed of my vision patiently, I notice along the rocks (firm foundation) there are beautiful flowers that have sprang up. See in the midst of the toil, creating and preparing the vision the flowers bloomed and planted themselves on the foundation. They have found a firm space to rest. Just as the seeds planted within my womb, the lotus unfolds her blooming and explicitly makes her presence known.

So I say to myself, Moving Forward to grasp, enjoy, relax, drink of nurturing waters as I go forth into the new beginning this New moon cycle presents. I am aware of the beauty that has been planted and is NOW springing forth and being made evident to myself and the world around. I Am READY! I Am PRESENT! I Shine! With Confidence I Embrace my New Beginnings! Ase’, Ase’ Namaste’