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4.3-4.9- Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading/Focus Your Vision/Cut The Ties/Hear What Your Ancestors Are saying…


Greetings & Namaste’ Beautiful Ones,  This weeks Love Soul Oracle finds us needing to give our attention to the vision we began reflecting on in the Winter season. It’s time to move into Action. More dedicated focus is required. Let’s Do It! Along with Focusing on the vision that means we must clear space to make room for Newness entering in, Releasing and Cutting Soul Ties which have served their purpose. And lastly, Our Ancestors are speaking some special hidden jewels to Our Soul this week. So let’s listen, listen, listen closely and see what they are saying to us. Let’s Begin….


Beloved, The Oracle is Calling us To FOCUS and FIX our vision firmly and securely on what it is we want to create in this New Season. That which we have been dreaming of and contemplating in the Winter time is now needing our attention. Meaning it’s time to cut out all distractions which may be keeping you from honing in and giving your full and undivided attention on the thing (s) your heart truly wants to manifest in this time. Have you written down the desires of your heart Beloved? Have you taken time to deeply contemplate what you would like to create in the next 3 months? This means by Summer time what Do you think you might like to see begin to manifest? 

Beloved, take some time to go within silently and contemplate what is the best direction you could take to achieve what your heart is speaking. This means you need to create a step by step action plan of the best route to take to your destination. Now before you began, please don’t worry yourself about it being perfect, because along the way you will make reassessment and move one thing from one space to another and possibly get rid of some things and replace them with new ideas. This is a Work In Progress. But NOW is the time to begin planting those seed ideas in the fertile ground of your psyche by listening to and hearing what your heart wants to accomplish. 

Beloved, What does your heart say? Don’t be afraid to hear what your heart says, because I guarantee whatever it is, You will be able to accomplish it if you truly put the right action into movement at the appropriate time. Anything is Possible if you have Confidence, Faith & Trust in Your Self. Trust Your Vision and Focus on it. Focus on it like the Bulls eye in the center of a Dart game board. Focus and lock your eyes in on this mark with the intention to do what your heart is desiring for you to do. You Can Do It. Believe In Yourself. Have Faith In the Divine Source which Lives Within You. You are More than Capable. Focus and Go forth! 

Now that you are Focusing more intently on your hearts desires to create a beautiful Summer manifestation. In the process of Focusing you will have to clear space by cutting yourself free from anything that no longer serves you to your highest Evolution. The Kirpan is a sword or knife that those of Sikh religion wore as one of their 5 articles of faith. The Kirpan is speaking that you must Now, allow anything which you have been holding onto which once had some sustaining power to be cut away. I hear this cutting away could involve a long time relationship with someone whom you have grown quite emotionally attached to who may no longer be good for your space. Someone who may not see things in an agreeable fashion. This could mean that you sever the ties all together or you may have to reshape the connection in a way which you both can co-exist peaceably with honor and respect in which no one truth over rides the others way of seeing. The word Kirpan has 2 root parts: And the first part (kirpa) is reflective of: mercy, grace, compassion or kindness.  The second part (aanaa) is rooted in: honor, grace and dignity. 

Darling Soul allow these parts of the Kirpan be reflective in how you deal and relate to this relationship. It could be a sensitive matter for you to address with the other party involved. Whatever the case,  know that it will be resolved in a loving and gentle manner on both ends. I sense that this relationship can continue on if both parties will take responsibility for what they have brought to the connection thus far, and seek to expand it in a New and Fresh way. All relationships do not simply have to be final or completely ended just because you are at crossroads. Instead you can figure out how to make it work for the best of all involved. I hear, “Give It Try! Don’t Give Up. It’s Worth Staying with the Love that you have created with this person, whether it’s friendship or a romantic connection. It’s worth giving a try. Don’t give up just yet!” 

Our Ancestral Spirits are always a very prevalent part in letting us know they are right there with us on this beautiful journey. This week they are telling us that there are secret hidden gems of Ancient scripture they want to reveal. Scripture in the sense that which of held together our individual families of many, many, many lineages ago. These are secrets that no one in your living family is privy to at this point. Therefore these messages will come directly from the Spirit realm in a way of being channeled through different aspects of nature, music, random people, perhaps movies or social media. The Ancestors are saying, “Keep your eyes open for us to show up anywhere. At the least expected time you will find the messages and secret traditions that we have been longing to share with you”.

I am excited to hear these messages coming through for us from our Ancestors for they seem to have some pretty urgent and interesting information to share with us. So, let’s be alert and paying attention to ALL which is going on around us. Let us ignore nor dismiss ANYTHING. For ALL things have meaning. The most simple little conversation with a stranger may be coded with the hidden secrets your Ancestors want to reveal. Listen, Hear and Be Open for these Messages. And once they speak Follow and heed their messages with all sincerity of heart and see what unfolds for you. I have a feeling it will be something which you have not expected. It’s like I feel they are taking us on a scavenger hunt and dropping this clue and yet another on the path as we move forward. What fun!!! Let’s In-Joy the road ahead. Blessings To thee Beautiful ones. Namaste’-ASe’ 

Beloveds, I hope that you have been blessed by these wonderful messages channeled through this Divine Oracle- Royal Redd. It is my pleasure to share these messages with you All. If you are still needing further clarity Please, Please schedule your Personal Love Soul Oracle Reading with me by visiting: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com. I look forward to serving you. Until then, May the Divine Universal Creator Bless and direct you on your path as you are Open to Receive and Allow that is for you to come into your life by trusting yourself in a way that you never knew you could. 

Love 2 thee- Royal Redd Peace



General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading- 12.18-12.24

Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. The messages which flow through this Medium may be for you in full, partial or none.  Whatever the case please be open to Receive what is coming forth.  You never know what may come forth. If you desire a Personal Reading,  instructions on how to do so are at the end of this Coaching.  Thank you in advance.  Let’s In- Joy.
VOLCANO- (Volatility)- Freedom to Release 
This week Beloved you may be feeling volatile in a way of releasing things that you’ve felt would never leave. Attitudes, Ways of Speaking and Different Ways of Beings.  There may days you feel like spewing out things to release and give yourself some way to express what you are feeling.  Be mindful of who and what is around you. There’s nothing wrong with releasing, but those around you do not need to be affected by your Volcanic hot lava.  Things in your inner soul which are agitating you to the degree of you wanting to scream. Allow it to be.  What I am saying Beloved is find a way to channel and release your anger,sadness, anxiety or whatever high running emotions in the most gentle way for you without reducing the intensity.  Always think safe! In that Beloved allow your self the freedom to openly and freely express whatever emotions you may be facing this week. They only become more intense as you resist.
Cease to persecute or punish yourself about things which are of dark nature.
Dark feelings are not the enemy nor are they the vile low things we’ve learned them to be. They are the very parts of us which make us grow into being more courageous than we ever thought we could be.  Racy, Uncomfortable, Challenging and Most Agitating emotions cause us to see our selves through the eyes of compassion, grace & mercy in a more earnest way. We realize that those feelings we so despise are the very ones which lead us to Higher Plateaus of Healing.  These strong and most intense feelings lead us to break through in our lives of which we never thought we’d see.
So Beloved the boiling over of the Volcano is for a certain purpose. That which is for purging and refining the parts of you which you feel are too ugly or unpleasant to show to the world.  The Volcano teaches us to accept these eruptions which come forth.  For they are to purge us from energetic properties which serve us no longer.  Namaste’
Be Gentle with your healing.
CHILDHOOD – (Innocence) – Play to Embark On New Creative Journey
The little girl or little boy within Greatly needs your attention. She/He excitedly request this week that you turn within in a deeper manner.  They want to assist you to a deeper level of creativity.  And in order to partake of and embark on this new journey, you must have them as your guide. They are waiting to reignite or fan the flames of your passionate creative force through play or through beautiful childhood memories.
What beautiful childhood memories do you have that make you smile each time they surface?  What beautiful childhood memories make you want to just let loose with carefree pleasure and enjoy all things around you without restriction?
The Gift of ‘Being Present’ in the moment is what your inner child wants to share with you. The Gift of healing all spaces which were hurt and wounded by child hood events is here for you Now. I realize not everyone may be able to recall several happy moments during child hood depending on what you were exposed to. But guess what? You have the power within to reconnect with your inner child and ask them to guide you on the path to healing and reshaping those hurts into beautiful masterpieces of your soul.
So during this week take advantage of this healing power that is always present with you and for you. Allow it to envelop your heart, soul & spirit allowing all hurts to be healed, cleansed and washed with Compassion, True Unconditional Love for Self and Your Inner Child. Much Grace and Mercy are available for you. Be Gentle with both versions of yourself. (Little and Older). They are both Great and Beautiful.  Ase’
WHALE – (Breach)- Breaking Agreements or Old Contracts
Oh Beloved, this is an awesome time as we enter into the changing of seasons through the Winter Solstice. It’s a great time to Breach, Break Free From and Release old things which no longer serve you. Allowing them to transmute into Divine Love & Excellence & Divine Healing.
The Winter Solstice begins the start of Newness for many in the sense this is a time of quiet inner reflection of what’s taken place over this last year and what are your intentions of co-creation for 2017.
Take this time to reflect quietly & detox (mentally,  physically,  emotionally,  spiritually and soul). On all levels to discover what it is your heart truly needs to go forth into a greater healed expression of Self this New Year.  What does your soul need healing from in order to be liberated from any old chains of bondage, those which held you in fear with the mind that you can not do this or that? All of these thoughts are rooted in false identity.  False projections from another’s vision of and for you. Not your True Essence. What is your TRUE Essence?  It’s there waiting for you to discovered.
As the Whale is leaping out of the immersion of waters to embrace its freedom allow it to symbolize to you “Breaking and Ending old traditions,  Ending Old Ways of Being & Reestablishing Ways of being which encourage and provide insight into the depth of you.  Re-establish those things from your Childhood – Youth and Adulthood Experiences which brought you Joy,  Excitement and Pleasure. “
Allow this Breach of contractual agreement with old things to present a fresh new face and attitude toward the things waiting to emerge within you. You are here to change the face of this planet so allow yourself to release and let go Every thing which no long serves to your growth.  Allow your dreams to be unlocked with the breaking of agreements of old things. Step into the freedom of the New You who awaits to be seen and shine before ALL to see. Namaste-Ase’
This completes the General Oracle Coaching Reading for December 18 thru December 24. I appreciate your support.
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General Love Soul Coaching Reading 9.26 thru 10.2


This is a General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading. All Messages or Some May Resonate with your being. Be Open To Hear The Divine Messages. You never know what you may receive. Things Don’t always unfold as we think. So Remain Open. In that, If you desire a Personal Reading. Details Are At the End Of This Reading. Please Enjoy this weeks Love Soul Oracle Coaching. Love 2 Thee!

Win or Lose (5).. Conqueror of Mental Warfare….

The magic of who you are is exuding itself more this week. In the sense of healing the mental complex of what it means to Win or Lose. The saying rings “You win some, You Lose Some”. How about to win some is to lose some in the sense of releasing those things that no longer fit in your space comfortably? How about Winning comes in the form of losing in the sense of You gaining but as you gain you must release to make space for new things to take their seat? There are times that we want to linger and hold onto things that longer benefit, due to fearing that if we let go that something else better will not come to take its space. But instead, we feel the same thing which we hold onto will show up. And you know what with that mentality that will continue occur. You must now come from understanding (comprehend) having moved to inner standing (knowing thy self) and moving to over standing (mastery) that you will never be asked to release something without the notion of something greater coming to occupy its space.

There are many times where it requires GREAT faith to release something that has given us comfort and stability for so long. It’s time to release the dependence on other things and other people in the way of them being your anchor. As the sword is firmly implanted in the beautiful patch of green grass. You have come to a space of planting yourself more firmly in your power and your own special unique magic and you are growing in knowledge of how to wield your own power God/Goddess.
The heart symbolizes your desires which have been now realized that you can have them, if you wield your magic properly. You must declare that “Yes I can have what I desire because I have learned to a strong degree of how to see myself for the beautiful divine creator (Goddess/God) that I Am.” And you see your greatness shining as the crimson red heart in the center of the sword represents the passion igniting the magic of your soul.

The soul center/heart center is one that illuminates the new path allowing you to know It is GRAND Beloved. Because You have created it to be so. Continue to wield your magic and do not harm yourself or another with the Win/Lose mentality as a one thing or the other. It is both. You win some, You lose some. You do. And you know what? To Win is to Lose Something! To Lose is To Win Something Greater than what you Lost or allowed to Transmute into the Beautiful Prize or Reward that you are being handed, for all of your diligent hard inner work and healing. You deserve this beloved! ALL of it! Declare it so and No longer hold onto things that do not benefit the healing of your soul. Release them in the sense of confronting them with the magical essence of your being. Allowing your soul to be lead to a greater freedom and deeper realization of your Divine Soul Self, of your Higher Divine Self. Allow it To be! Love 2 thee.

The numeric of 5 speaks to Freedom and Transformation of your shadow self in realizing that the dark is not a place to be feared but instead embraced. To resist the dark is to remain stagnant and dragging. You must inner stand even deeper that you have conquered so many things as the sword represents warfare and conquering, along with wielding the energetic forces in your life to align themselves as you seek to create for the Higher good for you and those you’re connected to.

It is no longer an issue for you to be free-flowing and fluid in your current partnerships/relationships, as well as those to come. You are open and ready because you have transformed so many areas of your life that new relationships from love, to business opportunities that are clean and legit and honorable are going to literally fall in your lap for the choosing. You will have to do due diligence, but the butterfly has left the cocoon and transformed into this beautiful being of illumination of Divine Light and Divine Shadows. Uncertainty and Resistance of the Dark Side or down side of relationships is no longer going to be able to hamper you down and make you feel as if you are not worthy of being loved. By yourself or others.

I sense that if there is new love on the horizon it will be filled with divine passion in your love-making on all planes (Mental, Emotional, Physical Soul & Spirit) Get Ready to allow those relationships you’ve desired to come rushing in embodying truth and honesty from both perceptions. Remain discerning, It is Wisdom to do so. Allow your self to enjoy your transformation and freedom of expressing the fluidity of your sexual creative force in a way that says I Am Here. I Am Present. Your Etheric body (aura) is shining brighter and so many divinely delicious colors of delight beam brighter than before. Allow them to do so. Enjoy! You are well deserving of All that is in route to you. It’s close. Stay focused.

Change Focus (5). Paradigm Shift….

Now that the timing of your emergence from the past battles of karmic pains of failures and lost are manifesting. It’s time to shift your focus. Those things which have created a greater excellence in you bring expansion and it’s time to shift your focus to Higher Ground. Higher Dimensions are calling you and this requires a New Mind. New Paradigm. New Mind. You have developed this, so now it’s time to operate in it. Allow the very things that you once perceived as irritations or agitations be the catalyst to New Sight. It is crucial that you inner stand that you are not where you once were in your relationship/partnership mentality. Past love and business partnerships that left a sour taste in your soul are no more! Change Focus. Allow the transforming and liberating vibration of 5 showing up once again to give you the wind that you need to sail into a new perception. Your eyes perceive anything is possible, for the possibilities are countless. You now are ready to shift from the old paradigm, so allow yourself to do so in the deepest part of your soul. It’s already present so celebrate and rejoice for the newness of your relationships being manifested! Re-birthing.

As you see there are 7 trees. 2 of which are fading, leaving you with 5. Allow the 2 which represents balancing of your duality self to come forth with new perception of the light and dark as they are friends as well as opposing factors. But at the end of it all, they are balanced in their perception of what they individually bring to the table. The combination of your light and shadow and beautifully balanced. One nor other is better than the other, for they compliment each other. So allow this new attitude to be reflected in the way you approach and enter your new relationships. Allow the eyes of your heart to see brightness in a way you’ve never seen before. New Horizons. Allow the eyes of your heart to view everything as a NEW EXPERIENCE that will bring about such GRAND BEAUTY that it will be over whelming in the most beautiful and magical way. Beloved, it is so if you allow it to be. Allow it to be!

I Am cheering for you as myself. We are on to NEW, GREATER, MORE POWERFUL, MORE EXCELLENT AND MORE BEAUTIFUL THINGS. Embrace them. You’re taking flight as the 4 birds headed in a new direction of change. 4 speaks that these new partnerships bring dependability. These relationships will resonate a strong sense of being able to depend upon the other. Along with Sincerity and Honesty in how both or all show up in the space of communion with one another. You are the reflection of your new partnership. So therefore, EXPECT the best because You ARE the best version of yourself and continuing to reflect this in the Universe has aligned you with those partnerships that honor your core and heart principles. Allow this to be!

Be mindful of the sabotaging mindset which manifested in repression of your true self because you felt unworthy. This is no longer the case. You are a new being. You’ve shed old skin and put on a new skin, allow it to be seen. No longer agree with the agendas of the lower self that say you can’t have that awesome connection in a partnership (love or business). You KNOW this is NOT so. So Shift your Focus. Change your Focus. Flip the switch on your perception. This is a NEW DAY.

Find Balance (2) Find Your Unique Rhythm & Beat of Your Drum

The wheel of life is requiring you to balance different areas of your life that you may be more centered enabling you to receive and operate in the newness that you are coming into. All areas from Resting when you need. Studying when you are feeling the need to be doing so. Nurturing your body through proper diet and exercise. Grounding and being still in nature. Ordering your time in a manner that works for you. Maat. And lastly your love relationship with yourself and those whom you are intimately connected. Nurture yourself and then give liberally to those who require your assistance. All of these things must be balanced in a certain way. A little adjustment I hear is needed for some, and for others it will require a greater effort. But do not allow it to overwhelm you. Continue to move in the new direction that is being established, re-organizing different areas as they show up. Intuitively you will know what needs to be balanced and when. So let it flow.

The number 2 speaks to the duality or polarity of your self and how you show up in your relationships/partnerships. The balancing of these at times past have been difficult . But now it is becoming more fluid, because you will have help and assistance where you hadn’t before. Be open for it to come in the way it shows up. It will accommodate you Right where you are. You will of course have to adjust yourself where needed, but remain in your authentic self, sharing the responsibility with your new partnerships. You do not have to shoulder the load alone anymore. The birthing of new friendships will be guiding forces and even anchoring energies that hold you in Divine Balance and keep all parties accountable to the new connections that are being fostered between the all involved.
Also, remember in communication there are 2 sides. Yours and Your partners. Do not discount theirs to make yours right or priority. This will take some compromise and consideration on both parts. Consider the thoughts and opinions of your new partners just as important as yours. They are important because these new partnerships enter in bring with them a wealth of love, power & knowledge of things you will need to build a solid foundation for the future. Be open to it. Familiarity with some of what it takes will be present, deja vu at times if you will say. When you find yourself in those I’ve been here before moments, know that this a key indication that you are creating a new experience. Allow it to unfold as it will, without taking any of the pain from the past into the new adventure. Embrace the new adventure. It will be an awesome ride. Put your seat belt on securely and enjoy Ladies and Gentlemen. Remain connected to balancing the very essence of your self that your new partnerships will flow as smoothly as possible. There’s no perfect connection, but all connections of the Divine Most High will align themselves as each person finds their role and lives fully and authentically in it. Do this. Be authentic. Be balanced in your Gorgeous and Most Beautiful Divine Self. Love 2 Thee.
***This concludes the Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading. Thank you for your continued support. For a Personal Reading, please visit me @ http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com to book your appointment today.**** SPECIAL: 1/2 Off ALL Oracle Coaching Readings & Soul Coaching****

I Divinely Love You All,
Royal Redd.

Soul Lesson- Faith is The Door 2 Your Success 9.26-10.2


Believe & Succeed (6)


You are the captain of your own vessel-ship. Your soul knows the way best for you to go at all times. But you the captain or master of your travel must know this. Belief is the first step to accepting something is true. To Believe is to scrape the surface of what your soul is already clear on. And this weeks Soul Lesson is asking you to do just that.  Believe with a greater intensity. Have faith in yourself to know that you will succeed if you believe to the degree that is needed. And what I’m sensing is that you need as much faith that you can muster up. It’s more so intensity than amount. The strength of will is what is needed. That’s the fire behind your faith that will push you into success. It’s like you are pregnant with success. And in order for you to come out bursting ahead you must lift the fire this week. The intensity within is screaming to get out. Vibrate from a higher perspective.
This week, Yes your faith will be tested in a certain way. With this test  expansion comes forth by arising situations and cultivating you into an even greater more excellent shape of you. This testing is OK. Go with it! Actually I feel like this testing is to show and prove to yourself what your Higher Soul already knows. You are greater than you have yet to belief, see or know. You still do not fully believe, know and see your greatness just yet. However you must put forth the faith – trust in your ability to succeed  which is required for success. You will see the hidden mystery that wants to be revealed when doing so.  
This week your success depends heavily on what you believe. Any old mindsets that come up. Check them out, process them and release them to transmute their shape and form to newness. Allow your beliefs to be restructured. To do so is to bring you the success you seek. Hold fast to your faith and do not let go for the fullness of your success depends on it.
So, Master of the vessel, Rise a little higher in what you think about yourself, life and the things coming to you. You are in control through your faith to possess the things you desire.
For the desires of your heart will not show up until you believe they will. Truly set your eyes of faith beyond what you can see around you and dig deeper into the place with in. It looks bleak, messy and a little crazy right now. But you do not have to cave to what it ‘appears’ to be.  The place that holds your precious faith is calling you higher.  Once you rise higher success is right there being handed to you. Press pass any barriers of disbelief which project doubt. Trust Your self (Higher Self). It knows the way which is best.  Continue in faith.  Rise up! Namaste’

Thank you for your support always,  Royal Redd.
****For a Personal Oracle Coaching Reading or 1 on 1 Soul Coaching: please visit me @ www.oraclesofroyalty.com****


General Love/Soul Oracle Coaching 9.19 thru 9.25


This is a GENERAL Love/Soul Reading. Some, All or none of the messages may resonate with you. Whatever the case, keep an open mind while reading. You never know what little nuggets you may receive. Details for a Personal Reading are located at the end of this reading. Thank you. Namaste’

glsc9-19-9-25REST & RECONSIDER (9)

The past week has brought you some challenges relationship wise. Whether with yourself or others. It’s time to regroup and seize the moment to contemplate a new strategy to move forward. Love, Patience and kindness is required with yourself and others moving forward. Reconsider how you can express your needs without being over bearing or forceful. But very much indeed No non sense. Speak your words indeed without the need for repetition. Firm assertion.

Sit back and contemplate how you can make a stronger and clearer declaration with the current situations you face as for people not desiring to comply with request that you have given. What is the best approach for you to take to send a signal that you mean business and that you have every right to ask for what you are requesting. Do not for one minute think the parties involved will be so willing to comply. However, it is your faith and firm assertion that will get this parked or stalled train moving again. No one has the right to refuse what you are asking for at this point as long as you ask, speak, and declare with a strong urgency and power that you have been endowed with from the Most High-Supreme creator and being. You do not have to wait for someone to oblige and bow their hand to do as you wish. It will be done by the forces of the nature and the Universe this week if the person does not comply. Your resting and taking the time to reconsider your position will give you the needed ammunition to present your case before the elder,s those being the spirit guides that have been present with you thus far on your journey. Do not allow anything that you have experienced on this past week or past months or for the fullness of this year bother you in one way or another. Continue to rise in altitude. Come up higher as she has in the oracle to see things from a NEW, IMPROVED VIEW. Things are not as bad as you think. They are actually moving the way they should and need to in order for you to arrive at your appointed destination. Be at peace about the whole situation but please take time this week to recalculate and set a strong strategic plan for how you will move forward. You must learn to handle difficult and hard to deal with people in a different manner this week. Do not apply the same old strategy.

For, I sense Love is beckoning you to come and you won’t be able to answer it with your mind elsewhere on things and people who simply DO NOT matter at this time. Rest, Relax, Breathe and contemplate Royal Ones for your time is near to rise to higher intellect, spiritual wisdom and divine understanding of your purpose on this plane. Namaste’


A harmonious union of two long-awaited soul mates who are entertaining each others energetic presence in a different way this week. The tiresome and lonely vibe that had been lingering is no longer. There is more of an energetic pause as to contemplate with a more deep earnest this week that says I will one day soon very soon connect and meet with this divine soul mate that I have pictured in my mind’s eye (3rd eye) for so long. It will come to fruition as I begin to raise and elevate my vibration to a higher realm and frequency. New energetic love signs are being sent this week between twin flames, soul mates and lovers alike.

For those of you who have been contemplating moving to the next level with a new or current beloved continue to take a view of the relationship as it unfolds. Do not move in a rushed or hurried fashion. But one that is with as much contemplation as there is haste or quick movement. Balance. Be nimble and agile on your feet. Do not allow anyone or anything, nor yourself to bring self sabotage or low energetic thoughts, words, feelings or vibrations into this new budding love adventure. Stay up! Be sure to guard and protect the union with the less people you tell the better at this stage for its new and fragile whether physical or yet to manifest. Be mindful. Everyone does not fancy you meeting your twin mate. Unfortunately, but that’s how the cookie crumbles. It’s ALL GOOD!

At this time, you know in your heart that there is nothing better to focus on at this time. So enjoy the time of the approaching meeting. You do not know where it shall come from. But it can come from anywhere and anytime in this current moon cycle. A new moon is arising at the end of this month. Continue in faith without wavering. Things are not as they seem. But more so greater than you can see right now. Embrace all that there is to have and hold concerning your new love, your divine soul mate. Hold him/her close, not to smother but to draw closer energetically.

In the world of business, be most cautious with business deals of the nature of those who seem to be one thing and are something else. Basically take several steps back and recalculate what you thought about business and do no allow anyone to penetrate, shift or change your mind. Do NOT rush into anything. Be silent and take a new approach as the oracle stated to Rest and Reconsider. For there are some very vital and important risks you may take. But do not be worried, fearful or consumed with rushed or hurried feelings of I must make a decision now. Because when it comes time to make a decision beloved, you will know the best one for you. So take no rushed or hurried approach with business deals but slow, well calculated movement. Mull over them and if the other party becomes hurried and impatient. Quietly and kindly dismiss them for this is a sure sign you do NOT need to do business with this individual. Slow your pace, pay attention to small suggestive ways of beings (words (audible and non audible), attitudes, etc. Ask those around you who may have insight into the business world in a way you do not just yet. Be careful with taking risks and joining forces with those you know nothing about. The right opportunity will have you feeling completely comfortable as you mull over it, as it fits like a second skin or clothing. No pressure and coercion from those who are interested in joining business with you. For they will be compliant and still as you alow it to unfold for you. Be still, Be quiet. Chill. Plan, strategize. Careful movements will lead you to long-term deep success. Don’t be in a Hurry for anything! All things worth having take careful time to lay a foundation. Namaste’


As you made strategic plans regarding presented business deals. Do not make it necessary to focus on them so hard. Strategize. Attain Wise guidance and counsel with those who have been down the road or have some insight and expertise to offer and then go forth into what is calling your heart next. Patience.

This oracle shows new direction with changing your focus. Open yourself to new perception. It’s like take a moment to consider what’s before you. Leave it there and then move forward into the newness of the idea with a different insight. A larger view of what is and what could be. Do Not yet make any final decision for it’s not yet time. Long contemplating I hear and then you will see why you needed to take such gentle time planning. For there will be different things that arise during your time of business planning. For there is an explosion of fireworks coming to set your forward moving into the next year. So before you fold your hands and say that it’s over for me this year. Wait, contemplate and take survey of all you’ve accomplished both mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally in healing. This has been a much-needed foundation. Rejoice in how far you have come. You’ve made a lot of head way. So therefore, give yourself the love you need to move forward into deeper self realization and contemplation of self. There are new forms of yourself yet unfolding. Do not allow the year coming to a swift end stop you from continuing in progress. It may seem slow progress, but I tell you by the sound of the new trumpet blowing of 2017 you will see a new existence unfolding in its beauty to carry you into a new beat for the new year.
As the Autumn Equinox is showing face, things are changing. Hibernation is calling as the leaves began to shift and change so will your ideas, mindset and the perception you hold. Shed and let go old mind frames that may be keeping you hostage and not moving forward. New horizons. New Perspective. New Insight. Be open. Be Focus. Welcome new invention to give your attention to. Focus. New Focus. Change Your Focus. Namaste.

Thank you for your support. It is truly appreciated.
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Love 2 thee- Royal Redd