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2.20-2.26 General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Readings/Transmute All Things Petty, Evil Eye Alert, Talisman Protection


Greetings & Namaste’ Beloved Ones- This week we have some pretty strong and powerful Messages coming through the Oracle. Please Be open to hear what is coming forth. It is my hope these messages shall bless you and guide you on your journey and path. Ase’ If you would like a Private reading details will be listed at the end of this reading. Thank you kindly. Let’s Go Forth and See What Source and my Guides will speak. Ase’-Namaste’ 



ALL petty low vibrating things like a snake shedding its skin….

Mindsets and Attitudes of you being low and beneath another must go. Mindsets and old dead tainted programming suggesting you are underneath someone’s control and they are somehow Superior and far more Greater because they Know alot. These types must die. These type of smothering thoughts which suggest you’re not smart enough or wise enough to comprehend the things you see and feel.  Not so! There’s No such thing as you not knowing.  You know All which pertains to you my Beloved One and when you realize this you will Unapologetically rise above all mindsets, mind frames and false-illusioned and disillusioned ideas which suggest anything not in alignment with you Gaining,  Maintaining, Dwelling and Inhabiting Your Greatness. 

Beloved these things come for you to acknowledge them, dissect them, and allow them to become Divine Transmutation. To take on a new form. Transmutation.  From lower to Higher form. Rise Up as a Phoenix rising from the ashes, smoke and through the fires Transmutation takes place.  As I speak It takes place before my very own eyes in my own life. And to take notice and witness this shape shifting of my glorious Self. Well it’s just wonderful.  

Transmutation.  Transmutation is the Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakra energies assisting in your divine deep healing. Sacral healing comes forth through the Creative; Sacred, Purging Confidence that you are the Magical Chemist. Alchemy. Yes. You are the creative force in Divine Femi9 and Divine Masculine forms which say that you can create, shape and fashion your Divine Soul essence as you see, as you dream. Beauty Divine.  You are simply a Divine magickal presence with the Kundalini snake energy rising as you are purging all low matters. Enchanting. Ase’ 

Transmuting Alchemy is the Solar Plexus- Fire of the Sun- God (Ra)which causes you to receive nourishing vital nutrients for your well-being, your Whole being. Through allowing the Suns radiance to feed you, you become more attuned to your Higher Self and connected to more of your Self Confidence. You become more connected to your Higher Consciousness and to your Will power to succeed.  The Healthy part of your Ego begins to shine and announce its extreme awareness of Self Love,  Self Pride and Self Excellence in All you do. Ase’  


Turn Up Your Discernment, Heighten Your Senses

Beloved, I began with Words of Caution as to not take the presence of the Evil Eye as a light thing . Do not be afraid in ANYWAY, for fear only increases the projections effects. But  Be Greatly aware and  Do not ignore and dismiss anyone or anything who could “possibly” be the culprit of ill intentions or wicked and unkind acts against you.  Remember All things are Energetically Spiritual.  So it may not be a physical person around you sending the Evil Eye intention but instead by the Spiritual Realm It could come. Where All things come. Someone who could be harboring jealousy ,  or having manipulative or deceitful intentions toward you. Do not overlook or dismiss this person saying “Oh they couldn’t, Or they wouldn’t”. We are ALL have our human component and many around us are not as spiritual as they may seem but all can fall prey to becoming jealous even in the smallest matters.ALL are capable of becoming jealous and directing hateful energy consciously or unconsciously. There are different extremes, some more harmful than others. Some wish to bring defamation to your character while others want to bring you physical or emotional pain, and ruin. Some are petty haters who have nothing to do with their time, or those who simply do not want to see you rise, but that can not be stopped if you are aware and taking care of your internal space to make sure you are clear of anything that could give this energy leverage.  The Evil Eye is not just someone giving you a dirty or unpleasant look but someone who is projecting foul energies towards you. Some may wish to see you mentally and emotionally broke because they are. It’s all about a projection from their inner self  of the one who means you harm. Beloved, the higher you resonate and vibrate the more opportunity there is for these type of things to occur, but you Do not have to worry and Do not Fear, just be mindful and be aware. These are My words to you. Fear exasperates matters, and you must remain calm grounded and focused.Be wise as the Bible says: Do not be ignorant of the tools or devices of the adversary or enemy which may come against you (paraphrased) Beef up your Discernment! Pay Closer attention to who and what’s around you. Do not be so silly to think as it couldn’t happen to you. Pay closer to attention to different body sensations you get when around certain people or places. Pay attention to the visions or other spiritual nuances.There are cultures which hold beliefs that the Evil Eye has the ability to make one ill, mentally, physically or break up relationships which you hold dear. These are extreme cases, but aren’t likely to happen if you guard yourself properly on all planes, (mental, physical, soul and spirit.) Keep your emotions in check when you suspect someone is giving you the Stank Eye. If you are not a being who is protected and watching your spaces carefully then you can open yourself up to these situations. Simple cases of the Evil Eye projection may be someone just giving you a dirty look or saying something in a side ways type of way where it just doesn’t feel right. It’s also not a good thing to allow someone to sit and stare at you for a long period of time or if at all. It’s a personal invasion of your space and a disrespect to someone to just stare at them without at least saying something to the person. Be mindful of the words you hear, and  Be mindful of how you respond or do not respond. Silence is golden! But sometimes you MUST speak. Don’t be afraid. When someone sits and stares, It sends messages that they possibly have ill will towards this individual. Some just stare out of curiousity and this will be felt as well. But to feel energies which are not friendly or welcoming watch this and Beware. Also Be Mindful once again the person does not have to be in your physical space. These are energies being projected. Side note: They could actually be someone very close to you sitting pretty as if nothing is wrong and they have your best interest at heart. Watch this! Leave No Stone Unturned. ASe’ Also, Beware that you have no ill will in your heart to harm another because the Evil Eye which you receive could be something being returned to you from something you sent out. It could be a manifestation of the unpleasant, and unhealed areas of your heart. It could be for many reasons why another would project this type of energy towards you. Whatever the case, do not take it lightly. Protect yourself with different crystals, amulets or jewelrys you hold important or sacred. Cover them and clothe them in your energy to allow your essence to seep into these agents that they may protect you and shield you from any foul energies. Protect those in your space as well, for they could be an unintended target. I do sense at this time there is someone in your space who doesn’t possibly need to be there who may not have your best interest at heart. I sense it’s due to immaturity of not Knowing self. People can harbor jealousy or ill will in their heart towards you due to the way they feel about themselves. This is my own personal observation, it may or may not resonate with you. It may be because they are seeing you growing in ways spiritually that you hadn’t before and it makes them uncomfortable. Intimidating is what I hear. You are intimidating to some that inhabit your space. Watch this behavior that it doesn’t get out of control. The most well-intentioned people can have spite or dislike deep seated in their hearts to where they are unaware of their ill intentions to harm. Be mindful. ASe’  


Guard and Protect your Self and Personal Space 

Beloved, the word Talisman has Arabic origins. Etymology :tilsam. Closing meaning: “talisman, religious rite, payment,” earlier “consecration, ceremony, Greek meanings show: completion, perform religious rites. 

Talismans have been seen to be interchangable with the symbol of  Amulet. A Protective piece of jewelry or sacred object imbibed with ones personal energy to keep them safe and protective and to bring luck. Seeing as the Evil Eye Oracle is being shown, Beloved I would say you may need some type of Talisman or Amulet to wear on your person. Only you will know the significant healing and protection powers this object possess. They will be attuned to your body essence. Keep it close to you and do not allow anyone touch or wear it. Talisman are seen to be magical objects which can be used in spiritual or religious rites and ceremonies to empower the ritual for greater effect and success. Be mindful of the intentions you have behind using a Talisman. Always be mindful of what’s in your heart because those things which you unaware will also attach themselves to the Talisman and possibly effect the outcomes of certain ritual or rites you may perform. 

A Talisman should be special and specific to you beloved. It should have special meaning to you. To see the power of the Talisman and infuse it with your Life Force, Chi or Ki, Prana energy it’s good to wear it on your person, put it in your pocket, sleep with it under your pillow. Keep it with you. The more you connect with this Talisman, the more powerful it shall become in its protective and luck properties for you. Speak Divine Loving and Consciously Mindful words, intentions and affirming thoughts over this object. It will pay off for you. Use it wisely and In-Joy the fruits which come forth from the protection, luck and safeguarding of your Talisman. Ase’-Namaste’ 

Beloved, this is your Love/Soul Relationship Reading for this week. I hope you have been blessed to receive some messages which have resonated with you. To Book a Private Reading with Royal Redd, please visit: or Email: I look forward to being a Spiritual guide on your journey to Deeper Awareness and Deeper Self Healing. Ase-Namaste’ 

Love, Excellence & Prosperity to Thee- Royal Redd


General Oracle Soul Coaching 1.2 thru 1.8…Living From A More Pure Heart on Purpose,Enter Silent Contemplation, Invoking New Spiritual Guides/Ancestral Spirits….


Greetings Loves,
This is a General Oracle Coaching & Reading.  Some or All of these Unique Messages May Resonate With u. Please be open to hear & receive what Spirit shall speak. If u would like a Personal Reading, information on how to do so will be at the end of this reading.  Thank you in advance.  Let’s get started.  In-Joy!!


CHILDHOOD ~ Innocence

Innocence is a state of purity. Naivety. Not as in dumb, but instead not aware or privy to certain things. Freedom. In the frame-work of  children they are so comfortable with being Free and without concern for so many things.  Why? Because they are pure,  and open to experience Newness & Freshness each and every day.  They do not place any bias attitudes on experiencing life. Why? Because they are alive fresh and awake to the many, many beauties which are available to them. They live each day as one they’ve Never witnessed. Because each day is a New  adventure waiting to happen.  Another day to experience more happiness than the day before.  Wow! Doesn’t that sound so rich, full and amazing?  It sure does to me.

As the Gregorian calendar or whichever calendar you follow has blossomed yet again in newness. Your awareness is being heightened to new experiences being made available for your partaking. New experiences coming alive for pleasurable interaction.  Children are all about Pleasurable interactions– good & sweet tasting things, laughter & giggles, joyous expression in everything they do,  fully engaging in all they set out to do, adventure.

Beloved,  your inner child- subconscious is calling you to be much more Open, Free and Expressive of Self and of your own Unique ideas in the newness of 2017.

Your inner child is seeking freedom in a way she/he has never known. One that is uncensored and free like a kite flys. One that is not tangled up in their own ways of being.  Meaning the Adult you who is so consumed with always being in correct and Perfect Order with this life’s responsibilities MUST, MUST, MUST learn to explore life in a Totally new way than before. The Adult you can not continue to go in the way of wanting to do Everything Right. You the Adult must put down the concept of Doing, Being and Behaving correctly always. It’s stressful, tiresome and not what you need to be. Instead You the Adult must learn to be Free like your inner child. Allow the inner child to be your guide into a New place of Freedom.

Guess what?  Your inner child gets it!  Messiness is the name of the game.  Painting, Coloring and Drawing outside of the lines is it. Lol. The inner child does NOT. I repeat DOES NOT care about being clean and orderly.  But messy fun is the name of the game. So it’s time we sat down and had a serious but fun and intuitive talk with our little inner one. What is s/he saying to you? What is s/he wanting to relive from the past that u so enjoyed? What new adventure is s/he wanting to experience?  Listen and you shall know. Listen and you shall find new forms of creative expression by connecting with the little you inside.  Namaste’ .

Release the need to know and control everything and you will know a new way. You begin to become more intimate with inner child and new adventures begin. Allow them to do so. Newness enter. Ase’ – Namaste’


Beloved,  it’s time for silent reflection. There are some things which are calling for your attention. You must go in and get silent to know what they are. They will not be made apparent or revealed until you are still. As you see the reflection of the trees in the ice of this the Oracle.  We are in the Winter season and it’s time to awaken in a different way by taking inventory.  Just because everything has returned to the ground and went silent.  This does Not mean there is not something going on under the surface of it all.  Go within the stillness and you will hear what needs to be addressed. It may not be what you are thinking. Allow any so-called negative, dark or harsh perceptions of self to rise and be seen.

In many places across the continent the winter seasons can be truly harsh and brutal weather. Snow storms-Blizzards. Excessive rain some of which is needed in places where there have been long periods of droughts. Now in other places the weather is moderate.  Not so much inclement weather.

Sitting In silence you may be feeling like your inner world is like massive  avalanches of snow falling or ice glaciers are beginning to form due to non attentiveness to certain areas.  Beloved whatever your inner state may be allow it to Be just as it is. Do not try to make your inner space be any thing that it is not. Just allow it to be as it is. Whatever the icy cold feelings of your inner winter may bring allow them to do so. Be still and Be OK with whatever you are currently experiencing inwardly because guess what? Even though this is a winter season in the natural sense you can change the season your inner climate by allowing it to shift on its own as you become more consciously aware of your Divine Beautiful Self.  Although the winter days are often times which are gloomy and dull in appearance.  Under the gloom and dullness of the sky there are many opportunities for shifting and making your inner sanctum Spring in the midst of coldness.  Relish in it and see what may arise. Allow the inner shifting take you to a Higher and more beautiful Consciousness of you. You are so beautiful Beloved even in your winter cold or more darker months you are still Radiantly beautiful.  Namaste’ – Ase’


Darling One,  it’s time to have a Special ceremony to call forth the spirit workers and guides you need to assist you in the new adventures of 2017. Yay. It’s always exciting when I see this Oracle because it speaks to me that there are new spirit guides wanting to come forth who want to joyfully assist you on your New journey.  They want to witness the new unfolding of you along with you.

See 2016 may have been a very emotionally trying and healing time for you. Indeed for me it was. In which you had to learn to embrace things as they were and not how you wanted them to be. Learning this, may have been painful at times. A lot of anger may have surfaced only to reveal more deep spaces of Ancestral Karma which needed to be healed. And……Guess what? You did what was needed.  You did what you had to do by allowing, being open and receptive to the sometimes swift environmental changes within.  And these spaces you allowed to be made open and clear are now spaces for planting the seeds of dreams you’ve always had. The dreams your soul has always wanted to create. Well it’s now time to begin construction of your plans to bring these dreams into fruition.

But you need assistance from the new spiritual guides which are coming to you or already present. Or there may be spiritual guides who’ve previously come to you which have not always been prevalent in assistance because they were not needed.  But NOW is their time to come forth and assist you. Open more to your magical, free- flowing and creative side. Yes. It’s beautiful Beloved. 

So take time to have the necessary quiet to find exactly what you need in order to create this Ceremonial Ritual to invite these new spiritual guides and Ancestors on your path. They will be grand aspects of the New unfolding of you. In-Joy. In-Joy. Explore and Have fun. It’s all Up from here. All Up. No more crazy downward spirals where you feel your life is out of control and NOT going the way you’ve envisioned for the seeds of desire planted in your heart are now ready to come forth to fruition with the assistance of the Spirit guides and Ancestors around you. Allow them to assist you.  Your w road will be much more pleasurable and enjoyable if you allow them entrance to assist. So Be It. Blessed Be. Ase’-Namaste’

Thank you Beloveds, This is your General Oracle Soul Coaching/Reading for the week. I hope some of the messages resonated with your heart, providing the strength you need to continue moving on your path to healing, pleasure and power. Ase’! (So Be It). If you desire a Personal Love Relationship reading please contact me at: Email: or Visit my website:


12 Month Oracle Reading (General or Love). U choose what you pay. $25.00,$15.00 or $10.00. 1/2 OFF ALL Oracle Readings & Discounted Packages for Soul Coaching. Buy 1 or 2 @ Full Price depending on the number of sessions in package. Then All, Additional Sessions are 1/2 off. 

Thank you for your support, 

Love 2 thee, Royal Redd



Sacral Chakra


OR77Oracle Reflections-Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is the place which reflects our Emotions, Will or Desire. Fluidity or Change,  Reproduction.  Sexuality.  Newness (birthing new ideas).
Represents the Element of water.  Symbolizing cleansing, purity, life and vitality. Just as the women cleanses through her menstrual cycle bringing the uterus to a cleansed and balanced state.  Homeostasis.  Internal temperature.  Along with purity in the sense of sacred.  The womb brings forth life not only physical but spiritual. Lastly, vitality for the fetus while endo-uterine.  The Sacral is the place of Divine creation.  Beautiful!  Beautiful Orange radiating colors as crisp as a citrus fruit-Orange.

It is important to maintain proper balance of the Sacral Chakra along with the other 6 is vital for optimum health physically,  mentally,  spiritually and soul.

Now let’s Associate the balancing of the Sacral with bringing forth newness. If you are desiring to bring forth newness, evaluate how you are feeling about these desires to manifest. Nervous, Anxious, Uncertain or Energized, Happy and Strong. Embrace whatever you feel and allow those feelings to speak and direct you to healing, clearing and releasing anything that is causing blockage. In this re-establishing balanced flowing  radiating healing energy. ☺
Now lets view the Sacral Chakra with balancing our polarities. Learning to feel and be present in the feelings that come up at that moment.  Without resistance, allow them to flow. Polarity balancing is a sure way to change your perspective and give you a new view towards something that may have been bothering you. Give yourself permission to see things as they are, embrace them. Then watch the shift. That which was all dark now becomes light and dark.  Right balance and order for your life. Divine Love.

Affirm: I Am open to receive healing, grounding and transformation in my Sacral. I Am whole, healed and rightly balanced in my Sacral. I Am.

Lay Old Things To Rest….



Her Highness Speaks This Wisdom To Thee: 

Every time you ( the lower self-ego) meditate on the past. You are reconjuring the old spell that was broken. Release. Erase the memory bank. Allow the old things to forever heal and dissipate that if the memory shall resurface again.  Your soul feeling shall be well with it. Ase’

She’s ceasing the light & dark war


Royal Goddess No longer Struggles Nor Resists or Fights Against. But Goes with. Is in Harmony. Full Alignment and Balance. Ashe’

Joyous Woman! with Sukhvinder Sircar

woman yin yang Looking for the Artist’s name to give credit

There is no fight left in her. Thank the goddess for that!

The long & futile battle of light & dark has left her exhausted. She’s accepting both light & dark as the inherent gifts of the universe. She’s not in a duelling match with them. The light no longer wishes to ‘reform’ her dark, and her dark no longer wants to ‘control’ the light. She’s stopped playing the duality game.

She’s not being fooled into buying the teaching that there’s something wrong with her that needs fixing, or that she’s got work to do before she’s finally ‘good’. Her divinity is in fully embracing her humanity. All of it. So where’s the imperfection?

The myth that one day light will vanquish the dark and there will be peace would have kept her exhausted & imprisoned. And in the power of…

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When your Heart Nudges- 2015

Like a Lotus flower. With patience she awakens. With patience she arrives. With patience I will wait for all that is coming into my life. For their is much that is coming. Much is coming!

Like a Lotus flower. With patience she awakens. With patience she arrives. With patience I will wait for all that is coming into my life. For their is much that is coming. Much is coming!


Greetings My Lovely Ones, 

The Royal ReddPeace greets thee with great cheer in the New Year. Happy New Year! 2015  is sure to be a year of spectacular revealings of the soul. Revealings as in the desires of the souls of those who hunger, thirst, go after, seek after, run after PEACE, LOVE, AND TRUTH! I hope this year is a magnificent year for all of you. Beautiful Love to you! 

Well, I am back and ready to share my heart with those who are willing to listen. I am an open vessel to be filled with more love and humility. To be encompassed by the passions of love that her heart longs for. 

In the latter part of 2014 I began keeping personal notes entitled “Heart Nudges”. I’ve decided that I will create a special section for these random pearls of love, insight and wisdom that have been so graciously given to me by the Beautiful Creator and Supreme Entity of the Universe. Whether you see the Creator as HER or HIM. Yin/Yang balance it out all the same. We are all both created in both energies. Balance is the key my dears. So if you would be so kind as to allow me to share my heart nudges with you. That would be simply divine. Please always come with an open mind and heart. For you know not what you will find. I am truly just a vessel who is open to speak her heart/his heart.  Healing those who allow these words of peace, love, healing, wisdom, joy, strength and happiness to be released into your souls. Ase’

Stay connected for the first excerpt of Heart Nudges.

Her Highness- Royal ReddPeace

Africa before slavery


This History of Africa before the break down. We can rebuild my people! We shall come together. ONE heart. ONE mind. HEAL THYSELF! It begins within not without!


Africa’s history did not start with slavery

Despite the peculiarity, horror and duration of African enslavement, slavery occupies a minor time frame (0,5%)  in the 120,000 years of African history.Africa in art

The Transatlantic Slave trade not only distorted Africa’s economic development it also distorted views of the history and importance of the African continent itself. It is only in the last fifty years that it has been possible to redress this distortion and to begin to re-establish Africa’s rightful place in world history.

In most parts of Africa before 1500, societies had become highly developed in terms of their own histories. They often had complex systems of participatory government, or were established powerful states that covered large territories and had extensive regional and international links.

Many of these societies had solved difficult agricultural problems and had come up with advanced techniques of production of food and other crops and were engaged…

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Slavery? Get over it!


This Beautiful, Black Sister speaks the truth. To get over slavery is to not allow the past of the treacherous and most horrific events bind us mentally but set us free to return to our power as Queens and Kings. We r ROYAL and don’t have to continue to feel as if we have to accept less than because we were and still are ill treated. I, like my Sister will not accept the statement ‘Get over it!’ I will instead speak the truth of my experience and according to history as an African American woman in this decade and set the minds of my people free.
Peace to thee!


Yesterday, i was appalled by a comment a black co-worker made as we discussed and remembered the abolition of slavery. She said:

I am sick and tired of people complaining about white people and digging up the past all the time. This was something that happened so long ago, just get over it! ‘They’ are even lucky to be in a country so well off. It would have been far worse living in ‘poor Africa or Suriname’.

Hold up. Wait a minute. Stop. Push the breaks and Freeze!
They are ‘lucky‘ to be here instead of ‘poor Africa or Suriname‘? My dear, have you forgotten how we got here in the first place? Brutally captivated, separated from our families, transported like animals only to be brutalized, violated and abused to build up the ‘developed world’. With no rights, no freedom and no mercy, only suffering. But boy, were we lucky!


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Remembering The Days of My Youth…And the Youth of TODAY….


Remembering the days of my youth brings a smile to my face. I’m an early 70’s baby and proud of it. I remember the days of  Bell Bottoms, Mini Skirts, Go-Go Boots, Halter Tops, Spaghetti Dresses, Corduroy’s, Psychedelic stuff, Cheech & Chong, Go Hippies, Roller Skates, Disco Balls, Disco Music, Monte Carlos, Low Riders and Drive in movies. I remember! I remember being able to walk down the street and wave to my neighbors and they’d wave back. I remember being able to go outside and play with the neighborhood kids and we made sure we were in when the street lights came on. Lol! I remember when! 🙂

These flashbacks come often lately, seeing as a I have a 3-year-old and the world I am raising him in is TOTALLY nothing of what I grew up with. It frightens me and gives me hope at the same time. Because I know the children in my son’s age group and even about  9 to 10 years younger are here to shift this world back to a place of FREE LOVE. I know this in my heart because I see my son and the light and love that he has in his eyes. And the kindness of his heart with strangers even when they aren’t so nice. He still shines his light and is such a sweet sight to see. You may say, ‘ Well of course you’ll say that, he’s your child’. Well you know what I am one to speak the truth whether it is my child or not. I see the same things in so many children that I’ve met in the age groups that I mentioned. There is a shifting of the mind arising upon this planet.  These children have been called, designated, chosen, sent on assignment to liberate our UNCONSCIOUS MINDS. Well they need our help. Caregivers, Teachers, Elders, Anyone who is conscious and awake is called to help these young little minds develop into the heart conscious beings they’ve been sent to be. They’ve been sent to illuminate our hearts and show us adults the way. We are their guides and they are ours as well. They are lights of another dimension, one of which the conscious minded desire to reach.

 See, I am speaking to those that are awakening or already are awake to a degree. Simply, because they are the only ones who can hear me. Therefore, if you can hear me then maybe you can heed these words. See to speak to a deaf man who is not able to hear, blind, not able to see or slow or lame-dull of mental senses or development. Well it’s just a waste of time. Those that can’t hear, you must speak louder too and if they fail to hear you when you speak louder than may I venture to say they just may not want to hear what you are saying. If this be the case, cease from your words and hold your peace. It is not necessary to speak to one that can not hear, does not want to hear and is ok with their present condition. See it’s all about perception of self. If they see themselves a certain way and they are convinced that it is the correct position for themselves. Then it is foolish of you to try to convince them to relate through your perception. They have clearly shown you that they are not willing and maybe not capable of seeing it that way. So cease from speaking. Hold your peace.

These words of wisdom come to me with a situation that occurred with a YOUTH OF TODAY. So many youth of today are bombarded with anger, hostility, rage, disrespectful, unthoughtful, fearful, mean dispositions. So many, too many for me are unable to see, hear, relate, comprehend basic decorum of how to handle themselves. I encountered a young man today, where I went to pay a bill. As my son and I walk in the door there is an aisle of which you stand in to wait in line. This young man is at the end of the aisle deeply engrossed in his cell phone workings with an ear bud in his ear, totally oblivious to anyone else around him. There is enough space in front of him for at least another 5 people. This puzzled me.  So since He was somewhat blocking the aisle, I stopped and said ‘Excuse me’. No response. Then I said, “Excuse me’ A second time a little louder due to the ear bud in his ear. I thought maybe he couldn’t hear me seeing as he was so engrossed in his cell phone interaction. So he finally turns around and I say, “Are you in line?” And he says, ‘Yes’. I responded ‘I wasn’t sure you heard me so I said it a little louder’. He says, ‘I heard you. I have 2 ears”  One of which didn’t have an ear bud in it. I thought wow. Ok, you heard me but chose not respond and than I was forced to speak a second time louder and then you decided to respond  and with somewhat of an attitude as to why are you bothering me.  With much bewilderment and dismay, I walked around the young man and stood in line. Seeing as he was still standing at the end of the aisle and had no intention of moving. So as it becomes time for me to be next. Once again the unpleasant young mans presence is made known by my son staring at him as to say,’ why are you behaving as such? That wasn’t very nice’. I look over to see what my son is looking at. The unpleasant young man says’ You don’t need to be looking over here’. I just looked and said, ‘ You can go ahead and go in front of me seeing as you were in line’. But instead of him hearing that he says, ‘You don’t need to say anything to me, take care of your child who is tearing up the store’. I dismissed this comment as funny because although my son was pressing buttons on several of the machines they had sitting around which he could do nothing too. He was being a typical kid. But I am not the type of parent to allow my child to run around anywhere and tear up any place. So the comment in itself was just silly. Lol! Seeing as I didn’t respond to this, he proceeded to tell me I didn’t need to speak to him like a child. ‘I’m not a child’ he said. Lol! Well truly I thought, wow this poor young man is totally clueless that he is behaving like a child in having a tantrum in the way of not being clued into your surroundings. In the interim not having honor and respect for others around you that when someone enters the store if you are in line. Act like it. Instead there was much attitude about how I instead had an attitude and that I need to pay attention to my child who is tearing up the store and that he is not a child. By this time, the store manager came over and told us we had to stop and couldn’t do that in his store. I wanted to just fall out and laugh. But I said a few more things and I shut my mouth. 

After the interaction ceased, a few minutes passed and it was my turn. I promptly conducted my business. And on the way out, walked by the young man with a very stern look on my face. Smh! Once again he was too engrossed in his cell phone interactions to notice. Fine. 

So when I tell you I was not pleased with this interaction. I was not. I couldn’t grasp the mindset of this young man until I stepped back and viewed it from another objective. Then light emerged. This has nothing to do with me. Totally nothing. If it had’ve been someone else. The same attitude would’ve been given. So I take none of it personal. But I do know there’s something deeper going on here. And I tell you what it is. Self hatred. See, when you are unhappy, miserable, angry, and have an unpleasant disposition you project this on others. In this state, your perception is skewed so you see others as unhappy, miserable, angry and unpleasant as well. When this is not the case. I speak from experience of when I lived in the pits of my pain, shadows, and despair; I thought very little of myself and therefore I treated others just how I felt. So not only am I not upset with this young man. My heart hurts for him and all the other young people I’ve encountered with demeanors such as his. It’s very disheartening to see such anger projected at you that has nothing to do with you. But more so, with the pain that they live with day in and day out.

So I shared these thoughts with you from a heart of sincere gratitude that I am so happy I grew up in the 70’s. I am so happy that I was raised with honor and respect for my elders and authority. However, with the mind to speak up if I saw something unjust amongst peers or adults. I am so happy that I am raising my son with those values and higher ones than I had. I am raising my son with a voice to speak up and speak out against unjust happenings whether by his peers or authoritative figures. We are all to be held to a higher standard no matter age, position or status. These are labels and they do not matter one iota. Especially when we don’t have the love, honor and self dignity we need to love ourselves in order to love and treat others with the same.

  It is my highest hope that you have heard these words and that you will not be afraid to speak up and let your voice be heard in this world today. Especially when dealing with our youth who have no guidance, self-love and are just broken and down trodden. Some want help, while others are just not able to receive help nor do they care to be helped. While I know this young mans outburst had nothing to do with me, I still am not happy with the interaction that transpired. But it completely showed me that I truly have a place in this world to cry loud and spare not the truth no matter how it is received. Because it is by PERCEPTION that we understand the true essence of what is being said. And although a person may not comprehend your words fully, it is their SPIRIT that will wrestle with your words which come to enlighten their minds and open their eyes that they be awakened. That they may be shaken. That they may have hope once again. That whatever their hearts desire they can truly possess. But not with a heart of anger, hatred, self-pity, victim playing, or a disdaining approach of life. These attitudes serve as tools for their demise and destruction.

And in that, I declare this day. That I, The Royal ReddPeace will speak what is true in love and peace. And those whose hearts are soft and being made pliable. It is my hope that they will allow my words to be seeds of healing to begin to help them feel again the love that they were created in. The love they were created to reflect. For we were ALL created in the shape and light of LOVE. So it is my TRUE HEARTS DESIRE  to reflect love in my heart and words that I may help the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame to walk and the slow minded to comprehend with clear understanding.  I, The Royal ReddPeace am grateful that you’d take the time to read these words. It is my pleasure to speak to thee. 

Peace, Love and Joy to thee.  Namaste

Greetings to thee All


Hello and Most Excellent Peace to thee all, This is a formal greeting to all that will read this post and future ones. This is the Royal ReddPeace- High Priestess and Goddess speaking to thee. I am a woman who’s heart desire is to speak love, peace, healing, restoration, wisdom, bring understanding and share the knowledge that I’ve attained on my journey, thus far. I stand for truth, love and honesty. I am an open and free spirited soul. I ask that as you read my words of peace and healing that you will be open and hear what these words may speak to thee. I have learned that it is not always the package that the gift is presented in that matters. But it is the essence of what the gift holds. What the gift comes to show, teach, direct and lead one to. Enlightenment. Healing. Truth of who you were born to be.  Who you are destined to be Queen Goddess, King God. You are amongst a Royal subject that you may gain insight into your divinity and your royal essence. We are ALL of royal essence, no matter the color of ones skin, for that is superficial. So please leave all race bigotry or hatred at the door. It will not be tolerated here. I AM PURELY ABOUT LOVE, LIGHT & PEACE. Period!  

Now, there may be times when you disagree with what I may say, or how I feel and think about things. And this is perfectly ok. You are entitled to have a different view. I just ask that you express it with much respect and love at all times. As I will show you the same in return. If you would remember this is my journey. My path. And I choose to share them with you that you may too find your path on this beautiful journey called life. If you can keep in mind that I am speaking purely and directly through my experience. Speaking through my Spirit, Intuition, Eyes, Ancestors, Mother Nature and a host of Spirit guides. Then this is sure to be a beautiful journey.

I am a woman who accepts ALL as they are. Truly I mean this from my heart. So many say these words now a days but truly do not mean them.  I can only say, take these steps with me on this journey and you will see the essence and heart of The Royal ReddPeace if you are OPEN with no preconceived judgement, ideologies or beliefs in your heart. Come pure and clean hearted and you will receive the gifts of ReddPeace that she offers in pure peace and love.

I am of no religious background, but have had experiences within different denominational faiths.However, at this juncture of my Spiritual path I no longer define myself with a particular faith, dogma or denomination. Therefore meaning I am free in Spirit to embrace all different types of belief systems. As time goes on, I will share my story of how I arrived at this present point. There are so many wonderful circumstances that have led me here. I now see them all as wonderful teachings, blessings, lessons and gifts. I couldn’t always say that. But with being open to doing deep reflective work, accepting thyself as you are in the PRESENT/NOW, Healing will come. I have several motto’s but the two that I truly embody, embrace and exude at this time in my life are: ‘LOVE THYSELF, LOVE THYSELF, LOVE THYSELF’, ‘ BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENERGY YOU WILL RELEASE’.

Well, dear hearts and beautiful souls. I truly look forward to this journey with you all. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and stories as well. I thank you for allowing me to share my life, heart, and Spirit with you. I hope to leave beautiful footprints upon your heart path. Most Excellent, Divine and Beautiful Love to thee, Royal ReddPeace