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Insightful Nuggets are designed to give you that nudge, encouragement, pick up, and reminder of all life has to offer you dear one. I desire to deliver these insights daily. However, if not. I will bless you all as often as possible. When Im not able to post. Please be take care to look under Rays of Light. These are short and quick and will serve as an encouraging thought. I hope you will be blessed, lifted, encouraged, healed and moved into passionate pursuit of all that awaits you. Allow these insights, spiritual enlightenments to marinate in your hearts and minds forever changing you.
Love 2 thee- Royal ReddPeace

Divinely Different Steps




Greetings my Lovely Ones,

As I move on the path set before me I am reminded of this. Each and everyone’s steps are divinely different. This is what makes us so unique, to be compared with no one. We all must travel our own uniquely designed path to get to the beautiful destination we have desired in our heart. Your path is your path and my path is my path. There are no two paths alike.  Similar. Not the same.You are unique! You are an individual. Allow your path to be carved according to your hearts desire and not according to another’s.

Step by Step. Day by Day. Hour by Hour. Minute by Minute. Second by Second. Everyone’s steps are different.  What looks one way or like something to one, will look like another way and a totally different thing to another. What you think will look like one thing or work out one way will work out a total opposite way. You may think a thing is ‘supposed to be’ a particular way or ‘should’ manifest or reveal itself a certain way.  But it will manifest a totally different way. Keep your heart and mind open to receive what is specifically for you loved one. Divinely for you! 

In this new dimension there is no space or allowance for ‘should be’ thoughts or ‘supposed to be’ thoughts. These are of the Old DNA. The old body. Body meaning as in sphere or  the DNA realm you once resided. See the New DNA is a sphere/place that you must live outside of time and space. You must live purely through your heart and intuition. HEART-INTUITION CENTERED LIVING.

Heart- Intuition Centered Living is the platform you must live from in the new dimensional realm.  See the ways of  going into survival mode to live are done and over with. Fear can not be in the drivers seat. A Heart of love, compassion and trust for oneself must be present. You must be able to trust your inner knowing/higher self enough to know that what you feel, sense and hear are real. These things will lead you to the desires of your heart. Trust, hear, and know that you are headed in the right direction. 

In this new dimension we must breathe, live, eat, sleep, move according to the Spirit of Intuition and Heart within. We must feel our way through this new unknown dimension and it’s realms with a heart and intuition based focus. We can’t go into alarm mode when things don’t turn out as we ‘thought they should’ or ‘wanted’ them to.

When we release this Old DNA thinking and learn to develop New DNA heart/intuition movement. Our lives will begin to manifest what our heart and spirit desires. I feel this with every inch of my being and the very essence of me.

So the insightful lesson I present to you is learning is to take your thinking of should be or supposed to be thoughts out of it. It makes for better peace and rest.  Therefore your mind is not focused on the way the outcome should or might appear. Instead be at peace and rest.

Namaste & Love 2 Thee,

Royal ReddPeace


Check…Check…Are You TRULY Open?

Check…Check…Are You TRULY Open?

Greetings, The Royal ReddPeace speaks from a deep heart center this day. Please if you would be so open as to hear with your heart and not your head intellect. I know you’ll be blessed. Moving forward.

The word OPEN has different meanings. The meaning I will use is in correlation to being clear of obstructions, blockages, limitations.

I wanted to share a thought with you. I’m aware as many of you might be that this is a new wave of energy and new dimension being released, which is changing the face of beautiful Mother earth. I am very excited about it and so are those who are awake or awakening.

However, this brings me to the NEW mindset that must accompany this shift. It is one of total openness. Vulnerability without the need to constantly disagree often with the information being given. This does not mean you don’t have boundaries or check points in your sphere that say I will not allow degrading or self devaluing entities in. This means that when your Intuition or your Spirit guides speak something that sounds remote, foreign or off to you, you remain open with the mind, ‘Well it’s worth a look at instead of a complete dismissal’.

When you are so quick to dismiss the light of your Intuition and Spiritual guides, you are stating that there is no validity in their words. Therefore blocking them and you are left to seek the way of finding your truth with the limited information you hold onto that could be outdated.

Being open to your Intuition or Spirit guide is saying I give you the permission to speak even when the light doesn’t sit well with my shadows. I will not dismiss the light but instead I will travel within the shadows which block me from reception.

This wisdom comes to you from lessons I’ve learned in the art of TRUE OPENNESS.
Now sometime down this road you will hear your Intuition/Spirit and your Spirit guides say something completely foreign because these entities 1.Have traveled outside of your sphere of understanding. And the area they deliver light from is unfamiliar to you. But the Spirit guide knows it’s the path to your healing. For they are guiding you into deeper enlightenment. Therefore beginning to usher your thoughts in a new fashion.
2. Spirit/Intuition and your Spirit guides do not live in the space of time but outside of it and therefore they experience, live, enlighten and guide from a dimension outside of time.

Also be mindful if you have a teacher/guide who is of human ness. We all have these guides and are these guides ourselves. They r still a SPIRIT and as they travel and evolve. They the human (thoughts, egos) become less in control and has less desire to dominate the light that comes to show the way to healing. Therefore, the messages they receive from Spirit may have a tendency to sound crazy, insane or to the left. Lol. Stop, Listen, and Speak with your Spirit for validation. Spirit will validate all things of it’s nature according to how OPEN you are. (Smiling)

So as we evolve your Spirit is in the driver’s seat. Meaning the higher you evolve through descending into ones shadows where transformation begins. You become more acquainted with your shadow dwelling. Its a beautiful place. You are then not so quick to be dismissive of the strange messages of Spirit/Intuition, and your Spirit guides because in the shadow’s the information will not sound or look strange. You will embrace it as information that is new. It’s hidden from the light self until the light self travels inward uncovering the hidden mystery or messages to bring into your now enlightened consciousness. (Smiling)

This is a truly beautiful place. So may I say The Shadows of your deep, hidden, mysterious and magical self are just marvelous. The Shadows deserve the same level of honor that Light is given.
Might I say it’s ok to feel unsure, uncomfortable and weirded out by the unknown? Those are typical responses to that which we can’t see.
But let me caution you, those feelings are just that. FEELINGS and EMOTIONS that can either serve you to move into the healing mysteries of thine self. Or they can be your master and bind you keeping you in fear because you were so quick to dismiss and devalue the words of your guides. Listen. Be open. Be vulnerable. Be adaptable. Be bold!
The new dimension takes all of these and more. However, let’s start here. Step into the shadows and bring forth the mysteries of your hidden self. Reflect your light inward and find that which your heart desires.

All your answers are from within that you are guided to by your Spirit or your Teacher who is of Spirit. Please don’t be so quick to dismiss the True Teachers of Spirit. Being dismissive can suspend you in a space of time limiting information you are unable to perceive at the moment. In turn blocking you to the information that your soul seeks.

There are Spirits awakening that are clothed in fleshly robes. These Spiritual beings are forces that have been awakened to guide those who walk around with their eyes appearing to be wide open but are closed shut. Those that are willing to be open to a deeper level than the one of their intellect, comfort zone and the norm.

Be not afraid of what you can’t see with your natural eye. Be not afraid of that which you understand not with your Ego/Intellect. Instead, embrace in your heart that which is strange and foreign and ride the wave of the unknown into a deeper healed and enlightened state. Higher Vibrations to you all. Love to you all. Peace to thee all.

I love you truly from the deepest part of my soul/heart. It is only my desire to be the Lightworker that I am. Leading those who are truly open into their shadows to illuminate the hidden mysteries of one’s self. Bringing forth total and complete healing. Transformation!

Honorable or Dishonorable …..

Love Thyself First. Then love others from your overflow. Replenish your heart daily that you will always have compassion, patience and joy for others.

Love Thyself First. Then love others from your overflow. Replenish your heart daily that you will always have compassion, patience and joy for others.

Greetings Lovely Ones

Honor has always been a thing of interest to me. Here are a few meanings of the word Honor: 1. honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions. 2. a source or credit of distinction. 3. high respect, as for worth, merit; or rank. 

Now when I tell you I was raised in an atmosphere where I saw the total opposite. Dishonor. Dishonor meaning: 1. lack or loss of honor; disgraceful or dishonest character conduct or conduct. 2. disgrace, ignominy; shame. 

I wore a badge of dishonor like she was a second layer of skin. This is the image that I saw so this is what I depicted. The words that were spoken over me and to me were always dishonorable. Never anything to encourage and uplift. Never to give hope and understanding and clarity of why I existed. As I grew I saw this second skin become a nuisance in the way it hung. The way I felt in it was totally disdainful. I wondered why I always attracted low vibrational entities. Well I truly believe what you are, you will draw. What you are is what you will manifest. Whether through spoken words, actions or just being. As a man thinks so does he become. So since I thought words of low vibrational presence. I heard nothing but low words of degradation. Well I spoke these things, I thought these things. Therefore drawing others into my sphere that behaved as I thought. 

But one day the lightbulb came on and being one that always knew different from what I thought, saw and heard. Well I always did the best to manifest this knowledge in my life. But being intermingled with, stuffed down by the mind shackles of my ancestral slavery. Well it just proved too hard of a task for me. But I continued. I did not stop. I always knew that although this abused, neglected, dishonorable, disdainful and treacherous thinking had a root. I would get to the root of it all someday if I just continued on the journey. The journey to knowing that I always felt Queenly. I always felt loving, peaceful, regal and refined in my presence. I always felt like I was able to accomplish more than what I was bringing forth. So I continued on. 

If you know anything, no one that we see before us in the media or any other avenue of high praise got there just by blinking their eyes or clicking their heels. They got there by steady, diligent, and purposeful pursuit of knowing that deep within there was something greater than who they thought themselves to be. There was something calling to them in the inner space of their being which said, “You were created in Excellence, Power, Beauty, Love, Presence and Joy despite what the outside elements have spoken to you for so long.” You must continue to dig deep, pursue this voice that you hear faintly at times. But yet the voice continues to hearken. The voice continues to grow with passion and presence as you seek for the mandate and call of your very essence. 

So my lovelies as I continued on this pursuit I came to a breaking point.  2009 was a time of great upheaval and destruction nonetheless. I don’t view destruction as dark. But as a light experience. Although I had to go into the darkest part of my soul and dig my way out.  

October 9 marked 5 years on my new journey and path. Liberation had come to me in the form of a mental breakdown which led me to a psychiatric ward. Where I felt humiliation, degradation and hopelessness and fear worse than I’ve felt. But I embraced it. I embraced the feelings. I embraced the others I saw in my same situation. Most of the people there had come to the same self loathing, disdainful, dishonoring breakdown that I did. With being around others that shared my pain, they understood the path I walked to get to this place. In general many assume that I did something to myself to get to this point. Well if that’s your assumption. Hold tight. I’ll clear that assumption for you soon. See when a person who is at the bottom of everything that they’ve been handed in life. All that was handed to them was of low grade, and they never had the strength, guidance, or  self love to rise to those greater things within because of the manifestations of degradation from feeling sorry for oneself and willingly dishonoring oneself. Well I ended up in the psyche ward. So there it is.

Others end up strung out on some chemical dependency drug or even food for that matter. Yes food can be a drug of choice ending with aneroxia and bulimia. Sex addictions, Murderings, Thieves, Crime , etc. So we all have a vice and something that will ultimately break us or kill us. I survived the torture of my soul. I am here to speak forth the words that healed me. Honor thyself. These 2 words healed me and made me realize that I was created in LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE. These are traits of power. Therefore I am empowered to live freely, unhindered by my pass and loving myself more and more everyday.

So once upon a time I allowed myself to be dishonored and lived dishonorable because that’s what I was taught. But always knowing better. I knew there was a day that I’d break free. I am free-standing here before you as a DIVINE GODDESS who was once blinded to her power and authority. But now clearly sees it. One who honors herself in the utmost way of speaking forth and living forth her truth of LOVE. I love myself and therefore I love others. My highest hope is to see others let go, leave, escape and destroy the very bondages of their heart and mind that shout and yell at them. The voices within and without that do not support the true essence of who you were made to be. We were all created in LIGHT, LOVE, and PEACE. Therefore when you come to the end of your self loathing and you bravely say. I WILL NO MORE PLAY THE VICTIM. Then you make a shift in your presence where you deem you will be free at any cost.

The Royal ReddPeace divinely decrees that if you look deep within and you call those things to light that are hidden. The things that keep you bond in dishonoring ways of thinking, speaking and behaving. Arrest those thoughts and make them submit to the LIGHT OF LOVE AND PEACE that you were formed and shaped in. You shall rise up as BEAUTY, LIGHT AND POWER and decree and declare that you are a WARRIOR. An instrument to bring LOVE, HEALING AND DESTRUCTION to the dark forces that desire to keep others down. Be brave, powerful and vigilant and you shall see victory. Press on. Do not give up or turn back. This means your life. Everything you need and stand for is within. Not without. Dare to be different. Dare to step outside of that comfortable space. Dare to be the you that was created in DIVINE EXCELLENCE.

Peace to thee!!!! 

A New Story…October 10, 2014



Inner Shaman. Your inner mystical being. Connect to it! It's waiting for you to open up and receive it!

Inner Shaman. Your inner mystical being. Connect to it! It’s waiting for you to open up and receive it!


A NEW Story….

Greetings Beloved Darlings, It is my desire that these words provide insight and healing into your life that you break free of limiting powers that bind you from moving into your Destined, Divine, Deliverance. It’s present and available for all who know there is a more excellent way. A higher way. A powerful life filled with essence that is your Designed Birthright. 

Meditate on this quote from Jose Luis Stephens-Awaken The Inner Shaman “All those difficult events were tests or initiations, and each led to powerful lessons that accelerated your maturity” 

So My beautiful darlings I ask you these questions: Are you still telling the same broke down victimized story to experience reactions from within or outward? Are you still living, dreaming the same broken,  unhappy, ratchet nightmare you call life and looking to gain sympathy? 

If you answered Yes to either question.  Well beloved it is time for a major shift in consciousness. It is time that you Awaken completely from the nightmares you keep facilitating with your lower Ego and stop it cold in its tracks.

Living according to Ego based desires especially the lower dark broken half only delivers and manifests hysteria, pain and displeasure. Who in their RIGHT and CLEAR mind would willingly desire this torture? Not me.

If you are conscious and awake you can honestly admit you once lived in this dark existence. Now the other portion of  lower ego, Arrogance will say, “I’ve always lived from an enlightened sense. I’ve always known what I wanted. I’ve always gone after it” And I say, in selfishness once again the lower ego exudes it’s clouded false version of what truly is. From an exalted lower ego state you are the Victimizer who is taking advantage of those at a lower base of ego who see themselves as the Victim. However the Arrogant Ego has yet to encounter the one who is more proficient in being a user of then they are. The Higher Soul- The Higher Ego (self esteem, confidence) Entering stage left the once Victimizer because the what? Victim! Could this be? Yes.

In ego base living you are only concerned about one entity. You,You, You. Whether it’s from a victimized state or selfish state. It’s all about you.

Until you awaken and heal completely you will still perceive yourself victimized.  And your perception draws more opportunities to be victimized. 
May I suggest it’s NOW TIME to move away from,  release,  let go of the need or desire to tell, live or embrace your old battle scars, trauma and pain and step into LIBERTY. It’s here and you can Live here. Because you were created in LIBERTY. 

WHY DO YOU STILL LIVE BOUND? Fear,  Unworthiness,  Anger,  Laziness, Procrastination, Addiction, Selfishness, etc. All of these are Fear based entities.  FREE THYSELF. HEAL THYSELF. BE THY DIVINE SELF.

My hope is that these words have come to you as new fresh revelation.  Healing honey to your wounds. Freeing your soul and mind to rise and connect divinely with SPIRIT.

Love you and Joy to thee,

Royal ReddPeace



Remove defeat from your mind. You CAN do.

Remove defeat from your mind. You CAN do.

Greetings and Most Lovely Blessings to Thee

It is the day of our BLOOD MOON. A blood moon is when the surface of the moon has a redness. Depending on how close or far you are from this beautiful celestial body you may or may not see redness. Now, not only is it a Blood Moon or Super Moon as some might call it. It will be a FULL ECLIPSE. The Sun and Moon will meet, greet and hold each other for a moment. I AM SO EXCITED TO WITNESS AND PARTAKE OF THIS ENERGY. Wow, the beautiful things that will be transformed in the lives of those who receive the beautiful celestial powers of our glorious Moon and Sun becoming ONE.  

Now,early this morning around 1am, As I gazed up at the beautiful big bright night light as I call it. I saw that there was some redness to her color. This mesmerised me. I thought wow how beautiful she is. I feel like I CAN do anything I set forth my conscious mind too.

This brings me to thinking and being more conscious of what I allow my thoughts to create. Thoughts are created from our hearts and Spirit. And if we feel we can do something. We will be successful in it. Although the accomplished task may not look like we envisioned. It will however, be successful. And it will be greater than we envisioned. 

Now might I suggest that the word CAN’T should be removed from your mindset, and speech. Saying you can’t do something is stating that you feel incapable of, unable to, or you’re not equipped to do. Can’t is saying you’re defeated even before you start. So how about stopping to think and process your words carefully enough to say, I can do whatever I put my mind to with due diligence it shall unfold as a beautiful testament to my nature to endure. I like that much better. Having a CAN do mindset is a powerful mindset to embrace and hold onto. Embracing this mindset says that you believe in your ability to accomplish that which you set out to do. Saying you can is a firm testament that you believe in the power of Spirit that lives in you to assist you in accomplishing your task. So in saying that, let us on this Blood Moon embrace the power, positivity and passion of the presence of mind that says I CAN DO ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO DILIGENTLY. 

I hope that this simple insight has been enlightening to you and helpful in restructuring your thoughts and confidence toward yourself and others. Remember YOU CAN DO and you shall accomplish all that you set your hand to do. Ashe! 

Peace to thee, Royal ReddPeace

Daily Insight- October 8, 2014 (Blood Moon)

Daily Insight- October 7,2014

Daily Insight- October 7,2014


Greetings Lovely Hearts My hope is that this reaches you in great love and great peace. On the eve before the Great Blood Moon. I feel I have ascended to a higher plane. A plane of which I have never witnessed, felt or resided in. I am in a new domicile. A new residence for the High Priestess, Goddess. The Royal One. So, my beautiful lovely ones. Ascension is the word. Royal Ones are all  beings and inhabitants of this earth.  How do you feel about your inherit Goddess or God for that matter? Do you even acknowledge her or him? Can you perceive yourself as such? Have you allowed yourself to shed the old DNA patterns, habits, thoughts, attitudes, lights and shadows that keep you in limbo? The voices that keep you in constant disbelief of who you were created to be. The entity you were before entering this loaned robe. See your exterior is a loan and you only dwell in it while you inhabit this physical sphere. It’s a frame just a like a picture frame that defines and labels while you are physically on this earth. But you are NOT your loaned robe or exterior cloth. Your true essence has nothing to do with your exterior. Mind you yes, you may identify with it. As I identify with being an Afro-centric, African American, Black, Negro. I identify with all of them. But they are just labels that have been placed upon the humanness, flesh, exterior garment. They have NOTHING to do with my TRUE ESSENCE. I do not allow them to DEFINE, ARREST OR SUBMERGE MY TRUE ESSENCE. I am Royal. And SO ARE THEE! So what if you could inhabit another body, another dimension, another realm while you inhabited this physical form? Allowing your inner workings to travel beyond the space and time of physical limitations. Well you can. It’s called ASCENSION. The root word ASCEND is defined as follows : move, climb, or go upward; mount; rise to a higher point, rank, or degree; proceed from an inferior to a superior degree or level: go toward the source or beginning; go back in time. Wow, to move, climb or go upward, mount. In doing so, you are elevated to a new space and time. Dimension. In order to rise to a higher point, rank or degree, and proceed from being or feeling inferior. To a place of superior degree. You must first look within and recognize the creator within. We are all from SOURCE. One Source that manifested this world. Whether you call your Source. God, Buddha, Allah, Muhammad, Jesus,The Christ, Zen, Taoism, or refer to a Toltec/Totem power, Mother Nature/Gaia, Orisha, Vodou, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria or however you see. We are all from the same source with many different faces that are wrapped in labels. Labels are something that I can very much do without these days.  It’s all SOURCE. Origin.We all come from a source. So, in order to return to this source of being. We must make Ascension a part of our heart/soul path. We are already Spirit but we must allow the other parts of us heart (where our desires, passions, dreams reside). Soul (where our emotions reside) to integrate. Integration can be scary, unfamiliar and unknown. But it’s in those states of being in the unfamiliar and unknown that we find out the most about ourselves. Our most intimate self emerges and we then began the phase to Ascending to a higher plane. Ascension requires us to leave all petty things, thoughts, ideas and ways of being behind. Because these lower vibrational things can not travel to the higher dimension. These behaviors will cause you to sabotage your light and cause you to dwell in the lower spaces of your shadows. Shadows have their place but from a higher space, not a lower realm. My beautiful beloveds, as I feel and sense Ascension on this eve prior the Blood Moon where there will be a total eclipse of the sun and moon. These two powerful heavenly and celestial bodies will intermingle themselves becoming ONE for a moment of time. I am so excited to receive the energy that the two beautiful powers will release. This new energy is perfect for Ascension. So if you have come to a fork in the path of your journey, and you’ve deeply acknowledged you can no longer afford to dwell at the lower vibrational frequency. I admonish you to partake of the energy of the Blood Moon to usher you into a new place of BEING. A new place of EXISTENCE.  A new realm. A new face of who you are DIVINELY ordained to be. Ashe (So be it) Love 2 thee, Her Highness- Royal ReddPeace

Let it Be

Let it Be

Greetings Lovely Ones

It is my hope that these insightful words find you in peace and love with thyself. 

In the present world, I find that it is hard to BE sometimes. I am learning to BE and LET IT BE on a deeper level. Some days are easier than others to find this state of BEING. Sometimes I find it quite difficult to do so. But when I stop and LET IT BE. I learn and glean the information I seek instantly. Because, I have come into the awareness of BEING. And just allowing myself to dwell in the NOW. The Present. It so much more peaceful, relaxing and carefree in the NOW. Isn’t it loves? 

Well, in order for one to truly embrace happiness or what you may call happiness. Everyone’s idea is different. Well, i believe one of the easiest steps we can make is when we come into awareness and tell your EGO. Be quiet! Lol!  Hey you’re not in control of anything. All things are ruled, directed and manifested by Spirit or our Intuition if you would. We manifest peace, happiness, love, joy and all things from a place of Spirit. None of it is manifested by our Ego or what we think. Now mind you, we can think things into existence because our thoughts carry vibrational frequency as well. But when I say your thinking is not what manifests anything. The manifestation comes from SPIRIT. Because Spirit is the active, alive part of you that brings forth change. The mind engages with Spirit/Intuition. But it definitely controls nothing. We must access our Spirit and align our minds with Spirit/Intuition in order for us to bring forth our desires. This is  the wisdom of experience speaking. 

 Now, I’ve noticed that when I hear some say, ‘Oh think positive thoughts and it will come’. Well you know what I half agree. For this reason. Since your thoughts are apart of the body unit which are located within your mind. Well the thoughts do have a small part in your attitude. Because thoughts effect moods and your way of being. But the vehicle that they emit from is your Intuitive nature. The Intuition is your center. Your core. Your BEING. So I say if you want to truly be happy. Tap into your intuition and listen to what it’s saying. Because not by thought alone can you be happy. 

And yes, the more you think the more you may frustrate yourself. So let your mind take a back seat. LET IT BE. LET IT REST. And when I say ‘your’ mind. I mean just that. See there is a scripture in the Holy Bible that says,’ Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ’. Philippians 2:5. Well I highly doubt that Christ had an anxious, worrisome, irritated, angry mind. But instead he had a peaceful quiet one that connected with his Spirit (Holy Spirit) that manifested things. So while you can think a thing and it can manifest. It is because something in your Spirit aligned with that thought. Whether of high or low vibration. So allow, ‘your’ thoughts to take a back seat and examine them to see if they are of pure light and love. And if you find any low thoughts or those that are contrary to what Spirit reveals. Then may I say, exercise the diligent discipline to bring them into alignment with your core partner. Spirit. For Spirit is just waiting for you and your ego come off of it’s pedestal and acknowledge the entity within that can direct you to all the answers you seek. 

Well Lovelies, I hope these words of insight have blessed thee. Given thee hope and peace. Love to thee Always. 

High Priestess, Goddess and Royal One- ReddPeace 

Daily Insight- October 6,2014

Daily Devotion- October 3, 2014

Greetings Beloved Souls,

Lately, I’ve had certain interactions with people which I’ve interacted with always or at different intervals. Or with certain types of people which I encounter occasionally. These interactions have brought me to a new space and stage of thinking. A new phase in my thinking. In this new sphere I’m quickly learning how to reshape my thoughts, heart and soul according to those that I am interacting with. Shape shifting is something I’ve always done. But the mastery of the gift is speedily manifesting. This is an exciting and challenging place to be. But I welcome it with much respect, honor and wisdom. The new sphere, poses certain things on the heart entity. The emotions scream and squirm. ‘Hey, What’s going on? What are these feelings?’ Well I’ll tell you what’s going on and I’ll present it in the focus of this devotion today.  


This thought came to me as I sat quietly in meditation. As I sat and my heart sought the Goddess for her wisdom. She spoke, “What is the wealth of your heart?’ I paused and pondered a moment before my Spirit responded. My response was, ‘the wealth of my heart are those treasures, ideas, secrets, dreams,and ambitions that I don’t share with everyone and just anyone. They are precious gems/jewels’. The Goddess responded ‘Guard them. Guard the wealth of your heart.’

Well I tell you in that moment I felt such a sense of beauty, peace and a stronger and deeper love for myself. More than before. I had once again reconnected with the VALUE/WEALTH OF MY HEART. The very notion, thought and idea that I had once again tapped into the most sacred part of my heart made me smile. It made me remember all of the desires, ideas, ambitions and joys I once meditated on. The things that I held sacred and always inspired to do someday. Lo and behold on this day I sat quietly and still and they represented themselves from under all the denial, disappointment, lies and disbelief that had covered their preciousness. I am sure many of us understand that through life changes, disappointments, pains, neglect and us being self judging and listening to others truths and taking them on as our truth, well we lose ourselves. We must rediscover, reconnect, remarry and reassimilate ourselves back to our origin. Being mindful that these are just some of the things that keep us from hearing, feeling and truly connecting with our HEART WEALTH? It’s true. 

The definition of wealth is something of value. Are not the ideas, dreams and ambitions of your heart of value? You must ask yourself this question during this transition into the NEW SPHERE. See Beloveds this is not a new level. But a NEW DIMENSION. A NEW SPHERE. This is the place you REIGN, DOMINATE, INFLUENCE AND CREATE PURPOSE FOR YOUR MANTLE AND ASSIGNMENT ON THIS EARTH. It is not a place that is to be taken lightly or handled haphazardly. Therefore this means, bringing certain things and people, thoughts, ideas, attitudes, notions into this realm will not work to your benefit. But they will work against you and to your distraction and demise.

This brings me to a holy scripture of the Bible. ‘Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23. The book of Proverbs is one of my favorite portions of the Bible. A brief terminology of this scripture is to Protect, Keep Safe, Guard your heart (wealth, ideas, emotions, feelings,) with much care. Meaning give much attention, care to your heart. The heart is the vessel that holds  your very essence of love, truth and mysteries of you as a living soul. This entity is not. I repeat NOT to be opened to everyone even if they have been in your sphere for a long time. Family, friends, etc. No matter who. In this new sphere, you can’t afford to be so willing to share all the secrets and ideas that have been deposited in your very soul. You can NOT. You’re still rediscovering who you are and being realigned with the vision you were created in and sent to display.

So, in continuing the illumination of the holy words. For out of it are the issues of life. Out of the secret space, hidden place, vault of your heart/soul are so many inspirations that have been planted and attached. In fact inscribed into the DNA of your heart. The very DNA (cells, blood, tissue, ligaments, etc). To carelessly give or share them with those who do not walk at or resonate at your same vibration could be detrimental. Even those who do resonate at your level should be carefully considered. The intents of the heart are something quite powerful and in this new SPHERE. You will have new shadows revealed in yourself as well as those in your sphere or in the proximity of it. You must exercise due diligence and protect the mystery and jewels of your being. Only releasing things when you feel and sense that it is needed or necessary. Remember SPIRIT/INTUITION is always available to guide you. Come into the PRESENT. Come into the NOW. Aligning yourself here gives you exact directions for your interaction within yourself and others. Ashe. 

So loves, I hope that these words of light and wisdom have opened your eyes to seeing and understanding that this new SPHERE that you are increasingly and quickly occupying, is a MOST SACRED DWELLING. Only those who are of pure mind, heart and intention should be entertained in this new sphere. But even those of these qualities should be carefully examined. Guard and Protect the riches (wealth) that you are being remarried too. They will bring much beautiful love and power into your life and those around you. Empowerment of these treasures in your life will give you the insight, clear understanding and knowledge to operate with a HIGH LEVEL OF WISDOM to execute mastery over them. They are yours to master and wield with efficiency. Guard them!

Love to thee and Peace to thee.

Royal ReddPeace

Daily Devotion- October 3, 2014

Daily Devotion – October 2, 2014

Beauty. Beauty is defined as exterior, superficial features that dispel with time. In the world we live in today, Beauty is glamorized as skinny, a certain hair color, a certain physical type, a certain status. Yes even status is considered to be beautiful. Well what can I say, what if you don’t have these things that the world says is beautiful? What about if you just possess the beauty that the Universal Creator gave you? What about if you just shine what you’ve been given and it comes from the CENTER OF YOUR SOUL AND HEART. What about if you did that? What it be ok?

I say, YES IT WOULD. Because YOU ARE YOU! UNIQUELY, DIVINELY YOU! And NO ONE when i say NO ONE! NO ONE can tell you that your kinky hair. Your dark, brown, chocolate, olive, light or whatever color skin you’re clothed in is not beautiful!  No one can tell you that you are NOT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATION MADE. Because we ALL are a distinct, unique and separate personification of the LIGHT, LOVE, POWER AND PEACE of the UNIVERSAL CREATOR. So I challenge you not to assimilate with the worlds ideas, standards and labels of beauty. But to truly, look within, deep within and find that light shining that says you’re beautiful, powerful and divinely ravishing darling. Lol! You rock and you wear it well. Shine bright beauties! Shine Strong Queens! Shine Strong Kings! Be that which the CREATOR has divinely and most patiently shaped you to be. No one can copy you no matter how they try. You are an UNIQUE, DIVINE, TIMELESS BEAUTY!!

Peace and Most Excellent Love to Thee,

Royal ReddPeace

Beauty is not concerning a pretty exterior but a deeper heart beauty

Beauty is not concerning a pretty exterior but a deeper heart beauty

Daily Devotion – October 2, 2014