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The Compassionate Soul


The Compassionate Soul

The Compassionate Soul. These words came to me during my meditation.  Struck a chord within the deepest part of me. To be compassionate to my soul. Hmmmm….

First, What does Compassion mean to me? It means to tenderly and gently love with passion. It means to show forth care or concern for myself and others.  It means to have or show sympathy or pity for another’s unjust handling or misfortune. 

Compassion unto self is the first and foremost Divine Loving act. To give Compassion to One’s self says that I am able to take concern and care for the injustice actions that have occurred unto myself. When I am able to first give myself the Love & Healing Salve of Compassion, It sets me free from concern or fear of showing it to another as if there will be some adverse actions.

Self Compassion speaks that which You have sustained in pain along your journey, I hear your cries and see your pain and I Am present to be a Healing salve through my own self healing.  Through my own self healing I share, give in earnest portion and release the Divine Healing of the Compassion of my Soul.

The Soul being the seat of emotions and desires that connects with my Heart desires, pleasures and dreams.

The Compassionate Soul within me has discovered and is uncovering new levels of healing compassion for myself.  That I may share this with others in need. Always remembering that we are always reflecting back to each other the unhealed spaces of our Heart/Soul which long to be whole. 

The Solar Plexus (Soul- Seat of emotions) is the Chakra that represents: The Will, Self Confidence,  Personal Power, Life Force – Chi/Prana, Self Empowerment.

For a long, long, long time I felt powerless due to my upbringing.  I always felt under someone else’s power, subject to another tyranny and dictatorship.  Often always attracting very overpowering influences of Alpha Male Energy (male or female) who sought to Control me. Or at least it seemed especially as a young child.  I felt stripped of my voice. I felt bound and gagged and restricted to speech that was pleasing to the hearer but depressing and heavy to my soul. 

Growing up in this type of setting made me not want to speak, I didn’t care to be seen or heard.  Not sure of myself.  Low self-esteem. Fear of attacks (physical & emotional), shunning and persecution. Riddled with guilt and shame for speaking my truth and being punished for it.  I knew my words were from a Divine Source of Love,  not from hatred although I spoke through my pain, shame and guilt because I wasn’t permitted to speak freely without concerning myself of if my words would be accepted or rejected. Oh the painful shame.

But… the little Princess inside me spoke clearly to me saying “You no longer need to, nor should you hide in shame. I give you permission to speak freely. Because I know your words are full of healing, wisdom, Divine Love,  Divine Power & Most of All Tender Compassion and Merciful Grace. Because I know that You Queen Royal Redd just as I, the Little Princess who once felt afraid to speak her truth because backlash and ridicule.  This day she no longer feels the need to please others with what she speaks.  She no longer feels the need for agreement from others. She no longer allows fear to be in the driver’s seat to dictate if her words are of importance.  They are indeed needed. And therefore, I, The Little Princess gives liberty to speak freely without fear or concern of correction,  rebuke or affliction of pain. Because she NOW is Conscious to know that the pain she inflicted upon herself of accepting the lies of her words being powerless is NO LONGER. FOR THE POWER OF HER HEART FELT COMPASSIONATE WORDS HAVE HEALED HER THE ROYAL GODDESS QUEEN -HER HIGHNESS ROYAL REDD PEACE. AND FROM THIS DAY QUEEN GODDESS ROYAL REDD WILL HAVE NO NEED TO FEAR THE NEED TO PLEASE OTHERS WITH HER SPEECH.  BUT FROM THE COMPASSIONATE SOUL OF HER HEART AND BEING SHE SPEAKS. BE FREE. NAMASTE’.

The Little girl within once shamed,guilty and afraid to speak has now given me Royal Redd freedom which in turn has liberated the child the Little Princess in me. I am set free. I can, shall and will Speak freely. The Little Princess within has given me permission. Therefore I am empowered to do so because my words indeed have healed the little child within.  I shall speak unto the masses the depth of truth that has been embedded in my heart and soul that others who hear and desire to do the healing work will indeed receive Divine Liberty.  Indeed. Namaste-Hotep


The Art of Divine Submission

Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine harmoniously, beautifully blended energies in the image of the Most High

Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine harmoniously, beautifully blended energies in the image of the Most High




Lately I’ve ran across a few You tube videos on submission. I agree with the Art of Submission. Because it is definitely an art to do so. Especially when you move outside of the religious guidelines of doing so.

In my first marriage I learned what the true art of submission was. It was so effortless and beautiful until it brings tears to my eyes. I never thought it would be. Nor would I submit to a man, spouse or not. Submission was a word that caused me to feel Powerless, Weak, Nasty, Unprotected and Fearful of being taken advantage of. It represented Control and Domination. It represented Oppression, Depression and Slavery. This is the image I saw in church and in my home day in and out. The effects of Post Slavery and Jim Crow were heavily present in my Alpha – Alpha Male father as well as my Alpha-Alpha Male Brother. So after dealing with these two overly aggressive males. Hell Naw. There was no way that I would even be thinking about the S word with any man.

But my wonderful ex spouse changed that. He changed it all. Not a religious man in his way of being. This helped greatly. Now that I look back from Day one when I met him, the freedom of his soul and spirit is what drew me. subconsciously unaware. My soul was being called back to reunite with a part of me that had been severed. A part of me that had been forgotten. My right to be Free and Non restricted had begun to speak its voice again. It was quiet. Yet emerging. Louis gave me permission to reconnect with this lost part of my soul. I am forever grateful to him.

Lee, My ex spouse was very loving, gentle and tender in the way he handled me. Always a very manly man. Very Alpha. But never a bully who insisted on anything. Never once. He’d speak and express what he desired in a way that my soul wanted to comply so I did. Although, I was a very wounded soul during our marriage but deep within she knew well enough that she was in good hands. She knew she was safe with this man. Awesome.
In saying that I would like to shed some light on the Bible scripture Ephesians 5:22-23 which gives a command to the woman “22-Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23- For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.”

I just stated that Louis was a very free soul, meaning he was very much in tune with his Divine self as the man who my soul was called to for the season I was married to him. Very humble man. Humility is a characteristic or attribute of the Higher Self -a man of God or the Most High. Pride in the way of ego or arrogance is of lower self. So Lee was of Divine essence and operated as such which my soul drew too because my Higher self always knows what’s best for me.
This scripture is telling a wife to submit to her husband as to the Lord.

First let’s define Lord:
1. a person who has authority, control, or power over others; a master, chief, or ruler.
2.a person who exercises authority from property rights; an owner of land, houses, etc.
So, this means my spouse would be a lord, An authority, Power, A master or ruler over me. Also, he’d be a person who has authority over land or houses. Hmmm… Sounds like Slavery to me. First off, a wife is a human being just as her husband is. Why in the Most High’s beautiful green earth would He/She want me to submit to a man as my master or ruler? When I know that I am created in god like form as the Most High exist. Therefore I am a co-creator with the Most High because I came forth from this entity. Meaning the only one that can master me is self. As Islam stands for- “I Self Law Am Master of One’s Self”. Simply, I am the one who rules and masters my own self. No one outside of me should have this place. I should be the one in control of my own Divine Self and Power.

The only being or entity the wife should truly and divinely submit to is the Most High and the Divine Higher Self which lives within her. So therefore there is NO SEPARATION or ANY ENTITY RULING OVER. She and The Most High are One. For She came from this Source. Simple. So in the fullness of all things she is ultimately submitting to the divine within her. She is submitting to herself in the Christ power consciousness. She submits her life to be in alignment with all that is for her evolution to greatness. Ase’

A wife or woman submitting to a male in a way of him having rule or authority over her as if she is cattle or land is NOT Divinely ordered or sound doctrine. This is RELIGION. A woman DOES NOT HAVE TO SUBMIT TO HER HUSBAND AS HE IS LORD. And she is actually breaking Universal Laws concerning the polarity of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy when doing so. This erroneous text along with many others in the Bible have kept and still bind so many woman, as so many men use(d) this scripture to their own selfish power from a standpoint of white supremacy and patriarchal domination to keep women subservient to them. This slave master mindset injected into the DNA of my Ancestors that was passed down the generations and I saw it manifest in my Father as an over powering, dominating, dictating, overly aggressive man.

Continuing with verse 22: The husband is NOT the HEAD of his wife as the scripture indicates. This would mean he is the one in control. Not so. She is her own person. Her own entity. Her own being, just as he is. Why would it be permissable for him to be the head or ruler over her? It’s not ok. This type of thinking has got to be eradicated for men and women to come together in Divinely ordered connections. We are both capable and responsible for standing in our own Divine energies. Allowing the Higher Self within to navigate us in the way it speaks to the individual. The Higher Soul of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine have their own unique sounds, vibrations, tones and pitches and therefore they will utter to the being the way they should behave and carry their power and authority in the earth. We are not in charge of one another. But we must co-exist together in peace and harmony that we will flow together effortlessly.
Now looking back at verse 21: Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

This scripture brings together divinely ordered submission. As the He-male is the god and She-Female is the goddess. Both are created in the Divine Image of Holiness and Divine order. Ase’ .This is PERFECT, KINGDOM & QUEENDOM SUBMISSION. True submission is when a wife or woman can see the Divine essence of the Creator in her mate and therefore lovingly bring herself in alignment with her Divine essence to be in order with His Divinity. This is TRUE SUBMISSION. No one is greater than the other. We are our own beings. We are individual parts of the Most High. Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine. Two perfect whole entities being made ONE when they come together in harmony and unity to accomplish the individual purposes they’ve been put on this plane to do. Resurrection of Divine Love. Simple.
So I must say I went into my first marriage with an image that was out-of-order regarding submission and expected Lee to treat me as my father had treated my mother. But, instead what I received was unconditional love with no forcing of me to obey him. But he instead allowed me to be who I was wounded and hurt. He in turn loved me enough to be a vessel of Divine healing to show me what Divine Submission looks like.

So as I move forward into the beautiful new beginnings that await me, I now have a clear innerstanding of what I as a Woman, Wife, Spouse or Partner should feel like when I am submitting to my mate. It should be free-flowing. It should not go against my Divinity. If he is not connected to his Divinity and has not recognized it. He will not be able to treat me in the highest honor that I deserve because he will not be aware of what Divine Submission is. However, a man who is submitted and accountable to himself FIRST, is accountable and submitted to the Most High. This is the mate that I shall willingly & lovingly submit to as he shows he’s worthy of my submission.

I am happy that I no longer detest or have fearful feelings surrounding the word SUBMISSION. Lol! It is no longer a word that makes me cringe, feel sick to the stomach or go into fight mode within. I am perfectly safe, comfortable and secure in myself. Knowing that the Divine mate that I attract will be well aware of his boundaries and responsiblity to himself first. In that I will be ensured that he reflects Righteous Divine Love that I may see and witness The Most High in him that I will submit to the Divine essence of Him. Hotep! .







Higher Sight….


How Do you see? How Do You Perceive?  We relate and perceive people, places and things according to our own internal perception of self. If you do not perceive your self as the Divine being that you are. Then you will see yourself from the aspect of lower self. Which is your own created perception. Along with half truths that have been told and programmed into you down the ages. 

I am constantly working to view myself from the Divine aspect of my nature. Because this aspect is all that matters. The lower does not carry any weight. But it is something that I must master and bring under my control. As to use it when it serves me only. Growing in not allowing the lower part of me to dictate and tell me who I am is a constant and consistent work I give attention to.

I had an interesting conversation with a lady recently who helped me see how low weigh hate on each other because of our own self identity. See there are times that those “outside”  per say. Remembering there is NEVER anyone outside of you. It’s ALL YOU. When we an encounter another being, you are simply encountering yourself from a different perception. One that is serving or one that is not. And as stated before the person will reflect back to you what is true for your or not. So in the interim of our conversation it was stated (paraphrasing) “I would have never thought that you’d grow or rise as much as you have”. Lol! My response “I surprise myself at times”.

At first I thought nothing of her response. Later I went back and pondered the context of conversation and how this person has showed up in my space. And it let me see that this person has been, does and probably still is viewing me from their low perception of self. Low meaning, She has yet to learn how to go deeper within to a deeper level to view her OWN Divinity instead of viewing herself from her lower self nature.  No offense was caused. However, it brought me back to the reality that PEOPLE WILL SEE YOU AS THEMSELVES. Sometimes seeing you in a greater essence, because they see within themselves are greater but yet working to manifesting a greater them outwardly. Or they will see you as low as they see themselves. Sad in some aspects but truly more funnier than anything. I learned a lot by the one little conversation. I must continue to rise and even shield the more from the false ego perceptions of another as to not allow myself to fall into seeing myself from a lower perception. As you ascend there will always be entities to reflect back how you see or don’t see yourself. Keep you on your toes.

For when I say NAMASTE. I mean I bow to the Divine in you. As I bow to or acknowledge the Divine in you. I acknowledge the Divine in myself. I Am a Divine Entity of which I see more each and every day. I do not care to be close to things or people that see me lower because of how they see themselves. When this happens an individual will have a tendency to treat you as they see themselves. And I in no way can or will allow this. Shielding myself more these days as my Psychic-Clairvoyancy increases drawing vibrations I do not care to deal with necessarily. But dealing with ALL IN DIVINE LOVE. Because essentially it’s not about where that entity vibrates but truly where they desire to ascend too. Always keeping this in the forefront I love ALL no matter where they are. As long as they have set a goal to move higher and evolve. All is well. All is Divine. Ase’ Namaste’

I AM Sekhmet, Rebellious Anger

She Who is With Power. Red Lady. Gracious One. Destroyer of Rebellion

She Who is With Power. Red Lady. Gracious One. Destroyer of Rebellion



Rebellious Anger. I have been in rebellion against my anger for sometime now. I couldn’t put my finger on why until this day. I have been encountering angry, hostile strong energy mainly from men. But some women at times who have a tendency to be more masculine than feminine in their energy transmission. At first this irritated the hell out of me. Then I started to feel rage and wanted to snap on the individual that was so hostile toward me, for no reason that I could see. But there was a hidden reason. Truthfully we know that when a certain type of energy continues to present itself to you, there is a need to take a deeper look within as to why. Because we only draw what we are. And if I am drawing this energy it is speaking. So I must listen.

As of late, I have been emerging into more a of fiery presence. More bright, More radiant, More passionate in energy, of which I am filled with curiosity . As well a fear and disdain.  The Divine energy of the counterpart of the Egyptian God Ptah, Goddess Sekhmet who represents a Lioness with a sun disk above her head or as her crown indicating Fire emerging from the crown or from the head. Her presence is awakening within me. I will not quiet her in my soul, but allow her presence to be known as she desires to speak. Although, I’m not quite sure how to allow her to demonstrate so I embrace her with caution. But I am eager to know more of her lovely attributes.

The encounters I’ve had lately especially with men have been quite interesting. There have been at least 3 who have called this fire out as if to praise it and raise the vibration of it. As to say, We honor the fire within you. We honor the passion for our people within you.  But on the counter side, I’ve had a few that shunned it through being nasty, mean, rude and unpleasant in their projection, due to it making them feel uncomfortable and inferior in some way. I welcome both responses.

I paused to ponder the polarity of responses. The conclusions of both are very beautiful. Now pondering the feelings of fear and disdain towards this emerging energy. I extended myself to thoroughly embrace these feelings to the point of tears. Why was I feeling fear and disdain for the anger within me that I identified as both necessary and a foreigner at the same time? The mental warfare within stirred dormant energies through the encounters with these men. One response encouraging me to move forward into the fire. While the other posed resistance that I felt like my stomach was tied in a knot, not wanting to face the shame and guilt that was being projected upon me. Both are accurate. For they depict the war of my mind. One embracing that I am this Fiery temptress with a quiet undertone. But one saying, Your words are foolish and despicable and I hear you not. Shut up, cuz I ain’t trying to hear it. Those causing me to feel shameful and guilt for speaking because I desire to keep the peace and remain friendly. Well the war of choosing what side has become tiring and is wearing on my nerves to the point of not bearing it another moment. In saying that, let’s look at the origin of these mixed emotions of power and conflict. For with power comes conflict. That which I am ready to take responsibility for and rise in the fiery presence that emanates from me. No longer will I suppress it to make another comfortable.

My growing up took place in a very hostile environment. By nature I am a peaceful quiet being for the most part. However, the hostility and anger I encountered on a daily basis for close to 2 1/2 decades on many different levels of made me feel like I was always under attack. To the point of if I didn’t pay attention and be aware of my surroundings that I was going to be over taken and destroyed in some capacity. Whether it was an onslaught of hateful verbiage or a host of ugly glares and stares. Or even in some instances physical attack. This type of constant warfare made me feel like If I just go with it maybe it’ll lessen in strength. But I was wrong. Giving into the beast did not appease it. But instead gave it strength to intensify its warfare. Soon learning that fully withdrawing and choosing to ignore was not ideal. So wisely I grew strength to stand my ground even if it meant having to square off with crazy ass unstable people around me, who were sleep in their pain,  unconscious of their effect on others. I got tired of always feeling like I was being torn down by someone’s disregarding or unpleasant ass words. It wore my soul down to the point of feeling like if I must fight to stay alive. Fight is what I will do. Self preservation.

Present day and 9 years later, I finally moved away from this hostile environment into a peaceful space mentally, physically and in my soul. But most recently the hostile interactions with those men who felt inferior to my presence and words have once again triggered the fear of constant warfare and being on guard always. And rightly so this time. See the mentality of being in a constant warfare state was created in my ancestors therefore passed through the DNA lineage. Mental warfare ensued because they had their right of expression of strength and power forcibly taken away. Because it was fearful and frightening to the ones that sought to subdue them. The old white master. And even some of our own people were masters in some form of having some position of authority to tell the ancestors what to do. Even in this day when some of us get positions, having subordinates we forget from which we descended. The womb of Our Ancestors filled with constant pain, fear and suffering. In ancestral times, it was namely that lowly weak negro who was what you call a “Kiss ass”. The one that Yes’sum boss all the time. He was the one that was placed over the Ancestors as an assistant to the old dusty crusty white master. Ain’t that some shit? Lol. Well seeing as I made this correlation. I began to move from understanding my disdain and fear of my own anger to innerstanding why I hate it or fear it to a degree that it keeps me bound and not wanting to be disliked in some ways. Although deeper within not truly caring if many like me. But the ones that are important that see my value and worth, because they see their own.

My disdain and fear of my own anger comes from the old enslaved mentality that if you show anger you will destroy everything around you. If you show anger you will be beat back into submission. If you show anger you will be told that you are being harsh, mean and rude and that you’d better get your ass back in line. If you show anger you will be told that you are out-of-order and that you will be whipped if you don’t get control of it. So in my ancestors hearing this. And me hearing this through my Father, Mother, Sibling and others. I have masterfully learned how to keep my anger in check. But this in check anger is doing me a deep disservice. One I must discontinue.

When I tell you the fire that is emerging from within won’t even allow me to do so anymore. To deny myself the right to the response of anger is no longer an option. To allow myself to remain in fear of the consequences that come with displaying this consuming yet refining fire that I possess would be of detrimental consequence to me. I can no longer sit by and deal pleasantly with those who are offended by my presence and speak to me in a way to bring me under their control because they are some how bothered by it. Fuck it! I don’t care anymore. Because the signals are clear of which I picked up from the interactions with the 6 men that I’ve dealt with recently, is that it will be praised and disliked in the same breath. The fire I represent is a healing and refining fire. And in order to elevate and raise my people up out of their shit. It’s going to be rough, harsh and mean at times and most times as of late because it’s NEEDED for the healing and ascension of the souls that have been locked up by this old white master and even by our own people.

See, we lock each other up. I felt a bit of shame and guilt when the 3 brothers responded with hostility because i was simply trying to engage in conversation to reflect a different prospective. Indicating there are many ways to see a thing, and no one way is the way. We all have a perception. But for you to despise mine and make me a fool and illogical. Oh no, Oh hell No! You just won’t do it anymore. You no longer have permission to do so. Hell I don’t give myself permission to allow you to project your fear, inferiority slave mentality complex on me anymore. I will not allow it! Because now I am aware of what the entity is that operates within these 3 brothers and so many more that I must meet someday. I will now take the Supreme authority in destroying it and dismantling the powers that have held my people in bondage in their minds and souls. I will take responsibility for speaking my truth, whether you want to hear it or not. It is my duty and responsibility to speak and No I’m not shutting up because it makes you uncomfortable. However, you have the option to cease being in my presence. But Royal REDD Peace will not remain peaceful anymore. I will not shrink in fear of my brothers or sisters handing me my ass by spouting out hatred, seeking to degrade and conquer me because I AM A DIVINE GODDESS WOMBMAN WHO CARRIES THE POWER OF LIBERATION IN HER SOUL. FUCK THAT. HELL NO! NO MORE! YOU WILL EITHER RISE UP OR WALK AWAY. I NO LONGER CARE, IT MATTERS NOT IF YOU WANT TO HEAR WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THERE ARE SOULS OUT THERE TIRED OF BEING TIRED. SICK AND TIRED OF FEELING LOW, DEPRESSED, WEIGHTED AND WEIGHED DOWN BY THEIR OWN SENSE OF WORTHLESSNESS, UNWORTHINESS. FUCK THAT! NO MORE.




Mental Asylum- I’m Coming to Get You Out!!!

Freedom Fighta. Rough Rida. Gun Toting. Gat Blasting. Kill you dead if you think about turning back. Freedom Rings!!!

Freedom Fighta. Rough Rida. Gun Toting. Gat Blasting. Kill you dead if you think about turning back. Freedom Rings!!!



Breaking free! Out the Mental Asylum. No longer will I hold my speech. Please believe me I will speak with decency, dignity and honor I will speak. Not raping anyone with my words, but to silence and kill the voices from within that have held me for so long with a strong reign. But THIS DAY, at this time, I’m arresting and exposing every lie that has been blown up in ridiculous proportion. The lies told to me and the ones I’ve told myself about me. No more. I’m letting go. Breaking out the Mental Asylum. 

Growing up I was called crazy a lot, by so-called family members. I say ‘so called’ because real fam, true fam will NOT call you crazy in a way to demean you and tear you down. Crazy like for believing something that’s far-fetched to them, yes. But not to be degrading. So what if you can’t believe it, feel it, know it, or dream it for that matter. I can and I will not be labeled crazy for knowing something bigger in me is destined to live a life greater and free from a slave mentality.  Slaves in barrels that jump up to pull you down when you are coming out. With their words. Mean hateful stares. I care not! It matters not. This is my soul that I am responsible for delivering, not Jesus or any other religious institution can do that. I myself-The Goddess who has the Divine Power of the Divine Universal Creator within will set me free. That which is within! Not without!

Crazy is as crazy does. Crazy people do crazy things. Crazy people don’t live in boxes they live outside of them. They go to places where most people would not go. They are insane with a sanity that tells them from within, you are greater than this bullshit. You are greater than the things you see happening outside of you. Your brothers and sisters being murdered by the thousands and millions without any regard. As if that shit is normal. It’s only normal because we’ve allowed that shit to become normal. But crazy mental asylum people get tired of being doped up, chained up and told to shut up. They rise up and desire to take over and bust out the straight jacket. So I’m coming out of it. I’m busting out and whatever comes up. It will come out! No apologies I make. I Am Me, Divinely. Royally and I will be free.   

See My Ancestors were beat. Yea beat. Told you better not speak. Hold it. Keep your speech. Don’t feel it. Don’t say it. Don’t think it. Don’t utter a word. Lynched, Burnt, Castration, Sold off and not a muthafucken word. Really. Hell no. No more. For them I speak. I cry loud and spare not. I hold my tongue no longer. Names changed and told you will not call your self by your Mothers name from the space which you came, but of the enslaved and old masta owner name. Shackles,Marked by the whipping of the old slave master. Weps no more will my Ancestors have in vain. I speak for them. I cry for them. My soul anguished for them.

Remaining silent for fear of what others would think of me. Silenced my words. Gag order. Made them orderly and pretty. Denying the power within to heal myself. To heal those that come from the same soul as me. My family. Black, Afrakan, Melinated Goddess/God I am. We are. I will no more hold my peace, filter and sensor my words. For it is more than me that suffers when I don’t speak. My Ancestors cry. They weep for me and weep because I don’t speak. Disappointments from them I feel. But what it really is, It’s me disappointed with me. Upset with me. Enraged, Angry and Irritated because I don’t speak. Well no more peace. Righteous and orderly with Divine Love is my speech. Has always been and remain in that vain, but I will allow what comes up to come out.

Learning to speak my true feelings and not be fake in ANY way is an escape from the Mental Asylum. See it’s all Mental. Because the psyche of my soul had been burnt, seared from who I was. But no more. I know who I am. I know who I am. I know who I am. Goddess and Divinely Royal is she! Yes, Me. Royalty. No longer slave mentality do I carry. I free myself completely from that shit. Mental slavery is for those who don’t want to be free. Mental slavery is for those who don’t have the strength to rise up and stand up for themselves. Ain’t no body gonna stand up for you. Ain’t no body gonna set you free. Someone might come to lead you out because they know the route to freedom, ask Mother Harriet Tubman, she said ” I freed a thousand slaves, I would have freed more if they only knew they were slaves”.

So I say proudly and loudly, I know what I’ve been put here on this earth for. To speak peace, to speak healing, to speak liberation and most of all speak Divine Love. But not passively and not harshly, but the right eruption of temperature will come forth. The right eruption of temperature will manifest and I will speak words of healing and liberation. No one will silence me.

And no, hell no. I will not speak softly. I will speak loudly and strong. Not loud in volume. But loud in the sense of trembling your soul! Your soul will be disturbed and moved to action when you hear my voice. Don’t count these words as shallow for they come to pierce and tear away the mental scales that cover the minds of my people. I come, Rowdy Rida. Crazy Asylum. Ready to free my people. I’m not turning back. Come and come now or stay away! I take no squatters who want a free ride. You will do the work or get left behind. No one rises to the top by sitting pretty with their hand out and asking for shit. Get up. Do it. Do the damn work and see your life change. I speak from Divine experience. My life has been flipped upside down and I can not go back even if I wanted too. So I sit here and say to you. Rise up Queen! Rise up King! Get the gat out. Get yo’ strap out. I’m a Rough Rida. Warrior. I come to split the mental wigs of the post slavery spell that still lingers in your soul. Wake the fuck up! Wake up! Your soul is calling you to order. Answer the call! Wake up!!!!!


Solo Walk



Solo. Alone. I walk alone. Solo walk. Solo means- on one’s own, single, unaccompanied. To perform or accomplish by oneself. 


Being alone or by oneself at times can be tiring and burdensome. The longing for human communication is a delight with the right individual that is. Being solo or alone is something that some wish they could avoid. But it is something we all face at some time in our life. We came into the world as such and will leave as such. Solo. And along different parts of our earth journey we walk solo. Alone. Even though you may have outside support from loved ones and fans perhaps. You still journey alone. 

In this new season  that I am embarking I find myself in some ways feeling alone. Feeling in fact unable to communicate or share my most deepest desires with anyone outside. So I simply keep them silent. I journal and correspond with my ancestors in detail, about this new journey of my Divine soul. They allow me to know that no matter what I feel they are present. And yes, although I walk solo,they are never absent and are always present with me. Solo meaning one absent of another. You will learn so much on this path. When you have those outside of you that sit by and watch, they have no clue of the secret life that you live from within.  Only those intimately connected to me know something new is birthing. But What is the question. What is this new being that is being ushered into the earth plane? From the celestial and cosmic atmosphere a Nubian Queen’s presence is ushered in. That all those who anxiously stand-by with tense stares and glances may witness the birth of this Nubian.

As she unfolds unbeknowing to herself. There are new powers forming within that she has always carried. Pre-birth. But she didn’t have access to them. She wasn’t aware of how to unlock them. Now that she is awakening at a greater and alarming rate the words “access granted” she has heard. As she grows and grows, extending her reach she comes forth into a new space. A new dimension of herself, never witnessed before. By her, nor others. It is a pure delight to see what the finished end shall be. For it will be a dynamic one. One that has been spoken of before she was physically clothed in this flesh, for I am one who knows I have always existed. Just as the universe. I have always been. So the new image, new dimensions, and new reflections of Royal Redd are sure to be spectacular and I welcome them with open arms. I await her presence to be presented to all that will receive her.

All Hail, Her Royal Highness- Royal Redd Peace.


The Art of Sacrifice



DF322SacrificeSacrifice to give up, release, let go possession, crucify, put to death. 

Intently I sense the season for many things which benefited are come to end. She calls. I answer. Sacrifice. 

I sacrifice the need for the presence of another to validate my beauty that I already know. I sacrifice the need for the testaments of praise from those outside. However, not saying they are not accepted and appreciated. They greatly are. I am no longer a slave to the praises that flow from without. I’ve lost interest. No longer interested.  Instead I am bond to the calls of My Ba (soul-Kemet) to rise higher. To move on to My Ba’s destined evolution. I sacrifice the need to see the like button pushed. Although excited when it is. I know it’s an outer stimuli of what my Ba has energetically released. A response that is sure to come. Because I know that my Ba is sure of it’s mission. Therefore I Am the vessel for execution. I sacrifice the bridle of a horses mouth, now allowing my Ba’s mysteries and secrets to pour forth freely. Sending Deep Sacred healing to those who hear her voice. An attuned ear is needed for she speaks enigma laced mysteries coded, calling for their antennas to switch the station. Rising up to higher dimensions to receive translation. With the calling of sacrifice I release the need to preoccupy myself with what the Ba speaks, instead allowing it be. Peace. Lastly, I sacrifice the wondering of if my beauty is seen, for I see. I see her inner delicate sweets. Therefore, I AM seen. By inner reflection I send forth Spirits frequency to feel the vibration of those that are on the plane of ascension. I sacrifice all that no longer serves me to my Highest glory and Divine Essence. For My Ba calls me to a new definition and dimension of her existence. I answer the call. I accept it’s outpouring of sacred messages. 

Embarking a new phase of my Ba’s evolution. I surrender and let go of the need for outside acceptance in a greater way. Instead intently focus on what the inner Ba speaks. To share the beauty of her with the world is what creates my joy. The imparting of energetic bonds formed with those whose inner song resonates with the beat of my words. I enjoy that warmth of The Art of Sacrifice. For it pushes me to move beyond the shallow side of my human self inquiring for others to co-sign with my Divinity. I am Divine because I derive from a Universal infallible source of wealth, mysteries and secrets of Esoteric shine. So I allow The Art of Sacrifice to paint its abstract scene through this vessel of peace, strength and love. I share All that I am. For I am a soul of mountainous worth. Value beyond that which I yet fully come to know.

The portal of Ba is open to share the messages of bountiful bliss. To increase thine own mindful awareness of why I exist. To Heal thyself, To Know thyself, To Love thyself with a deeper longing. So I thank Sacrifice, for there is no pain in giving up the desire for others to see my shine. Because really in all actuality. The Sacred habitat that I am can not be mistaken. For I dwell in the presence of Excellence. Therefore I exude its presence. Always in greater portion. It is excels all that I once was in past times. I am a newly awakening being in deeper and greater measures. I allow My Ba to speak to those that will hear. Hear the soul of the Royal Healer. As she heals, you will definitely see a larger and greater spark of hidden mysteries surface to the light to be felt, seen and heard by the masses. Ase’-Namaste’

Let Go.. Let Vulnerability Enter ….


Vulnerability means letting Go….
It means knowing that you have the right to feel the way you do and be your most authentic self in doing so.

Vulnerability also means knowing when to let the emotion go and release it to soar; bringing you freedom from anything the emotion brought that is no longer beneficial. 

Release it.  Let it be free.


Now speaking from a tender space, Royal Redd Peace is familiar with the workings of letting go of pain memories of the past.  I am clear it’s sometimes a difficult task to let go of the memory of pain because see you have gotten so used to the pain, that you sometimes find pleasure lingering there.

This pleasure no more than undermines your power to rise and stand in the strength of your Beautiful Divine Self.  Digression for Progression is necessary at times. In that digression remind yourself that you are not a victim but victorious when you arise to whatever is presented you. Boldness, Courage and Bravery are needed, and they all lie inside of you. Smile.

Be mindful lingering pains cause ones perception to be distorted and not clear. For pain blocks your vision to see what is the underlying cause of your unrest. Breathe. Exhale.

Now when the very thing that you thought was healed is somehow triggered by an encounter with a person (place, thing or situation) bringing the pain memory to surface; Well My Beloved it is safe to say that this is still an area yet healing.  This area is still being redeveloped. Your muscles are gaining strength. Keep exercising them by allowing the pain memories to rise to the top so that you can work through them and heal. 

So as I always say Allow those pain memories to rise up but not take a seat.  Allow these thoughts,  emotions and uncomfortable body sensations to manifest.  And as you work through them being honest with yourself about how you feel, well you will see that all is well and you’re growing more stronger in yourself.  In fact that your healing is miraculously happening before your eyes without you being fully conscious because you’re allowing the feeling of the pain to block the fact that you are actually moving through it and not sitting in it.

Instead of allowing the pain to block your progress by feeling so awful about it as if these emotions shouldn’t be arising, allow yourself to feel what you feel. Release the need to punish yourself for having these feelings. Release the need to suppress or stop them from coming up, for these pain memories are toxins working against your healing. Release them in Peace and Love and Let them Go. You are no longer the owner or victim of these pain memories. Let Go. All is beautifully well. Breathe. 

Release the right to remember the pain as a haunting experience. But instead one that is reflective of where you have grown too.  Insightful of where you have come from now reflecting boldness and beauty for how the wounds of the past have been washed, cleansed and healed. A scar of reminder is left pointing to the rites of passage that you have come through, overcome and now stand in beauty of the testament, “That which doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”. And I add, That which killed or crucified the pain memories of an enslaved mind which was once clothed in pain is now clothed in Divine Love. Divine Love reflecting and rejoicing in joy and peace.

I release Divine Love, Divine Joy and Divine Peace to all who have read this.
Ase’ – Namaste’. In my own words: You have the power within to create the vision you house. And I honor and bow to the Divine in you. In turn I honor and bow to the Divine in me. Ashe’

Love you All Divinely,
Royal Redd

The Birthing of Vulnerability – My Birthright….

The Birthing of Vulnerability – My Birthright….

As I travel on my journey. I am brought to this place often. Vulnerability. I honestly am starting to get comfortable with this new-found friend, One I once thought was a sign of weakness. This programming  is being dismantled. The frames of the mind that were brought over from my loving Ancestral Blood lines, are hard to release at times. But present day, I find myself in a space of deep release. Deep awakening from the spells that held my eyes shut for so long. The spells and curses spoken upon my Ancestral Bloodline that I carried for so long, lose their power NOW. This day. No More. And I awaken and began to take hold of my Divine Blood line Ancestral Wealth.

Now knowing My beautiful Ancestors were forced into submission with the whips of oppression that said they couldn’t show any sign of strength. For their very presence made the oppressor feel vulnerability. So that which they felt was projected back upon the Ancestor, because the very sight of them screamed Power and Authority. Their Blackness oozed it. How could they DENY themselves their birth right of showing their Queenly and Kingly dimensions in a way that is just innate? Beat into submission.

As my mind awakenings from the spells more and more, I see. Yes. I see for the first time how some of the strongholds on the psyche are meshed so deep within they pervert that which was to protect you and twist them to harm you. Control was the old masters delicacy, plotting the demise. Genocidal intentions. No more. Awaken.  Allow it be so no more. For some still sleep, but the old master is no longer in control of your body. But the old thought patterns still haunt you and lurk in the dark places. The hidden shadows. Every now and again you see them poke their head out and rear their ugly face and go back into hiding.

But NOW, I say, no longer allow them to recede into the darkness of your mind. Go in the shadow spaces allowing yourself to feel and embrace the vulnerability. When you feel the urge to fight to stay in control and press down the very thing you know needs to come up, because it makes your skin crawl and scream. Vulnerability. Allow it to unfold. Cover yourself in the sacred space of your safe haven and go within and have the experience of Vulnerability. Shroud  yourself with humility, because when you are able to be vulnerable with your own Divine self which is already made Beautiful, Perfect and Whole, Complete in the Divine Orchestrator of All Things. Well Darling, Divine things emerge from DARK, OBSCURE Spaces that you have been desiring to manifest for ions. NOW, is the time to release the control. Surrender and let it take its course. The outcome will be Beautifully Divine.

Release the need to fight the vulnerable space. Release the need to defy it. Release the need to fight it with your egotistical need for controlling everything around you. Release, Resist and cease to hold onto old, stale and lifeless things that no longer bring you Joy. Release them. Be at Peace.

Vulnerability is labeled to be such a frightening thing. However, when you really dissect it, maybe the old oppressor knew the way to having a beautiful divine life was to feel. To release fear. To release the need to control. But instead they chose to subdue and project their fears upon my beautiful Ancestors. Perhaps they knew to have feelings is to strike the passion cord of ones heart, soul and spirit to manifest the beauty that lied within them and lies within us.  To feel. To be vulnerable is to show the spiritual essence of love, for when you can empathize for  and with another hurting soul it is truly being open to feel your deepest most hidden truths about yourself. Unknowingly we are all interconnected even with this old master, representing how we bring ourselves under control and self sabotage. We hold on so tightly to things, people and places in our lives so that they appear, behave or become as we desire with no concern of it serves the higher of all involved. Control.

Release the need to fight with the thoughts in your mind that tell you that you are inferior, less than, can’t do it, won’t do it. Instead speak to the thing that says you are not, Bringing it into Divine alignment by going within that shadow space bringing the light of love; revealing and healing those things that you were once unconscious too. Release them from the prison of your shadows and allow them to unfold that you may receive the beauty they hold.

Our Ancestral Queens and Kings experienced merciless and most horrendous terrorist acts upon their humanity. But their spirits live on through us. Heal them and release them peacefully that they may soar and live through you. The Ancestors speak to us that the very essence of ourselves lies in the dark places. So in order to know this, behold this, be one with this. You MUST, MUST, MUST, go into the space of darkness. Shadows of vulnerability cast love, encourage and strength upon you. Shrouding you and clothing you in Grace Divine for the journey ahead. Ase’

Love 2 Thee All,

Royal Redd Peace

Fire Power Emergence


Audacious Greetings Beloveds

Out of the FIRE Shall Ye Emerge With Power…. Ponder this….


Let me say, You shall not be endued or connected to your Divine Power without there being a transitional Fire.

Without there being a Transitional Fire there shall be no igniting of your Divine Weapons and Power.
Transitional Fires are transformative. Bringing a new light to the hidden self. The self yet undiscovered. The dynamic powerful being that was created before the foundations of this plane called Earth.
Beautiful and Divine is She-Mother Earth, Mother Gaia.
She holds all of the secrets, mysteries, desires of the soul/spirit. They dwell in her.
Walk upon her. Sit upon her. Dig into her with your hands allow her to be encrusted into your very nature. Eat the plentiful beauty of her landscape (herbs, fruits, veggies).
Be ONE with her. Be ONE with her. Be ONE with her.
She is your pathway to the emergence of this FIRE transition.
Fire burns. Fire purges. Fire destroys the things, places, persons (not actual person-but the presence of the low matter frequency), in your cypher.
Destructive fire is not a terrible thing. But a healing thing.
Some places on this continent have seasonal fire burnings to burn away old energy (Fires in Southern California)
The occupants of these spaces know what to expect at a certain space of time.
So preparation is Divinely key for survival.

Now go with me, Beloveds, allow not the fire to place fear of what might be lost. Allow ALL that is burned away to go. Release it. Do not try to hold onto anything that you want to go into your next season. It may not fit. It may not be welcome. It may have expired and begin to stink and take on a very ugly presence which was once beautiful. Allow it to die. Release it. Death is not a dark and terrible thing. We’ve been told far too many ugly, heinous things about the Dark. Now, in the death of a season or thing in your life there is darkness. But in the darkness/shadows there the Fire emergence becomes. Crystal Clear. Allow it to emerge. Allow it to Free thee. Heal thee. Be with thee.
Fire, Fire, Fire, allow it to emerge. Fire emerge. Emerge. Emerge.
Yes. It is at Rest. Rest in this purging. Rest in this uncomfortable spot for awhile then Transforming begins.
Beautiful Ancient Entities began to emerge. Rest Here. No matter the uncomfortableness. Let it BE.
Allow them. Although they look strange. Allow them to look as they will. Unfamiliar.
But Divinely so, you are reconnecting. Re-experiencing  and Re-defining that which you have been in past lives.
However, This time to a Greater and More Adorned glory. Be. Be. Be.