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General Oracle Soul Coaching Readings that provide insight into what may potentially arise during your week. These are General Insights that may apply to some but not all.

2.20-2.26 General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading/Cease Imprisoning Thy Self,Positive Changes Coming, Greater & Deeper Change


Greetings & Namaste’ Beloveds, This is your General Oracle Soul Reading for the week. Beautiful Messages we have this week. I hope that they resonate with you. Please remain open. You never know what Source may Speak. If you desire a Private Reading, details are noted at the end of this reading. Thank you for your presence. In-Joy! Let’s Go! 


The Number Vibration for this week is 8. I love the number 8 for it’s infinite (infinity) wisdom. Inner wisdom is calling you to come higher this week. You have to learn to trust yourself in yet a deeper way beloved. You know what you see, You know what you hear, You know what you feel and sense. They are real to you. Your Senses are Real, Do not ignore them or dismiss. Develop a deeper insight and deeper Self Confidence of thine self. Encourage yourself to rise up and take bolder steps into finding out Who this beautiful Divine Being  is that be YOU. Engage with those who encourage you to do the same. None of those lame low vibrating entities or beings who insist that you do not know no more than you do. Resonation of Executive Ability and charge over large financial matters are manifesting in your life. You are becoming more sensitive and wise as how to guide your financial matters like the CEO and Head Ruler and Divine Master that you are. Remember YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN AFFAIRS. No one else is. Even if you delegate certain things out, you are still in charge. This is a laying of new foundation for you and your family. Do it with a mind to look into the future of what you might like to create. Ase’ Love 2 thee. 

8-Trapped in Fear (Mental)

You are the only one who can set You Free. Free Your Self From Mental Imprisonment…

Beloved Darling, you know very well you are the ONLY one who has power to control what’s going on within your head. What’s going on within your head beloved that you feel trapped and feel you can’t find a resolution to what looms over you in your shadows? Your shadows are illuminating a mental warfare and pain that you have struggled with for a long time. I feel that it may not be your own struggle but that one of your Ancestral line that was passed to you through DNA. Whatever it may be sweethearted darling it’s manifesting in your psyche for you to acknowledge, embrace and deal with, so that you may release it and Let it go to transmute into Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Strength.

Beloved, the things you view as set backs are actually set ups for you to come into All you’ve been wanting, asking for and what your heart longs for. Engage the shadows without fear, because fear is an illusion. Whatever distortions your shadows project as truth are just that, Distortions of truth. Do not allow these things which your mind tries to dictate as truth actually resonate as truth. Because you feel somewhere deeply within your soul that these things that you allow to trouble you mentally are not in fact true. Your dilemma is how to let them go and move away from the troubling of your soul. 

Beloved, as you sit still in quiet peace and meditation, It will All become clear as to what you must do to exit and leave this space of torture which you have created in your mind. Unnecessary turmoil is what I hear. Release it. Let it be free, that it may become the Phoenix Rising from the ashes moment. A Resurrection of your Divine Mental Power I hear. Meaning you are coming into thinking as More Supreme Being. The God/Goddess in Physical Form.

Because Beloved, You are indeed Supreme. You are Powerful in Mind, Presence and Essence. Divine Source along with your Ancestors have gifted you with such beautiful treasures to bestow upon the people of this earth. And guess what? They are waiting for you to show up and shine brightly for them and before them. You are Source approved. You come Highly recommended by the Ancestral spirits which seek to guide you even deeper on your path. Open your heart beloved, leave this fear behind and find a higher path. A Higher Plane of Consciousness. Awaken to a Greater and More Powerful you in the midst of this imprisonment. Break Free. You have the ability to free yourself and make Great things out of nothing. As the Magical Magician within you reflects Divine guidance through sources unknown which come to you to show you the way which is unfamiliar to you. Go with it. Use wisdom and allow your intuition to lead you. 

8- Positive Movement Forward (Physical & Material) 

Prepare for your exit of the old world of not having what you want…. 

Beloved,  Open up to all possibilities of Material again in the physical world. Beloved, you have done so, so, soooooo much work on yourself. So much healing you have done to bring you to this place that you currently are. You may sometimes become frustrated with your situation as for material gain. Possibly feeling like you haven’t been able to achieve all that you feel you should have or want to have for yourself and your loved ones. You know what? It’s ok. Just hold on, there are ships coming in with goods, treasures and all type of beautiful things that have been chosen just for you. Like your pirates booty treasures if you will say. These things have been rescued from the impoverished, broken, low and lacking mentality you once held. You once felt like you didn’t deserve to have nice things or to be able to enjoy them while you were here on this earth was selfish because there are others whom go without. Well you now have developed a new sense of insight and Great Self Love which says that you do indeed deserve to have things without guilt. These new earthly treasures will  not own you or master you,but you will instead enjoy them and share them liberally with those whom you choose. Be wise in doing so. For you are entering a VERY, FRUITFUL AND PLENTIFUL phase of your life. In all areas. Including your Personal Love relationships. Be Open! Be Prepared.

Beloved, please know that it is not your responsibility to make sure all and everyone around you is ok. Only those in your tribe or camp are those you are responsible for giving care. Beloved, do not try to carry the burden of the world.It is not yours. You are Divine Healing vessel who has come with a certain mission and responsibility to fulfill upon this earth. Do not get distracted or dis-focused with those entities that may come into your space which haven’t put in the work or time to get what you have coming to you. You have ALOT coming to you in material and physical measure. Money, Finances and Abundance are yours. There is much coming beloved. Get ready. Prepare your mind for the ship that is docking shortly JUST FOR YOU. For you and yours alone. When this ship arrives make sure you do not sink in guilt for having so many beautiful treasures given to you. You are truly deserving. And most of All this is your Divine Birthright! For those who do the Self Healing work will receive in Due time their Earthly pleasures to reap in bountiful measure because that which you make space for within will soon one day manifest in the natural. From Femifestation (inner-dark-hidden-unknown) will soon become Manifestation (tangible-seen-physical). Set your heart and mind that you will not feel bad or wrong for wanting or having these things. That you may In-Joy them. Ase’- Namaste’

10-Destiny (Wheel of Fortune)

The Wheel is moving in your favor, Be careful of the those you bring near…

The Wheel of Fortune according to the Tarot is calling you into your Destiny. The Destiny you have worked so hard to embrace and lay hold of . Do not get tired or weary you’re at last almost there. Approaching the docking shores or finish line if you will.  The time to receive what you have planted, tilled, watered, nourished and taken care of for so long is finally starting to show its presence above ground. It is no longer going to be hidden as to who you are and what your purpose on this plane is. You must be ready to accept all of the accolades which shall come. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in what people say for these things change. But remain grounded. As the Wheel turns and stops on that unknown spot, draw closer to yourself in humility and allow yourself to be honored by those who will recognize your worth and value by purchasing the many services you have to offer. You are worthy  of being paid for your services. Set reasonable prices and do not be afraid to ask for more if you feel the need to do so. Your gifts will be honored but you have to speak what you want. The sky is NOT the limit. It’s BEYOND the SKY! There are NO LIMITS. Ask Freely, but be wise. Be willing to assist and be compassionate and giving to those who can not make the energy exchange you ask for but there must be an exchange. So make it one they can afford. There is nothing wrong with working with those who feel need it. Go forth.

 There is much in your heart that you desire to share with the world. Do not allow these visions and dreams which have been hidden in your heart and soul to not be shared. Open up and share for the so-called or perceived “rejections” you may have received in the past and the ones you may think you will receive are not real. It is only real if you make it so. Remember you create your own Destiny . You are the Captain of your ship. The way you see will manifest the things that you want and desire. Your perception will also manifest the things you do not necessarily want. Be careful with those ” I do not want…” statements. Instead Beloved, turn them into I want. “I desire”,”I shall have”, “It is my Hearts desire”. Turn them into declarations of Truth, Peace, and Harmony of your Heart Praises. For your heart longs to experience such deep love and gratitude for the beautiful, beautiful gifts you long to share. Allow your heart to receive what it desires as the Wheel of Fortune turns in your favor. Ase’ Namaste’.

Also, one last word of caution: Be mindful of those who you draw close to in this time. Along with those who you allow to speak words of knowledge and wisdom into your life at this time.It may not be that they intentionally seek to misdirect you but there are energies around that may not be as friendly as they seem to be. Be Wise, Be Cautious. But Most of All Be Open to the Move of the Wheel as it turns in your favor. Ase’, Ase’ Hotep. 

Beloved, this has been your General Reading for the week. I hope you have received encouragement, strength and courage to rise up and live and walk at a Higher Consciousness than before. All that your heart desires is yours for the having. It’s your Birth right. Open your heart to receive and allow. Ase’ If you would like to schedule a Private Reading with me. Please visit: or Email me @: I look forward to serving you. Much, Much, Much Love 2 thee- Royal Redd 



2.13 -2.19 General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading/Seeing The Bigger Picture Once Again, Return 2 Simple Things, Shed Old Things, *Bonus-Instinctual Knowings


Greetings & Namaste’ 

This is your General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading for this week. I hope that the Messages of Divine Source shall resonate with you. Be Open. Remain Open. You never know what surprises you are may receive. The words you are needing to hear may just a couple of words away. (smiling). If you should need a Personal Reading, details are will be located at the end of this reading. Gracious Thanks! In-Joy! Let’s Go!!!! 


Forest – Breath

Seeing The Bigger Picture Once Again

Namaste’ Beloved, the Oracle is indicating that you may be heavily feeling the energetic atmospheric shifts lately. And they have been heavy and overwhelming to your mind and body lately. It could be due to your own personal shifts or of those in your space. It’s Understood Beloved that things can get thick and heavy at times especially when you are transforming into something more beautiful. And rising from one height or dimension to another. Whatever the case, you must shift your eyes to the Bigger Picture. 

Step back and take as many deep breaths needed to recenter yourself. Over this last week some things may have taken place which threw you off-center. It happens. In order to step back to regain  balance so that you realign all parts of you. Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Soul. 

Your Breath has become shallow and tight in your chest. Therefore it’s slow,short, tense, anxious and somewhat forced coming out. Signs of an acute anxiety episode. Pause and Stop.

 Perhaps you are needing sometime  to sit quiet and do nothing but several rounds of breathing.  These Body shifts could be due to recent changes of responsibility, meaning more has been added to your day-to-day routine.  If this so, you must learn to take slow steps,  breath slowly and place purposeful and mindful attention on each task. Everything must be done at a slower rate.  No hurrying Beloved. Slow your pace. Release the need to do several things at a time which lead to anxiety episodes. 

 When you can’t see the Forest which represents All that your beautiful changing life has to offer, the Greatness unfolding, the Bigger picture. Well ones Breath becomes restricted,  short and not full.  Indicating factors are shortness in response and possible moody attitudes.  When you sense your body tensing and tightening Beloved stop what’s going on and shift your awareness to your breathing and check in with your body because it’s letting you know something is out of tune. It’s almost as if I feel you may have been emotionally upset to a high level and you didn’t take time to recover correctly. Because your body has become accustomed to taking on high stressful and emotional impacts. Now your body is reflecting anxiety through short and tight breath. Stop at once. You must Stop and regain focus.

 Rebalance, Refresh and Restart.  Find your Balance Beloved. Return to your Breath.  Your Life Force needs to be shifted to see the newness unfolding. Allow it to be so. Fall back,Slow down and catch your Breath.  Breathe deeply and Mindfully do one thing at a time. New habits take time to create so in order to release your breath from being held hostage in the anxiety of what you experienced.  Stop and Give yourself the Personal time needed.  It will be of great benefit to you. 

Shift Consciousness.  Rise above all the Trees so you may see the Big Picture once again. Things are rapidly changing for you. You must regain balance by slowing down your physical responses and actions so you may keep up. Create a Breathing ritual so that you may return to relaxing and having fun. Have fun. Shift your mind to thoughts of Fun in what you are doing instead of I don’t have time and I gotta hurry up. Beloved there is more than enough time to do what is needed if you slow down your pace.  You will then see what you Must do and what can wait.  Ase’

Childhood – Innocence

Return to The Simple Sweet Things of Life…

Beloved, Laugh more.  Play more. Make your day-to-day duties fun. In- Joy.  Allow your heart and mind spaces to be filled with joy and laughter. Find the simplicity in the things you Must do and the things you choose to do. Even in the most mundane and repetitive actions there is something of joy to be found.  

Your inner child is calling you to reshape all things which have caused you to feel stressed out and imbalanced. These type of stressors may have begun in your childhood at a time when you were made to take responsibility for things that were not for you to do. This could be the cause of your lack luster feelings toward doing certain adult hood tasks. It’s totally understandable.  When we are made to take on adult responsibilities in our childhood, it makes us dread taking on those same responsibilities in our adulthood.  I am sensing this may be the case for you in some of your  day-to-day task.  Your attitude may be stale, dry and dull towards certain aspects of your adult hood responsibility.  This is understandable Beloved, but in order to develop a better attitude and outlook on your adult hood responsibilities you must allow your inner child to guide you in reframing and healing those experiences, that you may regain the joy and simplicity which your beautiful life has to offer. 

 I feel you may have a bit difficulty attending to certain tasks you must attend to. If this be the case give yourself permission to experience and feel this anger and resentment working to the root of the pain to release and find peace and joy in the tasks ahead.  For it is your birth right to have joyful and peaceful interactions with the people, places and things you are responsible for giving care. Take the time to go within and heal yourself, allowing your inner child to give you gifts of joy and laughter in the day-to-day Adult tasks you must perform. That you may return to relaxing and having fun. Ase’- Namaste’

DNA- Karma 

Releasing Old Habits to create more Healthy suited ones for Higher Ascension

Beloved you will always be releasing, transforming and reshaping who you are. This means that core and root perceptions which no longer serve you nor are prevalent shall be up rooted. This is part of your evolution process which you must allow your Mind Perception to be Debugged of any old baggage and luggage of your Ancestral roots. 

DNA is the cellular structure of your being which makes you uniquely you. In that DNA you know there are certain programming mindsets and perceptions which have trickled down from your Ancestry to become imbedded deeply in your present way of being.  These programmed attitudes come through in Karma or Consequences of actions. Or the reaping from sowing. Even though you were not the one taking the action you are the recipient of uncleared Karma – Generational Curses by cellular inception, which you are now responsible for clearing. Not fair. Yea I know.  But life is not about fairness.  It’s about gaining and exemplifying Justice, Healing, Order and Law in the your Life. Maat. Through the healing of yourself you can regain all that was taken or displaced by the Ancestral Karma you inherited. 

I currently feel some things may be surfacing which have been deeply imbedded regarding your way of viewing your role and responsibilities in this plane. As for your Calling, Mission and Space of Ruling Domain and Sphere of Influence. This is the place you are supposed to occupy and demonstrate dominion. These surfacing mindsets have made it hard and difficult for you to take responsibility for inhabiting and standing in your ordained and called sphere of Power and influence.I feel a previous Ancestors may have had difficulty in establishing a strong sphere of influence for change and betterment of themselves and the lives of others in their tribe and community. But guess what? You are the game changing piece. It’s NOW trickled down to you for you to heal it and take ownership of the Divine space you occupy for your self and Ancestor lineage to be free to exercise their dominion in this earth. 

Take this as a Great honor Beloved for it is.  You shall be and are already triumphant as you choose to move through and heal any mindsets of stagnation which cause you to not want to experience Higher realms of Responsible Conscious thinking that you may be the Bright Star who lights the path for All who are seeking Higher ground. Ase’-Namaste’ – Hotep (Divine Blessings)

Bonus: Wolf-Instincts

Follow your Ancient Knowing.  Follow Your Divine nature

As you behaved in the times past as an Ancient primordial force you must return to this essence of you Beloved.  You must learn to hear it and heed it.  

The Wolf is a pack animal which believes in being loyal to those they call family.  Since this is the case you are being called to a higher level of inner discipline that you may be a sound and balanced guiding light for those who will seek guidance.  You must become much more deeply involved and loyal to your own personal views and convictions. 

Be clear and grounded in who you are as the Divine  Feminine or Divine Masculine.  Do not give into the pressure of the opposite sex which may not perceive nor understand you where you are headed or even themselves for that matter. Do not allow another’s perception to become yours. You May integrate pieces of their knowledge in your frame of truths ,But Do not Give Anyone Permission To steal or hijack your Perception of truth. Do not give your power away. Do not give into this old way of being which made you submit to those who were not fit or worthy of your submission. Giving your powerful essence away,  giving away your right to see as you do will only cause you to be resentful, irritated and angry towards another who is not consciously aware of their power of influence.

 As a pack leader you must remember to Balance the receiving of suggestions and the integration of others thoughts and opinions. They are important but  not necessary always. Suggestions are fine.  But no one’s opinions, truth and perceptions are Absolute and Final in your space. Only yours!!!

You must make sure as rising Pack leader that you do not allow yourself to fall into this pit becoming a guide or leader who can not hear and possibly integrate an idea or thought of another’s truth which may help you guide better. But I caution you there will be many who come  consciously and unconsciously aware with intention to lead a stray. Remember the Wolf is a presence of Alpha leadership. In this powerful presence know you do not have the right to dominate anyone and force them to see what you see, nor do you have the obligatory to bow according to the way another sees. Stand your ground Alpha pack leader. Follow and Heed your Ancient Instincts.  Regain, Recover and Rebalance your nature essence of what it looks like for a Divine Alpha Goddess or Divine Alpha God to lead in the WAY YOU DO. Not the way someone else thinks or suggests you should.  Stand Your Ground Alpha leader and be seen for the power force you are.  Ase’ – Namaste’ 

Thank You for your support.  I hope that you have received some messages which you find helpful for your journey growth. For a Personal Reading please visit: Or 

Gracious Thanks – Royal Redd

2.6-2.12 General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading…Crown Chakra, Sun Goddess & Balance


Greetings Beloveds, This week I am using the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck. I will be do the Numerology so that you may see the attributes behind the Total Sum are vibrating with the Divine Messages coming to you. Be mindful that All parts of the message may not resonate with thee. However, remain open to hear what small bit may come through. In that, if you require further insight, Please see the end of the reading for how you may contact me for your own Personal Reading. Well Darlings, Let’s get into it! Ciao! 


Let’s begin with the Vibrational Number for this week. 7. Yes! Remember this is the Total sum of ALL NUMBERS: 2+6=8/3+3=6/2+9=11, 1+1=2. : [8+6]+2=14+2=16 1+6=7. Now, Let’s see what’ 7 has to say to us this week. You are going through some rapid Spiritual development– in some areas you felt like you should be farther along in. Growth spurts. Have fun! You’ve been or are starting to get deeper nudges from your Intuition, that Inner Knowing. You are actually becoming more sensitive to your body feelings. Listen to them. They are directing you. Don’t dismiss them nonchalantly. Allow your body feelings bring you into a Higher Spiritual Enlightenment. Higher Spiritual Awakening & Spiritual Awareness. Ase’ (So Be It) There you have it. Let’s In-joy your weekly Reading. Ase’ (So Be IT) 


I know I am part of Source and my life is guided by Divine Wisdom

Beloveds,  we know that our Crown Chakra is at the top of our head. It is the portal door and gateway to the Universal Consciousness & Divine Intelligence that you embody more and more as you travel and venture upon the Earth plane. You reflect the Divine Source who is the magic within you which causes you to create greatness. Your Crown Chakra wants to remind you of these things this week. You must know even more deeply that you are a part of a Divine Universal Source which is never rendered depleted. This Divine Source is Limitless and you embody the essence of a limitless being. Remind yourself of this daily during the week. And continuing forward. You are Greatly Awakening to your gifts even more this week. As mentioned in our Number Vibration, 7 embodies accelerated Spiritual Awakening. You are going through a rapid acceleration in your Spiritual development this week. You are beginning to see things which you never saw before. Things which you never thought you’d uncover the mystery. You are starting to uncover long time hidden mysteries which had been in your focus once before but you dismissed them puzzling. For you hadn’t divinely aligned to the place of needing this information. But Now you have. So open yourself to even greater Spiritual Enlightenment which your crown chakra desires to release unto you. Ase’ 


I celebrate each sunrise and recognize the healing energies of the sun. 

Ancient Wisdom comes to you this week through the Sun Goddess. She depicts Aset or Isis with the 2 calf horns and sun disc upon your head. This is the very fire which she receives her vitality. According to Sun God-Ra. The warm fierceness of the sun purges and purifies any toxins which still linger and are keeping you from seeing the Sun within shining brightly and more radiantly as the time goes on. As you celebrate the beauty of your radiant life, you will know there are NO limits to how bright your Radiance shall reflect. You no longer live in a box. You are standing freely outside of restrictive forces in your mind which painted illusions to appear as if you were being held back. You are not being restrained any longer by the former programming. You have been given a new perception, along with boldness and courageous faith.

This is a great time Goddess to do healing of your Sacral  & Solar Plexus Chakras as the Oracle is orange and vibrant as your Sacral, along with the Sun Goddess representing your Solar Plexus which is receiving vitality and healing from Sun entity which causes All things upon Mother Earth to thrive and be made more healthy as they receive it. So, Beloved take the time to allow anything and everything which no longer benefits you to your highest in your Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras to be purged. As you do I sense that you will receive more independence and freedom to soar higher into the newness which is calling you forth.

As the Dragon takes flight it is a representation of the fire and power of your Kundalini rising in its vibration and frequency, aligning with a greater power and balance. It is said the Dragon is your rock when you feel vulnerable, shaken in your self or unclear on your next step. The dragon is known to be able to balance in all types of elemental atmospheres (Rain (water), Fire, Wind & Earth) Ase’. Along with the ability to be a grounding force for you in transition from one elemental force to the next. Dragon is also known for: Power, Mystery, Success, Prosperity, Abundance, Good Luck, Fortune. Allow these attributes to be ingrained into your being as your transition to Higher excellence. Ase’ (So be it) 


I understand and embrace the opposing forces in life that bring about balance.

Darlings, while you may be feeling some struggle to balance in certain areas of your life. As the message says to have Understanding and Embrace these opposing forces bring about balance in your life. It is key that you do not fight or find yourself in a resistant tug of war with your duality. You are light and shadows. You are 2 forces which complement each other. They are one force operating in 2 different dispensations. One will not be like the other and the other will not be like it’s counterpart. But it will. Lol! The 2 can not be separated Beloved. When we try to separate one as being greater than the other or possibly one being less than the other, we encounter resistance and friction.  It’s as if you are saying to a portion of you, “Hey you need to be more like this side” When this is not possible. Your light is light for a reason. It is as the Sun which radiates in your Darkness to show the way. As the Sun lights or warms the Moon with its hot surface. As the Yang is Hot. This is the purpose of the Light (sun). The Masculine. The Logic portion of you. The mind if you will come to assemble directions to guide you by its Light in the Dark spaces. Embrace. It’s the Illumination of you. The Divine Awareness which must come through the Shadows in order to be seen. Light is not seen or reflected in Light. It’s only reflected in Darkness. 

Just as the Light is beautiful, The Darkness is Beautiful as it Is. It doesn’t need to become Light, for it is the FEMIFESTATION- of All that Exists (intangible and tangible). All that you see in the material world once was hidden in the obscurity of Darkness. Darkness is your friend not your enemy. There is nothing against you unless you perceive it as such. Darkness is the cold of Yin which is the wet source water which provides inner nourishment to keep all of our organs operating properly. Yin is water which flushes our bodies of toxins and poisons. Yin is the water we bathe in to cleanse our bodies as the amniotic sac we were enclosed in within our mothers womb for safety and sterility from any foreign bodies which try to harm the precious cargo Mother had on board. Lovely.

So Beloved, work even deeper this week to embrace both sides of your beauty. For they are both needed to bring a most harmonious balance and grace in your life. You need this in order to thrive and ascend even higher in the clarity and Consciousness of you.

Our Zebra animal spirit brings the gifts of Clarity and Memory. You are becoming much more clear on situations that have presented themselves in a certain way. You are gaining insight into the why behind the situation. Along with clarity, your memory is being purged and cleansed as certain old programming resurfaces for you to a look at. This week, You may catch glimpses of your self behaving like someone who once held a heavy influence in your life (parent, grandparent old friend, or acquaintance, etc). This is ok. Allow yourself to play this role for your acting is bringing much-needed clarity as to why you experienced certain situations as you did in your up bringing.

The mystical magic presence of the Zebra is propelling you forward in finding a much-needed BALANCE between your Primal/Primordial Instinctual nature and Intuitive essence. Once again the Ancient existence of you is always thriving, alive and aware of all going on within and around you. You can  tap into this force within you through your Intuitive nature. Allow the Psychic nature to speak and show you what you need to see and have been in search of.  You’ve been in search of the Primordial existence which is already within you always connecting and returning you to your Ancient senses (Ancestral lineage). Intuition is the aspect of what you are feeling and sensing in connection with your nature. Allow the 2 forces to be integrated. Forming a more blended and balanced you. Beloved, this is an awesome journey you are on. Continue to allow the gifts of the Zebra offering Divine Balance (Maat) to come from femifestation to manifestation in your life as you connect more deeply with your Primordial self. Ase’-Namaste’ -Hotep (Blessings)

Gracious Thanks to you All. It is has been my pleasure to share these beautiful Messages of Source with you. It is my hope that you have received some relative information for your path this week and going forward. If you require a Personal Reading. Please reach out to me at for a list of services and or Email me at: for questions. Thanks once again. 

Peaceful Joy- Royal Redd

1.29 – 2.5- General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading…The Ancient Healer In U Calls,Release All No Longer Needed,U Require Stillness & Quiet


Greetings Loves, We have lovely strength coming through the Oracle this week to empower you into returning to Your Ancient Self, Along with Releasing anything that no longer benefits thee, ending with the need for Solace. It is my hope you shall find messages in this Reading which will benefit you. If you require a Personal Readings, instructions on how to do so will be at the end of this reading. In-Joy


SHAMAN – Ancient Healing Wisdom

This week beloved, The inner Shaman is calling you forth into a deeper practice of Self Healing. Healing practices which your Ancestors used which you have no idea of may emerge in a way unexpected. Remain open for the things which will come forth to aid and assist you in your own inner personal healing. Healing that goes way beyond repetitive surface issues which continue to spring up. With Direction and Guidance from your Inner Shaman old issues shall be put to rest once and for all if you allow.

Allow your Heart to embrace the essence of your Ancient Self which has always been there and will always be present. The Shaman the Healer which is Divine Source beckons the attention of your inner most desires. The Shaman is the doorway to death-putting the old to rest and rebirth-awakening and resurrecting the New Gems of you. The Shaman is the energetic being within thee which will assist and guide you into a deeper transparency of thine self. Meaning you will be able to see through the hidden deceptions of your self which try to block you from moving forward into your heart desires. Yes, the Self Sabotage that we do to ourselves at times when we are coming upon a great and powerful breakthrough. The False illusions of fear and what might happen spring up in full force to keep us stagnant and bound to old patterns. This is NOT the time for that beloved.

The Healer who is Ancient within you calls you to a Higher Excellence and Recognition of Self. Meaning Acknowledge the Healer within that longs to be seen. The Healer which longs to be utilized to guide you into deeper recognition of your Ancestral Healing Powers. You may even hesitate for a moment and think that you do not have any healing powers. Well I beg to differ beloved. The Oracle is clearly stating that there are many healing powers of your Divine Essence that you have yet to tap into. So give yourself the permission to succeed. No longer hold yourself back by saying “I can not do, I’m not prepared to do”. If this card is coming to you at this time, then it is clearly saying You-Beloved are INDEED ready for this passageway that the Inner Shaman within you wants to lead you upon. Forsake not your own desires to offer comfort and peace to the souls of those who seek you out and those to come. You are more important in your current space than you perceive. All is well. Go forth in True Faith and in the Power of you who is Excellent, Peaceful and FULL of Wisdom. You are. Ase’ 


There are things yet that you must release according to childhood wounds which seem to keep you from totally embracing the love of your Divine Self. Wounds which speak that you are still not good enough to receive what is being presented to you in the way of the promise of love and loyalty from someone who you have been hoping would acknowledge your presence. You must go within and heal these things which continue to bombard you with the plaguing lies of “you’re not good enough” Beloved, to let go of the old to embrace the new takes courage and bravery. You have exactly what you need within to do so. Do not feel the need to look outwardly for everything you need is within thee already. It is sitting quietly waiting for you to access the power of its essence being offered unto thee. Do not be afraid and sit back allowing the things you’ve desired for so long to stare you in the face and pass you by, because of being unsure of yourself. 

It is NOW time to move beyond the false illusions that you must always be in Perfect Pretty order before you can accept yourself or before others will. Beloved, those who will truly love you, honor you and respect you and be present for you and with you will do so without requiring Perfection. You should and must release the need to be Perfect in all you do. This is way too much pressure you place upon yourself and those around you to “be” a certain level of perfection. Just allow yourself to Be and you will find so much more rest and peace within thee. Flowing freely.

 Instead, choose to be Righteous and in Order. Meaning make sure the heart of you is with good intention unto Divine Love and Healing. Order in the sense of Balance for you and the ones you are pouring your love into. Do not feel obligated to go over and beyond to satisfy another because they may show displeasure or dislike towards something that you have said or created. You must come into a place of becoming much more comfortable with the very unique essence and beauty of you. The unique essence of you which says, “Yes I Am One of a Kind and Beautiful. There is no other like me. Therefore I Am obligated to Shine and Share my Uniqueness with the Universe so that those in the World will know what My Beauty has to offer.Therefore I will shine forth bright, unafraid, and unmoved by others opinions, stares and glares. Ase’ 

ISLAND – Solitude

You are requiring more quiet and peace this week. It is time to separate yourself from those who seem to just drain and take, take and take without ever giving back. It’s time for you to quietly sit somewhere, go more deeply into nature (physically or energetically) or do something which is highly creative and will assist you in releasing any stressful energies which are trying to linger, blocking and causing stagnation. 

It is pertinent that you step back and reassess the people, places and things in which you are connected to presently. Please take time for yourself Beloved to see if there are any serious adjustments needing to be made that you may return to a more balanced energetic flow. To allow someone to zap all of your energy leaving very little for yourself is not giving yourself the proper Self-Love which you so tenderly need to function at your highest. Be focused solely on what you need and require to be whole at this time. 

Silence electronics, social media, television and any other things which are pulling from and not adding life and energetic strength to you. Go within your quiet creative space which offers replenishment. I have a feeling there are some quite humbling and grounding messaging waiting for you in the silence of your solitude. Humbling in the sense of bringing you back to yourself and revealing those things you’ve been missing which are required to usher you into your next space of healing. Healing solutions are found in the quietness, stillness and loving peace of your soul. S/he longs to utter those words of confidence and peace which will assist you in growing into the deeper, wiser and more knowledgeable being that you are. You must recognize your own beauty for what it is. Excellent. And the only way to do so is to step back, fall back and be quiet. Chill & relax. If Solitude for you means turning on some of your favorite calm and relaxing musical tones then do so. Whatever it is you do to chill and zone out. Do so in this time. Namaste’ Ase. 

Thank you. This completes the General Oracle Soul Coaching for this week. I hope you have received some insightful messages. If you require a Personal Reading. Please reach out to me at: or email: I look forward to serving you. Love 2 thee- Royal Redd 

1/22 – 1/29 General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading – Deeper Grounding in True Self, Promises- New Beginnings, Allowing to Release to Create More Space…


Greetings Loves, Beautiful General Reading we have this week. Be open to the messages of Spirit. Some, All or None may resonate with thee. If you are in need of a Personal Reading please see details at the end of this reading on how to do so. Let’s In-Joy what Spirit has to say this week. In-Joy




Become more stable in your souls desires this week. Beloved, Open yourself to the possibilities of your soul. What is it that you are deeply passionate about creating? What is the one thing you’ve been wanting to do all your life that you always push the back of your mind? Because you allow the HOW it will get done to throw you off course? Ground yourself as the roots of the tree in firm faith and strong intention that you will focus your energetic efforts in creating something more definite and fluid for yourself and your tribe (family and loved ones).

Beloved, in order to see your hearts desires come to fruition you must be open to see the things within you which may be blocking your sight from seeing your full potential. So it’s time to clear the path. Cleanse your space (mental, heart space) of all OLD outdated programming which suggests that you can not accomplish what your hearts speaks. Anything which speaks against your ability to accomplish what you truly desire. It must go. It’s causing you to be shaking and unstable. Your roots must become deeply rooted in the earth and fertile soil of your heart.

 When you start to ground (stabilize) yourself in your TRUE hearts desire. You will start to see your way through as for what steps you must take to eradicate and free yourself of any stagnate blocks which seek to keep you from accomplishing your true heart. So go forth in grounding with a happy attitude that you will know how to take care of anything which presents itself to thee. All is well. 

New Moon- Promise

New Beginnings are upon thee Beloved. You may already be feeling the freshness and beautiful start of the unfolding of promises of which you’ve desired for a long, long time. There is a New Moon upon us Friday beloved. Allow the darkness of the energy coming forth to be a catalyst for you planting any new seeds of intention. Plant them with the intention of them actually coming to fruition, not a maybe. They will if you plant with them a strong intention of nurturing them through their different stages of growth. Do not hesitate what you need to see come forth with a firm declaration. Do not be disappointed if it doesn’t yield exactly as you envisioned for I have learned that there is potential for a greater harvest than we know. IF we are OPEN to the many, many different ways it can show up. There is no ONE way. There’s always a greater yield and possibility if we are only OPEN.  Be Open to the Dark and the promise it holds. 

The Unknown can be a very uncomfortable space at times. But if your self to embrace. Go for what you know. Put your 2 best feet forward and move with expectancy of greatness. It will come forth if you put the faith and diligence behind the intention. Clearly state what you desire and go from there. Take the necessary steps on your part to bring to fruition. It will be lovely. I assure you. I feel this deeply within. This is not the time for you doubting or wondering if it will. It will! Namaste’-Ase’


Beloved, it is required of you this week that you be willing to release and let go anything that will cause you stumble and fall going forth. You have a lot of new things coming into your space. No matter what it looks like right now. It may look quite bare and hopeless in some shape or form. Do not! I repeat Do Not allow this attitude to seep into your heart and zap you of your beautiful insight and perception into what you have desired to see. It will come forth in the way it’s supposed too. But if you have a demeanor of “whatever it will be it shall be, or this is how it always is, or i expect it to fall apart, or i expect my life to be this rough it has not been any different”,  and you allow this low  vibration to inject itself into your heart. It could taint the vision a bit. Distorting the sight of what you truly desire.

Do not be afraid to state this is What I Need and Want and expect to see this manifest in this Essence or Greater. You must step into the space beyond irritation, agitation and depressive mindsets which come to taunt you. The taunting is due to you are right in the space of birthing and bringing forth your hearts vision you’ve been cultivating for so long. It’s been a long time beloved and you have cleared out a large space along with your hard diligent efforts will pay off if you just allow it to be what your heart has spoken. See it to its finish with the best attitude possible.

Fret not nor have worry of all the chaos going on around you right now. For it is a signal that there are things which still need to be uprooted in your thinking. Chaos will remain. It’s the state of the world we are living in presently. But See things from a space of Higher Consciousness Beloved. Rise Up even yet higher in your Eye Sight-3rd Eye. Your 3rd Eye perception must change and shift into a greater perception of what you KNOW within to be true. This Release will bring you a great shifting of mind. In that the things which you perceive as against you possibly are the best things working for you to clear out the space to bring you the BEST & GREATEST gifts which your heart desires. GIFTS in the sense of your hearts visions being birthed in greater and more awesome fashion that you can imagine. Allow this to be so with the clearing of old, outdated and low vibrating perceptions of your self-image. Rise yet Higher in your perception of self and what you canvaccomplish. Beloved, YOU CAN DO GREAT THINGS! And YOU SHALL! Ase-Namaste’

Thank you for your support. It is my hope that this reading has brought some comfort and insight unto you. That it may offer stability on your journey. If you desire a Personal Reading. Please visit me at: or Email: I look forward to serving you in a greater way. Ase- Namaste’ 

Royal Redd 

General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 1.16-1.22 ~ Primordial Instinct/Special Ritual/Dream Like Never Before!!!


Greetings & Namaste’ Beloved Ones, Here’s your General Oracle Coaching/Reading for this week. It is my hope that some of if not all of the Divine Messages shall resonate with your heart. If you find they do not resonate. Please contact me for a Personal Reading to give you direction and insight to any questions you may have. Information on how to do so is located at the end of the reading. So…Keep an Open mind as you read you never know what Spirit may speak to you. Let’s Begin…In-Joy!


WOLF (Instinct) 

Beloved this week you must return to your primordial wisdom in a way that you’ve connected. Ancient Wisdom calls you from previous lives. It desires to be re-integrated into your being once again. That it may provide counsel and spiritual guidance to you as well as others who seek you out for spiritual insight & guidance. 

The lessons learned of past lives are here to accompany you and be of assistance to you at this very pivotal and transitioning time. There are many unfamiliar energies around you which are priming you for the Most Divinely aligned times of Rich Opportunity which will present itself in All areas of your life, shortly to come.  

The Wolf is here at this time of transition to be a protective force against any difficult or harsh energies which may desire to divert or detour your attention from more important matters.

As you set out on new adventures into the unknown and currently hidden parts of life you’ve never experienced. New parts of your intellect, spirituality and personality will take on new forms. New territory calls for thinking and see from many different angles. No thinking with the attitude of “there’s only one way to do this or there’s only one way to solve the situation”. At this time on your path and journey  IT IS very necessary to begin thinking way outside of the “old ways” of solution finding and completing tasks. Take small baby steps in this new area. Do not pressure yourself into jumping into this new and unknown territory without first doing some investigation of the energetic entities inhabiting these new terrain spaces. As you feel comfortable and confident in your ability to face whatever presents itself, Step Out and Don’t look back. Because YOU GOT THIS!

The Ancient Ones accompanying you on this portion of your journey are well equipped to give you the guidance needed when you request it. Trust Your Self And Know Deeply Within That You are Making the Right Decisions at the Time You need to make them. Always! Namaste’-Ase

CEREMONY (Invocation)  

It’s time to have a special quiet ritual for yourself to call on some assistance from the Spirit guides you are most deeply connected to. Some of us have 1 or a few we work with often. Others have an unlimited number they access depending on the necessity of what you are desiring to create. Whatever your needs may be on this portion of your journey, do not hesitate to call upon the help of those spirit guides which are able to navigate the new territory you enter. 

Make the ceremony or ritual of invocation special. Set out candles, Crystals, Possibly Special items of clothing or other objects the spiritual guides like. Their favorite food or beverage may be a nice offering. All of these energetic offerings are a nice way to show your guides you appreciate their assistance. These are also ways to more easily connect with them. Beautiful. Have Fun & In-Joy making your dreams a reality with the assistance of your spiritual guides. Divine Pleasure. In-Joy. 

DREAMTIME (Creation)

Dream, Dream, Dream like you’ve never dreamt Beloved. Allow your mind to begin to soar into new spaces and dimensions of creative energy. There are so many different ways you can bring your hearts presence and soul force to this earth. Explore new ideas you never thought you’d try. Come out of your comfort zone. No IDEA IS TOO BIG!  If you can think it, then there is a portal of creation waiting for you to access it to bring that dream forth. You just have to be bold enough to want to discover the path to creation. As this path unfolds and reveals itself to you, thank yourself for possessing the courage to move out into the unknown spaces. 

See New visions. Dream New Dreams. Arrange your dream in a way that is something that you’ve never considered. There are truly no limits, only the ones we self impose. So this will take some work on your part of releasing old thoughts patterns rooted in self inhibiting ways, making room for more Higher Conscious streams of thought. No more, “I can’t or I’m not sure” But INSTEAD: “I AM ABLE! I WILL! I AM DETERMINED TO NOT GIVE UP OR QUIT. I AM SUCCESSFUL”. Allow your mind to expand beyond its normal capacity and boundaries of creation. Stretch yourself. You can do it! Have fun as always, return to your childhood innocence to retrieve ideas to incorporate. Who knows what piece of your childhood may be relived through the creation of your dreams. Expansive wide and large things are coming to you in your Dreaming! Dream Big! Dream Huge! Dream Grand! Dream! Don’t stop dreaming. Ase’ -Namaste’ 

This completes your General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading for the week. I hope some of the messages resonated with you. If there were no messages for you, Please visit me at: for a list of services or email me @ with questions on booking a session. I look forward to serving you. Ase’

Royal Redd Peace 

General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 12.25-12.31

This is a General Oracle Love Soul Coaching Reading. The messages which flow through this Medium may be for you in full, partial or none.  Whatever the case please be open to Receive what is coming forth.  You never know what may come forth. If you desire a Personal Reading,  instructions on how to do so are at the end of this Coaching.  Thank you in advance.  Let’s In- Joy.
SOULMATE- Your Hearts Desire Fulfilled
Many of you have been desiring that Special SomeOne, Significant Other or Companion for some time now. Right now I Am feeling the time is so truly nigh to you that you may even be feeling him/her in a significant way. Possibly seeing signs of manifestation. This is great. Be mindful to keep your mind clear of any thoughts which may adversely affect the outcome, possibly causing delay. Be present with your loved one in the spiritual and soul connection of it all. Allow yourself in the final times before your meeting to remain focused on You and What You are building. Do not allow for distractions which could take you off focus. Allow this time to be a building session of divine focus and healing, for your heart space is finising up its cleaning and healing that You may receive the one who was made by the God/Goddess with You in mind. Be excited! Its your time for Divine SoulMate interactions in the realm of spirit. In- Joy. You may also be quite telepathic at this point in time, so You may receive messages from your loved one. Don’t dismiss them for they are Just as Important from the realm of spirit as if they had physically been spoken. No worries, if you aren’t connecting telepathically. Your loved one can send you love signs in other forms. Nature is the most beautiful space, however, through music, things you may see on T.V. or Social Media. Signs can emerge from anywhere. Be open! Pay Attention and You’ll BE So Very Delighted to What you Might Witness. Love 2 Thee. 
For those who are with their SoulMate allow this to be a time of drawing closer to one another. Use this time to take inventory of all the wonderful and beautiful things which you both have created together in 2016. Take this beauty along with you as you  give your attention to where you’d like to grow in deeper healing within your personal selves and with each other. Draw strength from these things that you may move forward into the New Year being presented to you. With Fresh Awareness move Forward and Welcome All that is for you now and that to come. Continue to strive for Personal excellence that you may be able to offer this Fortifying Strength to your Partner. 2017 is sure to be a most spectacular year for you both Beloved. Rejoice. Ase’-Namaste’ 
MORNING STAR- Brightly Shine ~ Your Dawning Cometh
This Oracle depicts a star and not just any star, but the Morning Star. This is said to be the brightest star shinning before dawn. Wow. That Must be a Beautiful Sight. Perhaps I will see it One Day. 
In that Beloved, I say to you How can you become more brightly shining in Your Own Unique Divine radiance? For your debut is starting to break forth for all to see you. 
You have been hidden on the back side of the mountain it feels like. Or as the Lotus Flower below the murky deep dark surface. Just before the dawning of a new day All is still and quiet. The birds are beginning to chirp and awaken themselves to newness. The rooster has crowed or is crowing. Lol. As creation awakes and signals a new day, go yet more deeply within and clear the way for a greater resilience and radiance to be seen by all who will see. 
The Morning Star brightly shining signals to rebirth and New beginnings for you. Embrace the bright possibilities. For there are many options to choose from. Be still and rest in them before choosing, ensuring you make the greatest choice for you and all involved. Ase’ 
BOUNDARIES-Adjust when needed. Remain firm
The Oracle is calling for you to set stronger Boundaries in all areas of life. Clearing away and clearing out all things which are causing you to not adhere to your values. I hear that going forth into this New Year you must be much more relaxed in some of the ways you’ve handled your Personal boundaries but not in the essence of allowing anyone to over ride any of areas of your core essence. Meaning do not allow anyone to walk over you demanding their way in your space. But instead be very frank and clear that your Personal boundaries will be respected. Be Impeccable, Clear, Clean and Concise with your Truth. Do Not Give Place to concerning yourself if their feelings may be hurt due to their infringing upon your space in an unfriendly manner. Be Polite, But No push-over! Being more relaxed does Not mean anything goes and there are no rules of conduct. It simply means be more warm and inviting, using wisdom with All of Course, so that you will receive and be open to the best opportunities that are calling u. 
Setting boundaries in business is key and important as well. Make sure you are surveying All options of possible business opportunity. Do not overlook Someone or quickly judge a persons appearance or the situation because they look differently than you anticipated, or their business deal is presented in a foreign matter. Take time to feel it out and Do Not Make any Rush decisions but look at it from all angles. But make a definite decision in a reasonable time. You will know when to do so. Remember, There are times the best gifts or opportunities are hidden in the most peculiar looking packages or vessels. Meaning they are totally not what you expected. Rare Gems you will find when you are Open to All Possibilities. Be Limitless in the Way you View things going forward from this day. Be Open. I feel this New Year of business opportunities will come wrapped in strange & peculiar ways. Lol. Remain flexible in all your business endeavors and partnerships. Namaste’ 
Also, Setting boundaries for yourself in a way of being more disciplined with the things you put in and on your body. Food, clothing and body products. If you happen to be a smoker of tobacco or medicinal herbs use no thing that is not necessary. These things could be harmful to your body at this time of transition into the new spaces of blessing and opportunity. Be mindful, Royal Redd is not one to instruct on these matters, so Spirit is being very clear there is a special reason for speaking this. You will be deeply rewarded for it.  Make sure the things you are using in and outside of your body compliment you as to where you are currently and where you’d like to grow. Leave yourself open and healthy for expansion. Be careful in allowing yourself to become rigid closing yourself off to all the possible options for yourself. Try new things. Read, Research & Explore all of areas of Body Healing which pertain to herbal care and wholistic matters. These are sure to be beautiful stepping stones into something greater and more powerful when it comes to your Vessel and Temple which carries such beautiful treasures of which you came  to share with the world. What a beautiful soul you are Beloved, So You Owe it to Yourself to Create the Most Sacred and Healthy Boundaries for your Life on this Plane and Beyond by taking the most Loving and Gentle Care of your Temple. Namaste’. It’s All Beautiful & Good Beloved. Ase’ 
Beloveds this beautiful card flew out of the deck as I was shuffling. Lol. So I decided to incorporate it as well. 
Cleansing away the things of the old. We just had a New Moon 12.28 and what a beautiful renewing energy of heart healing I felt especially, seeing as it was in my Moon sign-Capricorn. I am yet feeling the creative renewing taking place in my heart. You may be feeling some new spectacular energies in your space as well. Open yourself Fully To Receive them. 
New moons are always times of restructure and clearing spaces in your life which have become cluttered or stagnant over the last moon cycles. So as this card pictures a Sage smudge stick which is known for removing low and unpleasant energies from your body space and physical space. Take the time to do some spiritual smudging so that you may feel and embrace the lightness and freshness of the cleansing that is present for you. I promise you will feel refreshed. Your can cleanse your space in other ways as well. Sound Therapy (Bells and other instruments) Music-Ocean sounds, Rain sounds (especially Tropical Rain Forest Sounds, Shaman Sounds, African Drums, and Dolphin sounds seem to work best and most wonderfully for my space. Try different Soothing & Calming Music to see what resonates for you and those in your space Beloved. 
Now, Beloved we know in order to receive the best we must make space. So lets get to it. Spiritually cleanse and physically remove and rearrange all things in your physical space which have been holding space. Release ALL Things From your Space which NO LONGER SERVE YOU TO YOUR HIGHEST EXCELLENCE BELOVED! Time to Move On from old outdated programming. UPGRADE IS WHAT I HEAR!! YESSSS!!!! 2017 IS KNOCKING AT YOUR DOOR, Open yourself to the newness set aside just for you with beginning the necessary cleaning needed for you to inhabit 2017 with a new grace, ease and beauty. Ase’ – Namaste’ – So Be It. I Bow To The Divine In You.
Beloveds this completes your Love Soul Coaching Reading for the Last week of 2016. It has been my pleasure sharing with you the Intuitive Divine Messages of Spirit. I hope you have been blessed and guided by some of these messages. I look forward to serving you in 2017 in a Greater and Fuller way. 
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Most Gracious Love-Royal Redd 

General Oracle Soul Coaching 12.25~12.31


General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 12.25 thru 12.31

This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. The messages which flow through this Medium may be for you in full, partial or none.  Whatever the case please be open to Receive what is coming forth.  You never know what may come forth. If you desire a Personal Reading,  instructions on how to do so are at the end of this Coaching.  Thank you in advance.  Let’s In- Joy.


The number vibration for this week is 7. 11+5=16/1+6=7
Attributes of 7 which may be visited this week are: Hearing & Listening to your INNER WISDOM, Healing the INNER SELF & RENEWAL, DEEP CONTEMPLATION, INTROSPECTION UNDERSTANDING The Challenges of OTHERS, COMPASSIONATE HEALER & HEALING, PEACE, INNER STRENGTH, COMPLETION & RELEASING of Old Ways of Being to Allow Newness.

Play- 11-Healing thru Play…

Open your heart and mind to greater fun this week. What things do you enjoy doing which bring smiles, laughs and giggles into your life? Tap into your inner child in a deeper way. Your inner child is the master of Fun!!! In-joy the ideas and visions which spring forth from interacting with the child within who has the ability to stimulate your creativity in ways unimaginable. Remaining open to the ideas your inner child guide presents, will make it a fun adventure in exploring the creative nudges you receive in the midst of play.

For Adults who don’t possess many fond memories of Fun child Play it can be downright grueling to learn to Play as a grown up. This generally is due to having to take on large amounts of responsibility before the proper age due to unpleasant family dynamics.  If you didn’t have a lot of  playmates and tended to be solo more so than with a bunch of peers around, then play for you as an adult can be challenging. The best way to move beyond this stagnation is to go deeply within and reconnect in healing with your inner child, allowing yourself to be guided into reshaping play internally that you may learn to reconnect with play in your Adult hood. Reframe and Reshape. Find out what she/he liked to do for fun by being present and asking questions and listening for the answer. You might be surprised to hear what your inner playmate has to say.

Love & Respect the voice of this young one that it may guide you to higher realms of creative adventure. In there lies things which your adult self never envisioned, therefore sparking newness to assist you in co-creating something grand and spectacular in a much higher essence than before. Allow your inner playmate to become your best friend for this little one knows you far better than anyone outside of you for your inner child has always been with you from the beginning and will be present throughout Your existence and beyond.

So In Joy the delightful excitement of your inner companion who knows how to direct you into having the best and most excellent creative fun that you may be more relaxed and inspired in your creative endeavors. Namaste’. For play is what makes the heart warm and smilie Lol.

Playing and exploring in a child like manner -free and inquisitive- brings joy. Be filled with joy. Allowing your inner  child the space for exploring life is one of the most delightful free expressions of Love which anyone can experience.  For it shows that you are able to embrace and In Joy the very aspects of you which may have not been so exciting when you were living in the physical experience of your childhood. But through Divine healing connection with the being within,  You and she/he can heal together what might be blocking you from In Joying playfulness in your Adult hood. Allow the little one within to guide you to the places of pain, fear, and regretful situations which have turned play into a cumbersome action. Coming into agreement with your inner child in observation and deep conversations about those unhappy events enables you to return to Joy and Happiness once again therefore In Joying play in New ways. Namaste- Ase’

Ancestors (Generations)-They Are Calling You….Listen, Hear & Move to Action!

Beloved, we ALL have Ancestral spirits which desire the most awesome best for us. They are Always present with us, providing guidance and support on our Earth journey. They are able to see dimensions we do not readily see because we are flesh bond. However, it’s ok. They’ve had their time on this plane to do what they were chosen and called to do. Now it’s your time. So, What better and more excellent beings to offer assistance as you are willing to receive.

Ancestral guides will not force, push, coerce or forcefully suggest that you should receive their guidance for they are of Love and Joy. I’m sure we all had Ancestors that were perhaps off color and off beat in their earthly ways. I know I did. Primarily speaking of those I knew in their earth bound state. But it is my hope they have grown in healing and are yet growing in healing in their new state of abiding. In hopes that they be a more suited and equipped spiritual guide than earthly one. Lol.
Be open and receptive to the signs and messages your Ancestors send. They have their own unique ways of expressions which may be similar to their earth communication. But of course, they are of cosmic and universal frequencies Music, Nature & Dreams along with other people speaking random things so it seems. No coincidences. All with purpose. Remain open, alert and attentive for they often come when we are not expecting. Awesome are our Ancient Ancestors which have lived and gone before us to pave the way. To give us a foundation to build upon more greatly to continue the legacy of Love that they started.

Now this comes with a strong urging in the day and time we live upon Mother Earth the world is filled with chaos, violence and pain. Now, If you are of Ancestral lineage which has sown low vibrating, destructive seeds which have sprang up to cause ruin, desolation, wickedness and chaos for others. PLEASE be very clear you do NOT have permission to sit back and turn a blind eye to the hell they’ve created in greed and wickedness.  It IS Your responsibility in Modern day times to Right their Wrongs and Injustices against others. Because You are of YOUR Ancestral DNA. You can’t escape this. So wise up, wake up and do your part to correct their misaligned ways of existence. Only those who have done a certain amount of personal healing and rebirth will be able to hear this call of change and healing. For it is Divine in nature. Be the change and healing your Ancestors are calling for from beyond. Not doing your part doesn’t excuse you from doing what you were called to do. We All are responsible for what we do or do not do upon this earth for it will leave a living legacy of who and what you were and stood for while in this realm. It is my hope that it will be a dynamic one and not a terrible and painful one which others have to suffer through and clear your debts. Rise up! Take control of your destiny and rise up and shine brightly in your renewing and healing state to bring glory to your Ancestors and remove the stains of their legacy.

Remember, their Greatness is yours and their darkness is yours as well. Meaning the beauty they left is for your In-joyment and the debts they left are your Karmic debts to clear. We All are responsible. Simply stated. In All that you do Beloveds strive to have a beautiful meaningful life to bring Love, Honor and Respect to Your SELF and your Beautiful Ancient Ancestral lineage. Ase’

Sleep on It- 5- Be Still & You Shall Know the Way….

There are big decisions coming your way. Take your time before deciding. No rush. No haste. But with careful contemplation make the best decision at the time of requirement.

As the Angel is seen in this Oracle, allow your Angel & Ancestral Spirit guides and others to lead you in the way best. By dreams and quiet meditation your answers shall be revealed. Crystal clear to the point of no doubting. Do not be dismayed at how clear and deliberate your messages come through, for this is exactly what you need at this time. For these decisions you have been contemplating for sometime. All year for some of you. No worries. Your are becoming much more clear in this time. Just Remember to remain grounded in yourself that the answers may flow freely and unhindered.

There is no delaying the answers which you seek. They are timely and in line with what you need for this time in your life, ensuring you move forward smoothly. Hold fast and strong. Namaste’


Beloveds this completes your Love Soul Coaching Reading for this week. This is the last Love Soul Reading of 2016. It has been my pleasure sharing you the Intuitive Divine Messages of Spirit. I hope you have been blessed and guided by some of these messages. I look forward to serving you in 2017. 
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Most Gracious Love-Royal Redd 

General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading- 12.18-12.24

Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. The messages which flow through this Medium may be for you in full, partial or none.  Whatever the case please be open to Receive what is coming forth.  You never know what may come forth. If you desire a Personal Reading,  instructions on how to do so are at the end of this Coaching.  Thank you in advance.  Let’s In- Joy.
VOLCANO- (Volatility)- Freedom to Release 
This week Beloved you may be feeling volatile in a way of releasing things that you’ve felt would never leave. Attitudes, Ways of Speaking and Different Ways of Beings.  There may days you feel like spewing out things to release and give yourself some way to express what you are feeling.  Be mindful of who and what is around you. There’s nothing wrong with releasing, but those around you do not need to be affected by your Volcanic hot lava.  Things in your inner soul which are agitating you to the degree of you wanting to scream. Allow it to be.  What I am saying Beloved is find a way to channel and release your anger,sadness, anxiety or whatever high running emotions in the most gentle way for you without reducing the intensity.  Always think safe! In that Beloved allow your self the freedom to openly and freely express whatever emotions you may be facing this week. They only become more intense as you resist.
Cease to persecute or punish yourself about things which are of dark nature.
Dark feelings are not the enemy nor are they the vile low things we’ve learned them to be. They are the very parts of us which make us grow into being more courageous than we ever thought we could be.  Racy, Uncomfortable, Challenging and Most Agitating emotions cause us to see our selves through the eyes of compassion, grace & mercy in a more earnest way. We realize that those feelings we so despise are the very ones which lead us to Higher Plateaus of Healing.  These strong and most intense feelings lead us to break through in our lives of which we never thought we’d see.
So Beloved the boiling over of the Volcano is for a certain purpose. That which is for purging and refining the parts of you which you feel are too ugly or unpleasant to show to the world.  The Volcano teaches us to accept these eruptions which come forth.  For they are to purge us from energetic properties which serve us no longer.  Namaste’
Be Gentle with your healing.
CHILDHOOD – (Innocence) – Play to Embark On New Creative Journey
The little girl or little boy within Greatly needs your attention. She/He excitedly request this week that you turn within in a deeper manner.  They want to assist you to a deeper level of creativity.  And in order to partake of and embark on this new journey, you must have them as your guide. They are waiting to reignite or fan the flames of your passionate creative force through play or through beautiful childhood memories.
What beautiful childhood memories do you have that make you smile each time they surface?  What beautiful childhood memories make you want to just let loose with carefree pleasure and enjoy all things around you without restriction?
The Gift of ‘Being Present’ in the moment is what your inner child wants to share with you. The Gift of healing all spaces which were hurt and wounded by child hood events is here for you Now. I realize not everyone may be able to recall several happy moments during child hood depending on what you were exposed to. But guess what? You have the power within to reconnect with your inner child and ask them to guide you on the path to healing and reshaping those hurts into beautiful masterpieces of your soul.
So during this week take advantage of this healing power that is always present with you and for you. Allow it to envelop your heart, soul & spirit allowing all hurts to be healed, cleansed and washed with Compassion, True Unconditional Love for Self and Your Inner Child. Much Grace and Mercy are available for you. Be Gentle with both versions of yourself. (Little and Older). They are both Great and Beautiful.  Ase’
WHALE – (Breach)- Breaking Agreements or Old Contracts
Oh Beloved, this is an awesome time as we enter into the changing of seasons through the Winter Solstice. It’s a great time to Breach, Break Free From and Release old things which no longer serve you. Allowing them to transmute into Divine Love & Excellence & Divine Healing.
The Winter Solstice begins the start of Newness for many in the sense this is a time of quiet inner reflection of what’s taken place over this last year and what are your intentions of co-creation for 2017.
Take this time to reflect quietly & detox (mentally,  physically,  emotionally,  spiritually and soul). On all levels to discover what it is your heart truly needs to go forth into a greater healed expression of Self this New Year.  What does your soul need healing from in order to be liberated from any old chains of bondage, those which held you in fear with the mind that you can not do this or that? All of these thoughts are rooted in false identity.  False projections from another’s vision of and for you. Not your True Essence. What is your TRUE Essence?  It’s there waiting for you to discovered.
As the Whale is leaping out of the immersion of waters to embrace its freedom allow it to symbolize to you “Breaking and Ending old traditions,  Ending Old Ways of Being & Reestablishing Ways of being which encourage and provide insight into the depth of you.  Re-establish those things from your Childhood – Youth and Adulthood Experiences which brought you Joy,  Excitement and Pleasure. “
Allow this Breach of contractual agreement with old things to present a fresh new face and attitude toward the things waiting to emerge within you. You are here to change the face of this planet so allow yourself to release and let go Every thing which no long serves to your growth.  Allow your dreams to be unlocked with the breaking of agreements of old things. Step into the freedom of the New You who awaits to be seen and shine before ALL to see. Namaste-Ase’
This completes the General Oracle Coaching Reading for December 18 thru December 24. I appreciate your support.
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General Oracle Soul Coaching 12.4 thru 12.11


Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is your General Oracle Soul Coaching for 12/4 thru 12/10. Please Be open to the Messages that come forth through this Divine Medium Vessel. You most definitely will receive what you need if you are open to do so. Now, if you need a Personal Reading details are available at the end of this reading.  Thanks in advance.  In – Joy! 


This week we have : Suffering In Silence (9)/ Fire Elemental (14)/Patience & Planning (7)/ * Bonus -Throat Chakra (20)
Total Sum of All- Number Vibration of 5.

The vibration of 5 speaks that there is a heightened and more deeper since of needing Personal Freedom. Being liberated from those things, ideas and disillusioned perceptions which keep you perpetually in a timed stagnation .  You are perhaps Feeling at times as if you are making up great ground only to find your self at a halt at some point.  Old repetitive patterns are being exposed at a deeper level this week. There is grace. Receive. This exposing is making room for you to create the desires of your heart as you feel comfortable. Step out of complacency. Time to explore new sides of you when it comes to your hearts desires.  Try seeing your deepest desires manifest in a greater and more profound way.  Try it.  Think Big!


Suffering In Silence (9)

Beloved it seems that you are feeling a bit cut off and disconnected from the world. This energy has been lingering since the previous week.  You maybe feeling as if you have went so far within that you have disrupted the flow of things. Not the case. You can never go so deep within that you disrupt the flow of things. The fact of the matter is you’ve possibly stopped being present. You went a bit too far to left in the sense of detachment. You have to re-adjust and realign yourself Beloved.  Shake this funk which says you must silently sit within to the point of no time of connection with those whom you normally connect with.  Times of silence are needed even if for a couple of days then you pop back in for a few days and then briefly step away again.  This is so you can train yourself to find a normal balance to keep a consistent flow for you. Find the rhythm of your drum once again.  Your Unique Precious Vibe Frequency. It’s all good and joyful. Be mindful to  heed your body clock which will guide you into extended time away when needed. Just stay alert to ensure you do not sink into a hole never wanting to come out. 😉.

Now to address ‘Suffering in Silence’ directly. Suffering beloved is a form of agonizing abusive behavior. It’s an internal disruption of the peace you were created to live in. Suffering states that you are some how punishing yourself for things which occurred that you had no control over Beloved.

You must get a hold of your self and realize that this type of continued self abuse entails you must take a deeper look to find the root of the matter. Why do you have seasons of feeling isolated and wanting to go away from everyone and everything in a sense to be gone with no sense of time and space? Deep detachment.  Is this your ‘true’ way of being or something you’ve acquired over time or through Ancestral Karma?  Is it possible there are pains you may still be holding onto which do not actually belong to you? They belong to the oppressors of your past from which you are being liberated. The ones who inflicted harsh, unreasonable and awful pains upon your Ancestral lineage. See these are not your pains personally Beloved. You didn’t create the pains but the clutter of your Ancestors still lingers in your DNA. You make certain choices according to what’s in your blood. It’s as if you were programmed to do so in some aspects due to the smears of injustice pains weaved into your Ancestral DNA. Karmic debts of those before you are being paid through you. Once again Darling One you did NOT create these of your own regard. 

It’s time to allow this energy to return to its rightful owner.  Give them to the Universe asking for them to be purged and released from your soul template. In that you may create a new template or new blueprint.  One YOU actually create for yourself and your lineage. To leave behind a beautiful legacy.
So Now is time to reach out and call forth the Angelic, Ancestral and Spiritual Guide assistance that you may be ushered into your healing once and for all.  To continue subconsciously holding onto the need and desire to be punished by self or others due to Ancestral Karma is NOT a benefit to you nor those who you are connected.

It’s as if the rehearsing of the pain has become so much a part of your way of being & daily routine if not a seasonal ritual that you don’t notice the behavior to be hurtful unto yourself.
The only way to move is to shift your Consciousness Higher Loved One.  Meaning you must shift your mindset through acknowledging how far you have come.  How much you have evolved and been refined. You Are a New Being.   You Are A New Being who is In Joying experiencing the newness of your New view on life. Therefore ALL old, dead, depleted, out dated and post traumatic syndrome ideologies must be put to rest.  De-programming of the old self to realign with the New Self is crucial. On a daily basis begin to take a more attentive look at the mental aspects of your being.  Be more conscious of your mood and you will know when you are sinking into a pit of suffering. 

Suffering is not unto death. It’s unto life. Meaning if you are allowing your self to suffer in old patterns which don’t benefit you, at some point you must realize that your suffering is only carrying you deeper within to be confronted with that which you have been agonizing. And once you go deep enough into this miserable state you will reach a threshold where you know from deep within that you will have to make a Conscious shift to identify why you are comfortable and in agreement with suffering.  In that moment you decide to give earnest attention to ‘WHY’ suffering has  become normal and comfortable.

Then  Beloved you are on your way to discovering WHY things are as they are. YOU, Beloved have the power to end your suffering!  Acknowledge those dark, quarrelsome thoughts and decipher what they are saying. Acknowledge them, Hear them, Shift your Perception and Release them to be transmuted into Divine Love.  In suffering you always feel anxious and that something is wrong.  This should not be. Beloved Souls, You were created to be Free from ALL that binds & keeps you stagnant. LIBERATE yourself by giving yourself permission to be Free from all low vibrating things,  places,  people and thoughts which only take and leave things in disarray.  Release it All and let go! Transmuted into Divine Love and Order.Maat. Ase’


Fire Elemental- 14

The caption reads ‘I ignite the fire within me that connects me to the Divine’.
Sparks of fire have been flickering in your belly-(solar/sacral) for a while now. Beautiful creations are fluttering around waiting for their divine time of birthing and manifestation. These little sparks of Divine creation are awakening to their aspirations of being lit to shine radiantly for the world to witness.

Now in order to ignite that spark turn within to search out where the hesitation to be seen and shine is coming from.  Sometimes it’s hard to stand before people and allow your self to be seen for fear of so many things. Thats the humanity of us. All wonderful indeed. But remember Beloved the Divine essence of you NEVER flinches or shrinks for an opportunity to be seen. Your God/Goddess form desires to be seen. But in order for the Grand Divine source within you to reach its blazing shine. It must first go through different stages of purifying and cleansing. And since the Fire element is a purging purifier. It has a dual work in you Beloved.

First it comes to cleanse, clear and purge the space for the sacred illumination of You which is radiantly divine and one of a kind. Next the refining fire ushers in the sparks of fire which are utilized to build your energetic presence from within to shine without. These sparks will soon cause a blazing fire in your soul that insist on accomplishing the deep burning desires of ones heart.

So Beloved as you allow the refining fire to purge, cleanse, wash and burn away anything which no longer serves you. This refining fire will then be turned into that Phoenix rising from the ashes type of fire which has been building it’s strength while in the refining state. So then as the Phoenix rises more from the ruins of old Karmic DNA and false illusions of self, you then become this amazing illuminated fiery powerful entity whom is radiantly shining without apology for All to see. Wee! 

So allow the process of whatever ashes are being transformed into your reigning beauty and glory to flourish. Beauty for ashes.  As you are ushered into the deeper service of humanity, Remember you are One of a Kind so that means No Holding Back YOUR Shine. Allow the world to enjoy your shine as you share with them the beautiful workings of the Universal Creator -God/Goddess. Ase-Namaste’


Patience & Planning -7

2 vibrant pillars are presented to you this week. You are in the midst of actually bringing into fruition long time desires.  Business ventures, Romantic relationships, Building stronger family bonds. Awesome.
Now since these desires have been lingering for a long time.  You must move with care and make plans. Patience and Planning.

You have to reach down within to find your own personal resolve for patience in a new way than previously.  You have a lot more at stake, because these are aspects of your life you have long pondered changing. And with the ways in mind, Take your time and write the vision and make it simply clear and plain. In that each and every time you revisit your planning template you will perceive more direction and insight as to the best course of action.

All things will align them self as you are open to new ways of perception.  There is more than one way for things to be handled. Take time to carefully consider new avenues in each area of your life you desire to bring change forth.  It will pay off lovely Beloved. Still yourself and Patiently Plan. Allow your plans to unfold as they will. No censoring yourself when planning. Then go back and revamp your plans as many times as you feel necessary.  It will all fair well. Allow yourself the freedom to plan without concern of the final outcome.  Relax. Breathe and let it Be. Namaste’-Ase’

Throat Chakra- 20

It’s time to open up and allow the world to hear your beautiful song. Your song as in your unique voice,  tone and vibration.  It’s time to stop hiding and withholding your wisdom filled voice from the world. No more hiding your speak. 

During the last few weeks you’ve retreated within and in that time you went silent.  Speak boldly. It’s ok. There are pearls of insightful wisdom you have to share with others. They are waiting for you to speak. 
While you may be feeling a little stagnant in your voice speakings, Shake the dust from your voice. Relinquish timidity. It’s time to return to and listen to what the Oracle of your heart wants to say through your voice box. Your heart is calling your voice to express what it longs to say. No longer deny your heart the opportunity to speak.

Allow fear and timidity to fall from you as a layer of shedding skin.  No longer regard or give these energies permission to make you forsake your right to express your souls call.  Return to your authentic self in a new measure and share with the world your truth as only You can communicate. 

It may be a bit uncomfortable at first but press beyond the desire to retreat to silence. Press beyond the desire to crack under the pressure of what others may/will say. Will they receive my words?  Some will, Some may, Some will not. And you must become ok with this.  You are NOT meant for everyone! Seriously.  In saying that,  What about you actually hearing and witnessing your own unique soul voice for a change?  You are very willing to support others.  But it’s Now time you begin to return that energy of support back to the one who is always giving out FIRST. Y-O-U Beloved.

You are known for your Uplifting and Healing words given to others much more than you give to you. Put your words to use FIRST with you. Allow the edification which rise from your heart to be unto you first.  Allow your words to become to your story unto Deeper Greater and Fuller Divine Healing & Expression of Your Unique Soul. May These unique words be first unto the one who houses these beautiful treasures. First allow your words to become food, nourishment, health & life unto Your mind-body, soul & spirit Healer. Shift the focus long enough back to Your self from others. It will be the Healing & Strength you need to gain a New wind and come back into your own radiance in a more powerful way.
Allow your words to Heal thee. Take every word as Fresh New Morsels of healing. Know Thy Self. Heal Thy Self. Love Thy Self.  In returning to your voice you will surely assist others to return to their own unique way of expression.  Good Excellence to thee.  Namaste’- Ase’
It has been my pleasure to deliver these Messages to thee. It is my hope that you have received some words of exhortation and healing insight, to further assist you on your journey path. 
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Ase’- Royal Redd