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Ba’s Entrance


My Ba’s (Kemet for soul) entrance is no longer closed.

For it is open to share all it knows. 

A portal to Beautiful, Divine, Exquisite, Jewels of Nirvana. 


I with hold no more. 

I share all she knows. 

Joining with the Ba whose hunger and thirst

is for delightful treats of magnetic resonance.




I am Light
I am a path
A Path of Love and Light
leading you to the place
of Love, Healing and Praise
A Place to heal your wounds
A Place to cleanse of doubt, worry, pain and anger.

I am Light
Shining Bright
For all to see
For those awakening to see
Those whose eyes that are blind,
wide open but shut.

Yes, eyes that see
but do not see clearly
Eyes that see
but do not see the true mystery
because their hearts wounded
unable to conceive or receive truth.

Yes, ears that hear
but do not hear as the words speak
Ears that hear crooked and perversely
Yes because their hearts have been turned
turned away from soundness
disrupted by so much
Distraction, Distraction, Distraction.

Music, loudly blaring with no essence of truth
Noise, loud sounds, blaring low vibrations
that cause numb thoughts, low thoughts, dark thoughts, Pain!
Numbness to your mind
Numbness to your heart.

Causing you not to comprehend right
Causing you not to feel alive, Causing you not to feel love
instead pain, deep dark and distorted pain.

I see the pain of these walking with
their eyes wide open but they are shut
Walking like zombies
Violent, fleshly, murderers of their own souls
Murderers of their own souls
They murder their own souls
with no cause to live
because they haven’t been given reason they feel
They see no reason to live, They see no reason to be
They see no reason to exist.

But I cry out! Loud and I spare not!
I am Light
I am Light
I am the Light that shines upon a hill
In darkness you can see my Light
If you would lift your eyes.

Look up my Brother
Look up my Sister
Your redemption is here
Your redemption is here
Although it may not seem like light
Because Light can often appear as
a hostile take over when you are in pain
But this is the shadows that blind you
that keep you from going through
pressing through to reach the light.

There will be pain
uncomfortable aches
whenever you say
‘Enough is Enough, I must climb out
of this pit of dark down deep despair’
I shall reach the Light that I see on that hill
it Shines brightly and I shall get there.
I hear the call of the voice on the hill.

Although the hill seems far
It’s not any farther than I feel in my heart
The hill is right there before me
and if I climb the incline
If i Press my way up the hill as my Ancestors did
Then I shall be able to reach the Light.
The Light of healing
The Light of Love
The Light of Joy
The Light of my Hearts desire.

This light leads to all abundance
This light leads to a self love that
you have yet to recognize.

The Light calleth to thee!
All that can hear the voice of the Light
All that can see the Light on the hill
All that can sense and feel change in the spheres
Come up higher
I am here
I am here
Waiting for thee
To usher you into a new
Into a place of deep inner healing
that can not be taken away.
I wait
I wait.
Ashe! So Be It!

Love To Thee All from the Bottom of My Heart- The Royal Redd Peace

Love & Light to thee!

*Original Work of ReddPeace

I Am A Path of Light