5.1-5.7- Love Soul Oracle Reading – U R Safe & Protected/All-Nothingness-Absoluteness/Turning Luck…


Greetings & Namaste’ Beloved Souls, This weeks Love Soul brings us to knowing more deeply that we are safe no matter where we are. You are safe from within, in that no where you travel should you fear any harm. Next, The Space of the emptiness-Void is the strongest, safest abode for you. It is the place of Nothingness yet All Things. Dwell here. Your Luck is changing this week after possibly feeling like things were going not so good over the last few weeks. Things are changing. Embrace…Let’s Get Ready to see what Messages are coming through for us this week.  If you require a Personal Love Soul Oracle Reading,  instructions will be noted at the of this reading. 


Safe Travels In All Spaces you find yourself….

Beloved, the Oracle points to the fact that you are safe in ALL directions you travel Beloved. No matter where you find yourself KNOW that you are protected, covered and guarded heavily by the Beautiful presence of the Universe, Ancient Ancestors, Spirit Guides & Angels.

Whether earthbound or astral travel you are protected on all sides of your being. There is nothing that can come against you to harm you. Be mindful that when going into new places give more awareness. New spaces can often bring nervous feelings. Especially when you are entering into new spiritual dimensions for these are unseen so you are feeling your way through. The unknown brings with it uncertainty. But this is where you must take a deeper stance in your self-confidence. Knowing that you are first safe from within. Grounded firmly and steady in the loving ground of our Beautiful Earth Mother. Always recall to yourself “I Am Safe From Within & I Am Firmly rooted in the Earth Mother”.

Allow these words wash over you with no uncertainty within. Move forward with a fresher and stronger confidence in your self. Knowing beloved that no matter where you travel you are able to meet whatever comes your way. There is nothing that could come which will shake your confidence. Ground yourself deeper in the knowing of your True self. Your true self is able to accomplish any task given. Any task. Be Confident and rest in the fact that you are stable in the very presence of the Divinity you are. You are Strong, Stable, Confident and Most Sure of yourself. All is Well. Ase’ 

In The Space of Nothing-Void All Things Exist…

Beloved this week you are being called deeper into the space of Nothingness. The space where you can learn to accept things just as they are before you. In their complete naked essence. With flaws and no flaws. In this space ALL Things are of Oneness. Completed, lacking nothing. 

In this new place you will learn how to “Exist” and “Be” at even a much more deeper level. In the sense of when things are not going according to your plans or they aren’t unfolding as you thought they would. Learning to “Be” at a deeper level is going to release a new level of relaxation to you. On All planes you will receive a new awakening to your Highest Most Excellent Self. You are entering into a place where you Truly KNOW ALL IS WELL. And this means you are more expansive and open to receive all that the Universe is bringing your way. 

The Void Represents the space of emptiness but fullness. The space where everything that IS exists. The Divine Cosmic Mother welcomes you home to say “Embrace All that Comes your way in Newness of Life. New Expressions of Joy Are Rising Up in You from spaces that you once thought could not be resurrected again. In the Void Beloved, ALL THINGS ARE RENEWED. Embrace”.

Beloved, looks like this week is going to allow you to explore some new places as for your creative nature. You’re branching out and willing to try your hand in new creative endeavors. Perhaps somethings you’ve always wanted to try but never felt that you could achieve them. Beloved, now is the time to truly open yourself to all that the Void has to offer. This is a new state of being for you, in learning how to enjoy the beautiful spaces of all parts of your life.

You are coming into better focus of yourself and accepting the things that you aren’t able to change. But learning how to use them to your best advantage. Beloved, So called flaws or imperfections are made whole and complete in the Void. In the deepest space of Darkness where all looks black, and forgotten. This is the space of resurrection. Allow this space to be a new awakening for you. I hear the words “Higher Enlightenment” I see a vision of a crest of a moon coming to sit upon someones head in the way of expressing new insights which are coming to you. These new insights will allow you to gain, perceive and attain higher height of Spiritual Enlightenment. New Insights into the depth of the dark. The spaces of which you’ve been afraid to walk due to them not yet being illuminated. Now you will be able to peer even farther beyond the veil. 

In matters of  Romantic relationship, New insight into the realms of your partners heart are being shared and opened up to you, as you delve deeper into your own heart. As you grow into your self in a closer knit fashion this week, you will begin to see the areas of your heart which were blocked and closed to receiving love and kind gestures from your partner. You will begin to see the areas that have blocked you and held you back from going forward in previous relationships. You had skewed perceptions of what loves offers might bring with it. Meaning you weren’t sure you were worthy, or adequate of receiving or accepting Loves offers of Joy, Happiness, Fun, Friendship, Partnership, Adventure, and True Genuine Acceptance from another person.

This space in the Void is offering you these things and many others once again, to see if you are ready to be open to receive All that is available to you. Beloved, if this is a new relationship and this is your first time experiencing a connection which is based on clear, honest & truthful intentions. Then I say, Take your time. Enjoy the new terrain. This is all new to you. You want to explore each part of these new horizons with as much pleasure as you can stand to receive at this moment.

Be OPEN Beloved!! Your heart is expanding at a rapid rate this week. Many, Many Beautiful things are going to show themselves to you of which you have never been open to until now. It seems that the energy of this new connection brings you delight, joy and new wonder in a way you’ve never experienced. I hear that “This divine connection is the first of many beautiful things and other lovely connections to come into your new world. Embrace them ALL. For you deserve them All!! Each and Every one of them.”

Trickles of new Love, here and there. Everywhere you look. Until the down pour and out pour comes. Embrace the small things in the trickles and prepare yourself for the greater things to come in this Love connection. Allow the little things to express the great measures of love that your new partner desires to show you. I hear that your Reciprocation is the joy of your new partners heart. No worries on always having to rush to quickly return the loving gestures. Just receive. Receive Beloved. Receive. You’ve waited a long time for these type of gestures. Embrace, Relish and Linger in them. Such Beauty. Ase’!!!

The Tide of Your Luck Changes….

Beloved, I feel you’ve been going through some financial disruptions which were unexpected and possibly due to others not doing their full duty. Whatever the case beloved, do not all these things to sway you from the direction you are headed. Stay focused and continue to ascend and move forward into the new front of change which is being presented to you over these next few weeks to come. Beloved, I feel there is a strong wind of change for you in your finances.

Sacrifices have been made for a long while and you now want to rise above these things into a new Higher Consciousness when it comes to how you view your finances. This is great growth for you beloved, for the challenges you’ve come through are evidence that you can overcome anything that would try to debunk your efforts to rise above your previous struggles with poverty & scarcity consciousness. Your perception is getting an upgrade this week. You have been looking at it all wrong Beloved. You have more financial wealth around you in ways that you are not aware. Keep looking Beloved and you will see what you already have at hand. Remember all things great are within thee. They reside within. Receive these new gifts which are emerging from your souls depth. ASe’ 

On the Love Relationship front there is evidence of new birth in your love connection. New heights in the sense of being able to connect on a closer, deeper and more intimate heart level. This concept of connection may be new to you if this a new way for you to connect in the sense of closeness in a relationship. For I am sensing that learning to be open and present in relationships especially with Feminine energies being open with the Masculine energies may be a little bit challenging and unsteadying. Unsteady as for how to approach this new connection. Also, the Masculine could feel a little turbulence in getting acquainted with his Feminine counterpart. You may be asking the question: How do I allow these energies into my life without feeling overwhelmed by them? Beloved, in this case, just allow your heart and soul to relax in the new presence of the love which comes your way. Learn to receive and accept things as they come. Allow it to flow into the spaces of your heart which call it forth. Ase’-Namaste’

Well this is the Love Soul Oracle Reading for this week. I hope you have received some messages for your Souls journey. I appreciate your support. If you need a Personal Love Relationship Reading, Please view the services below to see what I offer and instructions on how to book your appointment are listed as well.   Services Offered are listed below. 



Services Offered

ALL Oracle Coaching Readings
(General & Love Relationship)
1st Question: 5.55 (ea. additional 2.22 ea.)
Maximum # of Questions 4. (includes 1st question)
1 additional $2.22
2 additional $4.44
3 additional $6.66

NOTE:If you don’t have a Specific Question:
Then a GENERAL Oracle Reading for $5.55 will

LIVE Chat Messenger Sessions
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30 mins. $10.00
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60 mins. $25.00
(Gmail, Yahoo & Skype messenger accepted)
Please have your questions prepared at time of reading…

LOVES!!!! I also offer: ONE on ONE Soul Coaching is offered as well. Please see website for details. 

PLEASE Visit: http://www.oraclesofroyalty.com for detailed instructions on how to Book Your Reading. Love 2 Thee- Royal Redd



About Royal RedddPeace

Namaste- I am Royal Reddd Peace. Spiritual Soul Coach & Healer-Practitioner. Intuitive Empath-Psychic Clair-Medium. Since the young age of 15, I have been assisting and guiding friends & family in finding their way along their spiritual path. Providing Divine insight & clarity to their questions. Being an Empathic Psychic Clair-Medium I am able to peer beyond what "appears" to be into the hidden mysteries of the soul. In that being able to deliver healing insight and direction to those who seek my advice. I am passionate about seeing my clients souls evolve to their fullest potential. It would be both an honor and pleasure to assist you on your journey. Divine Love Royal Reddd Peace

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