General Love-Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 1.2 thru 1.8. Divine Manifestor U R, Day Dreaming make Decisions, Radiantly Shine and Blossom


Greetings & Namaste, 

This is a General Love Soul Reading. Therefore, Some or All Messages from Spirit may resonate with you or they may not. Whatever the case may be, please remain open to hear what is being said. You never know what may be said that can assist you through your week and journey. If you desire a Personal Relationship Reading, information on how to do so  will be noted at the end of this reading. Thank you in advance. Please In-Joy the Messages of Spirit. Namaste’


The Number vibration for this week is 10. 1+7=8+20=2+8=10 

10 signifies the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine coming into a greater oneness. Coming into a greater inner standing (inner self knowing of one another). Not only you connecting more intimately with the opposite of your biology but with the energetic properties. For we know ALL is energy.  So, as it goes: The vibration 1 resonates with Oneness and Single mindedness. Not Single mindedness from a shadow aspect of selfishness. But to have single or primary focus on something you desire to accomplish. Oneness with the Consciousness of your Divine way of being. 1 also resonates Masculine attributes of strong logic and self leadership.  The God factor. The Sun-Ra. Meaning being aligned with the logical side of your being and finding the strength and tenacity within to continue to move forward with and not against the resistance that may be presented to you this week. Also, engaging the logical side of your being to solve any problems or situations that may arise. 

Zero-0 vibrates Universal Wholeness. The All. Meaning the All seeing, All Knowing., All Loving. The All Being. The total sum of All. The total sum of Nothingness which is full complete and wholeness. Zero- 0 also vibrates the void-darkness which represents the Divine Feminine. The Womb. The Goddess. Re- Moon Goddess. The one who shines not without the Sun-Ra. But she exemplifies power and might in the face of opposition with the intense force of his (masculine) light accompanying her. Providing strength to her very being and presence. Vitality. 1 & 0 complete each other therefore together they resonate. NEW BEGINNINGS. As 2017= 2+1+7=10. So this week let your focus be primarily on the deepest desires of your heart that you long to create and bring to fruition in this New year. For now is the time to begin to plan, focus and make a plan and course of action on how you may accomplish these desired dreams. Ase’ 

Manifest -1 (Magician ~ Tarot Card)

The All, The Universal Creator, The Universal Supreme Being/Entity is the Master Manifestor. You are a direct creation of this Master Being. Therefore, you possess this same power to create and manifest your deepest longings and heart desires. You must move into this week with the mindset that you will give earnest full focus on the things that your heart is speaking to you to bring into fruition. Although it may be the winter season and most of us like to be more still and quiet. We like to get some where and get warm and cozy. Lovely. I’m all for it. However, do not get too comfortable. Don’t get lazy darling. What’s the burning desire of your heart that you’ve been wanting to share with the world?  What is the one thing that you would do even if you didn’t receive financial compensation for it? Tap into that energy beloved and begin to work it. The Magician is showing you that you are the wielder of the wand. You are the magick resonation of the Divine Source. Therefore, you are obligated to produce, multiply and expand. You do not have permission to idly sit by and not create what you came here to create. We all came with purpose. Create & Manifest Your Purpose. 

So I ask you Beloved, What is it that you hope and desire for your Love relationships? Your relationship with Self first always. Then with your partner, significant others, friends, associates, family and business partners. What do you want to manifest in those relationships? Do you desire more intimacy in the sense of closeness in how you communicate to one another? Do you desire to share your heart and thoughts more with that person without feeling like you will offend that person with your truth? Do you desire to be bolder in your expression of Self? Do you hope to have a closer connection with a family member perhaps that you haven’t been so close with previously?

Whatever your heart desires, Now is the time to make a shift and begin to communicate these things in a fashion of where they can be received. Do not be hasty to think that the other person may not want something of the like. You may be surprised. Whatever you may desire in all of your relationships, Beloved Do not hesitate to ask for it. Make your needs known. Do not hesitate to make it known. Because if you just sit back and say nothing, it will not manifest.”A closed mouth does not get fed”. Be Clear, Open and Impeccable with your hearts desire for your relationships. If you the other does not resonate the only thing you can do is try another approach or choose to move on from this relationship all together. This year is about New Starts. Freshness. New Perceptions. New Visions. Give yourself and your loved ones the benefit of the doubt. Ask them what they would like to see come to fruition for your relationship. Because it takes 2.  1 person can not do the work alone, that’s not fair or balanced for that matter.

So Stand up, Speak up and know that you will be heard and  received in love. What you send out is what will return to you. Whether it’s in a current connection or something better to come. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want and need. Present your request and give the other reasonable time to implement and go from there. Light that fire Beloved and allow the other person to encourage the fire to grow by putting their energetic essence into the development of the relationship. Patience is required with self as well as your partners so show this forth as best as possible. Ase’ 

DayDreams & Decisions -7 (Heart Desires/Emotions)

Beloved, you’ve been Daydreaming about what you want to create for yourself and family this year. You have so many wonderful ideas springing up every moment of your waking hours and in your sub-conscious resting state through visions alike. Write them down so you can keep track.

Now, as these ideas are before you, consider more deeply and heavily from the lot of them the top 3 you wish to create in 2017. I say 3 because it’s the perfect balance of Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine = Completion and Wholeness. 3 is the sum total of the 2 wholes coming together to make ONE Perfected Whole. The Awesome Supreme Being manifested in your Divine counterpart. Whether you are the Masculine or Feminine energy is not the essence here. Remember we are both no matter the biology.

So darling, you must begin to move into a place of implementing the things you’ve been Daydreaming about for your relationships by making a firm Decision on the WHAT portion of the vision. Meaning “What do I want to create here”? Do not linger in the state of Daydreaming for too long. Sometimes we can become stagnant here and become stale. Get unstuck if you are and Decide what you want to create beloved. Allow no false illusions of fear to present themselves to keep you from moving forward into your hearts desires. You may be feeling a little hesitant due to the fact that your dreams are finally being realized and you could actually manifest what you desire from your heart space. Do not allow the feelings in your body to stop you. Embrace them, feel them and move through into making a decision.

Once you decide you are saying, “This is what I declare that I desire to create and I Shall do so as I step into a more clear consciousness of myself.” A more defined and balanced consciousness will ensure you move forward into the beautiful excellence with lies within you. Move forward beloved, It’s time. Daydream and then Decide. All will be fine. It is well. Namaste’

Blossom- 20 (Judgement Tarot Card)  

The Oracle is speaking it’s time to stand up and Speak your truth, facing the risk  of not being accepted by others. It’s ok. You know why because when you step out in Faith and speak your truth you are saying that I trust myself. I Love Myself and I Am in agreement with My Self. I Validate Myself so no one else has to co-sign or give me their permission to be seen or speak. It’s not required for me to speak my truth. The only requirement is SELF ACCEPTANCE.

 As the Tarot card Judgement states that there are 2 types of Judgement. Judgement which is critical from a place of shaming, guilt, punishment and condescending tactics. Then, Judgement wielded wisely and careful  with prudent discernment and analyzing of all facts presented. So Judgement in and of itself is not terrible. It depends on the side of the coin you utilize. Whichever side you utilize~ light or shadow. It’s still ALL GOOD. Because they both serve purpose.

When you finally grow to a certain level of being firm in who you are. Trusting your Unique Divine individual self. Standing in Boldness and Courage and speaking your truth will come with ease and become effortless. You of course may feel all those strange uncomfortable feelings in your body. And you know what don’t you give into them and allow them to keep you from feeling. Butterflies in your Solar Plexus. Heart beating fast and sweats. Woo! Keep it moving Sister/Brother. No longer give yourself permission to judge yourself harshly for feeling these things. No longer give yourself permission to cower to the glares and comments of others because they don’t like what you have to say. Guess what maybe they aren’t too fond of what you are saying because it’s not for them. Possibly, the vibration and frequency are not compatible or it could be that you are just in a space they are not interested being in. Whatever it may be, do not allow it to detour you. Judgement can be an ugly thing if you allow it to be.Sometimes it’s harsh and hurtful. But you can also to see the unkind words of others or even your own self critial ways as stepping stones you need to rise up and take control of your life for yourself. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH! SPEAK IT LOUD! SPEAK IT WITHOUT APOLOGY! You no longer have permission to sit back quietly and look for likes, hearts, smiles and encouraging comments on what you have to say. Speak and In-Joy the fact that you are alive and thriving in a new way. You are alive Beloved in a way you have NEVER been. Yes, its new territory. It’s unfamiliar. The Unknown.

Well guess what? This is NOW a time of NEW opportunity to surprise yourself and show up and share what you never thought you could. Look for NO ONE’s approval. But sit firmly, comfortably and sweetly with Your own Approval and that of your Ancestors and Spirit guides, and Divine Creator knowing these entities are the only ones you need to cheer you on. Others will come to encourage, edify and lift you up. But do not sit there holding your breath looking for it and depending on those on the side lines to cheer you on. Take bold & courageous steps in the face of Judgement and BLOSSOM. Radiantly shine with a purifying fire that each person who comes in your space that is hurting or in pain. They will feel this energetic radiance and receive the energy they need to rise up and continue to move forward in their healing. Be clear about who and what you are, and those who are supposed to witness you will do so from a more Excellent and Divine Space. Namaste.

Thank you Beloveds, This is your General Love Soul Oracle Coaching/Reading for the week. I hope some of the messages resonated with your heart, providing the strength you need to continue moving on your path to healing, pleasure and power. Ase’! (So Be It). If you desire a Personal Love Relationship reading please contact me at: Email: or Visit my website:


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Thank you for your support, 

Love 2 thee, Royal Redd



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