General Oracle Soul Coaching 12.4 thru 12.11


Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is your General Oracle Soul Coaching for 12/4 thru 12/10. Please Be open to the Messages that come forth through this Divine Medium Vessel. You most definitely will receive what you need if you are open to do so. Now, if you need a Personal Reading details are available at the end of this reading.  Thanks in advance.  In – Joy! 


This week we have : Suffering In Silence (9)/ Fire Elemental (14)/Patience & Planning (7)/ * Bonus -Throat Chakra (20)
Total Sum of All- Number Vibration of 5.

The vibration of 5 speaks that there is a heightened and more deeper since of needing Personal Freedom. Being liberated from those things, ideas and disillusioned perceptions which keep you perpetually in a timed stagnation .  You are perhaps Feeling at times as if you are making up great ground only to find your self at a halt at some point.  Old repetitive patterns are being exposed at a deeper level this week. There is grace. Receive. This exposing is making room for you to create the desires of your heart as you feel comfortable. Step out of complacency. Time to explore new sides of you when it comes to your hearts desires.  Try seeing your deepest desires manifest in a greater and more profound way.  Try it.  Think Big!


Suffering In Silence (9)

Beloved it seems that you are feeling a bit cut off and disconnected from the world. This energy has been lingering since the previous week.  You maybe feeling as if you have went so far within that you have disrupted the flow of things. Not the case. You can never go so deep within that you disrupt the flow of things. The fact of the matter is you’ve possibly stopped being present. You went a bit too far to left in the sense of detachment. You have to re-adjust and realign yourself Beloved.  Shake this funk which says you must silently sit within to the point of no time of connection with those whom you normally connect with.  Times of silence are needed even if for a couple of days then you pop back in for a few days and then briefly step away again.  This is so you can train yourself to find a normal balance to keep a consistent flow for you. Find the rhythm of your drum once again.  Your Unique Precious Vibe Frequency. It’s all good and joyful. Be mindful to  heed your body clock which will guide you into extended time away when needed. Just stay alert to ensure you do not sink into a hole never wanting to come out. 😉.

Now to address ‘Suffering in Silence’ directly. Suffering beloved is a form of agonizing abusive behavior. It’s an internal disruption of the peace you were created to live in. Suffering states that you are some how punishing yourself for things which occurred that you had no control over Beloved.

You must get a hold of your self and realize that this type of continued self abuse entails you must take a deeper look to find the root of the matter. Why do you have seasons of feeling isolated and wanting to go away from everyone and everything in a sense to be gone with no sense of time and space? Deep detachment.  Is this your ‘true’ way of being or something you’ve acquired over time or through Ancestral Karma?  Is it possible there are pains you may still be holding onto which do not actually belong to you? They belong to the oppressors of your past from which you are being liberated. The ones who inflicted harsh, unreasonable and awful pains upon your Ancestral lineage. See these are not your pains personally Beloved. You didn’t create the pains but the clutter of your Ancestors still lingers in your DNA. You make certain choices according to what’s in your blood. It’s as if you were programmed to do so in some aspects due to the smears of injustice pains weaved into your Ancestral DNA. Karmic debts of those before you are being paid through you. Once again Darling One you did NOT create these of your own regard. 

It’s time to allow this energy to return to its rightful owner.  Give them to the Universe asking for them to be purged and released from your soul template. In that you may create a new template or new blueprint.  One YOU actually create for yourself and your lineage. To leave behind a beautiful legacy.
So Now is time to reach out and call forth the Angelic, Ancestral and Spiritual Guide assistance that you may be ushered into your healing once and for all.  To continue subconsciously holding onto the need and desire to be punished by self or others due to Ancestral Karma is NOT a benefit to you nor those who you are connected.

It’s as if the rehearsing of the pain has become so much a part of your way of being & daily routine if not a seasonal ritual that you don’t notice the behavior to be hurtful unto yourself.
The only way to move is to shift your Consciousness Higher Loved One.  Meaning you must shift your mindset through acknowledging how far you have come.  How much you have evolved and been refined. You Are a New Being.   You Are A New Being who is In Joying experiencing the newness of your New view on life. Therefore ALL old, dead, depleted, out dated and post traumatic syndrome ideologies must be put to rest.  De-programming of the old self to realign with the New Self is crucial. On a daily basis begin to take a more attentive look at the mental aspects of your being.  Be more conscious of your mood and you will know when you are sinking into a pit of suffering. 

Suffering is not unto death. It’s unto life. Meaning if you are allowing your self to suffer in old patterns which don’t benefit you, at some point you must realize that your suffering is only carrying you deeper within to be confronted with that which you have been agonizing. And once you go deep enough into this miserable state you will reach a threshold where you know from deep within that you will have to make a Conscious shift to identify why you are comfortable and in agreement with suffering.  In that moment you decide to give earnest attention to ‘WHY’ suffering has  become normal and comfortable.

Then  Beloved you are on your way to discovering WHY things are as they are. YOU, Beloved have the power to end your suffering!  Acknowledge those dark, quarrelsome thoughts and decipher what they are saying. Acknowledge them, Hear them, Shift your Perception and Release them to be transmuted into Divine Love.  In suffering you always feel anxious and that something is wrong.  This should not be. Beloved Souls, You were created to be Free from ALL that binds & keeps you stagnant. LIBERATE yourself by giving yourself permission to be Free from all low vibrating things,  places,  people and thoughts which only take and leave things in disarray.  Release it All and let go! Transmuted into Divine Love and Order.Maat. Ase’


Fire Elemental- 14

The caption reads ‘I ignite the fire within me that connects me to the Divine’.
Sparks of fire have been flickering in your belly-(solar/sacral) for a while now. Beautiful creations are fluttering around waiting for their divine time of birthing and manifestation. These little sparks of Divine creation are awakening to their aspirations of being lit to shine radiantly for the world to witness.

Now in order to ignite that spark turn within to search out where the hesitation to be seen and shine is coming from.  Sometimes it’s hard to stand before people and allow your self to be seen for fear of so many things. Thats the humanity of us. All wonderful indeed. But remember Beloved the Divine essence of you NEVER flinches or shrinks for an opportunity to be seen. Your God/Goddess form desires to be seen. But in order for the Grand Divine source within you to reach its blazing shine. It must first go through different stages of purifying and cleansing. And since the Fire element is a purging purifier. It has a dual work in you Beloved.

First it comes to cleanse, clear and purge the space for the sacred illumination of You which is radiantly divine and one of a kind. Next the refining fire ushers in the sparks of fire which are utilized to build your energetic presence from within to shine without. These sparks will soon cause a blazing fire in your soul that insist on accomplishing the deep burning desires of ones heart.

So Beloved as you allow the refining fire to purge, cleanse, wash and burn away anything which no longer serves you. This refining fire will then be turned into that Phoenix rising from the ashes type of fire which has been building it’s strength while in the refining state. So then as the Phoenix rises more from the ruins of old Karmic DNA and false illusions of self, you then become this amazing illuminated fiery powerful entity whom is radiantly shining without apology for All to see. Wee! 

So allow the process of whatever ashes are being transformed into your reigning beauty and glory to flourish. Beauty for ashes.  As you are ushered into the deeper service of humanity, Remember you are One of a Kind so that means No Holding Back YOUR Shine. Allow the world to enjoy your shine as you share with them the beautiful workings of the Universal Creator -God/Goddess. Ase-Namaste’


Patience & Planning -7

2 vibrant pillars are presented to you this week. You are in the midst of actually bringing into fruition long time desires.  Business ventures, Romantic relationships, Building stronger family bonds. Awesome.
Now since these desires have been lingering for a long time.  You must move with care and make plans. Patience and Planning.

You have to reach down within to find your own personal resolve for patience in a new way than previously.  You have a lot more at stake, because these are aspects of your life you have long pondered changing. And with the ways in mind, Take your time and write the vision and make it simply clear and plain. In that each and every time you revisit your planning template you will perceive more direction and insight as to the best course of action.

All things will align them self as you are open to new ways of perception.  There is more than one way for things to be handled. Take time to carefully consider new avenues in each area of your life you desire to bring change forth.  It will pay off lovely Beloved. Still yourself and Patiently Plan. Allow your plans to unfold as they will. No censoring yourself when planning. Then go back and revamp your plans as many times as you feel necessary.  It will all fair well. Allow yourself the freedom to plan without concern of the final outcome.  Relax. Breathe and let it Be. Namaste’-Ase’

Throat Chakra- 20

It’s time to open up and allow the world to hear your beautiful song. Your song as in your unique voice,  tone and vibration.  It’s time to stop hiding and withholding your wisdom filled voice from the world. No more hiding your speak. 

During the last few weeks you’ve retreated within and in that time you went silent.  Speak boldly. It’s ok. There are pearls of insightful wisdom you have to share with others. They are waiting for you to speak. 
While you may be feeling a little stagnant in your voice speakings, Shake the dust from your voice. Relinquish timidity. It’s time to return to and listen to what the Oracle of your heart wants to say through your voice box. Your heart is calling your voice to express what it longs to say. No longer deny your heart the opportunity to speak.

Allow fear and timidity to fall from you as a layer of shedding skin.  No longer regard or give these energies permission to make you forsake your right to express your souls call.  Return to your authentic self in a new measure and share with the world your truth as only You can communicate. 

It may be a bit uncomfortable at first but press beyond the desire to retreat to silence. Press beyond the desire to crack under the pressure of what others may/will say. Will they receive my words?  Some will, Some may, Some will not. And you must become ok with this.  You are NOT meant for everyone! Seriously.  In saying that,  What about you actually hearing and witnessing your own unique soul voice for a change?  You are very willing to support others.  But it’s Now time you begin to return that energy of support back to the one who is always giving out FIRST. Y-O-U Beloved.

You are known for your Uplifting and Healing words given to others much more than you give to you. Put your words to use FIRST with you. Allow the edification which rise from your heart to be unto you first.  Allow your words to become to your story unto Deeper Greater and Fuller Divine Healing & Expression of Your Unique Soul. May These unique words be first unto the one who houses these beautiful treasures. First allow your words to become food, nourishment, health & life unto Your mind-body, soul & spirit Healer. Shift the focus long enough back to Your self from others. It will be the Healing & Strength you need to gain a New wind and come back into your own radiance in a more powerful way.
Allow your words to Heal thee. Take every word as Fresh New Morsels of healing. Know Thy Self. Heal Thy Self. Love Thy Self.  In returning to your voice you will surely assist others to return to their own unique way of expression.  Good Excellence to thee.  Namaste’- Ase’
It has been my pleasure to deliver these Messages to thee. It is my hope that you have received some words of exhortation and healing insight, to further assist you on your journey path. 
For a Personal reading please go to to book your reading. I look forward to serving you. Namaste’

Ase’- Royal Redd


About Royal RedddPeace

Namaste- I am Royal Reddd Peace. Spiritual Soul Coach & Healer-Practitioner. Intuitive Empath-Psychic Clair-Medium. Since the young age of 15, I have been assisting and guiding friends & family in finding their way along their spiritual path. Providing Divine insight & clarity to their questions. Being an Empathic Psychic Clair-Medium I am able to peer beyond what "appears" to be into the hidden mysteries of the soul. In that being able to deliver healing insight and direction to those who seek my advice. I am passionate about seeing my clients souls evolve to their fullest potential. It would be both an honor and pleasure to assist you on your journey. Divine Love Royal Reddd Peace

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