General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading ~ 11.7 thru 11.13


General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 11.7 thru 11.13
This is a General Reading, all or some of the Divine Messages may resonate. Please remain open to hear what the Divine speaks, you never know what you may receive. If you desire a Personal Reading, details are to follow at the end of this reading. Thank you for your support. Enjoy. Namaste’



We have Sacrifice/Ocean [Ebb and Flow]/Destiny this week. Our 2 Oracle/Tarot Cards- Sacrifice (Hangman) & Destiny (Wheel of Fortune) are bringing forth the number 12 + 10= 22 which bring us to 4 for the overall Reading.

4 is speaking the vibration of inner wisdom speaking to stick to your gut feelings with more of a definite vengeance. Feeling that you must become more rock solid, grounded. Establishing strong foundations in the way that you desire to build going forth. Relationships (Personal/Business). New beginnings are being set here with the illumination of 10. These new beginnings require discipline and patience of character. There will some challenging energies which come to try you. Testing to see if you are aware of your self and what you desire to create. Do not be moved by this. You got this! Be diligent and mainly focused on that which you are building. Are you building from a place of “I can do this?” Or from a place of “I am not sure this will work out but…”. There is no room for doubt NOW sweetie. You must be sure and strongly dedicated to seeing the finish of whatever lay your hand to do at this time. There are strong forces of the Ascended Masters showing their face in the 1+2=3 from last week. As the Spiritual Strength which you’ve mounted from this previously week is seriously noticeable in your way of being. In All that you say, think, speak and do you are moving with a more diligent, firm and solid presence in all that you seek to set out and do. Let’s do it. Do it & Do it BIG!  Manifesting time is nigh. Not for one moment take your eyes off the prize. You got this! I so feel it within my soul that IF you hold fast to what you see that IT will manifest just as you desire. Of course remember in greater form in the sense of how. Do not become fixated on the HOW. Allow yourself to be fluid and flow. Free forming and Manifesting are dreams becoming reality. Namaste’

SACRIFICE (12)- Hanged Man

Sacrifice is a hard thing to do at times. But this week you are being required to step back and review how things have unfolded this year in all areas of your life. While doing this, Please do not give into the victim mindset of  “I’ve not accomplished All or What I had hoped this year” These type of thoughts may surface because you may not like the way things look at this particular moment. But there’s a swift shift near. It’s drawing nigh now. With the energy of Scorpio which is a precise being to teach you to wield your energy with more precision. Be still. Be patient with yourself beloved because it’s NOW Time to calculate your steps more carefully. Watch with gentleness and patience, and you are sure to step into the place of strength that is needed to manifest the desires of your heart.

Sacrifice is calling you to release, let go and allow the energies of you feeling stuck or stagnant to transmute into Higher and more purposeful energies unto your manifestation. You may have to switch the way in which you have been doing certain things.Switch gears. Reverse the way to find a new direction. This new direction of course may seem very unfamiliar and strange, but go with it dear. It’s time to make a shift into Higher Consciousness. Seeing the parts of you which can be integrated into the whole, creating a more fluid flow. Just as she is submerged in murky dark water from the waist down, you may feel bogged down or clogged with a sense of not flowing clearly. Well guess what the murkiness indicates there is a purging going on. Allow any old programmed thought and words to be purged, clearing the space making room for the essence of you to flow more uniformly. For in building you must be able to move without any hindrances. Meaning being more open to the possible outcomes.  You are becoming more pliable like clay. Sacrifice the need to stick to the old way of doing. Being open to try a new path is the best approach you can take at this moment beloved. There is something spectacular waiting for you on this new path. Be open.Be aware. Be present and most of all Be Patient with yourself in healing and realizing what it is that you must do for you to be successful. All answers lie within, so no need to go searching outside of yourself. Remain focused on the inner feeling of your intuitive nudges that you may achieve your desired goal. Namaste’ 

Ocean -Ebb & Flow

Returning to a more gentle, smooth fluid movement. You are coming into this as you settle your mind around which you are building. New projects or New ways of thinking take time to develop. As you ease into this new way of being be clear that you do not have to get it perfect from the start. Go with the tide of the water. The Ebb and Flow of your universe, not any one else’s. The OCEAN is calling for you to be a more available and open vessel, being able to accept change at will. With the attitude of gratitude. You are going to have to trust yourself more. Go within, dig deep and with the inner knowledge you possess you can shift your awareness as water does, and not be entangled in any obstacles which may appear. Flow dear. Flow.

Water is fluid and goes over and around anything that would try to block it. Allow the walls which have been built-in your mental constructs implying that you can not do something. You can do anything you set your mind to do. Anything!  This new movement and change requires great courage, compassion mercy  and grace with yourself and those you serve. Be mindful to keep the experiences before you which caused you to rise to this point. Remember the times your water became stagnant, and you cleansed your inner wells through personal healing rituals, restoring a calm inner homeostasis. Remember beloved. Remember water has always been a cleansing force and rejuvenation for you. An inner stabilizer. Take as many spiritual baths as you need to keep your aura clear of any energetic matters which look to feast from your vibration. Keep yourself whole and healthy. Water your entire being with the staying force and healing of H2O. Namaste’ 

Destiny (10)- Wheel of Fortune

There is a new wind fall of financial gain presenting itself. But you must first establish within yourself a new direction and approach of receptivity to new opportunities and how they show up. It could be weird and uncanny but awesome and great things often come in strange packages. Dismiss not the unfamiliar. Instead approach with a strong and keen eye of discernment. 

As indicated 10 vibrates new beginnings as well as Oneness with the All Divine and Creating force within you. The Divinity within you speaks and is craving new adventure to get out and explore All possibilities being presented. Allow the Wheel to turn in your favor as you prepare for the wind fall of ALL you’ve been awaiting to manifest in your Divine space. You’ve had a desperate cry for things to take a new change. Well your cry has been heard. No longer do you have to hold onto feelings of “Is it going to take place before the year ending or Will I be in the same space financially I have been all year?” Release this mindset, allowing transformation to come with the beautiful possibilities to lay in your hand. They are awaiting an opportunity to be seen. Open your heart to being more receptive. However, they show up will be Grand! I promise. I feel this so strongly for you. So, in that light change your idea of the how and just Be Present with the flow of you. Be Present with the flow of your universe and heart beat of your inner drum. Attentively give your whole heart and dedicated focus to what you must allow to fall away as you move into New Beginnings. New Beginnings. New Beginnings! Namaste’ 


This has been your General Oracle Soul Coaching. I truly hope that you have received some enlightenment and insightful information. If you require a Personal Reading please visit me at: I look forward to serving you. In this month of November 11 = 2 representing the light and shadow parts of ourselves, I encourage you to give yourself permission you’ve never given to be free, focused and fearless. Be open Beloved to the many, many, unfolding possibilities. For they are grand! I love thee all. Thank you for your support. 


Namaste-ASe- Royal Redd





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