General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 10/31 thru 11/6


General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 10/31 thru 11/6
This is a General Reading, all or some of the Divine Messages may resonate. Please remain open to hear what the Divine speaks, you never know what you may receive. If you desire a Personal Reading, details are to follow at the end of this reading. Thank you for your support. Enjoy. Namaste’


3- Heartache & Loss (Mental Aspect) 

Currently you may be facing somethings that have been very heavy and piercing to your heart, as in the manner of the cross hanging between her bosom with a pointed end which is likened unto a sword. The piercing situation has been nagging at you for sometime. It’s now time to come face to face with these thoughts that keep replaying themselves, and showing up in different mannerisms that you possess. Such as your attitude toward different relationships that have played out well in the past. Old thoughts haunt you as to if these people return into my life or if new relationships show up as these will they replay themselves again? Perhaps there is a particular situation that continues to arise centering around how to be more open and freely loving to yourself that you may draw those loving, caring and heartfelt relationships you desire. In order to do this, you must dig deep into that uncomfortable space of feelings you do not want to confront. At first you may sense resistance and that’s just fine beloved. You must learn that resistance is a sign that you are making progress and headed in the correct direction. For if you are not met with some resistance you will not stick with it. There will be no strengthening of your love/heart/emotional muscles.  Resistance is there to strengthen you on all these levels. It’s there to show you just how strong you are. So instead of going against it, go with it. Honor the feelings that come up. Whether they ooze out or come up with a thundering and strong presence, as  a knee jerk reaction. Lol. Let them surface as they will. Always being mindful to be respectful and honoring to yourself and others as you may feel some deep stirring inner turmoil on the mental plane, which may seem unbearable. But you can bear all things. Go with it and experience what these feelings have to offer. No matter how dark they are. Go with it. They do lead to divine balance. The way to heal is to go through it and make good use of the lessons attained as you make your way through the darkness. The darkness indicates that light will break forth at sometime. You just don’t know when, and you know what? You don’t always have to know when it’s going to shift or transition. Just go with it. 

I sense some really ripe and tender feelings centered around a disappointment of a particular relationship which didn’t turn out as you would have hoped. Well it’s ok. Because as you glean the lessons from this experience, you will find that there is a more suited relationship coming if you are open to weather this storm. It’s not so bad. Just buckle down and allow yourself the space to be with your feelings at this time. Feelings are like waves. They roll in and out. They are sometimes rocky and heavy. Other times they lightly roll. Whatever the case beloved, you are more than able to experience them, sit with them, hear what they have to say and release them transmute into Divine Love. Heartache & Loss has not come to take anything from you that you need, but only that which no longer serves you to your highest good. So allow it to do its work. The mental conditioning around this matter does not align itself with the new version of you that is becoming. So unless you want to stay rooted in this old mindset and way of perception. I suggest you just allow the feelings to come up. No matter how agitating. Allow them, for I feel you are in transition into a new life space all together on all planes (mind-body, soul and spirit). This is great beloved. But be mindful to take time to unpack mental baggage so you don’t show up with old thoughts which no longer serve you. Instead you enter into your new dimensional space with new higher and more centered vibrating thoughts. These thoughts shall bring you all that your heart asks for. Namaste’ 

The number 3 is about 3 ways of perception I hear. There are 3 ways to see. Yours, theirs and the Universal truth. Let’s honor all 3. Especially the last. The Universal truth is unchanging and always aligns with your principle if it’s the right thing for you to do. So pay careful attention to the agreements of your mind. You can’t afford to become entangled and ensnared into matters which serve as distractions, only to harm and bring stagnation. Tighten up your mental space and be mindful, everyone is on their own unique vibration & frequency. It may resonate with you or it may not. Whichever the case, allow the perceptions around you to unfold in such a way where you find magic in every aspect of this heart healing. It will be amazing to see the new aspects of your Divine feminine self emerging along with the Divine masculine influences of you.

I am also sensing this divine aligning has something to do with healing in the area of the Divine feminine in her perception of self and seeing how the Divine masculine can serve her and not harm her. The thought patterns which you must release are centered around the ways the masculine has been harmful and hurtful towards you in times before. Perhaps a father figure, sibling or a male figure in a position of power who handled you roughly. This has caused you to be rough with the masculine energies who enter your life meaning well but somehow you perceive them as adversarial energies, instead of healing energies. Or it could be they hadn’t tapped into their own personal healing and they wounded you. You still hold onto these pains in your mind centering not being able to stand up for yourself, therefore feeling suppressed and smothered. Beloved in order for you to move forward you must realize that the divine masculine energy is one to protect, support you in your growth as well as guide you. You must shift your awareness to your divine feminine need to draw healing of the divine masculine energy. And as you do, you will begin to birth new abilities to shift cohesively between the feminine and masculine energies within you in a more fluid stance. Let the fear of the past encounters bring you to higher realization of who you are. You are dynamic. As you do you will embrace the relationship with the masculine that best suits your growth, healing, free expression of self and your beautiful essence as a feminine being. Be! Be with yourself and allow all that no longer benefits you mentally to transform itself into pure divine beauty. Namaste’

9-Spiritual Strength (Spiritual Aspect) 

An ascended master type of strength and new spiritual perspective is upon you. As you go through the necessary heart healing, there is a strong divine masculine energetic force of assistance present. The monk type of archetype seen in this oracle is reflecting a strong inner glowing power which you possess. You are coming to realization this inner glow this week along with learning how to tap into this new spiritual source of divine strength. This new-found spiritual force is your sustaining and grounding anchor. As you quiet your soul and emotional self and go within, you can then access this new style of spiritual strength which is uniquely your own. It may feel or even look peculiar to you. But I hear, Go with the flow of how the energy presents itself to you. Do not be fearful or alarmed, and please do not feel you have to assign a label. Allow it to be free and flow as it manifests in your soul. 

An ancient wisdom is possessed within your treasure of hidden jewels. In stillness the fire within shall be ignited allowing access to these precious jewels, which shall lead you to a greater awareness of your own personal style of spiritual strength. What I mean by your own personal style is, That ZING! That sizzle which only you possess. The way you ignite the energetic force within the universe is uniquely designed just as you are. Your zing gives off a certain vibration, frequency and tone. Of course all will not resonate with your particular zing, and it’s ok. It’s perfectly fine. In fact the more you attune to this beautiful expression of your new-found spiritual strength, the more comfortable you shall become. You shall know yourself in a way that you have never known. It’s as if you are coming to view a new reflection/image of you which has been hidden. A new image of you is emerging. Enjoy the unfolding.  

I hear this new spiritual strength shall be attained by sitting in silence and stilling your heart and mind. This posture allows connection with the inner space of where your personal power resides. Also, try some centering techniques before sitting in silence. Physical stretching and yoga poses are great for centering the mind and bringing the physical and mental planes in alignment with the spiritual body. Remember you must balance all areas mind-body, soul and spirit that you may attain supreme spiritual fitness. Your Spiritual body is unique Beloved. So, follow what you intuitively feel. It will always be what you need. 

The number 9 resonates the destined path of enlightenment which you are embarking. There’s a newness, freshness and crisp style about this new being emerging. A Phoenix rising from the ashes I hear. Likened unto hieroglyphics of Egypt. Ancient presence. Ancient wisdom. This divine ancient presence you are embodying will align you with more ancestral guides to assist you on your path of soul evolution. Be open to new guides of your ancestral lineage which may come to assist you at this time. Perhaps more so of Divine Masculine energy, but do not limit the way they could show up. You can’t exclude the Divine Feminine flow in soul transformation. Be open to all avenues. These ancient forces bring a strength for you to stand in the midst of the most heavy and difficult trials without breaking a sweat. This new spiritual strength is one of serious enduring power. I sense there are many new challenges to face going forward. Those of which will challenge you to extend your spiritual roots into the ground more deeply. In that your inner resolve shall become more full and balanced as you allow this new awakening of your spiritual dimensional self to be empowered in a deeper way. In a way that only you will be able to resonate with at times. I see you walking side by side with these guides and entities which come to serve you and you them at this new season. You will sometimes feel awkward and misunderstood even by those closest to you. Take this as a sign that you are growing in such a way that you will not always require or look to those close to you for support. But instead the empowering forces within you which cause your spiritual tree roots to extend deeper into womb of the Universal Cosmic Mother. Grow, Expand and Allow your life to be enriched. It is a delicious delight to see this new aspect of you emerging. Enjoy and allow your creative forces within to shape it as only as you can. Namaste’ 

4- Authority (Emperor) 

I am sensing a stronger and more determined you coming forth beloved. As you step into this new season in the month of November (11) 1+1=2. The Yin/Yang energies are becoming more pronounced, disciplined and in sync with one another. The strong presence of masculine energy here is bringing a reassurance of whatever you put your mind to, You SHALL accomplish. Not maybe. But its definite as you put in the work. I sense a stronger determination for you to see your life take on new form before the end of 2016. Until now, somethings have felt hopeless as if they wouldn’t be accomplished. But you are now feeling a new wave of energy that offers a greater hope to know that you will reap what you have sown. This year has been challenging with much deep healing in which you’ve allowed yourself to release so many things about yourself which once served you but no longer do. Those old things can not accompany you on this new path, so you have decided to let them go. Great for you.

Now expect and anticipate the things you’ve desired in your life to begin to present themselves. They will come in ways you hadn’t imagined. The energy of the Emperor states you will have it, if you remain diligent and focused on the goal, not the outcome. The Emperor is more focused on aligning himself with the desires of his heart and allowing the Universe to deliver them in the way it sees fit. However, the Emperor has a strength, power and fierceness that is relentless-unyielding. He will not give up until he has accomplished what he has set out to do. The folding of his arms signifies that it’s final and he shall have what he has envisioned, and nothing and no one can hold it back accept him. So be mindful of what’s going on in your mental space along with the words you speak. They both play an important part in your power manifesting, for the Emperor is about word, deed and action. Setting and Establishing his own laws.

Aligning with Universal laws and truths will bring forth what your soul desires. Keep focused and remain grounded in the purpose you’ve set out to do. It will all end well. I promise you this if you stay fixed on the goal, not the outcome. Do not allow any distractions which take your energy and focus away from what want to accomplish. Continue in good faith beloved. Your doors of opportunity are opening wide. Get ready to run through the open doors. Continue to stabilize and balance yourself. Remain confident.It is going to be a beautiful outpouring. You are well deserving.

The Divine Feminine is complementing with a peaceful, calm and nurturing presence she exudes. It seems that she is expressing more of her joyful nature which brightens up the dark spaces of her life and those around her. She brings a strong heart connection with her masculine counterpart which states there is a divine union of heart and mind. The soft and fluid essence of her feminine grounding and the logic and protective force of the masculine are connecting in are more unified template, bringing balance to a new height, which will carry them into 2017 with a firm assurance that the two together are better than one. Also, revealing a strong presence of we can accomplish anything we put our minds too. 

The number 4 speaks of a more grounded, centered an intuitive presence birthing from your new-found spiritual strength. You are becoming more open, free-flowing and disciplined for divine messages to pass through you. No matter your craft, we are all divine instruments. This year has been about clearing out, so that you could become more open and pliable to receive the messages of Divine Spirit.  So here you are with one month left of  2016 to allow the things you no longer need to fall away and transmute into Divine Love. Allowing you to be even more fluid in the unique expression of your Higher self, without fear that you are not doing, saying or being the right thing. All things in divine care and concern for yourself, and others as you continue to expand and unfold in divine righteousness. Be patient, gentle and loving with yourself beloved. You will come forth as pure gold as you continue to allow your own unique universal stamp of creativity to be exhibited. Do not shy away from the new unfolding of deeper intuitive insight being granted. It may feel a bit uncomfortable for you at times, because you are going through different atmospheric changes.  Expansion is taking place. Therefore you must shift and transition through new dimensions. Along with this comes new mindsets and perception. Embrace the more enlightened and heightened sense of intuition you possess. It’s like nothing you have ever witnessed. A attuned vibration you possess to the Divine Spirit. Embrace. Ase’ 

This has been your General Oracle Coaching Reading for the month of November. I hope that you have received some beautiful messages from Source. Allow them to permeate your heart, that they may take root and spring up in due time. If you desire a Personal Reading, please visit me at: for instructions on booking. 

Thank you for your support. Continue to allow yourself to be open to the messages of Spirit which manifest through so many different avenues. You are a uniquely crafted being, allow your light to radiant. Do not be afraid to share the beautiful unique gifts of your soul. Wisely. 

Love 2 thee, 

Royal Redd





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Namaste- I am Royal Redd Peace. Spiritual Soul Coach & Healer-Practitioner. Intuitive Empath-Psychic Clair-Medium. Since the young age of 15, I have been assisting and guiding friends & family in finding their way along their spiritual path. Providing Divine insight & clarity to their questions. Being an Empathic Psychic Clair-Medium I am able to peer beyond what "appears" to be into the hidden mysteries of the soul. In that being able to deliver healing insight and direction to those who seek my advice. I am passionate about seeing my clients souls evolve to their fullest potential. It would be both an honor and pleasure to assist you on your journey. Divine Love Royal Redd Peace

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