General Love/Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 10.31 thru 11.6


General LOVE/Soul Oracle Coaching 10-31 thru 11-6
This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching. Some or All of the messages may resonate with you. Please be open to the Messages of the Divine. You never know what surprises you may receive. If you desire a personal reading, details are to follow at the end of this reading. Thank you for your support. Enjoy! Namaste’



2-Find Balance (Physical – Material World) 

Things are moving so fast these days and you may be finding it a bit difficult to balance all areas of your life. Well, Breathe, Exhale and take a step back. Look at everything before you. Look carefully and closely, so that you may put together the best action plan. One that will assist you in achieving the ideal balance for you and your family. What absolutely needs to be done in the present? What can wait a few days or longer if needed? Beloved, this is not the time to overwhelm yourself with things that seem important but truly can wait until a later date. I Am notorious for this at times. Taking on too many projects which end up being put off. Lol. The Universe always assists me in achieving the best balance for myself and family. 

So as the wheel speaks to each area of your life. From Sleep, Study, Food Sustenance, Allocating and Ordering Time properly, Taking time in Nature and Giving Time to Your Personal Relationship commitments. Wow that may seem like a lot. I know it does to me at times. But it’s possible to balance them all. I’m getting there. So will you. You must have the cooperation of all involved. I Am hearing  you may want to start delegating small tasks to other members of your clan/tribe. Anyone that is in your immediate space that is able body,Release some of your load to them. You need not feel like you must do everything. No matter how much of a superwoman or superman you may feel like, beloved you do not need to try to do everything. Relax and give yourself some breathing room. I Am learning to put this one into a deeper focus and practice. 

You will notice the littlest task that you pass off to another can assist with removing unnecessary weight for you. It’s such a daunting task to function under the pressure of I must do this, I must do that. I must do this. I must do that. No way. Hold on. Step back. Take several slow breaths and regain your composure. You will truly be grateful that you released some of the small things to give your attention to the greater. So just shift your perception of what MUST BE DONE NOW, to What Can I release and delegate to someone else to give myself some much-needed breathing room? Beloved when you let go of the little things you will surely feel better about your progress in finding balance. 

The number 2 speaks to harmonizing the different sides of your wonderful self.  You have a feminine and masculine essence no matter your gender. Each side is to be employed when seeking to find balance. The feminine side is catering and nurturing to keep the inner workings of your space straight. She’s the energy of order, balancing of the scales as Maat. Justice and law. Law in the sense of making sure it’s carried out. The masculine is the logic or brain of the duo, in which he has the plan and gives it to the feminine to put it into motion. He’s the one who works on the exterior. The builder. Therefore as you are finding balance, you must learn how to balance these two dynamics of yourself. It will be well worth it. Notice which is your dominant way of being, and strengthen the under developed side. Remember to give yourself to learning how to shift between the two as needed, maintaining balance. However, you shall have a dominate way of being. Find your balance beloved. It will make your life a lot easier. Allow yourself time to discover what works and what doesn’t. Through trial and error you will learn this. It’s not necessary to align all the pieces right now, but you must be setting something in order. Namaste’  

3-Nurture (Empress) 

Nurture. Nature. You are being called to embrace the very feminine essence of yourself. This is to the masculine beings as well. Remember it’s all energetic. Return to that gentle, slow and soft side of you that calls forth strong creative waves of the earth vibrations which she longs to be grounded in always. She’s surrounded by all different types of plants which display strong healing frequencies. Take time to slow down and go within and address the heart. What is showing you through your atmosphere? What areas of healing do you see need to take place by the projection of your exterior environment?

The Empress is about being fertile with new seeds (ideas). New thought perception. Seeing yourself in a more vibrant and alive manner. Allowing yourself to shed old out of date programs to make space for new ideas to be planted.  There is a new perspective of creativity coming forth. It will be revealed as you go within and take time to sit with the feminine and see what she speaks. As the core intentions of your heart are being illuminated, you are possessing a more heightened level of intuitive nature. One to bring about new opportunities for planting and receiving newness in all forms. Be a bit reluctant in rushing out to try new things without first grounding yourself. Check them out thoroughly, listening to your inner frequency always. Ground yourself in the sense of your essence that is stable and unyielding. Just as the seed of your ideas take root in the fertile ground of your mind and heart, make sure the way has been cleaned and prepared. Pruning and Tilling of weeds and thistles need to take place so that your new ideas will not be smothered. You are moving into a place of birthing greatness with the ideas which are being presented. But if your mind is all cluttered with past mistakes or failures, you will not be as open to hear or receive the new things being presented to thee. 

The number 3 represents creativity, ascended masters, financial and spiritual abundance or change. As you more firmly plant yourself in Mother nature you shall receive new sparks of creative insight. Ways to increase the financial abundance in your space. Also new-found deeper enlightenment is coming to you in this period of rapid change. This will require ideal balance and nurturing between the 2 energies. Yin/Yang. I am hearing being more flexible and attuned to what your heart is speaking is key. Heart Centered movement more than from the mind or crown if you will. Be connected to your heart desires of  what you would like to see manifest as you nurture yourself in the arms of nature. Speak to her and ground yourself in her unfolding presence. Just as the grass is green so may your heart chakra be well. Meaning may the desires of your heart unfold beautifully as you expand and evolve in the deeper and greater understanding of yourself. It will simply amaze you of what you can accomplish. Continue to go forth and declare what your soul already knows. That your heart may be ready to embark upon one of the most exciting and most creative times of its existence. Be open. Embrace it! Define the space that you need to create this imagined life. It can come forth if you will put your full essence to movement. Move in it. Love the unfolding joy of all that is being offered. Your life is becoming more grand by the moment. Continue therein. Namaste’

4- Opportunity Beckons (Heart)

You are coming upon some pretty exciting news real soon beloved. Some long-awaited news of opportunities your subconscious has possibly hid from you. Surprise! It hasn’t been hidden to deceive you in any way. Never that. But more so waiting for an opportune time of revealing desires you have long since forgot. As the sign of infinity is present on the globe behind the man. Infinite possibilities are possible.  The beckoning of these new opportunities are stating open up to new possibilities. In the aspect of ideas you may have considered, but just didn’t see the way of how they’d be achieved. Do not close your heart to these things coming forth, allow your confidence to awaken even more deeply so. I Am sensing that anything that your heart can dream is coming into universal alignment. And guess what? It can indeed be manifested. The hopes and dreams of your inner most desires can be manifested. You have to hold onto all hope. Do not give up! Hold fast to these dreams, for they want to show up for you. You just have to know they want too. It’s that simple. You have to embrace the idea that they want to show up. They truly do want to show up just for you Beloved! 

Sometimes we lose steam on our journey. It can become a little bit stagnant and unrealistic. We wonder will the desires of our heart ever appear. Beloved, now is not the time to second guess yourself. Stir your Inner Confidence. Go forth with an excellent mind-heart which the Universe is calling you forth into a higher realm of seeing things from a more enlightened sense. More of a prophetic sense as for insight and foresight. I feel like you are taking on the characteristics of a more truly insightful being who can not only foresee things unfolding in unimaginable ways, but from a height and depth of beauty and radiance you never thought. The Universe is sending opportunities wrapped in packages which may not look like the most spectacular, but do not cast them aside. Carefully investigate because You could be embarking upon an aspect of your journey you’ve always desired. Be open to all the Universe has for you. It’s more than you know. Ase’ 

The number 4 speaks to inner wisdom, self-discipline and awareness. Inner wisdom is heeding those soft little nudges within and not dismissing them. You may be presented with an opportunity which may look like one thing and it’s actually something else. Please be careful beloved. Checks and Balances time. Check everything and validate with your inner knowing before moving forward. I feel there will be some sneaky little entities which desire to cause a hiccup in your movement. Do not be caught off guard. Be forewarned so that you can move smoothly beyond this. Continue on. Be self disciplined and controlled in your responses as different situations are being presented as you move into your calling and mission. Your responses will indicate whether you are ready to move forward or if you need to hold still for a bit longer to do some deeper contemplation of what you should do when certain types of opportunities are presented. There are many coming, not just one. Many of which you will be able to choose from. Exciting! This is good news, remain alert and attuned to all going on within and around. A keen awareness of the energetic entities around you is indeed key. Give careful attention. There may be some subtle mental and heart attitudes which are in need of slight adjustment. Also, there could be some undesirable beings around you who are lingering to catch a ride on your train of abundance. Lol! Shift and cleanse your space. Leave no one around who doesn’t need to be there. All will unfold just fine if you organize your space and mind as they need to be in order to receive the most exciting things you’ve wanted for a long time now. Hold on. Sit tight. Opportunity is knocking at your door. Get ready. Namaste’ 

This has been your General Love/Soul Oracle Coaching Reading. I hope that some of the messages have spoken to you. Take one you received and apply it. All things shall manifest for you in due time as you align yourself with Universal Divine Will. If you desire a Personal reading, please go to for instructions on booking. Thank you for your support. I look forward to serving you. Namaste-Hotep-Ase’

Royal Redd 




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Namaste- I am Royal Redd Peace. Spiritual Soul Coach & Healer-Practitioner. Intuitive Empath-Psychic Clair-Medium. Since the young age of 15, I have been assisting and guiding friends & family in finding their way along their spiritual path. Providing Divine insight & clarity to their questions. Being an Empathic Psychic Clair-Medium I am able to peer beyond what "appears" to be into the hidden mysteries of the soul. In that being able to deliver healing insight and direction to those who seek my advice. I am passionate about seeing my clients souls evolve to their fullest potential. It would be both an honor and pleasure to assist you on your journey. Divine Love Royal Redd Peace

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