General Love/Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 10.24 thru 10.30


General LOVE/Soul Oracle Coaching 10-24 thru 10-30
This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching. Some or All of the messages may resonate with you. Please be open to the Messages of the Divine. You never know what surprises you may receive. If you desire a personal reading, details are to follow at the end of this reading. Thank you for your support. Enjoy! Namaste’


RELEASE (13)- Tarot (Death)
I was delighted to see this card, for I feel that many of us having been dealing with some challenging and sometimes difficult relationships or situations over the last few weeks. Difficult in the sense of seeming like no change would come. Difficult in the sense of a lingering irritation within a present relationship. Almost to the point of toleration which has now become unbearable. Rest assured a new beginning is knocking at your door. A shifting of energy in the sense of ending the old patterns, old conversations that appear to solve the matters at hand, but only put a band-aid on a deeper wound. It’s time to move on. Moving on, in the sense of a complete letting go of the outcome. Moving on, in changing directions and discovering the best course of action to transmute all low vibration to Highness.  It’s time to release the irritation from your mind, soul, and spirit.

The Death card is not a literal death but a spiritual/soul and mind death. And ending of old thought patterns, ending of bickering thoughts that continue to nag at you about the relationship has manifested. It could be ONE repetitive thought that has been bugging you, but NOW is time to fall back and examine these thought patterns carefully. This is possibly a partnership that has gone sour and you’ve known for sometime but just didn’t have the heart to move in a new direction out of fear for hurting the others feelings. But now you are feeling more strength to say, “Ok, enough is enough. I deserve better and since you’re not able to shift your mindset to rise to higher ground. I must now take a stand for myself and gather myself to make an exit plan/strategy.One that will benefit both parties involved in the long run, if there is to be any possible salvaging of this relationship.”

So beloved with your mind firm and ready to allow Death to bring you a beautiful gift wrapped strangely, you find yourself being able to feel your own soul again, for you have become detached from your own unique rhythm and soul beat. You have become entangled and ensnared with someone who doesn’t exactly benefit you to your highest any longer. It’s time to make an exit plan and stick to it. Don’t allow your emotions to talk you out of what you know very well you must do. Although the individual that you must break ties with may not like the choice that you’ve made to preserve and protect your soul. It’s ok. You’re most definitely NOT going to please everyone with the decisions you make to keep your heart, soul and emotions from being entangled in situations which are abusive and hurtful in nature. You had been blind to the fact that this person indeed is not the one you thought they were. So now, you must gracefully confront the relationship with as much compassion, grace and love that is necessary for resolution. Speak to the situation at hand and don’t tip toe around it. Be direct, frank and firm about your truth and what your experience has been. And you may see an outcome that you did not expect. You may actually see this person agreeing or heeding the wise advice you have to offer at this time of departure and transition. But do not be snared into staying. You must go. You must change direction for there are new people who are desiring to come into your space bringing blessings. Clear the space. Make way for them.

Although it feels as if you’re severing your soul from this connection that once proved to support your growth. It is most necessary for you to return this person to the Universe with Divine Love and wish the best for him/her to go on and find their most deepest truth. That they may rise up in healing and find their true selves which has long been buried under so much misery and pain. So while it may not be comfortable for you to speak to what has been revealed to you in these last few weeks, you must boldly assert yourself and do so. It’s almost as if you have been this persons life line and they may feel you’re cutting their life support off. But, you can not let that stop you from moving forth into the unknown. They will continue to breathe and begin to thrive. You are not responsible for sustaining anyones life but YOURS! You may not receive the response that you are hoping for, but you can not afford to sit quietly and hold what you KNOW YOU MUST SAY. For ONLY YOU Can Say What NEEDS to be said at this moment. For you are a Divine and Most Tenderly Loving Catalyst for this persons healing. So be not afraid, but boldly declare what you know your heart and soul need to communicate. With love your words are administered as a healing salve to release them from mental anguish, soul wounds and longtime entrenched Ancestral Karmic traumas. Speak and release it ALL to the Universe and it will ALL turn out for the HIGHEST for ALL involved. Promise.

Remember tough circumstances come right before your day is breaking. Do not fall back into the old I feel sorry for this person or I’m sad that it didn’t go the way I thought. While these feelings are valid and true for you, you must allow them to be what they are and move on. Beloved, you have grown much through these last few weeks, moving through deeply entrenched pains which surfaced due to the dying of this relationship. Guess what? You have this person to thank for your swift healing and realization that the season is ending and shifting to a new. Allow It! Now while you may not walk away completely, you may choose to make an amendment to the relationship and arrange it suit you. Make sure to do this with compassion. You can do it. You’re stronger than you know. Go forward, keep your emotions in check, not being absent from them, but do not allow them to rule your decision. And sit back and watch what happens.

The number (13) 1+3 totals 4 which resonates inner wisdom and intuition. Listen to the still, small voice that is always leading you to Higher dimensions of enlightenment and realization. Do not allow your mind (ego) to get in the driver’s seat and take over. Stay grounded in yourself and allow the intuitive feelings, and deep knowings within lead you to higher ground. Your intuition will never steer you wrong. While the situation may look like on thing, and while the individual may be saying another thing. Do not get hung up on any of that. Go within. Listen within. It will be what is supposed to be. It will be well. IT IS WELL. Ase’

LISTEN (2) Tarot (High Priestess)
The mystery of the High Priestess the wisdom keeper who dwells in between the light and shadows speaks. She is saying that you must delve deeper within. Be still and heed the stillness. What do you hear? What does it say? Do not make any swift movement for NOW is not the time. But prepare instead to move forward into the new place which is upon you. For when you listen you will hear the inaudible sounds which lead you to the deeper essence of you. The essence of you which you’ve been blinded to due to distractions brought by certain people in your space. These energies have caused you to be off-balance and unsure of yourself in some ways. Time to return to her/his voice. Listen. Stillness. Re-balance and Realign to your divine purpose. Why did you get entangled and ensnared in this relationship to start? Where did you open the door to the pain and heart ache that you experienced? This is lesson time dear one. You can not afford to make the same decision again. Be mindful and hold fast to the lessons you have learned. They will be value to utilize in future relationships.  Time stands still for no one, do not wallow in sorrow. Move on.

The High Priestess is all about discerning those things which you do not perceive with your first initial glance. This mystic is all about perceiving what’s below the surface. What lurks in the shadows that you have yet to see about your potential to grow, expand, and evolve that you may move forward having gained all pertinent lessons? Do not give yourself a hard time about this for it is all apart of your souls evolution. The soul is yet growing and expanding. Do not view this as a mistake, but instead an epic and most grand decision which has broken the chains that bound you to the pain of your Ancestors Karmic trauma. We must learn to be a whole lot more discerning of those we welcome in our soul space, for if you do not learn this lesson it could be devastating if it should happen again. Pushing you back too many steps over, causing a stall and hindrance that you otherwise would’ve not encountered upon making a better decision. This time around this decision costed you some you energy leaks and some of your confidence. But it’s ok. Let’s get up and return to our inner silence to once again realize our greatest potential. That which is to be gained here is Wisdom Beloved. Wisdom, Wisdom, Wisdom. Enlightenment, Enlightenment and More Enlightenment. Shun not the appearance of this being a terrible mistake. For there are NO MISTAKES!!! All things happen according to the choices you make. From those choices you experience the lessons which assist your souls ascension, evolution and healing. Ase’. Celebrate and Rejoice. For the High Priestess brings wisdom and a new view of the shadows which are a part of your beauty. She illuminates the areas of weakness  in which you must exercise more patience within yourself and perhaps others at times. Most of all give yourself the tender loving care that you most earnestly need in this time. IT IS GREAT! IT IS WELL. ALL IS WELL. ASE’-NAMASTE’

The Number 2 speaks to duality, harmony and balance. Duality as for the coin having 2 sides which are opposites but not really. They need one another to achieve optimum balance. While your light and fluffy essence oozes happy, peaceful feelings. The dark may ooze heaviness, unknown, fear and uncomfortable feelings you do not look forward to experiencing. It’s all ok. The dark is as much your friend as the light. Maybe perhaps even more. For you can not shine radiantly and most brightly without uncovering your precious treasures carefully hidden and protected in the dark. So acknowledge and embrace them. The shadows are there to propel you into the brilliance and greatness of your light. Namaste’. Harmony and balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine energetic powers are greatly aligning within you. You are achieving a greater innerstanding of how to shift between the two polarities of you without getting stuck. Being mindful you are more dominant in one, but you must become more fluid to transition between the two as needed. Cool. Keep moving forward, for as you do supreme balance for your ideal make up and way of existence is being achieved. Hotep.

AWAITING RESULTS (7) Material World Manifestations

You are awaiting the unfolding of something you’ve been giving putting in lot of hard work and energy. Well it’s going to pay off real soon, in fact before you know it. In your waiting be quiet and still enough to notice to subtle shifts and changes in the atmosphere around you. Be open to seeing and hearing signs that may seem uncanny. The moon above her head is indicating that at the fullness of time you will have that which you desire.
In this time of waiting shift your prospective to view the desires of your heart for a particular relationship in a different way. Do not be so quick to end it and walk away. Especially if there is potential that could unfold as the necessary healing and mental adjustments are made in all involved. Remember a strong, sturdy, steady and fulfilling relationship takes time to build. Continue to grow in the knowledge of Self. Continue to be open to new approaches of communication. Continue to be open to new approaches of addressing the inner turmoil that you may feel surfacing. What is it saying? Are you anxious about the unfolding? Is it because you don’t know what the outcome shall be? Well relax, back off for a little while and see what it could be. Continue to work on yourself and create more self-love through adjusting your vision. Remember each relationship is unique and different to your needs and the others involved. Be realistic of how fast to expect things to shift and change. Each and every person grows at their own individual rate and speed of gaining their own lessons as they are open. Do your best to not become entangled and ensnared in the outcome having to appear in a certain time frame or in a certain way. It will only cause for you being upset and disappointed. Be open to the different emotional changes and mind shifts which occur during your waiting for the flowers of your hearts desire to fully bloom. You will be happily and most presently surprised. The waiting is a benefit for you not deficit. For many things are being added to you. Receive the lessons unfolding graciously, for the knowledge gained shall transform into wisdom as you continue to travel upon your beautiful but sometimes bumpy path. Namaste’

The number 7 vibrates completion, and higher insight and deeper intuitive knowings (psychic abilities). The completion of you being concerned or worried of how things will turn out in certain type of situations that once produced anxiety is ending. You are no longer attached to the outcome, so therefore you can move with more fluidity and maintain your momentum without being interrupted or hindered. Greater insight and intuitive nudges are being felt as you awaken more to the power that resonates within you. Power that you didn’t know you possessed. And perhaps power that you’ve been reluctant to step into. It’s ok to be a little uncertain but do not linger there too long. Allow yourself to move forward even when you aren’t sure how it will end. It is not necessary to know the outcome, but instead follow the path that you are being guided upon. Enjoy the journey beloved. It’s a spectacular one. As your intuitive knowing becomes more crisp, you may notice your psychic abilities are stronger and clearer. Therefore, the many cleansings and purgings of this year and most significantly these last few weeks have made you a more open and receptive channel to receive Divine messages. Continue to allow yourself to be cleared, cleansed and purged that you may speak the messages of the Divine Supreme Creator. You are becoming a more fit and disciplined vessel to carry the precious intuitive messages of the Divine Creator. Smile, Be Uplifted, Rejoice for being chosen to speak the wisdom of esoteric, cosmic and galactic beings. Namaste’

This is concludes your Love/Soul Oracle Coaching. I hope you have received some messages to direct you along your path. If you desire a Personal Love/Relationship reading please go to: for instructions on booking a reading. I look forward to serving you.
Beloved, there is much more greater to come that you see now. Look beyond, Go deeper and Rise Higher. You’re in the right space. Ascend.
Thank you for your support Love 2 thee- Royal Redd


About Royal ReddPeace

Namaste- I am Royal Redd Peace. Spiritual Soul Coach & Healer-Practitioner. Intuitive Empath-Psychic Clair-Medium. Since the young age of 15, I have been assisting and guiding friends & family in finding their way along their spiritual path. Providing Divine insight & clarity to their questions. Being an Empathic Psychic Clair-Medium I am able to peer beyond what "appears" to be into the hidden mysteries of the soul. In that being able to deliver healing insight and direction to those who seek my advice. I am passionate about seeing my clients souls evolve to their fullest potential. It would be both an honor and pleasure to assist you on your journey. Divine Love Royal Redd Peace

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