General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 10.17 thru 10.23


General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 10.17 thru 10.23
This is a General Reading, all or some of the Divine Messages may resonate. Please remain open to hear what the Divine speaks, you never know what you may receive. If you desire a Personal Reading, details are to follow at the end of this reading. Thank you for your support. Enjoy. Namaste’

HEARTACHE & LOSS (3) Mental Aspects of You….
This week is bringing up old Karmic pains of the soul that lie even deeper than you realized. As we ascend we go deeper into ourselves to realize those things which still need to be healed. We are forever on a course of deeper and greater healing. So therefore, some of the manifestations may be surprising but go with it. All is well. You will get through it just fine.
I am sensing that some of you will deal with deep matters of the heart that have been troubling or lingering for sometime. Relationship as for with self. The parts of your self that you are reluctant to embrace because they are uncomfortable to look at and fathom that you still deal with the same issues time after time. Do not be discouraged beloved, as mentioned the higher you ascend the deeper you must go within to heal any Karmic Debt that calls for your attention. The only way to rise higher is go deeper within and allow the attitudes and feelings of your soul to speak. Your soul is all-knowing of what it needs to heal, so just listen and hear and you will know EXACLTY what steps you need to take to manuever through your healing.

Soul ties and heart connections from family inherited ways of thinking are coming up. Co-dependent, addictive type of personalities may be so deeply submerged that you didn’t realize they still were present. These ideologies have kept you from moving forward in having healthy, successful relationships. Instead you stumble unconsciously into relationships with men and women that do not support your highest growth. Entanglement. The heart is shown at the center of the women’s being. Her soul. These things have been long rooted in the core of your being. Time for them to come up. Time for you to deal with them. Acknowledge their presence and stories that you have been replaying in your heart. The soul desires to reflect more love to you, allow it to do so in the process of your healing. Nothing is so terrible that you can’t embrace it and take a bold and courageous leap of faith to embrace what is there and allow it to transform you into a greater being of Divine Love.

The number 3 vibrates a more stable and balancing energy in all 3 body planes. Mind-body, Soul (emotions) & Spirit. There is a connection of clarity coming for you. You will be more pliable and more flexible to align all planes, allowing them to connect on their frequency and integrate themselves into each part of your life. Do not force anything, but allow them to move as they will. You will be pleasantly surprised at what will manifest if you just ALLOW it to be. I feel a stronger and more determined attitude presenting itself. One that says I will allow myself to be more present, connected and balanced. I will be more open and willing to have new experiences which bring more awareness and enlightenment to me and those I am connected. Let it Be so. Namaste’

DESTINY (10)- Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel of Fortune appears for second week, also it is seen in our Love/Soul Coaching. Hmm…. could this be a turn for the better in the hand of luck for you beloved? (wink) I say it is. The unfolding of some the most precious and deepest desires you’ve held secretly within are showing themselves this week and going forward. More opportunities are aligning and presenting themselves in your space. They are yours for the taking. Opportunity for new friendships, business and closer bonds with family/friends. Allow this to be a time to be open to ALL possibilities. A change is coming in your material world as for current living space. You may be bringing some new things into your space (people or physical items, may  a new pet) or removing somethings. Whatever the case, the favor is upon you. Be mindful and careful with the placement of new items in your space. New or Used items should be cleansed to match your vibrational frequency. Cleansing can be saying a specific prayer, a short meditation focusing on the intention of how you’d like to use this new material object, or smudging with herbs (sage), essential oils on your hands and anointing the item and speaking your request, or playing music which aligns the frequency of the object with your heart intent. These are just some suggestions. Crystal meditation and protection of intent is excellent as well.

The number 10 is bringing you a beautiful balance of masculine/feminine energy with the acquiring of this new physical item. For whatever reason this item represents new beginnings and new doors being opened for a deeper and fuller aspect of love. It is rich and flowing. It requires nothing more from you than to be open and embrace it, just as it is. It doesn’t require any further help from you. Just embrace it. In the past it seems you may have a little trouble with welcoming or embracing new opportunities into your life. Well now is not the time to go limp. Stay connected and present. The number 10 brings new vibrations of wealth, happiness and joy for you beloved. The increase of abundance (mental, physical, soul, spirit and financial wealth) are present. New creative ideas are flowing and bringing beautiful results. Stay consistent and present. Namaste’

WISDOM (5) Hierophant
You are a being filled with wisdom, brimming to the top and overflowing. Sometimes you don’t allow yourself to fully tap into it. Now is the time to make a serious mental shift. You must come into a fuller awareness of what you have to offer to those around you. Those that seek you out for spiritual guidance or counsel/coaching are very much aware that they sit before a wise being. You must be able to see this within you as well to project the right guidance for those who seek you. Do not second guess yourself. Go with whatever you feel coming up. There is no right or wrong beloved, only what you feel. What you feel is not to be judged as good or bad. Judge it not and see what comes up for you. You will be pleasantly surprised that the intuitive guidance you give is just what your querent needs. This is not just applying to the spiritual world but the business world as well. Consultants, Therapists, etc. give valuable information to their clients, assisting them solving dilemmas.

Wisdom comes in many forms from spiritual guidance to professional teaching in a more structured setting. Whatever the case be open to receive it in any way it may show up. Leadership in a role of excellence is being shown to you, in the way of higher administration. You may be selected or called upon to give your insight on a matter that has stumped many. Do not go in fearful or worried of if the one’s hearing will receive your words. But instead emerge with confidence. It shall be beautiful. All is well.

The number 5 is vibrating quietness and secrecy at this moment. Meaning keeping your movement quiet and subtle. You have many watching you and they do not need to be privy to everything  you do. Do not be so quick to share the details of your strategy. Strategies are to be kept quiet and hushed. The wisdom you give is meant for the one that seeks you out. It is not to be given or shared with another because it may not be for them. Be mindful. Mindfulness is the attitude of the ethers for it represents your aura surrounding the nature of your being. Be mindful of who you allow to penetrate your personal space. Put up a very strong shield and you will be fine. Ase’

This is your General Oracle Soul Coaching. I hope you have received some intuitive messages that will benefit you in your growth and evolution. If you desire a personal reading please visit me at: All Oracle Coaching Readings & Soul Coaching are currently 1/2 off. Come experience the spiritual guidance of this Beautiful Soul Seer.
Thank you for your support always.
Divine Love, Royal Redd


About Royal ReddPeace

Namaste- I am Royal Redd Peace. Spiritual Soul Coach & Healer-Practitioner. Intuitive Empath-Psychic Clair-Medium. Since the young age of 15, I have been assisting and guiding friends & family in finding their way along their spiritual path. Providing Divine insight & clarity to their questions. Being an Empathic Psychic Clair-Medium I am able to peer beyond what "appears" to be into the hidden mysteries of the soul. In that being able to deliver healing insight and direction to those who seek my advice. I am passionate about seeing my clients souls evolve to their fullest potential. It would be both an honor and pleasure to assist you on your journey. Divine Love Royal Redd Peace

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