General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading 10.10 thru 10.16


General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading – 10/10-10/16

This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. Some or All of the messages may resonate with you. Please be open to what Spirit speaks. You never know what you may receive by keeping an open mind. If you desire a Personal reading, information on how to do so is listed at the end of this reading. Thank you for your support as always. Let the fun begin. Namaste’


10-DESTINY (Wheel of Fortune)
This week you come into a place of many choices. The tables are turning for you in the most awesome and modest way. Be mindful that lady luck is shining her favor on you from many aspects of your life. Be careful of the energies that are surrounding you at this time. Who is occupying your space that may not need to be there anymore? What thoughts may you be holding onto that no longer benefit you? These things are important as to how your good fortune will manifest. You can only manifest divine goodness, wellness and wholeness from a mind that is filled with divine excellence and one that is flourishing with the highest matter. So be mindful of the energies you entertain when it pertains to repetitive thought patterns.
Where have you been feeling stagnant or deadlocked in your thoughts? Where have you been seeing the same old ugly, funky outdated manifestations that you can’t seem to find relief from? Some thoughts seem to continue nagging at you, but you have the power within to check these thoughts and go to the root of their existence and cause them to align themselves with all that is divine within you, that you may excel in your hearts ambitions. It’s very important that you cease the timing of your good luck draw that you may make the most excellent and proper decisions for you and those that you are responsible for. Creating a happy, peaceful haven in your home life is a very important factor at this moment. Along with school endeavors, in the sense of taking on some deeper educational studies to bring more credentials to your already powerful essence. Choose wisely. Move carefully with confidence, but do not move in haste. Watch, take your time and choose the best for you and all involved. It will end well if you take the appropriate steps and do your investigation and research. Namaste’
The number 10 is bringing a more gracious divine balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of your demeanor. Mainly for men there will be somewhat of a resistance and struggle against bonding with the feminine side of your nature. This does not make you weak but indeed powerful men to be able to see that you have this feminine energy which lends strength of intuition to you. Along with the ability of multi-tasking. Allow it to be so without feeling the need to lean-to your old ways of hyper masculinity. Move beyond the need to submerge yourself in the left brain logical thoughts which block you from the feeling your way through a situation and being able to employ empathy to those you interact with. Instead employ the divine feminine intuitive counterpart that resides in you as well. The energy of Isis and Osiris is present. Allow the Goddess and God energies to merge and unfold in the way they choose. No harm in allowing your nurturing side to emerge men. It’s all good either way. Ase’

7- TRIUMPH (Chariot)
Victory sounds. Trumpets blow. The red flag signals a grounding and firm planting and establishing of your feet even in the midst of all the chaotic energies you maybe feeling this week and the past week. Inner turmoil is to cease. Uprooting of old belief and thought systems. Many things are coming to a screeching halt in your thought life. For you have outgrown them and no longer are dependent upon these thoughts to feed your own need for negativity or dramatic tones in your life. You welcome these things no more in this relation. The shadow self is a pertinent part of your being and must be merged and integrated to bring about a more refined and complete you. Allow it to be so. No more resistance. Go with it.
Allow the grounding of your interest concerning all things to become more stable this week. There is still inner healing work to do concerning your past or current decision-making style when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone into new unchartered waters. Move not with haste, but with careful meticulous observation. No need to be anal or overly cautious, but careful and mindful, remembering each step affects the next step and so on and so forth. Be more contemplative is what I hear and so on. It’s all worth a second glance, a third and a fourth and then go forth. But please do not feel the need to move immediately in your decision-making, especially when it comes to decisions that will affect you and those in your space in a very heavy major way. Take your time. Breathe and ease out there slowly. Contemplate. Feel no need to succumb to the pressure of those around you who may be saying, “you take so long to make a decision sometimes, you need to be a little more proactive”. While the proactive part may hold some truth, do not under ANY circumstances allow anothers opinion to carry more weight than yours, especially not at this time. Very pivotal things are taking place. Surrender to the Higher Soul and allow yourself to be led accordingly. Ase’
The number 7 resonates: completion of old patterns of thinking and releasing the need to harp on things which take from your energetic strength instead of adding to it. It is very important at this time of your mood switching to a sweeter and higher vibration. Be keenly aware of who and what is in your space on a day-to-day basis, in a way of dominance of your time, energy, finances, etc. All from an energetic aspect. Consider these persons carefully. Do they need to remain or no? If they remain make the necessary adjustments to benefit all involved. Let go and release to the Universe that which no longer benefits your souls growth. Ase’

6- HARMONY- (The Lovers)
A deeper soul connection and soul harmony and union are coming to you this week. In the sense of a more deeply and heartfelt love for self and those whom you share an intimate relationship. In the sense of partnership there is a renewing sense of divine balance and strength coming to you both. In the sense of those who are single the essence of you is becoming more connected to your divine self in a greater expression of self-love. A giddiness and more playful nature is coming upon you. One that desires to be more closely connected to that child like free nature that we are all born with and somehow it dissipates as we grow into adult hood. You are recapturing this and enjoying the very sweetness of the soul. You may be feeling more healing and beautiful images of your child hood days especially if they were traumatic and not happy.
A forging of a deeper committed love is coming forth in your own personal relationship with self. A desire to be more patient, gentle, calm and connected to your needs and desires. After meeting yours you openly, lovingly and more warmly give to those you are connected.
No longer are you being dismissive of your needs as minor or trivial matters. Beloved, the desires of your heart are to be taken seriously and investigated, contemplated and acted upon when the opportunities present themselves. So what if you face “rejection”, it’s not the end of the game. Get back in it and keep going. Rejection per say is saying, “No, Not Now or No, Not that Person, Place or Opportunity” Either way it’s ALL good. Keep moving forward. Never allow disappointments in life to stop you from moving forward, for it is the very essence of you that will keep you grounded, focused and headed in that blessed direction to bring you to a beautifully expected end. Fortification is coming in your happy & joyful way of being. Continue to move forward. Wisely contemplating all that is before you, for there are many decisions that you have before you presently or to come. Take your time beloved. Enjoy the process. Namaste’
The number 6 is representing a willingness to be more moldable, pliable, compromising and yielding in your new partnerships that will present themselves. As you grow and expand you must release the old self-defeating patterns that expect for things to end badly. The shadow self is showing its self in the way of saying, “hey we’ve been here before, is it going to end the same way?” The answer of your Higher Self speaks “Not so. There is so much potential for growth, new love, expansion, and healing, do not allow your old nature to hamper or hinder you. Be at peace, Go Forward and Love and command all which is yours line up immediately and stand before it to receive its divine presence” Ase’

This is your General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. For a Personal Reading please visit to view the specific services offered. I look forward to serving you. Thank you for your continued support.
*Remember All Things Beautiful and Worth Having Are Truly Worth Waiting For. If You Feel Yourself Becoming Anxious, Impatient or Uncertain of If It Will Come, When It Will Come or How It Will Unfold. Stop, Pause, Breathe, Refresh, Reboot, Restart and You Will See Your Vision Clearly again. Nothing has changed from What You Were First Told. All Beautiful Divine and Glorious Things Unfold in their Own Divine Timing. Continue to Align Yourself With the Beauty of The Gorgeous, Powerful and Most Awesome Shining Essence of You.

Divine Love to Thee,
Royal Redd Peace


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