General Love Soul Coaching Reading 9.26 thru 10.2


This is a General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading. All Messages or Some May Resonate with your being. Be Open To Hear The Divine Messages. You never know what you may receive. Things Don’t always unfold as we think. So Remain Open. In that, If you desire a Personal Reading. Details Are At the End Of This Reading. Please Enjoy this weeks Love Soul Oracle Coaching. Love 2 Thee!

Win or Lose (5).. Conqueror of Mental Warfare….

The magic of who you are is exuding itself more this week. In the sense of healing the mental complex of what it means to Win or Lose. The saying rings “You win some, You Lose Some”. How about to win some is to lose some in the sense of releasing those things that no longer fit in your space comfortably? How about Winning comes in the form of losing in the sense of You gaining but as you gain you must release to make space for new things to take their seat? There are times that we want to linger and hold onto things that longer benefit, due to fearing that if we let go that something else better will not come to take its space. But instead, we feel the same thing which we hold onto will show up. And you know what with that mentality that will continue occur. You must now come from understanding (comprehend) having moved to inner standing (knowing thy self) and moving to over standing (mastery) that you will never be asked to release something without the notion of something greater coming to occupy its space.

There are many times where it requires GREAT faith to release something that has given us comfort and stability for so long. It’s time to release the dependence on other things and other people in the way of them being your anchor. As the sword is firmly implanted in the beautiful patch of green grass. You have come to a space of planting yourself more firmly in your power and your own special unique magic and you are growing in knowledge of how to wield your own power God/Goddess.
The heart symbolizes your desires which have been now realized that you can have them, if you wield your magic properly. You must declare that “Yes I can have what I desire because I have learned to a strong degree of how to see myself for the beautiful divine creator (Goddess/God) that I Am.” And you see your greatness shining as the crimson red heart in the center of the sword represents the passion igniting the magic of your soul.

The soul center/heart center is one that illuminates the new path allowing you to know It is GRAND Beloved. Because You have created it to be so. Continue to wield your magic and do not harm yourself or another with the Win/Lose mentality as a one thing or the other. It is both. You win some, You lose some. You do. And you know what? To Win is to Lose Something! To Lose is To Win Something Greater than what you Lost or allowed to Transmute into the Beautiful Prize or Reward that you are being handed, for all of your diligent hard inner work and healing. You deserve this beloved! ALL of it! Declare it so and No longer hold onto things that do not benefit the healing of your soul. Release them in the sense of confronting them with the magical essence of your being. Allowing your soul to be lead to a greater freedom and deeper realization of your Divine Soul Self, of your Higher Divine Self. Allow it To be! Love 2 thee.

The numeric of 5 speaks to Freedom and Transformation of your shadow self in realizing that the dark is not a place to be feared but instead embraced. To resist the dark is to remain stagnant and dragging. You must inner stand even deeper that you have conquered so many things as the sword represents warfare and conquering, along with wielding the energetic forces in your life to align themselves as you seek to create for the Higher good for you and those you’re connected to.

It is no longer an issue for you to be free-flowing and fluid in your current partnerships/relationships, as well as those to come. You are open and ready because you have transformed so many areas of your life that new relationships from love, to business opportunities that are clean and legit and honorable are going to literally fall in your lap for the choosing. You will have to do due diligence, but the butterfly has left the cocoon and transformed into this beautiful being of illumination of Divine Light and Divine Shadows. Uncertainty and Resistance of the Dark Side or down side of relationships is no longer going to be able to hamper you down and make you feel as if you are not worthy of being loved. By yourself or others.

I sense that if there is new love on the horizon it will be filled with divine passion in your love-making on all planes (Mental, Emotional, Physical Soul & Spirit) Get Ready to allow those relationships you’ve desired to come rushing in embodying truth and honesty from both perceptions. Remain discerning, It is Wisdom to do so. Allow your self to enjoy your transformation and freedom of expressing the fluidity of your sexual creative force in a way that says I Am Here. I Am Present. Your Etheric body (aura) is shining brighter and so many divinely delicious colors of delight beam brighter than before. Allow them to do so. Enjoy! You are well deserving of All that is in route to you. It’s close. Stay focused.

Change Focus (5). Paradigm Shift….

Now that the timing of your emergence from the past battles of karmic pains of failures and lost are manifesting. It’s time to shift your focus. Those things which have created a greater excellence in you bring expansion and it’s time to shift your focus to Higher Ground. Higher Dimensions are calling you and this requires a New Mind. New Paradigm. New Mind. You have developed this, so now it’s time to operate in it. Allow the very things that you once perceived as irritations or agitations be the catalyst to New Sight. It is crucial that you inner stand that you are not where you once were in your relationship/partnership mentality. Past love and business partnerships that left a sour taste in your soul are no more! Change Focus. Allow the transforming and liberating vibration of 5 showing up once again to give you the wind that you need to sail into a new perception. Your eyes perceive anything is possible, for the possibilities are countless. You now are ready to shift from the old paradigm, so allow yourself to do so in the deepest part of your soul. It’s already present so celebrate and rejoice for the newness of your relationships being manifested! Re-birthing.

As you see there are 7 trees. 2 of which are fading, leaving you with 5. Allow the 2 which represents balancing of your duality self to come forth with new perception of the light and dark as they are friends as well as opposing factors. But at the end of it all, they are balanced in their perception of what they individually bring to the table. The combination of your light and shadow and beautifully balanced. One nor other is better than the other, for they compliment each other. So allow this new attitude to be reflected in the way you approach and enter your new relationships. Allow the eyes of your heart to see brightness in a way you’ve never seen before. New Horizons. Allow the eyes of your heart to view everything as a NEW EXPERIENCE that will bring about such GRAND BEAUTY that it will be over whelming in the most beautiful and magical way. Beloved, it is so if you allow it to be. Allow it to be!

I Am cheering for you as myself. We are on to NEW, GREATER, MORE POWERFUL, MORE EXCELLENT AND MORE BEAUTIFUL THINGS. Embrace them. You’re taking flight as the 4 birds headed in a new direction of change. 4 speaks that these new partnerships bring dependability. These relationships will resonate a strong sense of being able to depend upon the other. Along with Sincerity and Honesty in how both or all show up in the space of communion with one another. You are the reflection of your new partnership. So therefore, EXPECT the best because You ARE the best version of yourself and continuing to reflect this in the Universe has aligned you with those partnerships that honor your core and heart principles. Allow this to be!

Be mindful of the sabotaging mindset which manifested in repression of your true self because you felt unworthy. This is no longer the case. You are a new being. You’ve shed old skin and put on a new skin, allow it to be seen. No longer agree with the agendas of the lower self that say you can’t have that awesome connection in a partnership (love or business). You KNOW this is NOT so. So Shift your Focus. Change your Focus. Flip the switch on your perception. This is a NEW DAY.

Find Balance (2) Find Your Unique Rhythm & Beat of Your Drum

The wheel of life is requiring you to balance different areas of your life that you may be more centered enabling you to receive and operate in the newness that you are coming into. All areas from Resting when you need. Studying when you are feeling the need to be doing so. Nurturing your body through proper diet and exercise. Grounding and being still in nature. Ordering your time in a manner that works for you. Maat. And lastly your love relationship with yourself and those whom you are intimately connected. Nurture yourself and then give liberally to those who require your assistance. All of these things must be balanced in a certain way. A little adjustment I hear is needed for some, and for others it will require a greater effort. But do not allow it to overwhelm you. Continue to move in the new direction that is being established, re-organizing different areas as they show up. Intuitively you will know what needs to be balanced and when. So let it flow.

The number 2 speaks to the duality or polarity of your self and how you show up in your relationships/partnerships. The balancing of these at times past have been difficult . But now it is becoming more fluid, because you will have help and assistance where you hadn’t before. Be open for it to come in the way it shows up. It will accommodate you Right where you are. You will of course have to adjust yourself where needed, but remain in your authentic self, sharing the responsibility with your new partnerships. You do not have to shoulder the load alone anymore. The birthing of new friendships will be guiding forces and even anchoring energies that hold you in Divine Balance and keep all parties accountable to the new connections that are being fostered between the all involved.
Also, remember in communication there are 2 sides. Yours and Your partners. Do not discount theirs to make yours right or priority. This will take some compromise and consideration on both parts. Consider the thoughts and opinions of your new partners just as important as yours. They are important because these new partnerships enter in bring with them a wealth of love, power & knowledge of things you will need to build a solid foundation for the future. Be open to it. Familiarity with some of what it takes will be present, deja vu at times if you will say. When you find yourself in those I’ve been here before moments, know that this a key indication that you are creating a new experience. Allow it to unfold as it will, without taking any of the pain from the past into the new adventure. Embrace the new adventure. It will be an awesome ride. Put your seat belt on securely and enjoy Ladies and Gentlemen. Remain connected to balancing the very essence of your self that your new partnerships will flow as smoothly as possible. There’s no perfect connection, but all connections of the Divine Most High will align themselves as each person finds their role and lives fully and authentically in it. Do this. Be authentic. Be balanced in your Gorgeous and Most Beautiful Divine Self. Love 2 Thee.
***This concludes the Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading. Thank you for your continued support. For a Personal Reading, please visit me @ to book your appointment today.**** SPECIAL: 1/2 Off ALL Oracle Coaching Readings & Soul Coaching****

I Divinely Love You All,
Royal Redd.


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