General Oracle Soul Coaching 9.16 thru 10.2


This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. Some or all messages may resonate with you. Please remain open during your reading. You never know what you may receive. However, if you desire a Personal Reading, details are at the end of this reading. Thank you for your time and support. Love 2 thee. Open your heart to the messages of Spirit. 

Rest & Rejuvenate (4)
It’s time to relax, sit back and chill. It’s time to go within and find your most peaceful space by surrounding yourself with only those things that bring rejuvenation. You’ve been going through a lot of different changes lately. Emotionally and mentally more so. It’s time to rest and just Be. Be in the presence and company of those who add to your life and not take away. You have given a lot of yourself mentally and emotionally in these past months. You must take time to pause and take assessment of what’s going on within you at this moment. For there are some very beautiful opportunities coming your way that you don’t want to miss. You must have the energy mentally and emotionally to make the best decision for you and those who depend on you. You will not have it if you don’t find rest in this time. Take more time in meditation for this can be a source of rest and rejuvenation for this time in silence shall have a beautiful benefit if you allow yourself to fully partake. You can receive any needed instruction and guidance from your Higher self on what areas of self you may need to give healing attention in this time of rest. Enjoy it for it will soon be time to move forward into the beautiful things that you have been calling forth into your space. This rest and rejuvenation time is like a rest stop to refill your tank. You’ve been running on residual energy for a few months. Time to pause and reflect. Breathe and receive the new energies that are presenting themselves in healing and uplifting encouragement.

Disruption (16) 
The oracle is saying it’s time to cease and release anything in your space that no longer benefits you. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. There is a Divine interruption energetically presenting itself that you may heal and release those things that have served to hold you back in some ways. Self sabotaging, Self defeating and Self neglecting ways. Being overly critical with oneself is a sure way to cause stagnation. All of these lack luster and low vibrating things must go about their way. But the only way for that to happen is for you to allow these unproductive patterns to come to the surface and show themselves. Be mindful at this time to not allow your ego to talk you into lingering and holding onto these things because they are familiar or feel good.
Beloved there are new energies that desire that enter into your space to bring a new beauty. Allowing the ending of these old self-defeating patterns of so-called lack and not enough must leave your space. Every time you have a thought of something you supposedly lack. Question it. Ask it what do I lack? What is lack? And wait for the answer and whatever comes up, please know there is no such thing as lack unless you see it as such. You have more than enough and will always have more than enough. Do not allow these things to stop and hinder you from receiving and welcoming the overflow of blessings that want to enter into your space. They are waiting. Welcome them with a new fresh mindset of plenty and abundance flowing from your soul and heart. Well it’s a sure way for you be showered with the desires of your heart in a way you didn’t think. A new approach in the way you see and handle situations is required. Try it. You may surprise yourself of what you are capable of. The old patterns will cease to exist as you acknowledge them for what they are. New perceptions are being created as you allow these low vibrating thoughts, ideas and stories to pass away. No longer linger here. No longer. You are more than enough, so therefore you will always have more than enough. For out of your soul flows the substance of all things you require.

HOPE (17)
Remain steadfast and hopeful in your new transition and grand entrance into the newness that is arriving. New business ideas and deals may be presented to you in your time of Rest and Rejuvenation. You must remain full of hope and excitement as these times approach. I know there has been some difficulty in doing so in the past. Sometimes there are so many things going on that they are over whelming. Well Beloved, stand your ground, and rest assured that all beautiful gifts come in good time. There is no rushing the perfection of the divine. It’s all with divine timing. So as you sit and allow your self to reflect on the things that have you from moving forward in the past. Know that it’s ok to shed tears for those things that did not go as you would have desired. But know that all things that do not turn out as you desire are not loss. There is a greater essence to partake of here. And it sometimes will take much longer than you think. But the waiting is moving into its final stage, so fasten your seat belt and enjoy the rest of the ride to your projected destination. For it is a great and beautiful one. You will not be disappointed. But you will be greatly pleased for the time it took to prepare what you have been asking for was exact and right. Divine timing beloved. Keep the faith and hold fast to the very hope of your soul. For it is GREAT! Your Faith IS Great and becoming stronger, broader and more expansive as you ascend and grow. Be patient with yourself in this phase for you have waited a long time, it may seem like years and decades for some of the things that are aligning themselves to come to you now. Hold on. You’re not quite there. Almost, but a little further to go. But not too much further. More like a block and around the corner and a little bit over the hill, a little further down the street and around the other corner and you’re right there. Now that might sound like a long way. But rapid acceleration comes as you continue to grow in faith. So as this time may seem prolonged it’s not far off darling. You have a lot of ground to cover in a short time. Stay focused. Stay full of Hope. For there is no disappointment coming to you, only joy Beloved. Hold fast to your faith. Namaste’
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Thank you for your continued support. Love 2 thee! There is much beauty unfolding in this time. Stay diligent, focused and consistent, and anything you desire will come to you in due time.
Divine Love- Royal Redd


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