General Love/Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 9.12 thru 9.18


This is a General Love Relationship Reading. Some or All messages may resonate. Then again, you may need further clarity, If you desire a Personal Reading, details are provided at the end of the reading.  Thank you.


Move – 7
Action!!! Time to move into action.  No more time for sitting and daydreaming. Get up and move. We last saw this oracle about a month ago or so. And it returns in a beautiful spread as the lead saying, “If you want that relationship. Get up and go for it. It’s time to make your presence known and felt. Whether physically or energetically. Make your Presence known.”
The interest of your heart is finally being made clearly aware that you are interested and ready to move forward.  Whether it’s a potential lover you’ve always had your eye on but just been too afraid to speak up for not knowing if it was time or not. Perhaps a possible business partnership you’ve been wanting to cast your perfect business pitch too. Whatever it is beloved. It is Now time to take action and move forward.  There seems to be a serious strong urgency of this Union to come forth. There will be a great energetic connection to come forth from this meeting.  Feels magical in its presence.  Like two long-lost twins (souls) coming together.  Neither one had clear proof the other existed until now. The energetic changes which are presenting themselves in subtle occurrences are reaching their peak.  They are ready to emerge with a sense of completion and accomplishment in their movement.
The number 7 vibrates completion and moving into new territories with new opportunities being present for you. Closing of old doors and the opening of new. NEW Love, NEW Business, NEW Family & NEW Friend. New foundations are being laid for plans that have been a long time to come. Spare No Detail. Your wildest and most extravagant dreams can come forth.The Universe is Echoing, be Most mindful of what you release at this time. For Thought, Word & Deed will manifest almost immediately.  It’s as if Your wish is my command the Universe echoes.  Move forward on! 

Manifest- 1
As you are the magician.  Wield your wand. Your words, thoughts. Uttered or not. They all have vibration and frequency to manifest the desires of your heart when wielded with correct intention. You must be clear by now on what your heart desires to bring forth.  Do not hesitate in fear or uncertainty  for these vibrations will cause your desires to stall and not come forth as you hope.  They bring a haze to the manifestation.  Come forth with Confidence,  Assurance and Trust in your Divine self that the your intentions shall manifest exactly as you state or greater.  All is well. No need to worry if they will come forth.  They shall come forth as you state or greater than you envisioned with nothing missing. Fullness.
This is the time to utilize your magical gifts to manifest.  Chanting an affirmation in line with your desired wish is applicable.  Chanting raises the vibration and frequency tone. Also give close attention to those seemingly random occurrences with strangers, nature,  music,  your atmosphere as a whole.  Remember we are magical elements therefore guidance for manifestation can come from the least likely source.  Dismiss nothing as strange. 
Number 1 is to be in a centered oneness with your  Higher Self,  Source of all creation or however you see the Higher power in your life. Present are Unity and security of self and ideas and the power to manifest exactly what you want with clear intent.

Love – 6
The Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine are coming together in a unique pairing this week. Energetically,  new partnerships are being formed and are set to manifest as the moon waxes coming into fullness on the 9.16 bringing the number 7 to us again.  (9+1)+(6)=10+6=16, 1+6=7
Completion. End of a cycle of awaiting the lovers manifestation.  Being mindful those things you seek can manifest anywhere from Now to the next moon cycle.
The romantic duo is dancing and swaying excitedly in the arrival of one another’s long-awaited presence.  Do not be discontented because things haven’t seemed to unfold in the time frame you would have liked. Or they may still seem to linger. Be still.  Anticipation for they shall come. Everything is with reason. Divine reason is to move you 2 love birds closer to the point of meeting manifestation.  Physical connections are coming forth a lot strongly due to the number 9 being a number of birthing dreams you’ve been cultivating and making space for. Now you can be assured there will be no further delays or universal stalls unless you create them. Stay calm and poised for the debut of the Lovers are here. Enjoy the presence of that which you have dreamed of, hoped for and envisioned for so long.  Romantic endeavors will be sublime and Business partnerships will surely put a great big strong smile in your heart as for financial growth and solid foundation of partnership. Gleefully smile as you open your soul to the experiences you’ve been longing for. Wait no more in limbo. Center and Balance. Mind, Thoughts,  Heart & Spirit/Soul. Be on point and looking out for the divine blessings that are sure to come out of your diligent and consistent creation. 
6 is bringing the energy of As Above So Below. Union. Love. Perfection. Imagination. Taking responsibility for choices.

This is your General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading for the week of 9.12 thru 9.18.

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Divine Love- Royal Redd


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