General Oracle Soul Coaching 9.12 thru 9.18


This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching. Some or All of the Messages may resonate with you. However, remain open, You never know what could come out of this General Reading if you remain open to hear. If you desire a Personal Oracle Soul Coaching Reading. Instructions on how to do so are noted at the end of this reading. Love 2 thee.


Trapped in Fear – 8

Beloved, in your mind somewhere you are mulling over something turning out a certain way. Not in your favor. A Project or something it seems. Possibly a relationship you’ve been hoping to have turn out in a certain manner. It’s got you nervous and uncomfortable.  The what ifs are knocking. What if it doesn’t turn out like I see it? The illusions and stories you’ve heard or told your self for so long are seeping out and rising to the surface.  Allow them to do so. So that you may acknowledge them as they are. Remember these thoughts are indicating something you must acknowledge and deal with before you can move forward to what’s coming. Do not allow the mental warfare to hold you hostage and make it seem as if things are worse than they actually are. These are stories that no longer serve your growth and healing and you must let them come up so you can confront them once and for all.

Victory & Success – 6

After you’ve squelched the noise of your mind and dealt with what ever has surfaced, then will you have clear sight, being able to take hold of the  victory that is coming your way. Your hands are now ready to touch and embrace the success that you’ve long worked for. This victory and success to come I feel is centered around a large amount of self-healing you’ve been doing. You feel like you’ve made some serious head way on clearing out, healing and transforming energies which once were suffocating. Now a much more grandeur life and love are springing forth than you ever envisioned.  Your self-love has increased in such a way that you don’t hardly recognize yourself. Neither do others who knew the old person.  Be mindful of reconnections with those from your past.  Some may reappear just as you are in the midst of celebrating your life being transformed. I see a gathering of people, with some old once upon a time individuals showing up. Uninvited perhaps. 😑  Stand your ground. Remember you are not the person you once were. And you DON’T Have To Prove It To The Lookie Lews, Haters and Naysayers. Shine! The core/foundation of you has been cleansed,  healed and washed. It’s a New Day For you Queen & King. Rejoice! As the trumpet is blown to signify your Divine success & transformation. Do Not Allow Anyone To Spoil It. Here’s to your hard-earned Victory & Success. Ase’

Recognition & Reward -3

As Victory & Success are being declared and manifested in your world. Celebration ensues.
A well deserved Recognition & Reward is coming forth as well. In your material world you are being acknowledged for your diligence in clearing a matter and reshaping it in newness and healing.
A harmony and balance are coming forth in the community or office where you give service. One which is newspaper note worthy.  So be not surprised if you are recognized and given honor online (blog, newspaper) or a shout out on Social media. I feel like you’ve assisted many, many on their life path to transformation and Now you’re being called out front for your just due Reward.  Don’t be shy. Stand up and allow yourself to be acknowledged. Even in the humility of you receiving your Recognition & Reward you will be viewed as somewhat of a saving grace. Beautiful.  Be mindful to keep your ego in tact that it doesn’t over toot its own horn too loudly. However, tootin’ of the horn is welcome. Pat yourself on the back you deserve it. Well done. Big Love, Great Celebration
& Congrats To You!!!!


Thank you so much for your support. Royal Redd

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