Embracing The Darkness Within…



Oracle Reflections – Milky Way (Perspective)

Dark and Luminous matter fill the swirling spiraling presence of The Milky Way. The place in which Our Solar System resides.
Now just as the Milky way holds dark matter. So do each us. Each of us is our own personal tiny universe of cells, molecules and dark matter.  We are a body within itself which lives in its own sphere.
The dark matter of our universe is always calling us to go within for a deeper look. Deeper clarity. A Clearer Perspective.
So during this time of Great Conscious Shifting and Awakening. It is most urgent that we learn to become comfortable with our Shadow selves. The dark matter within is calling us to Higher Consciousness.  Higher Perception. You’re being called to a New Exploration of your unique
Star body. 
The beginning stages of learning to go within the dark places of ourselves can be very challenging.  For taught programming says “dark is creepy, dark is bad”. Well how about its time to shake the old story and gain new inner standing of your Devine Dark Mattered self?
The very Darkness within thee. The very Shadows within have so much beauty to offer.  I know for myself that I broke the barrier of stagnation and feeling low & stuck when I decided to create a new story. A new story of sitting with the dark uncomfortable thoughts, ideas and voices that are leading us to being  greater Luminous Shining Star Bodies. The celebrities are NOT the only so-called stars.  You-Beloved are a Uniquely Bright & Powerful Star All By Yourself. Put no one on a pedestal as deserving to be worshipped. Think of yourself more highly than anyone else. You are not one that needs the exterior validation to become great.  You Are That Super Bright Luminous, Blinking, Blinging, Sparkly & Shiny Body of Dark Matter That Illuminates and Reflects Devine Light.
So Beloved it’s time to shift to New Perspective if you want to raise the vibrational frequency of your light body. The Deeper you go within to sit with your Shadows, The Higher you ascend to Behold a greater perception  of how Lovely, Beautiful and Potently Powerful you are. Descend- Go within to your Shadows to Ascend to your Greater Light Body. To descend is not unto physical death but instead it is unto reconnecting with the lovely dark parts that make you fantastic! Allow your darkness to speak.  You may be pleasantly surprised to hear what it says. Once you embrace the idea that your Dark is there to assist you and not harm you, you are unplugging from the matrix of illusions that says you are controlled and ruled by any other entity but yourself. You are Master of thyself. Know Thyself, Love Thyself, Heal Thyself, Master Thyself.   Namaste’ – Ase’


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