General Oracle Soul Coaching 8.8 thru 8.14


This is your Weekly Oracle Soul Coaching For the week of 8.8 thru 8.14
Since this is a General Coaching, not All will resonate. If you desire a Personal Oracle Soul Coaching. Details are listed at the end of this Coaching… Love 2 Thee!

The Oracle speaks: NEW PARTNERSHIPS & ALLIANCES are coming into your space this week. Be open to #new opportunities soon to come your way. Do not look at the exterior immediately and judge that it may not be for you. Meditate/Pray over it for a moment before making a final decision. From the exterior it may not look as you think. But if you would be #open and listen to the details of the opportunity and ponder, you may just find it could be an interesting idea if you are only OPEN. The word Open with the vision of a door being open and you walking through to new opportunity. The door is open, but you have to be open in your heart to be able to conceive and allow the idea of this opportunity to take a seat.

Weigh all the details over carefully, and Please Do Not Feel Pushed or Rushed to Make a Decision right when it is offered. No #anxious decisions. It is always best to give yourself a few days to mull it over. This is fair to you and the possible partner you may be aligning yourself. Especially in the world of business. As well as in a possible romantic situation. Take your time. Listen to the words that this possible romantic interest is saying. Do his/her actions line up. I hear that listening is key in this. Especially with matters of the heart. Listen not only with your ears (spiritual) but what does your body say? What feelings are coming up?

Being mindful that when coming into New Partnerships & Alliances you may hesitate to make a decision.Do not allow the fear of the unknown to keep you nailed to your seat. Get up and move into the direction and explore your options before making a final decision. But be careful to not give yourself too much time to the point of falling into indecision. Be decisive, careful and wise. Think it out, See how it sits with you, Could you see yourself in this new position or relationship? How is this other persons energy sitting resonating with you? Are you feeling any hesitation because of a previous love/business partnership? What did you learn from that partnership? Let all the questions come up and during your time of pondering over the possible offer, Answer the questions honestly. And Most of all, really know within yourself if this is What you Desire. Does it feel right? Remember the opportunity must take you to a higher plane and understanding of yourself. If this doesn’t seem like it would go in the direction of elevation, be ok with saying No. It’s ok. There’s a more fitting one coming. It’s not that one. I promise. Allow yourself the freedom to make a decision. A healthy calculated risk is good to take from time to time. Is this one of those times? Anything new involve some type of risk, because of the unknown. Please don’t let that stop you. But Most of All, Have fun making your decision. No Stress My Darling.

It’s time to Get “BACK TO BASICS”- Somewhere along the way you have gotten off track and out of balance somewhat with your Basic Needs. Basic Needs: Food, Sleep, Excercise, Water. In order to function at our highest, Our Basic Needs must be taken care of. I know I find myself off-balance at times being the solo parent to a young child. But this Oracle has caused me to check in with myself once again to see where I need to make adjustments and bring my habits into alignment. I’ve learned that even the slightest adjustment can make a Big difference. So, as we are being urged to take some time to do a careful view of our Daily habits. Listen to your body, Ask yourself the necessary questions to make correct assessment for adjustment.

Are you eating Healthy Foods? Veggies and Fruits along with what other foods your diet requires. Are you leaving the refined foods, fast food, sugary and processed foods alone? Everything that is permissible for you in moderation is what I say. Your body will tell you what’s permissible. Check your body language.

Be mindful that you are not being too restrictive with yourself in any of these areas. You must live, enjoy, have fun and be of light heart. So moderation is key for us to learn. Because you may be a hard-core vegetarian or vegan who is very rigid in the sense of not eating this and not eating that. By no means am I saying make any sudden changes. But I am saying, enjoy yourself and eat that which is healthy for your body. Listen to what your body is asking for. But also, An occasional guilty pleasure is your right. Enjoy in moderation.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 25 plus years and I’ve had seasons where I didn’t follow a FULL vegetarian diet and I’d consume an occasional meat, but that was in moderation. Moderate means listen to your body and pay attention to its cues. And you’ll be just fine. Get as much exercise as possible. Whether that be walking, running, jogging, yoga, etc. Exercise for heart health, stamina, agility and vitality. Get lots of sun.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep is key. Balanced sleep for your body. Some need 6 to 7 hours. Some need a solid 8. Whatever your body needs give it what it’s asking for. Precious sleeps rejuvenates and reactivates, repairs and replenishes our physical bodies and body systems while we rest. So listen to your body. Sleep when your body requires.

Drink plenty of water for hydration, flushing toxins and poisons from your body. Proper amounts of Water is essential to your overall health.

JUST BREATHE- Relax, Chill, Down Time. In this hectic, fear based world we live in. It is normal for most to shuffle around here and there without being conscious of one’s breath. I am guilty of this from time to time. But I always catch myself at some moment when I feel like I’ve been going non stop without coming up for air. And I come back to myself. Taking time to stop and check in with ourselves gives us the much-needed self-care that we need to continue to move forward. Our breath is our very life force. If you lose breath you cease to exist.

When you hear someone say “I lost my breath for a moment” Their body is signaling to themselves they need to slow down and catch-reconnect to their movement. You have become unconscious of what’s going on within your immediate space. So I encourage you to keep this at the forefront of your heart and mind this week. Just Breathe. Slow down, and take those periodic check in’s to see how you’re breathing. Throughout the day practice taking 3 deep breaths, one breath, hold and exhale. Repeat. This does wonders. It brings the clarity of mind we need to keep moving forward. Take your time. Enjoy your life. No rush. Keep a steady pace and Reflect on your Breath often. Just Breathe.

ANIMAL GUIDE:  The Cardinal Speaks: The polarities of your spiritual pursuits and physical pleasures are out of balance, so do whatever is necessary to bring them back into equilibrium.
The Cardinal is in agreement with Getting Back to Basics. Take a look at your spiritual pursuits and weigh them with your physical to see where you may be off-balance. Trace your steps to see what may have triggered this imbalance, to correct the imbalance and for future reference. It is of great importance that we monitor the areas of our lives to make sure we are not putting too much emphasis on one part of our life, allowing others to fall by the way side or overtake the other.
The Cardinal being Red for our Root Chakra. Check your Root. Are you feeling disconnected in your thoughts and in your sense of self (being)? Do some grounding work (meditation, walking in nature bare foot, sitting in nature, Solfeggio frequency sounds/tones) to recenter yourself and re-establish proper boundaries for you to function in a healthy, effortless and smooth move. This is not to say you will not have different tests that arise. Tests are for delivering the lessons we need to take with us our journey. It is simply to say that when tests that are challenging arise, you will not be thrown off-balance, but remain aligned. I hear Sleep is key. Rest is of great importance. So the Cardinal has spoken. Self care. Nourishment. Pamper and Take care of ourselves. Namaste’

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Love 2 Thee- Royal Redd


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