General Love/Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 8.8 thru 8.14


General Weekly Love/Soul Oracle Coaching-Reading for the week of 8.8-8.14
This Oracle Coaching is centered around Personal, Romantic, Business Relationships, Family, Friends.
Since it is General, it may or may not resonate with you. If You would Like a Personal Love Oracle Coaching. Details are listed at the end of this Coaching. Thank you- Namaste’

Let’s take a look at the MENTORS & ROLE MODELS in our space this week. Mentors & Role Models can be anyone from a family member or teacher, spiritual leader, to world leaders, celebrities, athletes, etc. Anyone that you are attracted to for guidance when needed. Throughout each of our lives we connect with different ones (physical or spiritually) that plant seeds and give guidance for us on our journey. This is beautiful when we meet those special teachers in our lives that share with us their knowledge and wisdom from their collective life experiences. It’s great to have someone who’s gone before us to be able offer insight of what we may expect down the road.

However, I sense that some of the Mentors & Role Models are changing in our space. There are some who have had heavy influence in assisting us in making decisions in our life up to the present. But these people may be phasing out in a sense to take a more background presence or maybe they will move on altogether. However, Spirit chooses to reveal these relationship changes to you, Remain Open. Because that which we think we have to have in way of advice or guidance from another may no longer be beneficial for our space to grow. It may be time to adjust our view to the a new direction and be open to New perceptions of Mentorship & Role Models. Change is forever taking place and we must remain free and clear channels to move according to the flow of Divine Spirit. Be Gentle with yourself. I feel there may be some ripe or sensitive emotions that may come up when transitioning out of the old into the new. Or someone may be a little extra sensitive about relationship is changing. If this is a business relationship, make sure to direct with a firm and cool head as to not leave any unpleasant energies behind.
Be patient with yourself and the other, but be clear about how you would like to see the relationship change. Release this person (s) from your space with love, honor and gratitude if you’re moving on. All is well. Both have grown and expanded to the level you were supposed to and now it’s time for a change of the guards I hear. Namaste’. New People. New Relationships. New energy entering in that you’ve been calling in. Perhaps a New Love interest.

During this transition there could be someone who you were in relationship with trying to possibly CONTROL the outcome. I’m sensing a Masculine energy. This could be a male or female. Energy is not gender driven. This individual may be trying to control the outcome of the relationship. In the sense of selfishness of keeping it the way it’s been, due to one or both feeling like something is coming to an end or changing in a way that both or one of you may not be ready for. This energy is not going to work for either of you involved. It involves manipulation of another’s will. Let It Be. I’m sensing this energy could potentially cause you anxiety, anger, irritability and possibly down right being upset with the other involved. Please be mindful transition from a comforting relationship that once met all of your needs is not always easy to do. Give yourself the Green light (heart chakra) to feel what you feel. Be Gentle with yourself and the other party. But not to the point of walking on egg shells and leaving yourself uncomfortable. Do your Best to Be Lovingly honest and truthful about what you feel is the Highest best from your perspective and give the other the same right to make their decision. You will see that this situation will turn out just fine when both parties acknowledge how they’ve both brought beauty and love to the relationship and now it’s time to move. With love send them forth. Ase’ .
Lastly, In Order to Move on Into a New season of possibilities in your relationship you must be open to LISTEN to your heart and to the words of the other. Listen with an open heart as the pink crystal symbolizes the Heart Chakra. Listen with your Heart. Pick up the feelings and different vibes you sense. Evaluate all information through your Heart Chakra with the assistance of your Mind and Soul that you will take a balanced approach, so that you are not making a decision purely out of emotions. But using common sense, logic and analysis from how the relationship truly feels in your soul. How does it feel? Remember Beloved, it may have worked 3 months, 1 week or 3 days ago, but It does not mean it will work now. Listen to your heart and feel what resonates with you, so that the best decision can be reached for all involved. Listening requires patience and attentiveness. Bring these energies into your decision and it will be a success. Go forth with a brave heart. There is something beautiful waiting for you at the end of the transition Beloved One. As Always your gut (Solar Plexus Chakra) will direct you if you are open to its intuitive direction. I wish you beautiful abundance relationships. Healed, Healthy & Whole. Namaste’

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Royal Redd


About Royal ReddPeace

Namaste- I am Royal Redd Peace. Spiritual Soul Coach & Healer-Practitioner. Intuitive Empath-Psychic Clair-Medium. Since the young age of 15, I have been assisting and guiding friends & family in finding their way along their spiritual path. Providing Divine insight & clarity to their questions. Being an Empathic Psychic Clair-Medium I am able to peer beyond what "appears" to be into the hidden mysteries of the soul. In that being able to deliver healing insight and direction to those who seek my advice. I am passionate about seeing my clients souls evolve to their fullest potential. It would be both an honor and pleasure to assist you on your journey. Divine Love Royal Redd Peace

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