General Oracle Soul Coaching 8-1 thru 8-7


RAINBOW (Blessings) ICEBERG (Submerged) DREAMTIME (Creation)

***This is a General Oracle Soul Coaching. You may resonate with a portion of the Oracles revelations or none at all. It is General and does not apply to All.***

***RAINBOW (Blessings)***

The Oracle speaks that you have planted and sown many seeds for a long period time and now it’s time for them to come up. The many colors of the rainbow symbolize the variety of beautiful blessings that are on their way to you. They will come somewhat quickly and suddenly. These beautiful blessings can show up in many variations so be open to receive. Clear a space in your heart to receive the newness that awaits you. For some it could be a new business opportunity or movement to a new home. A home that you and your partner or significant other have desired for a long time. It’s time to make preparation in your heart to receive for it’s right at your door. It’s knocking and only needs your permission to enter. Clear away the clutter of old things in your mind and heart space that once clouded your perception of seeing the blessings that were being handed to you. For the time is ripe and ready, for your faith has been sown deeply. Remain steady to receive. Caution! Do Not Look At What it APPEARS to be. For Nothing is as it seems Beloved.  There is always something so much more glorious than you can see or have envisioned. Open your mind, heart, soul and spirit to the many, many, many possibilities as the many colors of the Rainbow and beyond. Be Present and Allow them to enter. There is no need to force or try to control anything. Just allow! Allow it All to flow and fall into place for you. You have sown the seeds of faith. Stand with Courage and Bravery and Receive. Dig your feet in a little deeper standing strong and confidently in the presence of your being and receive. Receive and Allow the new things, new relationships, new opportunities, new family creations (pregnancies, homes), new creative opportunity to share your many gifts with the world and anything else your heart desires. Now they come! 

***ICEBERG (Submerge)***

There is something hidden deep within that is submerged under fear. It is time to release it and let it go. There is a creative expression that ONLY you can impart to the world. You must first allow the very thing that you have fear around to come up. You’ve pushed it so far down that you’ve forgotten about it. But it still lurks in your subconscious even in your dreams. Do not dismiss the dreams you may be having (recent dreams) or past dreams of long ago. Allow them to emerge. Speak to and address the fear that it may reveal to you the new energy that you are being called to share at this time. You have long ago stopped thinking about this particular thing for you thought it was too strange to share that you may be possibly laughed at and ridiculed. Be mindful that these are all stories. Stories of which were made up by yourself or others who you may have shared your idea with and they said “No way, you can’t do that”, or “You’re crazy no one will be go for it”. Well it’s all rubbish and foolishness. You are a uniquely gifted being that has much to offer to this plane. So in allowing whatever it is that you have forbidden yourself to share with the world to rise up,it will bring immediate satisfaction and liberation.

For this desire has been like shackles to your heart. You’ve locked it away and your heart is starting to become heavy in some aspect. Just as Heavy and Cold as the Iceberg. It has laid dormant for too long. Allow it to come up. Allow it to emerge and be submerged no more. No matter what you feel or think. You must come to terms with the magic that you have ran from. You have magic to transform this fear into a beautiful energetic piece of Divine art, to bless, heal and alter the vibrations of this earth at this time. It’s something so powerful it’s deeply embedded into your subconscious but is coming up through your dreams. So it’s now time to move and bring those dreams into reality. Release the Fear and allow it to rise. You will be so happy you did. The Universe, Your Ancestors and other Spirit Guides are with you. Go within and hear and see what the beautiful treasure is that you’ve been too afraid to share. Release it. Give it wings. Let it be free. Liberty! Open Your Heart! 

DREAMTIME (Creation)

Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreamtime is confirming that you have hidden a gift (s) you’ve been too frightened to release. For when you choose too, It WILL cause an immediate shift and transfer of new consciousness in your awakening. New Creative forces are emerging for you especially now in this time of Leo. Leo is a fire element which is compelling you through your dreams to reach high, far and wide. The tenacity of the Leo the Lion/Lioness is calling you out of your fear. With fire and fierceness awaken to the dreams within. Expand your eyes. As you dream with your eyes, heart and soul, Allow those beautiful treasures to emerge.

New Creation. New Creation. New Creation. No more of the same old ideas. Something fresh and new is upon you. You may want to keep a journal with you to scribe that which you receive. In that meditating on the best course of action to take to implement these new visions of creations that are being given to you at this time. I feel they are specific to a new platform that you are coming into receiving. A platform that will place you before many, many, many, hundreds of thousands of people some day. These dreams in their state of creation and manifestation are setting the ground/foundation and tone for your new forward movement. As you see the didgeridoo with the many expressions of the Ancestors which were created before us. There is a newness of sound, tone and profound vibration being blown through this instrument. This Didgeridoo is a channel for your new dreams to come through. A door or portal of sound if you will. The Didgeridoo represents the instrument by which the new vibration of your dreams shall come forth. New Music of the soul is coming forth for you possibly. A door or portal of sound if you will.

Dream, Dream, Dream, but do not hold onto them. Release the confidence within to step out into this new territory that is calling you. Your dreams will take you where you want to go but you must allow them to do so, by taking action. Carefully and mindfully form the actions you feel are best to begin to bring your dreams to reality. They are spectacular dreams waiting to manifest to be shared with those around you. Regardless of what you may feel there are individuals waiting for your inspiration. Go forth. Inspire. Release your dreams from inside the chambers of your heart. Allow them to soar high. Enjoy the newness you’re entering into. Namaste’ 


Let Go! Boldly Step Forth into the Unknown!!

Let Go! Boldly Step Forth into the Unknown!!

Animal Spirit- ZEBRA says: Let Go of Your Fear and Know that You Are Safe And Protected At All Times!!

Zebra is speaking to the gifts Submerged in your subconscious. Zebra says it’s time to Let Go of these stories. The fear is only as real as you make it. The duality of the stripes of the Zebra indicate that there is a back and forth- tug of war going on within you that says I am not sure if I should do this. And for this very reason you owe it to yourself to explore the hidden treasures within. Stare this illusion in the face, Embrace what you are feeling and Allow it to be. Be Gentle with yourself. It’s ok. Release it & Let it Go. These stories no longer support you. They will not benefit you on the new road ahead. So let them go. As you allow these fears to go you will then usher in the newness of creation that your dreams have been speaking to you. Release the Fears. Let Go! Be open to the many, many, many possibilities that long to emerge for you. Love 2 thee. 


***This has been a GENERAL Oracle Soul Coaching. If you have resonated with this Soul Coaching and would like deeper insight with a more personalized Oracle Coaching Reading, Please visit me @ ALL Oracle Coaching Readings are Currently 1/2 Off! It would be a great pleasure to be of service to you. Thank you****

Royal Redd Peace


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