oR715Oracle Reflections- Temptation

Temptation plays with the desires of the soul.  Those simple but vice like lusts that would overtake our world if we don’t keep them disciplined. Temptation I do not feel is terrible in of itself. It’s the full-blown greed that temptation creates for those undisciplined beings. Now we are to always be evolving.  Moving forward to receive a higher consciousness.  One that will assist incorporating our human or carnal pleasures  in right moderate balance. For example I love love love cake.  Namely a Delish Vegan Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Yummm….oh with some Vegan Butter Pecan Ice Cream. (Laughing) My mouth is watering just at the very description. I see visions of myself having some of this delightful Cake and yummy ice cream soon.  Lol. Now it’s quite obvious that I enjoy this immensely. But wisely know I should not eat this every day without paying for it in serious weight gain.  No thank you. My guilty Vegan temptation must be moderately balanced for my pleasured taste buds without going over board.  Once upon a time I was a super comfort eater normally during bouts of heavy depression and anxiety. Yet I ate healthy during my binges, But I would get a bit plump even still and there’s nothing wrong with a little extra weight here and there. But to overly indulge will only bring results not to my liking.  So I have learned to decline those lower nature desires in a more balanced way.  Now mind you I still have my times of comfort eating although the frequency is far less.  Beautiful Balance.

Indeed we should know our guilty pleasure (s) as not to allow them to rule over us.  Instead you are the Master of your Temptations and call them to serve you and not you serving them. Healthy balance in Temptation will harness your taste for something and keep in a right order for you.  Allowing you to enjoy the pleasure which your soul desires.  Harness these Temptations through first knowing what they are and next their triggers.  Lastly install a mode of plan when these trigger in order to enjoy but not go overboard.  Divine Balance is key. 

Affirm: I Am In Divine Balance with the Temptations & Pleasures of My Soul.  I Enjoy them with to the greatest but I do not go overboard.  Ase’ 


About Royal ReddPeace

Namaste- I am Royal Redd Peace. Spiritual Soul Coach & Healer-Practitioner. Intuitive Empath-Psychic Clair-Medium. Since the young age of 15, I have been assisting and guiding friends & family in finding their way along their spiritual path. Providing Divine insight & clarity to their questions. Being an Empathic Psychic Clair-Medium I am able to peer beyond what "appears" to be into the hidden mysteries of the soul. In that being able to deliver healing insight and direction to those who seek my advice. I am passionate about seeing my clients souls evolve to their fullest potential. It would be both an honor and pleasure to assist you on your journey. Divine Love Royal Redd Peace

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