The Waiting Game


The Waiting Game. How are you playing it?

Oracle Reflections- The Waiting Game 

The Waiting Game. Yes. It can be a very intense period, for many new developments are taking place behind the scene’s. It truly may appear – on the surface that nothing is changing. But, contrary to belief deep under the surface many acts of beauty are taking place. Acts of beauty to bring to fruition the desires of your heart. 

Acts of Beauty surrounding healing old ways of being and doing which are causing stagnation. It is key to allow all things which no longer serve you to surface.  That they may be dealt with once and for all. 

The Waiting Game is a time of completion and New beginnings. Anything that is not of benefit to you must be released or you will be held up until it is. So be very mindful of the heart attitude(s) you carry in this time. Making sure to allow the heart to show you what needs to be released in order to create space for the Beautiful Newness entering in.

So My Lovely Ones, If You Are In The Waiting Game, Ask yourself, How Am I playing? What is my attitude toward waiting? What do I feel needs to be released in order for me gain more Divine Alignment?  These questions and others which come to your soul will be beautiful tools to help assist in your healing and growth.  Allow your heart to be Open To Receive.

Affirm: I will do my best to keep an open heart during the process of waiting. For in the waiting I am being transformed to a more Beautiful soul.


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