See Disruption comes to Reveal and Clear any Blocks which are keeping you from Success.

Oracle Reflections – Disruption

To Disrupt something, is to break the flow of….

Now before we begin. Remember it’s all about Perception. How you see what’s taking place is important. It will either free you or retain you in captivity. Release the urge to place labels on the experience by deeming it Positive or Negative.

Instead, Remember All things are of Polarity.  There are 2 sides. Light and Shadow. Polars. Opposites per say, But truly One. Parts of each other. One does not exist without the other. So instead give yourself the best outcome and embrace what’s taking place. It’s soothing to your soul as you move forward.  Breathe.  😊

Now, when Disruption enters my life I see it as a gift.  Especially at this very moment, since there is a disruption taking place as we speak.  A breaking of flow concerning old programming. Yes! Thank you disruption. Lol. To have old programming disrupted means that it’s out of date. I need an upgrade. The old way of thinking or being is no longer serving me. So it’s time to allow this Divinely inspired Disruption to become a catalyst to my healing, growth and expansion.

I am willing to allow this Disruption to do its work. This is key or I will remain in the cycle of old programming. This thinking serves to keep me stagnant and not revolving (returning to my Origin) as I should. No time for this. Especially Not Now! Too many beautiful things are taking place.  So I am grateful for the presence of Disruption in my life. Indeed.

Present day, False Concepts centering around abundance and wealth that were taught early childhood are making a reappearance.  Disruption took a deep travel into my subconscious to illuminate why success has only trickled into my life. Instead of overflowing. 
Disruption revealed the culprit mindsets assisting in my self sabotage. Mindsets of a little here, a little there. Along with “just enough to get by”… until it runs out. Tagging along with those are values of I have just what I need and that’s just fine. False pride. And Maybe now I can access some of my hearts desire instead of Forever remaining in a state of day-dream. Maybe one day I’ll have some of my hearts desires. Hopeful. The contradictions between Old Programming and The True Desires of My Heart have been a long plague of irritation. But I have grown tired of them. No longer. They can no longer remain. 

Now my parents always told me that they wanted me to be happy. I would smile. But in the pit of my stomach. I felt like something was missing. Something I had yet to receive. Sometimes felt like I would never attain what I wanted. The something missing was a like a tease at times. I could see it but was unable to bring it forth. Bringing forth the Desires of My Soul would make me happy. But Hope has been deferred. Proverbs 13:12 states: “Hope deferred makes the heart-sick, But when desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life”.To hope for something for a long time and never lay hold of it makes the heart-sick. But when the desire comes it gives life continually as a tree. I feel as if my heart has been ill in some aspect unbeknownst to me. For so long My Heart hoped for the things it desired to manifest, And it yet awaits the promise. My Soul feels as if it has grown tired of not manifesting its truth.  To the point of disrupting the old programming to say, “It’s time for your Hearts Desires to be so. It’s time for it to move from inner feeling to outward manifestation. It’s time to transition from dream to reality.” 

Disruption has become a tool of escape I shall use  for confronting this thinking once and for all. In turn, aborting the old programming of Always In Want. Always in Lack. Always Feeling Like I Don’t Have What I Desire. This feeling sucks. Lack says that I don’t have enough. But the truth is I AM ENOUGH AND I HAVE ALL I NEED BECAUSE IT’S ALL IN ME. SO, That means its time to go within yet deeper as Disruption is guiding me to do, and dig deep to see what lies under the rug. If I truly possess all I need than that means my hearts desires are attainable as well. Having ALL I NEED INCLUDES MY HEARTS DESIRES. They are necessities of My Heart. They are Desires of my Soul.

These words have echoed for too long.”Your needs are more important than your wants.”   It’s time to silence them once and for all. These words mean “don’t focus or think about your heart desires”. 😯 I feel my Needs and Heart Desires are Equally Important. They Both Matter.
Heart desires are why I came to this plane. To fulfill the desires of my Divine Heart which were given to me before my incarnation on this plane.  My Souls Mission. My Soul Desires are the space I create from. So as Disruption has beckoned for me to go yet deeper within to realize the depth of corrupt mind programming that has held me captive. I began to blossom and emerge with Divine Healing, Deeper Conscious Awareness that being in energetic lack or poverty shall not bring me anything different from the energy of poverty and lack. In  fact a lacking or impoverished mind-set repels abundance and wealth causing my hearts desires not to come to fruition. It’s saying that the Supreme being that lives within me is insufficient, lacks and does not possess enough for All that desire to fulfill their earth mission. What a lie! Not so. That which is contained in this vessel is Divine. Incorruptible. And It Is So Much More Precious than Any earthly good that I might gain. It is Needed that My Soul prospers. My Soul must prosper in order for me to be in Divine Wealth. 3 John 1:12 “Beloved, I pray that in every way you may succeed and prosper and be in good health [physically], just as [I know] your soul prospers [spiritually].” So, as I allow all blockages of my Souls path to be cleared. I will be in Good health-Good Vibration, Good and Right Balanced Energy for manifestation. I shall have Success-Wealth and Riches.   So, The only way my Soul- Heart can prosper is that it be unchained from these blockages to set It Free To Manifest Divine Glory on the Earth. Ase’ 
So I say…

Affirm: I Shall Have Whatever My Soul Desires.  I Shall Have Whatever My Soul Desires.  For the Divine Desires of my Soul shall create opportunities which will carry me to a place of Wealth, Abundance and Success. I am most grateful Disruption came to clear a space for My newness.  My Hearts desires are realized, Therefore moving me into action to manifest.  I Shall! So Be It!


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