REPOST: Victory And Success

Continue in Diligence. You shall see Victory & Success.

Diligence Brings Victory & Success. Continue therein.

Oracle Reflections- REPOST- Victory & Success

The Oracle has for the 2nd time in a week shared this card with me. So I am doing a REPOST. (6/6/2016-first post) 

Victory is to overcome a situation or task that may have been difficult or quite challenging. 
Success is to cross the finish line or the completion of a goal or project which you have given long time focus.

Victory & Success go together.  They work hand in hand.  I’ve had the beautiful opportunity to see Victory & Success in many areas of my life on many different occasions. Especially over this last 7 years. These feelings of accomplishing and bringing to completion the many tasks I have set out to do have been delightful. I am grateful for all challenges and supposed set backs incurred. For the things which appeared to hold me back were the very things which brought me to Victory &  Success.

Being Victorious & Successful are two awesome manifestations of hard work and diligence to the work you’ve set your hand to do.

In order to attain Victory & Success there has to be consistency and diligence over a long period of time.
I learned this early on in my life. I understood that in order for me to cross the finish line and have the things I desired. Well I had to be committed to myself that I would continue to go and love myself and not give up when it got hard. Because some Victories come easier than others.
Present Day, I am on the path to becoming an entrepreneur and there have been many bumps and snags. Little things can be tedious to the effect of wanting to make me throw in the towel. Especially when I know I have been consistently working at it for quite sometime.  What appears to be very little progress is actually a lot more than first realized. I will not cave.

The Main key ingredients which continue to sustain me are: 1. Giving Nurturing Love & Gentle care to myself and my new baby (Spiritual Practice). Being kind to myself when I’m feeling anxious about different aspects of birthing and bringing forth this Newness called Oracles of Royalty.
2. Patiently focusing on each part of the process.  Allowing them to flow as they will.
3.  Lastly, and the Most Important.  Enjoy the Journey! I’ve had to learn to relax and have fun with the process. Things will not occur when I want them to too. But when they need too and all is in Divine alignment. 

So Beloved, Victory & Success come from much hard, diligent & consistent work.  When you feel like you are becoming discouraged and resistance is really showing its rear end. Lol. Hold on.  Dig your feet in deeper. Breathe, Meditate and continue on. Victory & Success are not far. Divine Love to thee.

Affirm: I Will move forward with a Conscious Beautiful attitude toward the task/project at hand. I will conquer and overcome anything that presents resistance.  I am fortified through consistency and diligent works towards my goal. I will be Victorious & Successful. 

Love 2 Thee- Royal Redd 


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