Oracle Reflections- Intuition

Hear it, Feel it, Lean unto it, Embrace it,  Trust it,  Follow it, TRUST IT.  GO DEEPER INTO IT. #INTUITION

Go Deeper Into Her. She will answer every question you've ever had. Intuition.

Go Deeper Into Her. She will answer every question you’ve ever had. Intuition.

Go in to it. Intuition means to go within. Go within the space of your self that is quiet, dark and still.  This is the place that ALL insight and revelation lie.

I call her the Secret, Sacred garden. Because within is the only place that you can access those Highest most beautiful parts of yourself. As well as the lower realms of self.

To learn to lean unto Your own innerstanding is a beautiful thing indeed.  Leaning unto the inner standing of your Higher Self/Higher Soul that is. I began to come into this inner knowing 7 years ago after much disappointment of looking outwardly to find answers. Religion. I never found them.  My search always left me empty and hopeless.

During the early stages of my awakening I felt literally forced to try another way.  Trust My Self. Trust My gut. Trust My first mind is what I’d hear the older ones in my family say. But I had blocked this and only sometimes listened because Religion steered away from My Self. Instead to always have me to look outwardly at fake images that could do nothing Lasting,  Profitable, Beneficial or Healing for me. Nothing my Soul could hold on to.

Finally I decided to give My Self a try. I decided to give Trusting My Self a try. And 7 years later its proved to be the Most Awesome decision I’ve ever made in my life. Over the last 6 years I’ve experienced steady growth and expansion that has led me along the path of Know Thyself, Embrace Thyself & Love, Love, Love Thyself.

To began to connect with this inner knowing. To began to become One with  her-Intuition. Yes!!!!! Happiness began to spring deeply from my soul like wells of water. Lakes, reservoirs and oceans were and are mine to drink from. Deep sea exploration began.  Stronger and Stronger I become as I continue the path of the inner journey. Wow.

To Know Thyself is to become meshed with Intuition. She is my best friend on my spiritual journey. For she’s not just a feeling,  she’s the knowing of my soul that is confirmed by the output of experiences we have on this plane.  Our intuition is confirmed through others,  nature, music, movies,  etc. Her subtle hints of confirmation are ALL around us.

So I urge you to connect,  connect,  connect with her. She is the Wisdom of you. Go within. Quietly be present.  Be still and know that I am God. Translation: Be still (Meditate- not pray) & Know, Hear, Feel, Sense the God Sound of your Soul.

Affirm: I Am the answers I seek.  For everything I could ever need to know is within me, waiting to be uncovered.  So I move forth into the Dark, Still and Quiet place of my Soul. I lavish this Sacred, Still & Soulful Garden with My presence. Stillness I Am. Stillness I Become.  I Am….Ase’


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