Win or Lose

To Win is to Gain. To Lose is To Gain. You win either way.

To Win is to Gain. To Lose is To Gain. You win either way.

Win or Lose

In matters of the heart. Your heart or another’s. In relationships. Friendly or romantic. Winning and Losing is not necessarily good or not good thing. Perception is key.
Winning and Losing indicates there will be one that walks away with the prize per say, of being right in a situation and another will be wrong or looked down upon. Being right is NOT a token or prize. When you have the NEED to be right your Ego has taken the driver’s seat. You have lost sight of what’s good for the whole and are now pursuing your own selfish need to win a battle that is with yourself and not the other. As within, So without. To lose is to release or let go of something. It’s not necessarily stating that it’s a terrible thing. When you lose or let go of something you are saying that this thing no longer serves me to my highest. This thing no longer causes me to elevate in my awareness. So losing can be looked at as winning because essentially you’ve stated that I release, I let go of the matter of heart that once occupied this space, allowing room for newness to enter in. Now losing can also appear as an occurrence when something per say is forcibly taken due to a block in your awareness of self. However, this occurrence still ignites the opportunity for a lesson to be learned to see what the block is that caused the lost. Win-win.
Being mindful when you are in a “Win or Lose” situation where you feel the need to project your Ego into the situation. Remember the other person involved is YOU. The other person is not another soul separate of you. But a part of you. That other represents an aspect that must be Won (gain) or Lose (let go). So you determine if you will be egotistical and seek to be in the supposed right stance or if you will be the one to take the “lower” ground and lose.
Losing is not a sad thing when it elevates you to higher consciousness, higher awareness and higher honor and respect for yourself and the mirror reflection of yourself that you are engaging with. Be mindful To Win is to hear both sides of the vibration or tone. Hear what the vibration is stating coming from your soul and then hear the vibration of the other soul. Then you can evolve to balancing and transmuting the vibration and tone into the wave that is best for you both to interact peaceably.
The number 5 represents: Freedom, Transformation, Sensuality,Desire, Change, Resistance, Uncertainty, Inconsistency, Sadness.
Taking time to notice a few of the attributes: Freedom and transformation come when we can look at Win or Lose from the eye of letting go to transform. Sounds like a win-win to me. Releasing to gain. Polarities. Win and Lose work together just like all other laws of polarity. In the manner of Sensuality it’s enjoying all things from all aspects of your senses. Allowing all of our senses to be fully engaged enhances our sensuality to be able to receive Full healing that Winning and Losing is a blessing on both sides. Because when you act with all senses involved you partake of all that is present to uplift you (win). As well as revelation of the things that must go (lose). Winning and Losing may appear to be different. They are one in the same. Polarities.
Affirm: Righteousness stands with the need to express Love far beyond being right. Compassion is the door to a true Win. I invite more compassion into my soul this day, that I will be more heart centered and aware of my interactions with self that when I encounter another, I will deal with them as myself. For they are me. Compassion.


Ase’ – Namaste


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