The Art of Divine Submission

Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine harmoniously, beautifully blended energies in the image of the Most High

Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine harmoniously, beautifully blended energies in the image of the Most High




Lately I’ve ran across a few You tube videos on submission. I agree with the Art of Submission. Because it is definitely an art to do so. Especially when you move outside of the religious guidelines of doing so.

In my first marriage I learned what the true art of submission was. It was so effortless and beautiful until it brings tears to my eyes. I never thought it would be. Nor would I submit to a man, spouse or not. Submission was a word that caused me to feel Powerless, Weak, Nasty, Unprotected and Fearful of being taken advantage of. It represented Control and Domination. It represented Oppression, Depression and Slavery. This is the image I saw in church and in my home day in and out. The effects of Post Slavery and Jim Crow were heavily present in my Alpha – Alpha Male father as well as my Alpha-Alpha Male Brother. So after dealing with these two overly aggressive males. Hell Naw. There was no way that I would even be thinking about the S word with any man.

But my wonderful ex spouse changed that. He changed it all. Not a religious man in his way of being. This helped greatly. Now that I look back from Day one when I met him, the freedom of his soul and spirit is what drew me. subconsciously unaware. My soul was being called back to reunite with a part of me that had been severed. A part of me that had been forgotten. My right to be Free and Non restricted had begun to speak its voice again. It was quiet. Yet emerging. Louis gave me permission to reconnect with this lost part of my soul. I am forever grateful to him.

Lee, My ex spouse was very loving, gentle and tender in the way he handled me. Always a very manly man. Very Alpha. But never a bully who insisted on anything. Never once. He’d speak and express what he desired in a way that my soul wanted to comply so I did. Although, I was a very wounded soul during our marriage but deep within she knew well enough that she was in good hands. She knew she was safe with this man. Awesome.
In saying that I would like to shed some light on the Bible scripture Ephesians 5:22-23 which gives a command to the woman “22-Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23- For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.”

I just stated that Louis was a very free soul, meaning he was very much in tune with his Divine self as the man who my soul was called to for the season I was married to him. Very humble man. Humility is a characteristic or attribute of the Higher Self -a man of God or the Most High. Pride in the way of ego or arrogance is of lower self. So Lee was of Divine essence and operated as such which my soul drew too because my Higher self always knows what’s best for me.
This scripture is telling a wife to submit to her husband as to the Lord.

First let’s define Lord:
1. a person who has authority, control, or power over others; a master, chief, or ruler.
2.a person who exercises authority from property rights; an owner of land, houses, etc.
So, this means my spouse would be a lord, An authority, Power, A master or ruler over me. Also, he’d be a person who has authority over land or houses. Hmmm… Sounds like Slavery to me. First off, a wife is a human being just as her husband is. Why in the Most High’s beautiful green earth would He/She want me to submit to a man as my master or ruler? When I know that I am created in god like form as the Most High exist. Therefore I am a co-creator with the Most High because I came forth from this entity. Meaning the only one that can master me is self. As Islam stands for- “I Self Law Am Master of One’s Self”. Simply, I am the one who rules and masters my own self. No one outside of me should have this place. I should be the one in control of my own Divine Self and Power.

The only being or entity the wife should truly and divinely submit to is the Most High and the Divine Higher Self which lives within her. So therefore there is NO SEPARATION or ANY ENTITY RULING OVER. She and The Most High are One. For She came from this Source. Simple. So in the fullness of all things she is ultimately submitting to the divine within her. She is submitting to herself in the Christ power consciousness. She submits her life to be in alignment with all that is for her evolution to greatness. Ase’

A wife or woman submitting to a male in a way of him having rule or authority over her as if she is cattle or land is NOT Divinely ordered or sound doctrine. This is RELIGION. A woman DOES NOT HAVE TO SUBMIT TO HER HUSBAND AS HE IS LORD. And she is actually breaking Universal Laws concerning the polarity of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy when doing so. This erroneous text along with many others in the Bible have kept and still bind so many woman, as so many men use(d) this scripture to their own selfish power from a standpoint of white supremacy and patriarchal domination to keep women subservient to them. This slave master mindset injected into the DNA of my Ancestors that was passed down the generations and I saw it manifest in my Father as an over powering, dominating, dictating, overly aggressive man.

Continuing with verse 22: The husband is NOT the HEAD of his wife as the scripture indicates. This would mean he is the one in control. Not so. She is her own person. Her own entity. Her own being, just as he is. Why would it be permissable for him to be the head or ruler over her? It’s not ok. This type of thinking has got to be eradicated for men and women to come together in Divinely ordered connections. We are both capable and responsible for standing in our own Divine energies. Allowing the Higher Self within to navigate us in the way it speaks to the individual. The Higher Soul of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine have their own unique sounds, vibrations, tones and pitches and therefore they will utter to the being the way they should behave and carry their power and authority in the earth. We are not in charge of one another. But we must co-exist together in peace and harmony that we will flow together effortlessly.
Now looking back at verse 21: Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

This scripture brings together divinely ordered submission. As the He-male is the god and She-Female is the goddess. Both are created in the Divine Image of Holiness and Divine order. Ase’ .This is PERFECT, KINGDOM & QUEENDOM SUBMISSION. True submission is when a wife or woman can see the Divine essence of the Creator in her mate and therefore lovingly bring herself in alignment with her Divine essence to be in order with His Divinity. This is TRUE SUBMISSION. No one is greater than the other. We are our own beings. We are individual parts of the Most High. Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine. Two perfect whole entities being made ONE when they come together in harmony and unity to accomplish the individual purposes they’ve been put on this plane to do. Resurrection of Divine Love. Simple.
So I must say I went into my first marriage with an image that was out-of-order regarding submission and expected Lee to treat me as my father had treated my mother. But, instead what I received was unconditional love with no forcing of me to obey him. But he instead allowed me to be who I was wounded and hurt. He in turn loved me enough to be a vessel of Divine healing to show me what Divine Submission looks like.

So as I move forward into the beautiful new beginnings that await me, I now have a clear innerstanding of what I as a Woman, Wife, Spouse or Partner should feel like when I am submitting to my mate. It should be free-flowing. It should not go against my Divinity. If he is not connected to his Divinity and has not recognized it. He will not be able to treat me in the highest honor that I deserve because he will not be aware of what Divine Submission is. However, a man who is submitted and accountable to himself FIRST, is accountable and submitted to the Most High. This is the mate that I shall willingly & lovingly submit to as he shows he’s worthy of my submission.

I am happy that I no longer detest or have fearful feelings surrounding the word SUBMISSION. Lol! It is no longer a word that makes me cringe, feel sick to the stomach or go into fight mode within. I am perfectly safe, comfortable and secure in myself. Knowing that the Divine mate that I attract will be well aware of his boundaries and responsiblity to himself first. In that I will be ensured that he reflects Righteous Divine Love that I may see and witness The Most High in him that I will submit to the Divine essence of Him. Hotep! .








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