Mental Asylum- I’m Coming to Get You Out!!!

Freedom Fighta. Rough Rida. Gun Toting. Gat Blasting. Kill you dead if you think about turning back. Freedom Rings!!!

Freedom Fighta. Rough Rida. Gun Toting. Gat Blasting. Kill you dead if you think about turning back. Freedom Rings!!!



Breaking free! Out the Mental Asylum. No longer will I hold my speech. Please believe me I will speak with decency, dignity and honor I will speak. Not raping anyone with my words, but to silence and kill the voices from within that have held me for so long with a strong reign. But THIS DAY, at this time, I’m arresting and exposing every lie that has been blown up in ridiculous proportion. The lies told to me and the ones I’ve told myself about me. No more. I’m letting go. Breaking out the Mental Asylum. 

Growing up I was called crazy a lot, by so-called family members. I say ‘so called’ because real fam, true fam will NOT call you crazy in a way to demean you and tear you down. Crazy like for believing something that’s far-fetched to them, yes. But not to be degrading. So what if you can’t believe it, feel it, know it, or dream it for that matter. I can and I will not be labeled crazy for knowing something bigger in me is destined to live a life greater and free from a slave mentality.  Slaves in barrels that jump up to pull you down when you are coming out. With their words. Mean hateful stares. I care not! It matters not. This is my soul that I am responsible for delivering, not Jesus or any other religious institution can do that. I myself-The Goddess who has the Divine Power of the Divine Universal Creator within will set me free. That which is within! Not without!

Crazy is as crazy does. Crazy people do crazy things. Crazy people don’t live in boxes they live outside of them. They go to places where most people would not go. They are insane with a sanity that tells them from within, you are greater than this bullshit. You are greater than the things you see happening outside of you. Your brothers and sisters being murdered by the thousands and millions without any regard. As if that shit is normal. It’s only normal because we’ve allowed that shit to become normal. But crazy mental asylum people get tired of being doped up, chained up and told to shut up. They rise up and desire to take over and bust out the straight jacket. So I’m coming out of it. I’m busting out and whatever comes up. It will come out! No apologies I make. I Am Me, Divinely. Royally and I will be free.   

See My Ancestors were beat. Yea beat. Told you better not speak. Hold it. Keep your speech. Don’t feel it. Don’t say it. Don’t think it. Don’t utter a word. Lynched, Burnt, Castration, Sold off and not a muthafucken word. Really. Hell no. No more. For them I speak. I cry loud and spare not. I hold my tongue no longer. Names changed and told you will not call your self by your Mothers name from the space which you came, but of the enslaved and old masta owner name. Shackles,Marked by the whipping of the old slave master. Weps no more will my Ancestors have in vain. I speak for them. I cry for them. My soul anguished for them.

Remaining silent for fear of what others would think of me. Silenced my words. Gag order. Made them orderly and pretty. Denying the power within to heal myself. To heal those that come from the same soul as me. My family. Black, Afrakan, Melinated Goddess/God I am. We are. I will no more hold my peace, filter and sensor my words. For it is more than me that suffers when I don’t speak. My Ancestors cry. They weep for me and weep because I don’t speak. Disappointments from them I feel. But what it really is, It’s me disappointed with me. Upset with me. Enraged, Angry and Irritated because I don’t speak. Well no more peace. Righteous and orderly with Divine Love is my speech. Has always been and remain in that vain, but I will allow what comes up to come out.

Learning to speak my true feelings and not be fake in ANY way is an escape from the Mental Asylum. See it’s all Mental. Because the psyche of my soul had been burnt, seared from who I was. But no more. I know who I am. I know who I am. I know who I am. Goddess and Divinely Royal is she! Yes, Me. Royalty. No longer slave mentality do I carry. I free myself completely from that shit. Mental slavery is for those who don’t want to be free. Mental slavery is for those who don’t have the strength to rise up and stand up for themselves. Ain’t no body gonna stand up for you. Ain’t no body gonna set you free. Someone might come to lead you out because they know the route to freedom, ask Mother Harriet Tubman, she said ” I freed a thousand slaves, I would have freed more if they only knew they were slaves”.

So I say proudly and loudly, I know what I’ve been put here on this earth for. To speak peace, to speak healing, to speak liberation and most of all speak Divine Love. But not passively and not harshly, but the right eruption of temperature will come forth. The right eruption of temperature will manifest and I will speak words of healing and liberation. No one will silence me.

And no, hell no. I will not speak softly. I will speak loudly and strong. Not loud in volume. But loud in the sense of trembling your soul! Your soul will be disturbed and moved to action when you hear my voice. Don’t count these words as shallow for they come to pierce and tear away the mental scales that cover the minds of my people. I come, Rowdy Rida. Crazy Asylum. Ready to free my people. I’m not turning back. Come and come now or stay away! I take no squatters who want a free ride. You will do the work or get left behind. No one rises to the top by sitting pretty with their hand out and asking for shit. Get up. Do it. Do the damn work and see your life change. I speak from Divine experience. My life has been flipped upside down and I can not go back even if I wanted too. So I sit here and say to you. Rise up Queen! Rise up King! Get the gat out. Get yo’ strap out. I’m a Rough Rida. Warrior. I come to split the mental wigs of the post slavery spell that still lingers in your soul. Wake the fuck up! Wake up! Your soul is calling you to order. Answer the call! Wake up!!!!!



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