The Art of Sacrifice



DF322SacrificeSacrifice to give up, release, let go possession, crucify, put to death. 

Intently I sense the season for many things which benefited are come to end. She calls. I answer. Sacrifice. 

I sacrifice the need for the presence of another to validate my beauty that I already know. I sacrifice the need for the testaments of praise from those outside. However, not saying they are not accepted and appreciated. They greatly are. I am no longer a slave to the praises that flow from without. I’ve lost interest. No longer interested.  Instead I am bond to the calls of My Ba (soul-Kemet) to rise higher. To move on to My Ba’s destined evolution. I sacrifice the need to see the like button pushed. Although excited when it is. I know it’s an outer stimuli of what my Ba has energetically released. A response that is sure to come. Because I know that my Ba is sure of it’s mission. Therefore I Am the vessel for execution. I sacrifice the bridle of a horses mouth, now allowing my Ba’s mysteries and secrets to pour forth freely. Sending Deep Sacred healing to those who hear her voice. An attuned ear is needed for she speaks enigma laced mysteries coded, calling for their antennas to switch the station. Rising up to higher dimensions to receive translation. With the calling of sacrifice I release the need to preoccupy myself with what the Ba speaks, instead allowing it be. Peace. Lastly, I sacrifice the wondering of if my beauty is seen, for I see. I see her inner delicate sweets. Therefore, I AM seen. By inner reflection I send forth Spirits frequency to feel the vibration of those that are on the plane of ascension. I sacrifice all that no longer serves me to my Highest glory and Divine Essence. For My Ba calls me to a new definition and dimension of her existence. I answer the call. I accept it’s outpouring of sacred messages. 

Embarking a new phase of my Ba’s evolution. I surrender and let go of the need for outside acceptance in a greater way. Instead intently focus on what the inner Ba speaks. To share the beauty of her with the world is what creates my joy. The imparting of energetic bonds formed with those whose inner song resonates with the beat of my words. I enjoy that warmth of The Art of Sacrifice. For it pushes me to move beyond the shallow side of my human self inquiring for others to co-sign with my Divinity. I am Divine because I derive from a Universal infallible source of wealth, mysteries and secrets of Esoteric shine. So I allow The Art of Sacrifice to paint its abstract scene through this vessel of peace, strength and love. I share All that I am. For I am a soul of mountainous worth. Value beyond that which I yet fully come to know.

The portal of Ba is open to share the messages of bountiful bliss. To increase thine own mindful awareness of why I exist. To Heal thyself, To Know thyself, To Love thyself with a deeper longing. So I thank Sacrifice, for there is no pain in giving up the desire for others to see my shine. Because really in all actuality. The Sacred habitat that I am can not be mistaken. For I dwell in the presence of Excellence. Therefore I exude its presence. Always in greater portion. It is excels all that I once was in past times. I am a newly awakening being in deeper and greater measures. I allow My Ba to speak to those that will hear. Hear the soul of the Royal Healer. As she heals, you will definitely see a larger and greater spark of hidden mysteries surface to the light to be felt, seen and heard by the masses. Ase’-Namaste’


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