Confrontation Releases The Hidden Gem You ARE….


Confronting can be unnerving and scary. But acceleration of my heart presses me forward to the finish line. I run toward the shadowy space within that holds my greatest joy

Confronting can be unnerving and scary. But acceleration of my heart presses me forward to the finish line. I run toward the shadowy space within that holds my greatest joy

Being candid and most transparent. When I first pulled this card my initial thoughts were, “Once again we meet, what have you come to teach me this time?” As I peered at the card my eyes began to well with tears and I decided to let them flow.

See Beloved Ones, I come to share my journey with you to be more transparent than I have ever been. With this transparency comes great fear uncertainty and a high-price to pay for myself, more than anyone. Exposing my hidden self the one only I know.  My friends I stand here vulnerable exposed and naked not afraid to share my deepest emotions surrounding this Oracle Reflection- Confront. See because I know I’m not the only one who is called to confront hidden things in their shadows. We All Are. It’s something we can’t escape. Entering into the hidden self takes boldness and courage. So I am present, freely willing to honestly and truthfully share what I feel this card is speaking to Royal Redd Peace at this time.

Confrontation has never really been an issue for me when it comes to seeing things as they are. Now I didn’t say I liked it and I didn’t say it was comfortable or pleasurable but I’ve always been a person who desires Truth. So as I sit here and stare at this card, the word Confront rings true to me and many questions fill my head. But let me focus on this one to start. What has the little girl inside come to speak to the one who still hides in the dark? The little girls voice I silence at times because I do not want to hear her tell me the things that she still wrestles with surrounding her upbringing. So once again she shows her face in this Oracle reflection and I am now prepared to listen to what she has to say. Within my vision I see a little girl that looks at me with big eyes of promise. Her eyes speak and encourage me,”It’s alright to confront that which you’ve pushed down and what you’ve ignored for so long. It will all be fine. Just take a deep breath, exhale and take a deeper look. For it is now time to see what it is that has been holding you back from fully realizing your own Divine radiance. What culprit has been keeping you from believing and knowing the Divine power within you? From accepting and acknowledging that the words you speak have power to transform the lives of those that hear you. No more believing the lie that your words must be complex deep and so elaborate for the people who hear to be changed. But instead Royal Redd, speak with simplicity  the beautiful and Wise knowledge which holds esoteric mysteries. Speak clearly and freely that the ears that hear would receive these truths in their souls most inner part. The parts of them that leave nothing to be said”.

As these words flowed through the healing channel of my heart, for the first time I began to feel a lifting of my soul, speaking to her holy worth. I hear, “You are of rare value. Not a jewel to be easily accessed.” Not only believing for the first time the words her soul spoke, but truly being able to say and know that My words are valuable. My words hold power and that the words that go forth from this mouth shall not return void but they shall accomplish that which they have been sent to do. They Shall Manifest.

Once upon a time I felt as if my words were of no consequence, no concern, no power, nothing. On a regular basis being told, “Shut up no one’s gonna hear you. No one wants to hear what you have to say”. I silenced myself to uncomfortably and most blindly fit in, to become a part of a clan of people that I secretly couldn’t stand. Forbidden to speak, yet the most deepest part of me was crying out to speak her truth that was not of herself but of Divine messages from higher dimensions. Who am I? Who are they? To deny the voice of this divine messenger to speak freely and clearly? As I emerge forth into the open, transparent and ready to share the graceful inner workings of the sacred soul of this Royal being – Her Royal Highness Royal Redd Peace. I am reminded by the little girl within “You have been through so much you can’t turn around now. You must continue to keep moving forward and yes Confront the things, people, places and situations with unconditional love that you may overcome. That you may move beyond the false illusions which told you that you don’t matter. For now is the time for your voice to be heard for your words to be shared.”

As I speak I hear the word “Liberator” strongly like a trumpet call. “Might I be a liberator? Here for those souls that hunger for Authentic Divine Insight, Divine Revelation and Wisdom filled words?” I feel in my soul that I am and I feel the words that are deposited in this vessel are unique,simple and  richly full of Wisdom and Divine expressions of The Creators love. I shall carry these messages of Spirit to the hearts and souls of those that would welcome this messenger, this Holy vessel and being Royal Redd Peace.

While this has been one of my most vulnerable pieces of writing I am happy that I have been able to share with those who have been present in my space for sometime now. You have supported me and have seen my transformation over these last few years. Some of you have been with me much longer so you know different parts of my journey have not been easy but I stand here committed and ready to finally accept the assignment, the call and the mantle that has been placed upon my life by the Most Excellent Creator of the Most High of Highest. I no longer will deny myself that I Am a being full of Sacred Knowledge, Holy Insight, Divine Revelation and Expansive Wisdom. I will receive the Beautiful Consecrated messages from my higher soul first for myself and then lovingly share them with those that are willing to hear and willing to receive. I Am a servant of the Supreme Universal Creator and it is my Most Excellent and Royal Honorable pleasure to share with humility the Divine speakings that are released to me.

May you receive encouragement, power and extra ordinary strength to go within the place of your Shadows. Allowing the moon to shine upon those beautiful gifts and exquisite treasures that are buried beneath illusions, false perceptions and created ways of being. As you allow yourself to go deeper within the dark spaces you shall uncover everything that you’ve always been and didn’t know you were. Being able to free yourself Mind-Body, Soul & Spirit that you may share your beauty with those who hunger to be made whole and transformed by the wonderful messages and creativity that only you can share. Share freely without fear of how others will hear or receive you. Be bold! Be courageous! Shine brightly! Shine as only you can shine! Let it be clear that you are of Divine Beauty, Divine Elegance and Divine Love. Peace to thee all. I love thee. Royal Redd Peace.


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