Finding Balance Within the Whole. Polarities. Light and Shadows work together not separately.

Finding Balance Within the Whole. Polarities. Light and Shadows work together not separately.

Balance. Sighing. Balance once upon a time was such a difficult task to achieve. I found it difficult to focus on one thing at time without leaving a project undone here and there, and then starting another yet to leave it incomplete. Wow that was so me about 5 years ago. Lol! Does this sound familiar to anyone? Lol! Well I find myself guilty of this still at times, when I get overwhelmed. Trying to do too much.  But not as much as once before. Over the last 5 years I’ve been refining my system of management (self and time) which has been assisting me in achieving Divine Balance for myself and those that I am responsible. It’s a refreshing feeling to have order in my space. I love it! It helps me move so much more smoothly through each project that presents itself. Without stressing and running around mindlessly. No fun.

If you are thinking well how do I achieve Divine Balance in my space? Well there are  some steps you can take. Being mindful your steps to achieving Balance will be different depending on your needs. However, you may find these helpful. 

First, Priority. What needs Immediate Action  verses that of Little to No Importance at this Present Moment? 

Now, the words Present Moment are key. For the simple fact as I learn to live more Present in the Moment and not in the Past of what I did or didn’t do or in the Future of what needs to be done; Well it becomes much easier to identify what is of Immediate Action. Being in the Present Moment is Very important. See When you live in the Present. You are in the NOW space. You are saying to self, “WE ARE HERE NOW. FOCUS!”  This is what I must do right NOW. As you give your self instructions of how to complete the present task it will all come together, then completing it becomes a joy and this action will lead to the next step. With practice and consistency over time it will become effortless. Now being mindful you may have hiccups every now and then. It’s a part of the fine tuning. (smile) 

Next, Committed Focus. I had to wholeheartedly commit to completely finishing the present moment task. Committing to finishing the task means that I am making a Dedicated effort to work on the task until it’s complete. Fighting the impulses to be distracted and sidetracked are important.  I set purpose in my heart that what I need to get done in this present moment is of great importance and I will see to it getting done. However, be open to the  leading of your heart. Meaning you may be in the middle of completing your task and get a heart nudge to switch tasks briefly then returning to your previous work to finish.I have found that these mini detours not a big scenic travel are sometimes pertinent to unlocking different parts of my creative process. This may be a more advanced technique for some and simple for others. Try what works. Be led by your inner knowing. Intuition that little voice that speaks soft or that nudge you feel in your center. Your gut. 

Lastly, Consistence and Persistence. These two run hand in hand. I found that the reason I had so many started projects but few finished was due to inconsistency and little or no persistence. See, when I wanted to try something new I’d start but the fizz left somewhere in the middle and there goes persistence. Lol! So, when I finally stepped back and looked, I shook my head because by nature I am generally a very disciplined being. I became inconsistent with a few things here and there along the road and they added up and were hidden in the foundation of my character and I recently have made a strong connection to the fact that my inconsistency came from me doing too many things at once. Also, taking on tasks I wasn’t really interested in doing but felt pressured and obligated to do because of someone else’s needs.  I mean I don’t have an issue with compromise. However, when it becomes a part of my  total way of being. I have to stop and take stock, because within lies a deeper issue.

Now that I know my inconsistency and failings of persistency were linked to taking on too many tasks and the out of balance desire to please others I am now returning to being a disciplined, consistent and persistent being first employing Being Present in The Moment, Following with Committing to the task in front of me. Then adding the behavior of practicing these attitudes over and over and sticking to it until finished. I am feeling way more balanced then I once felt. I am happy and excited to be able to move along with ease an almost effortless breeze. It amazes me how far I’ve come in a short time. I am delighted and honored to be in a more Divinely Balanced state of being. 

It is my desire for thee that you too would find the principles:rules of actions, that you can utilize to bring Divine Beauty, Divine Excellence and Divine Peace into your space. It is a pleasure to share with you. As always thank you for your support. 

Peace and Beautiful Joy

Royal Redd Peace



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