Choose Wisely

Resonation with the Higher Soul Indicates Wisdom

Resonation with the Higher Soul Indicates Wisdom

Wise choices. Choose Wisdom. Hmmm….First let’s be clear on What it means to be WISE.  Definition: Wise- having the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right; possessing discernment, judgment or discretion. 

Ok that’s a modern dictionary definition. Now from the spiritual aspect. Wisdom is the ability to rightly judge or discern, tell the difference, by the Divine knowledge and Divine understanding you possess to make the most honorable or excellent decision in any given situation. It is keen insight into a matter. Whereas, someone who does not actively in possess wisdom would use knowledge only to make a decision without employing Divine insight. This is my definition. Some are born with a large measure of wisdom in a sense of being able to discern beyond the physical elements (5 senses). I have noticed these people are naturally intuitive and wise in their perceptions and speakings. In other aspects you may have some that call it Common Sense. And I say, it is NOT common sense at all. If it were common Would not ALL possess it Beloved?  Hmmm… In another fashion wisdom is said to be gained through life experience. I find this to be a difficult yet beneficial way to gain wisdom, due to it being experiential. We all gain measures of experience through life experience. Now whether we employ it to work for us is another subject in its entirety. Lol! (smile) 

Now to make wise or insightfully discerning decisions one must be connected to the core of their being. I call it my Higher Self, Higher Soul. It is the space where all Divine insight exists. Meaning whatever I need to know and when I need to access it, Divine guidance is present. The way to tap into this Divine knowing or Wise speaker is to go within yourself and learn to trust that knowing. I hear the word “gut”. The gut will never steer you wrong. I know from much experience of listening to and following the feelings in my gut. (smile) When you are first learning to connect to your Higher Self or Higher Soul it may seem as if you are missing the mark. That’s perfectly fine. It’s truly about clearing the clutter from your mind space and teaching it to be subject to your Higher Soul and not the other way around. Your Higher Self is the entity that should be in the driver’s seat. Not the mind-ego. So when you find your mind-ego nature butting in and trying to take control. Silence it through prayer or meditation or whatever tool you use to center yourself. For the still quiet voice that you hear is your Higher Self or Higher Soul. Christians will say The Holy Spirit. Another will say their Inner Knowing. However, you label it, it is that nudge or quiet voice that speaks to help guide you to Choosing Wisely. As we are consistent in leaning to the nudges and small still voice, we grow in wisdom. We began to make better choices over time. Consistency is KEY. So continue to move forward and know that you are well able to Choose Wisely. (smile)

In the Oracle card you see 5 hands pointing in different directions, with each hand reflecting a different hand sign. These signs can be interpreted in any way that resonates with you. Different signs mean different things to us all. I interpret this card as there are different signals that are being given and you can read them however you choose but Choose Wisely listening to the still small voice, acknowledging the gut feelings. Employ understanding and knowledge that you possess coupling it with discernment and insight to bring you to the best solution.

The person sitting on the dock is immersed in the selection of the wisest choice for her or him at this moment. The 2 birds represent travel in this instance. So I simply ask Beloved, In which direction will you travel? It will all depend on the hand signs you choose to heed. Be at peace! 

Please be gentle with yourself knowing that no decision that you make is wrong or incorrect. I don’t agree with there being any such thing. But more so, this is the decision or choice that you made to learn the lesson that you must learn to elevate in Higher knowledge and wisdom of your Divine Self. Beloved, remember All decisions are based on the reflection of your inner self at the present moment. Factoring in experience and acquired knowledge and Divine guidance from the Higher Soul and you will indeed make the wisest and most excellent decision for yourself and those in your space. Breathe, No pressure. Be open to making decisions that may not be of the norm. What is norm? Wisdom does not follow the road of norms, but instead travels outside of the roads of familiarity. Instilling new Divine insight through your growth and encounters with opportunities to employ Wisdom guidance. (smile) 

Choose Wisely Beloved the way you shall go, being mindful that you shall take responsibility for whatever action you release. Be at peace in your action and do not be harsh with yourself. Remember the developing of wisdom is through living and exploring life. Allowing yourself to be present and one with all that you experience. This is how Wisdom is acquired. Ase’- Namaste’

Your Essence is Golden! Royal Redd



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