The Birthing of Vulnerability – My Birthright….

The Birthing of Vulnerability – My Birthright….

As I travel on my journey. I am brought to this place often. Vulnerability. I honestly am starting to get comfortable with this new-found friend, One I once thought was a sign of weakness. This programming  is being dismantled. The frames of the mind that were brought over from my loving Ancestral Blood lines, are hard to release at times. But present day, I find myself in a space of deep release. Deep awakening from the spells that held my eyes shut for so long. The spells and curses spoken upon my Ancestral Bloodline that I carried for so long, lose their power NOW. This day. No More. And I awaken and began to take hold of my Divine Blood line Ancestral Wealth.

Now knowing My beautiful Ancestors were forced into submission with the whips of oppression that said they couldn’t show any sign of strength. For their very presence made the oppressor feel vulnerability. So that which they felt was projected back upon the Ancestor, because the very sight of them screamed Power and Authority. Their Blackness oozed it. How could they DENY themselves their birth right of showing their Queenly and Kingly dimensions in a way that is just innate? Beat into submission.

As my mind awakenings from the spells more and more, I see. Yes. I see for the first time how some of the strongholds on the psyche are meshed so deep within they pervert that which was to protect you and twist them to harm you. Control was the old masters delicacy, plotting the demise. Genocidal intentions. No more. Awaken.  Allow it be so no more. For some still sleep, but the old master is no longer in control of your body. But the old thought patterns still haunt you and lurk in the dark places. The hidden shadows. Every now and again you see them poke their head out and rear their ugly face and go back into hiding.

But NOW, I say, no longer allow them to recede into the darkness of your mind. Go in the shadow spaces allowing yourself to feel and embrace the vulnerability. When you feel the urge to fight to stay in control and press down the very thing you know needs to come up, because it makes your skin crawl and scream. Vulnerability. Allow it to unfold. Cover yourself in the sacred space of your safe haven and go within and have the experience of Vulnerability. Shroud  yourself with humility, because when you are able to be vulnerable with your own Divine self which is already made Beautiful, Perfect and Whole, Complete in the Divine Orchestrator of All Things. Well Darling, Divine things emerge from DARK, OBSCURE Spaces that you have been desiring to manifest for ions. NOW, is the time to release the control. Surrender and let it take its course. The outcome will be Beautifully Divine.

Release the need to fight the vulnerable space. Release the need to defy it. Release the need to fight it with your egotistical need for controlling everything around you. Release, Resist and cease to hold onto old, stale and lifeless things that no longer bring you Joy. Release them. Be at Peace.

Vulnerability is labeled to be such a frightening thing. However, when you really dissect it, maybe the old oppressor knew the way to having a beautiful divine life was to feel. To release fear. To release the need to control. But instead they chose to subdue and project their fears upon my beautiful Ancestors. Perhaps they knew to have feelings is to strike the passion cord of ones heart, soul and spirit to manifest the beauty that lied within them and lies within us.  To feel. To be vulnerable is to show the spiritual essence of love, for when you can empathize for  and with another hurting soul it is truly being open to feel your deepest most hidden truths about yourself. Unknowingly we are all interconnected even with this old master, representing how we bring ourselves under control and self sabotage. We hold on so tightly to things, people and places in our lives so that they appear, behave or become as we desire with no concern of it serves the higher of all involved. Control.

Release the need to fight with the thoughts in your mind that tell you that you are inferior, less than, can’t do it, won’t do it. Instead speak to the thing that says you are not, Bringing it into Divine alignment by going within that shadow space bringing the light of love; revealing and healing those things that you were once unconscious too. Release them from the prison of your shadows and allow them to unfold that you may receive the beauty they hold.

Our Ancestral Queens and Kings experienced merciless and most horrendous terrorist acts upon their humanity. But their spirits live on through us. Heal them and release them peacefully that they may soar and live through you. The Ancestors speak to us that the very essence of ourselves lies in the dark places. So in order to know this, behold this, be one with this. You MUST, MUST, MUST, go into the space of darkness. Shadows of vulnerability cast love, encourage and strength upon you. Shrouding you and clothing you in Grace Divine for the journey ahead. Ase’

Love 2 Thee All,

Royal Redd Peace


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