Christ Empowered Authority



Christ Empowered Authority does not concern or acknowledge itself with the disagreement, contention or hatred that comes against you. Generally from those who have no sense of their divinity. Therefore, why acknowledge that which does not resonate on your frequency or vibration.

Christ Empowered Authority is of Divinity. Highness. Esoteric Wisdom and Knowledge. Nothing of pettiness may dwell there.

Now know that it’s not the hostility that comes against your physicality but against your power, authority and presence which has been established in the Divine Realms. Just as the Christ power was embodied in Yeshua. The manifestations upon the earth realm were Divine. Therefore, He had no time to give attention to that which served Him no purpose. Those things which vibrate at lower frequencies are of no importance. Acknowledge them not. Remain peaceable but acknowledge them not, whether your speech be sweet or strong. Be true to the Christ Authority in you!

The disagreement or disharmony that manifested around Yeshua when He walked the earth is the same entities that will manifest around you as you step into this new realm and manifest greatness. Being mindful no hostility, disagreement or disharmony exists within. No ego based thinking allowed to dwell in the Christ Divinity. I will revisit this in another excerpt.

Remember, You must be conscious of the truth of your Being. That you are above all that is not in alignment with the Universal Higher Good for your life and destiny. This does not mean you look down at, judge or sneer at those who are not awakened to their own divinity. It simply means you STAND IN PEACE against these entities, by embracing your own TRUE DIVINE SELF. YOUR OWN DIVINE GODDESS/GOD SELF.  You will appear hostile and even unkind just as Yeshua did. But He cared not and continued to move forward. So, I say to you. Care not and move forward.

Manifestations of these opposing forces in dismissals of your presence with looks, stares, glares, attitudes and unpleasant gestures. Let it go! Release it and let it go. If you want to live and not just walk in this new realm you must let go of your concern for those who remain low in their vibration. You can not allow these things to be hindrances to your growth. Let these pest be exterminated by the presence of your power. As you move with grace and power. Allow them to feel the HIGH VIBRATIONS of your CHRIST PRESENCE.


Remember you deal not with fleshly entity but high powers of different realms/dimensions which seek to detour, distract and tear down the Queendom/Kingdom you are establishing. Never you mind the flesh, but instead be cognizant of energy or spirit of the human entity that embodies it. This exterior clothing is just that. A robe, covering, clothing. Your Earth Suit if you will. The entities that come to you are drawn to your vibration/frequency whether they operate on the same or not. Vibrations and Frequencies attract one another. Like attracts like. Opposing attracts Opposing. See your presence is in oppositional force to anyone who approaches with hostility, unkindness or unpleasant dismissals. Dismiss it! Quickly remove it from your presence.

Light and Shadows have high and low vibrations and frequencies. We all have Light and Shadows. Maybe there are different vibrational frequencies in your light or shadow bodies that are familiar to these entities. This is reason enough to be aware and check what your energy is perceiving. I ask, WHAT ARE YOU RELEASING? Christ empowered energy? or Are there cracks or leaks in your energy field which need to be sealed?

How to do so. Intuitively tune inward. Sense and embrace your body sensations and they will point the way to the leak or disruption of flow in your Chi. Balance it out by meditation, focusing inward on your Heart Chakra to draw more love into these blocked or disrupted areas of Chi. Inhale and Exhale and release it into the earth, picturing it leaving your body through the ethereal earth. As you release it, Draw up the needed power and strength from your Beloved Mother Gaia. Inhale. Embrace it.

How do you now know if you walk in this Christ centered power. You speak to your higher self or Spirit and say with confidence, ” I am well able and capable of living and honoring my truth in the face and space of those entities who may want to be dishonorable in their opinions, thoughts and words of me”  Never mind those entities. Dismiss them!

Love thyself enough to honor your heart intuitive convictions. You came here equipped and built with all you will ever need to accomplish your life journey mission. Embrace the Christ Empowered Dimension. Walk in it with Assurance and watch all depleting, imbalanced and unhealthy frequencies switch in your life. Your vibration will elevate and the frequency will switch when you honor yourself from a true and deep heart center. When you feel your power as a Divine Being and learn to harness it. When you learn how to BE.

And how do you harness it? When you honor your true nature and not fear the rejection of those who feel uncomfortable in your presence. It’s not your problem or concern that they don’t like your truth. Truly never mind it. It matters NOT!


Her Highness, High Priestess & Goddess Royal ReddPeace Speaks! Hear and Receive thy Christ Empowered Authority.


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    • Greetings Aaron, You are most welcome. I am happy to know you feel inspired to know that you can have confidence. Because guess what? It already resides in you. Go within. It’s there. Peace and Blessings to thee Sir. Love 2 thee.

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