Check…Check…Are You TRULY Open?

Check…Check…Are You TRULY Open?

Greetings, The Royal ReddPeace speaks from a deep heart center this day. Please if you would be so open as to hear with your heart and not your head intellect. I know you’ll be blessed. Moving forward.

The word OPEN has different meanings. The meaning I will use is in correlation to being clear of obstructions, blockages, limitations.

I wanted to share a thought with you. I’m aware as many of you might be that this is a new wave of energy and new dimension being released, which is changing the face of beautiful Mother earth. I am very excited about it and so are those who are awake or awakening.

However, this brings me to the NEW mindset that must accompany this shift. It is one of total openness. Vulnerability without the need to constantly disagree often with the information being given. This does not mean you don’t have boundaries or check points in your sphere that say I will not allow degrading or self devaluing entities in. This means that when your Intuition or your Spirit guides speak something that sounds remote, foreign or off to you, you remain open with the mind, ‘Well it’s worth a look at instead of a complete dismissal’.

When you are so quick to dismiss the light of your Intuition and Spiritual guides, you are stating that there is no validity in their words. Therefore blocking them and you are left to seek the way of finding your truth with the limited information you hold onto that could be outdated.

Being open to your Intuition or Spirit guide is saying I give you the permission to speak even when the light doesn’t sit well with my shadows. I will not dismiss the light but instead I will travel within the shadows which block me from reception.

This wisdom comes to you from lessons I’ve learned in the art of TRUE OPENNESS.
Now sometime down this road you will hear your Intuition/Spirit and your Spirit guides say something completely foreign because these entities 1.Have traveled outside of your sphere of understanding. And the area they deliver light from is unfamiliar to you. But the Spirit guide knows it’s the path to your healing. For they are guiding you into deeper enlightenment. Therefore beginning to usher your thoughts in a new fashion.
2. Spirit/Intuition and your Spirit guides do not live in the space of time but outside of it and therefore they experience, live, enlighten and guide from a dimension outside of time.

Also be mindful if you have a teacher/guide who is of human ness. We all have these guides and are these guides ourselves. They r still a SPIRIT and as they travel and evolve. They the human (thoughts, egos) become less in control and has less desire to dominate the light that comes to show the way to healing. Therefore, the messages they receive from Spirit may have a tendency to sound crazy, insane or to the left. Lol. Stop, Listen, and Speak with your Spirit for validation. Spirit will validate all things of it’s nature according to how OPEN you are. (Smiling)

So as we evolve your Spirit is in the driver’s seat. Meaning the higher you evolve through descending into ones shadows where transformation begins. You become more acquainted with your shadow dwelling. Its a beautiful place. You are then not so quick to be dismissive of the strange messages of Spirit/Intuition, and your Spirit guides because in the shadow’s the information will not sound or look strange. You will embrace it as information that is new. It’s hidden from the light self until the light self travels inward uncovering the hidden mystery or messages to bring into your now enlightened consciousness. (Smiling)

This is a truly beautiful place. So may I say The Shadows of your deep, hidden, mysterious and magical self are just marvelous. The Shadows deserve the same level of honor that Light is given.
Might I say it’s ok to feel unsure, uncomfortable and weirded out by the unknown? Those are typical responses to that which we can’t see.
But let me caution you, those feelings are just that. FEELINGS and EMOTIONS that can either serve you to move into the healing mysteries of thine self. Or they can be your master and bind you keeping you in fear because you were so quick to dismiss and devalue the words of your guides. Listen. Be open. Be vulnerable. Be adaptable. Be bold!
The new dimension takes all of these and more. However, let’s start here. Step into the shadows and bring forth the mysteries of your hidden self. Reflect your light inward and find that which your heart desires.

All your answers are from within that you are guided to by your Spirit or your Teacher who is of Spirit. Please don’t be so quick to dismiss the True Teachers of Spirit. Being dismissive can suspend you in a space of time limiting information you are unable to perceive at the moment. In turn blocking you to the information that your soul seeks.

There are Spirits awakening that are clothed in fleshly robes. These Spiritual beings are forces that have been awakened to guide those who walk around with their eyes appearing to be wide open but are closed shut. Those that are willing to be open to a deeper level than the one of their intellect, comfort zone and the norm.

Be not afraid of what you can’t see with your natural eye. Be not afraid of that which you understand not with your Ego/Intellect. Instead, embrace in your heart that which is strange and foreign and ride the wave of the unknown into a deeper healed and enlightened state. Higher Vibrations to you all. Love to you all. Peace to thee all.

I love you truly from the deepest part of my soul/heart. It is only my desire to be the Lightworker that I am. Leading those who are truly open into their shadows to illuminate the hidden mysteries of one’s self. Bringing forth total and complete healing. Transformation!


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